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30 munud mewn i raglen neithiwr daeth Yr Ods mlaen gyda’r albym newydd a naethon ni gal amser lyfli...
🌍 Byd @HuwStephens heno am 7 🌍 🙌 Albym newydd @Yr_Ods • Iaith y Nefoedd • Chwarae'r albym yn llawn 🙌
Retweeted by Huw StephensHeno ar @BBCRadioCymru, albym newydd Yr Ods yn ei gyfanrwydd, tua 7.30pm ymlaen.... winning the Welsh Music Prize in 2018, we are thrilled that @boy_azooga will play a solo set at this years…
Retweeted by Huw Stephens🎧 Listen to all the shortlisted #WelshMusicPrize19 albums at ahead of the announcement a we…
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Bore da @Cymru! It’s the big one later, #TheRedWall get your voices warmed up! I cannot wait to be on the stadium m…
Retweeted by Huw Stephens📻Ar nos iau bydd @yr_ods yn westai ar raglen @huwstephens ar @BBCRadioCymru yn trafod eu halbym newydd ‘Iaith y Nef…
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If you're off to @thegreatescape in May then get @huwstephens on now! He's got highlights from the @BBCIntroducing
Retweeted by Huw StephensWelcome to the show! @BBCR1 with live music from @weirdmilkmusic @MasterPeaceLDN @tragicsasha. @bbcintroducing is on!Tonight on his @BBCR1 show @HuwStephens has got highlights from @thegreatescape #FirstFifty including performances…
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When do we get to vote? #newsnight
Anhygoel @AledH_!!! Ffoniwch 0345 607 0011 i gefnogi Plant Mewn Angen!!! Mae e lan a lawr y WYDDFA 5 gwaith wthnos… HUGE thank you (diolch yn fawr!) to #Pudsey’s pals @AledH_ and @BBCRadioCymru for taking on the Snowdon Challenge…
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The launch of #IVW20 ; celebrating your local independent venue.
@rodinrichards @BBC6MusicBot Aw huge congratulations! @therealrhysmwyn @RhysCaerdydd @DilwynRY @BBCRadioCymru Do, ail ddarllediad o tua 7 mlynedd yn ôl @SchoolOfLanguag @marcrileydj @BBC6Music What a pleasure to chat and to hear you play live. Marc will be gutted to have missed this!Had a lot of (slightly panicky) fun playing some songs from "45" for @huwstephens filling in for @marcrileydj on…
Retweeted by Huw Stephens @LeisureSociety @rltl17 @lucydacus Oh good. It floored me as well!
@AnnieMac @MusicWeek Congrats Annie!Looking after @BBC6Music @marcrileydj tonight til 9! The brilliant @SchoolOfLanguag are playing live. Archive sessi…'m an unfortunate series of events, @marcrileydj is stranded in David Bowie's former Berlin residence so we shall…
Retweeted by Huw StephensArtificial Pleasure. Ghost Suns. Rosie Alena. All play @thesociallondon for my monthly 13 year strong, live music n… @laurenlaverne PROTOTYPE!
Welcome to the shoooooow.... @BBCR1 for the @bbcintroducing newness... and guest @HakBaker...Tonight @HakBaker joins @huwstephens in the @BBCR1 studio 🙌 Tune in from 11pm:
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@BBCCymruFyw @Tudur @BBCRadioCymru Keen @scott_mills Good luck with the new show both! @Chris_Stark @DDoubleE7 @ReuelElijah So brilliant! Will think of you next time I’m buying my oat milk there.Bore da fi ar y @bbcradiocymru2 hype bore ma tan 8.30yb. yb Yn sefyll am Y Bore!
Gymaint o fraint cael pnawn gyda Meredydd a Phyllis. Rhiniog Meredydd Evans ar @BBCSounds nawr....🎈🎵SAVE THE DATE🎵🎈 On Friday 7th February 2020, #DyddMiwsigCymru turns 5! We want to make next year's…
Retweeted by Huw StephensMorning. More bass in my monitors please.
Absolutely loving the firework effect you get when you press the RT button today. Good work Twitter!
Retweeted by Huw Stephens"You can just tell that she's travelled elsewhere in her head and in herself when she's performing it." From…
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📯Introducing the 1st 50 for FOCUS Wales 2020! Including: @gruffingtonpost @Flamingods @georgiaruth @JOHNTIMESBYTWO
Retweeted by Huw StephensMusic News Monday / Newyddion Dydd Llun 🍃 @JPerrettMusic & @rachelkcollier feature on Huw Stephens' @bbcintroducing
Retweeted by Huw Stephens @rachelchinourir Thank you for being on the show Rachel!
The @thebottlemen set and interview is on @BBCR1 next... to the shoooooow @blaiddi @celeste @LLEISIAUERAILL Wow. Nes di joio hi te! @YLolfa @Books_Wales @CofiwchDreweryn I had the pleasure of writing a short piece for this book, which chronicles t… book on the recent phenomenon of painting Cofiwch Dryweryn on signs and walls throughout Wales, as well as the hi…
Retweeted by Huw StephensToniiiight @BBCR1 the @bbcintroducing show brings some of the highlights from @Introducing19. With @bobbyfriction @Wynlewisjones Gig gwych Ail Symudiad. Gymaint o glasuron a gymaint yn dawnsio. DiolchThat’s a wrap on a magical few days at #OtherVoicesCardigan! Thanks to everyone who joined us this weekend, and t…
Retweeted by Huw StephensDiolch yn fawr @OtherVoicesLive am benwythnos speshal iawn! 🎼 Thank you to Other Voices for an amazing weekend! We’…
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We were there last night (watching Lisa play with Gruff) and we’ll be here TONIGHT playing 7pm. @OtherVoicesLive is…
Retweeted by Huw StephensThe first day of @OtherVoicesLive in Wales was brilliant. Lots on today, with @9Bach @colorama_sound @celeste @Irwol Aberaeron!CAERFYRDDIN! CYMRU! Fi’n neud dwy sioe yn y Lyric nos Sadwrn Tachwedd y 9fed. Tocynnau ar ol i’r sioe 5.30pm. Ma gw…
Retweeted by Huw StephensThe 20th anniversary edition of Guerrilla is released today, here are some stats on nonsense lyrics courtesy of Jef…
Retweeted by Huw StephensDelighted to welcome the exceptional @gruffingtonpost back to Other Voices to kick off the proceedings in St. Mary’…
Retweeted by Huw StephensHaving a great time presenting the Other Voices Festival with Huw Stephens in Cardigan! Also looking forward to per…
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Barod Aberteifi! done @lawlor_aine excellent Welsh pronunciation - da iawn! @huwstephens @RTENewsAtOne @KathHallett @OtherVoicesLive
Retweeted by Huw StephensJoining us in St Mary’s Church this evening: Gruff Rhys, Gwenno, Hayden Thorpe and Lankum! Very excited for this li…
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@sianelerievans @BBCRadioCymru Diolch Sian!Thanks @JakeBugg for being honest and funny today @Introducing19! Always a pleasure. #introducinglive a lovely chat with @jowhiley on @BBCRadio2 at @Introducing19! Hi Jo! i’r rhaglen! World’s Big Sleep Out happens on 7th December, with 50,000 people sleeping outside to raise £50 million. Sign u…
@ghbonello @CottonWolfWorld @BBC6Music @laurenlaverne @LlionRobertson Ie briliant! @laurenlaverne @LakelandUK Game changer.
See you at @Introducing19 on Thursday!’t quite believe @OtherVoicesLive comes to Wales this weekend. Edrych mlan yn fawr iawn!It’s coming. @OtherVoicesLive comes to Aberteifi November.. Where it’ll take over the town enriching it’s already a…
Retweeted by Huw StephensWe are delighted to announce the Live Streaming venues for @OtherVoicesLive #Cardigan 2019. We will be announcing t…
Retweeted by Huw StephensComing to Other Voices Cardigan? Get yourself ready for the packed Music Trail with the help of our official playli…
Retweeted by Huw StephensLess than a week to go until @OtherVoicesLive hits Cardigan, Wales @LLEISIAUERAILL Excited to see Dublin’s very own…
Retweeted by Huw Stephens @OtherVoicesLive Yes Touts! See you in Aberteifi! #toutsoutThe #WMP2019 shortlist! The Welsh Music Prize ceremony is on Nov 27. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Dyma’r rhestr fer ar gyfer y Wobr Gerd…
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Gwn Glân Beibl Budr by @Lleuwen (@Sainrecords) is nominated for the Welsh Music Prize 2019. Llongyfarchiadau Lleuwe…
Retweeted by Huw StephensJoia! By @colorama_sound (@BananaLouieR) is nominated for the Welsh Music Prize 2019. Llongyfarchiadau Carwyn!…
Retweeted by Huw StephensTouchy Love by @lucasjrowe91 is nominated for the Welsh Music Prize 2019! Llongyfarchiadau Lucas! #WMP2019
Retweeted by Huw StephensYou Say I’m Too Much I Say You’re Not Enough by @estrons (@orchtweets) is nominated for the Welsh Music Prize 2019.…
Retweeted by Huw StephensLover Loner by @iamdeyah is nominated for the Welsh Music Prize 2019. Llongyfarchiadau Deyah! #WMP2019
Retweeted by Huw StephensTŷ Ein Tadau by @VriOfficial (@erwydd) is nominated for the Welsh Music Prize 2019. Llongyfarchiadau Vrï! #WMP2019
Retweeted by Huw StephensNow! (In a minute!) by @audiobooks_hq (@heavenlyrecs) is nominated for the Welsh Music Prize 2019! Llongyfarchiadau…
Retweeted by Huw StephensReward by @CateLeBon (@MexicanSummer) is nominated for the Welsh Music Prize 2019. Llongyfarchiadau Cate! #WMP2019
Retweeted by Huw StephensEcho the Red by @ACCU___ (@LibertinoRecs) is nominated for the Welsh Music Prize 2019! Llongyfarchiadau Accü!…
Retweeted by Huw StephensInspirational Talks by @HMSMorris (@BubblewrapWales) is nominated for the Welsh Music Prize 2019! Llongyfarchiadau…
Retweeted by Huw StephensOesoedd by @Mrcyrff (@strangetowncru) is nominated for the Welsh Music Prize 2019! Llongyfarchiadau Mark! #WMP2019
Retweeted by Huw StephensMelyn by @adwaithband (@LibertinoRecs) is nominated for the Welsh Music Prize 2019. Llongyfarchiadau Adwaith!…
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Welcome to the shooooow! @BBCR1 with @bbcintroducing Sunday night swingHello @Lizmusic! See you on @BBCR1 at 11.30pm! @bbcintroducing 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 @amateuradam I’m in! @amateuradam Is it as good as the first one?3 album deal i Ken Owens! #WALvRSA 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿😍👏
@adamwalton A beauty! @adamwalton It’s a vibe @r_byrne @editorsofficial @Blaenavon @AFGANGAF @BBCSounds @BBC6Music Thanks Rachel! @Arpie77 @huwstephens @BAFTACymru Hi there, Anorac will be available on the Worldwide section of S4C Clic:
Retweeted by Huw StephensToniiiight 11pm on @S4C! If you have an interest in Wales, its music language and culture, this is the @BAFTACymru 4 x @BAFTACymru Anorac is shown on @S4C tonight (Virgin 166, Sky 134, Freesat 120). 📺👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
@Kellkatron @panicshackBen is on with me @BBC6Music now