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hannie @hvnniez β™‘ houston, tx β™‘

23 | sometimes a twitch streamer. | @BLVCKBLUES β€’ β€’ @zurcfps fan page πŸ’•

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@itsasniaa ILY SOOO MUCH
@ImJustDevin_ in between 3 minutes to 10 hours (: @iJvy_ degens 😭 @GhostedManu im trying ive just had hella bad insomnia the past week 😭 @kaytea_xp good morning :Dgoodnight ☺️ @itsasniaa WOAaHHHH HI BEAUTIFUL I LOVE YOUR FACE ABD YOUR EYES AND YOUR HAIR AND YOU AND YEAH!!!?!!!!!
@S1SS1L immortal peak #99,000,000,001 @NahsieTV what in the world is happening here and why is there random segregation amongst this clutter
for the past 3ish days, i have collectively slept for a total of 5 hours. i cannot wait to be home because i am struggling out here.
@linaboyy_ I LOVE UUUU hehewill resume drawing my valorant trading cards on monday (out touching grass for the whole weekend for a friends gra…
@stardvskk OMG SO PRETTYY @ktbugy me 😳 @fpsdenyy ... what did you do LOL
@Cumexx ill get to it eventually >.< @emiily_ii this makes me so happy!! πŸ₯°ive inspired the community and i love it 😭 @emiily_ii OMG I LOVE THIS!! and you added ability descriptions fbndjdjdb @AnjanaYasith she really is!!
@fkbicgetmoney feel free!! :D @rremo_VAL @Yehty_ i just woke up from a nap excuse my inability to type but i meant to say "and then can be used again after" @rremo_VAL @Yehty_ because raze only starts with one grenade, and then can be again aftee getting two kills! (hence… @webbslie @abotofu_ ahhhhomg thank you jdghsakjgh <3 @friedricejohn clip studio paint pro! :D @himshikhaaaa (β™‘ >Ο‰< β™‘) @Rewind1K im currently working on it rn :DI LOVE THIS @Rewind1K this looks so cool wtf @Rewind1K AYE YO??? @Akasaka479 im trying 😭 @rosy_nuggy thank you πŸ₯° @ashleelower THANK YOU ASHLEE πŸ’• @shoukrrrr thank you rahmin!! :D @RaghavA1379 no way you want my handwriting 😭ive gotten a lot of ppl saying to make more so i'm also going to add: i made this first raze card with the intent o… @GhostedManu @illylol sjkdbdkd 😭 he'll have his turn @DarthShadowTV ty darth!! @karebearkorner thank you sm!! this makes me so happy 😭 @gamja205 omg thank you julia 😭 @l_Greed_l i looked it up when i was compiling her abilities and i was surprised too... also thank you!! @JadeMarieCC i will!! <3 @FlaminatorY eventually! (: @Jaysee_22 it will be!! @jiingfei thank you :3 @MirezYT eventually πŸ‘€ @jxsperwastaken I WILL @istriarjuna @Lucky_Voip THANK YOU @messyviirgo thank you <3 @CatakameVL it would!! not sure how to implement the damage though since in game the dmg dealt is based on where th… @Onionboi4242 thank you (: @TeriTeriDonburi i plan on it!! :D @istriarjuna he'll be made eventually :D @Ts0_spicy thank YOU @ZombiHugs_ thank you :D @zqkcn i plan on making other agents as well!! :D @Cirphlyx thank you!!! @ladakeir thank you!! @VirtualHimself_ thank you! :D @ktbugy IM GONNA GET AROUND TO MAKING HER @Jason_________K thank you!! i was looking at a whole bunch of trading cards for inspiration 😭 @Odd_Foxx i plan on trying to make all the agents :D @rx_phantxm thank you!! @Maybe6V a phone case would be so cool :D @Plasma thank you!! @MatthewHDZ16 bots are hard but his time will come eventually 🫑 @vidzimon ITS IN THE WORKS @itwasmagik thank you sm!! @RiotBallerina MWUAAH πŸ’• @RiotXylese THANK YOU ELYSE πŸ˜­πŸ’– @griffin_wings im trying 😭 @ripzyda thank you!! 😭 @MichelDouma eventually πŸ‘€ @Kimberrrr_ thank you!! ☺️ @taika_yt thank you!! @nyTeqs what a dream @Prospectory85 thank you!! @illylol if u rlly want it as a lock screen, here @illylol its already publicly on twitter sir @SoaringOG thanks!! i honestly got a lot of my inspiration from pokemon cards even though i was never really into it :D @laylubug @krnnguyen_ thank you!! 😭 @Rewind1K THANKS WTF @daiseehue thank you πŸ₯Ί @linaboyy_ thank you beautifull ☺️ @illylol how much what @allooka_ yes eventually hehe @allooka_ thank you loveee πŸ˜­πŸ’–
@SilverNyx_ omg 😭 @haleesu ahh thank you!! thats too much to think about rn πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’« @ValorCentral WORKING ON IT!! @Yehty_ thank you!! 😭 i was trying to figure out the best way to add two blast packs without it looking off so i fi… @cjadams123 @scuffedchu i just might @mellinieee THANK YOU BEAUTIFUL @wahoooopunch THANK YOU ILY <3 @ang3lcat @Jeremiah2946 making raze mains proud @Cumexx thank u :D @AtIantro thank you!! :D @notyxli AHHHH PLS IM BLUSHING 😭