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i can either be a papi or a pendejo, you choose

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my brothers texting this girl and apparently shes on punishment so she got no phone. he created a google doc and th…
Retweeted by rene @Laine_Mitchell I refuse to believe they're real soundsSomeone really sat down and made up dinosaur sounds... @jochuecaca @jochuecaca 🙋🏻‍♂️ @Lib3ratedRxwk sir... this is McDonald's @HlGHROADS I'll take all three of youI need a Taurus, Pisces, or Cancer in my life. 🥴Lmfaooooo don’t tell your kids I’m a murderer please.
Retweeted by reneI want a man so we could wear each others clothes
I was asked if I was a catfish on grindrGonna tell my kids this is the National Anthem
Retweeted by reneStudy shows that staring into each others eyes increases the feeling of passionate love for each other. They say th… morí de risa 😂😂😂🤣😂🤣
Retweeted by reneI'm fucking wheezing 💀 ik whoever dropped those fries is gonna be big mad
I wanna bottom 🥴Good morning, Happy #InternationalMensDay We matter too !The tricycle got me dead af 💀😭
@TrapSoulPrnces Ur haven't u seen my nudes 👀the day I reach 20k followers is the day I leak my own nudesI was showing this app to my clients & I accidentally opened grindr 🤠I lost no nut November btw
If twitter was like Victorious
Retweeted by reneDamn gotta shower. Damn.The Ima be late Speaker
Retweeted by rene @_pbandjam_ I fw that HEAVY. @hvllrene I’m gf says “Wizards of Waverly Place and sit on my face”.... and I live by that
Retweeted by reneI know I said "Disney + & in ya guts" but rn I want Disney + & snuggles @CJPettigrew19 It's a different one. That gc diedI'm choosing ppl now
Who wants to be in a gay groupchat? It's almost dead and I need to add new people. It's an imessage gc. Rules: -… @papistalli I think you just did something to mestop putting your pride first and message me tf @duasfanny Bc were in two different communities lmao @duasfanny I was up ik who u are @duasfanny I don't recall.. @menamphetamine omg 🥴 @duasfanny hey person idkgood morning... I need some breakfast in bed @underloving you wanna go there 🥱?oomf really said “disney+ and in ya guts” 😭😭😭
Retweeted by rene @chvyce idk how I thought of it but I'm so creative 🥴 @SkrtOnKen I am so creative. JUST SAY ITDisney + and in ya guts thigh pics @hyovanalisa those too 🤤like chicken thighs? me too
Retweeted by reneI'm dead ass a sucker for thighs 🥵ever swiped right on tinder and matched with the ugly person in the picture
Retweeted by reneI drove 6 hrs to meet oomf & he don't see the energy I give 😢
ever swiped right on tinder and matched with the ugly person in the picture @Lib3ratedRxwk Currently waiting for my picture @Lib3ratedRxwk I mean at least you tried it @Lib3ratedRxwk Kevin... i would never for you @Hi_its_Hogan Ma'am leave me aloneI need a top in my lifeAll I wanna do is be laid up w my booSomeone send nudes rnFreshly shaved 😬
@trapwhvre ITS GETTING SO HARD @6INISTERS I'm you're of waiting for Carson too. He don't want meI need a MAN. Tired of being single fr frI'm at the age where I take a water bottle full of alcohol to work. Talking about "It's just water sir" 🥴Me begging myself not to masturbate everytime
Retweeted by rene @sam___mantha It's for a friend
@Lib3ratedRxwk I made a fake one @Lib3ratedRxwk I'm applying for a job and they asked for my social 😃I went private LOLthis thanksgiving im stuffing someone's son instead of the turkey
UNLESS, I can hide my twitter from some special peopleima have to delete my twitter soon haha, I'm not trolling btw @devilbxy Sit on my face lewisi want more tattoos but my bank acc dont 🥴You can either be honest or stay away from me.
but gang gang kid & a cuddle buddy... but I'm missing the cuddle buddyThe crowd really boo'd drake off the stage... y'all are clowns 😫🤣My mom said I'm getting cuter and I believe her 😤
nowadays this society knows nothing of morals
Be about it or don't waste my time
Pay day is here and I'm spending the weekend in Virginia.... let's get it 🤪
i blinked and now we almost in 2020 @misael_97 oh my god 🥵there's no resting until I get what I want & get to where I wanna be.
I'm gonna sit this month out... see y'all in Decembersit on my face
sleeping on the opposite side of the bed slaps differentI need a drink or two
I'm at the club rn and someone is dressed up as @JeffreeStar 🤣🤣
Retweeted by reneif you're reading this, I'm so fucking proud of you! Continue to follow your goals & keep your head up. You're effort doesn't go unnoticed!There are BIGGER things we should be worrying about. While you're here might as well go check out @MrBeastYT projec… many people literally hate on jeffree for things that he did in the past. Did you all forget that people can cha… @zachhmua where the part where u just mind ur business @LOUVRIOS @SIXPACKBAILEY @JeffreeStar Shane saw it but I've been trying all day for jeffree to see it 😫
I just want @JeffreeStar to see this iconic video 🤩I'm at the club rn and someone is dressed up as @JeffreeStar 🤣🤣
I'm gonna ATTEMPT to do no nut November lol
Y'all ever send a risky message and then put your phone on do not disturb ? 🤣
I got hella heart eyes for this boy"if you know how I feel, why would you say that? like you put me in such an uncomfortable situation... like you kno…'ve had bronchitis for a pretty long time now & this lady who comes into the gym made me an appointment with her d…