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This is the way. Full Beskar PPE. IS BACK! What a great way to celebrate #DoctorWhoDay Captain Jack Harkness returns for an epic adventure with…
Retweeted by Huw FullertonHow it started How it's going #JackIsBack
Retweeted by Huw Fullerton @StephenPKelly Also, what other Netflix limited series are there that you could name?I'll raise you... #DoctorWho the return of the sonic cannon/squareness gun... #DoctorWho👀 #doctorwhoday . Thanks for giving me, basically everything. And lots to talk about with my therapist. #drwho
Retweeted by Huw FullertonThis is making me crave something I never could have anticipated wanting: A Witcher Holiday Special
#HisDarkMaterials just made a big change to the books – and it was all the better for it
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*COVID and humanity start singing silent night over the tops of the trenches*
...where they'll actually be spending Christmas this year.Interesting addition to this - bit anecdotal but in my local Sainsbury's last night a LOT of Christmas stuff (mainl…
@stevenperkins John Krasinki: "I LOVE THIS!" @stevenperkins I think Daisy May Cooper could end up being a #taskmaster all-timer
Wonder what this means for the UK...interesting! @morganjeffery Wait, wait...5cream @morganjeffery Scr5amThe best movie.
ⓘ Official sources stated that this is false and misleading
Retweeted by Huw Fullerton @SophLouiseHall Working ninety-five, what a way to keep us livin'
The fabulous @Simone1Kirby, our Mary Malone, will be taking over this account to answer your questions about all th…
Retweeted by Huw FullertonWaiting for the Oxford vaccine to announce it has 108% effectiveness and can be left out in the sun all afternoon without going off
Retweeted by Huw Fullerton @SophLouiseHall All the hard lads getting the Extra Spicy vaccine @SophLouiseHall Roast Chicken with Lemon & Thyme vaccine @SophLouiseHall Vaccine n' coke
"Believes" like I wouldn't know better than a bunch of slebs how to pronounce cwtch...the disrespect"We don't need cutesy characters when carrots taste this good" ouchIn festive news, pretty sure Lidl have murdered and oven-roasted Aldi's Xmas mascot Kevin the Carrot in their Chris… netflix improbable series x-men casting 🤝 T…
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Here's the thing...I think that they tried to cast Bill Bailey as the funny dad dancer in this year's Strictly. But…“you call 13 a dozen?” “yes! it’s a professional dialect” “uh huh, which profession?” “catering!” “well i operate a…
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Rian Johnson’s impact 🧶#TheMandalorian
Retweeted by Huw FullertonCan't wait until it turns out his team actually booked the Olive Garden
Retweeted by Huw Fullerton @thwphipps I'm a fan of this one, always makes me chuckle @adeleparks Yep, love the song. 28.Curzon Soho raising the shuttered cinema marquee game...
Retweeted by Huw Fullerton @StephenPKelly Wookkiepedia servers RN
It's true, I'm complicit. did I say? History's greatest monster. unlocked: Day Off, I was just thinking about this sketch this morning...still an all-timer #IknowwhatyouDID
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Huw in Kathmandu. @HuwieMcChewie S1: Baby Yoda is the most adorable creature in all of Star Wars! S2:
Retweeted by Huw Fullerton @0xKimberley Baby Yoda is history's greatest monster - my latest for the (Radio) Times'is a fine year for the cultural stereotypes.
Retweeted by Huw FullertonAmong other things deeply unclear when this is set - the clothes and decor look period, but the reference to freezi…
When were they going to warn us of this symptom..?!!
Retweeted by Huw Fullerton
Which is the bigger societal threat: anti-vaxx content, or smug medic "ummmm, if you're pinning your hopes on a vac…
Retweeted by Huw FullertonI think in a situation where there were questions about whether or not there would even be a vaccine, jumping up an…
Retweeted by Huw Fullerton"I'm sorry to say that instead of a vaccine we've accidentally ordered 30 million doses of Novichok nerve agent"…
Retweeted by Huw FullertonFirst Biden now this, writers of 2020 really rushing the finale
@aquatics64 yeah in person it was very convincing as well @aquatics64 It's a set! @Snoozette1 Escher was a big influence apparently, I don't think that made it in the piece but the production designer mentioned it! @tailoredchris love the cat content!Short answer is...@BadWolf_TV #Cardiff. But great piece from @RadioTimes @HuwieMcChewie
Retweeted by Huw FullertonSomething that really struck me in tonight's #HisDarkMaterials - compared to the first series, the new set-up reall… returns tonight - it's extraordinary. Unmissable TV. After you've watched, hear from the immense…
Retweeted by Huw FullertonIf you're still counting the minutes until #HisDarkMaterials returns at 8.10, here's my preview of the first episod… a pre-COVID world I went behind-the-scenes on #HisDarkMaterials season two - ahead of the new episode tonight, c… @kathryn42 I'm sure you've had/will have several hundred people say this to you Kathryn but this is brilliant and really movingA Man for Four Seasons @StephenPKelly If they don’t do it we should elect a new SNL
Emily In Paris season 2 dropped early.
Retweeted by Huw FullertonI'm sorry but how can reality be this funny
Retweeted by Huw FullertonJOYSCROLLING!
Retweeted by Huw FullertonCongratulations to President-elect Joe Biden & Vice President-elect Kamala Harris!
Retweeted by Huw FullertonMan, I can't remember the last time something good happened
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Retweeted by Huw Fullerton @SophLouiseHall Don’t egg them onSNL writers are scrambling @StephenPKelly Unlike the count in Nevada!/!!/???!!!
And I'm Spartacus Eagle
Retweeted by Huw FullertonThe Baudelaire orphans:
Retweeted by Huw FullertonHow it started How it's going
Retweeted by Huw FullertonVAN HELSING DONALD TRUMP 🤝
Retweeted by Huw FullertonTrump now live-tweeting Dracula (2020) flipside to this is, I suppose, that furlough lasted until October even though we weren't in FULL lockdown that… yes, that is PC Andy from Torchwood as the non-fanThe @RadioTimes #DoctorWho brand was strong even 13 or so years ago...., a villager, outside of Dracula's castle after he has stolen my third wife for his harem
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@KathW80 Yeah, but just some of the other stuff in the other adverts over the weeks as well...real low-hanging frui… an advert and man, I can just tell I'm going to get annoyed with all the Welsh jokes in #ImACeleb this year. An… people enjoyed this - now I can stop tweeting about it and return you to your regularly scheduled nonsense. is streaming now! Please check it out if you’re so inclined #HisDarkMaterials #TVFest it @HuwieMcChewie.
Retweeted by Huw FullertonI chatted to these folks for the BFI & Radio Times festival - they were much more interesting than me, so please ch…
Wonder if the Americans ever think of us on our Election Day, I can just picture a bar in DC rejoicing because Labour has held Hartlepool
Retweeted by Huw FullertonHave you picked up a copy of the latest @RadioTimes? With 2 collectible covers, exclusive cast interviews and brand…
Retweeted by Huw Fullerton😊
Retweeted by Huw FullertonOut now!! @RadioTimes
Retweeted by Huw FullertonAnti-Jacketers Rally Outside Burlington Coat Factory To Protest Liberal Cold Weather Conspiracy…
Retweeted by Huw Fullerton
I did a little behind-the-scenes piece for #HisDarkMaterials in this week’s Radio Times - check it out along with… @MrsSteveMOBrien Similar - my ex-girlfriend's dad was the DoP on some later Tennant Doctor Who episodesMaybe moving to England was a mistake after all...
The BFI & Radio Times #TVFest presents... 3 exclusive virtual events to celebrate #HisDarkMaterials series 2. Join…
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