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hannie @hvnniez houston, tx

β™‘ 24 β™‘ β€’ 5'5 radiating 4'11 energy (but im 2'7 on my money) β€’ i occasionally stream on twitch @

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@MrRafikiii @texerino thank you, i know im so reformed @Pawnarino thank you pawn7000 @MinwFPS sorry ): @gatorXV bro how is that the same thing??? go throat somethinghello internet i am proud to say that i am currently on day 2 of having a normal sleep schedule. @KnightsArena @M80gg @777eeiu @1johnqt @koalanoob @NiSMO_VAL @zander_fps whoever photoshopped this needs a raise frfr
@texerino id take 0 @Add3rTV god i wish i still had the clips so i could put you in your place and humble your inflated ego.... @Add3rTV used to shit on u in customs years ago
@SwisV7 im crazy @_WindDead ): @texerino im worse than you huh @Hrithik_Iyer im a bear @anotherjname dude idk ): @anotherjname im so madgei slept for 20 hours... hahahaahaha ahah aha... fml
@audreymybooty omg W it does hit!!
@texerino i've been told i'm a lost cause but i hope you're not πŸ™ wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy @Huston_TV here's a riddle... what's a two letter word that starts with N and ends with O? @Huston_TV idk let me know when u find out @audreymybooty maybe i should switch to the black and gold variant cause this was clean 🫣 @Huston_TV WAIT NO SAME EXCEPT ITS IN KOREAN, CHINESE, AND JAPANESE FOR SOME REASON @MinwFPS @texerino this is why we're friends 🀝🏻 @MinwFPS @texerino i slept for 18 hours 🀠 tried sleeping again but woke up after like 2 hours so ive been up since 2 am!!! woo!!! @texerino same bc i either don't sleep for days or sleep for 18 hours 🀠 @Vegod_ people like this deserve to be IP comm banned forever bc wtf did i just listen to 😭
@CallMeChetti one day.. @xomoonemi thank you dkjasdgkl <3im the irl neon o7 p.s. ty for vibing with me on stream today <3
@allooka_ OMG ILYomg live now @ twitch. tv/hanniez @Shiro_Rz you look 20 and 35 at the same time how is this possible LOL
@snhuz i love this for you omg @currydtx congrats rahul!!! the grind for it was kreyzi @thedonggu WOO!! @thedonggu did i slay @aiya_vt @ValorINTEL LOOOOOOOOOOL @nullCpt @ProfessorSoop but soooo worth @ProfessorSoop omg u need to asap @daboiyahoo @ProfessorSoop ive never tried this but i heckin love hazelnut @ProfessorSoop only right answers @Vegod_ goat!! @Add3rTV people are fricken terrifying @MrRafikiii elgato wave mic arm in general... thank me later... low profile or high profile is up to you. i have th…
@MrRafikiii gm yeehaw 🀠 @Pawnarino im so relatable #slay @totallynotnyx i know this song... @ahad cancel culture is so 🀒 it either gives exposures to shitty people or gets innocent lives ruined lol. i never liked it. 🀠good morning i slept for like 13-14 hours and still wanna go back to bed 🀠 @minaweeb @RossyUA im reporting you to PETA @minaweeb @RossyUA why the fuck- @Vlexpak QUEEN @ishxoxo BRO THIS IS MINE ADVENTURE QUEST WAS SO GOATED
@ashIeybtw youre the buff @brawku oh youre cold w it πŸ₯ΆπŸ’― @PaincakesVAL @NiSMO_VAL im moving .idc what anyone says but the casting over the @777eeiu and @skubacs cams makes this the best clip in the valorant 2… @CallMeChetti @zeronaVAL i cant be w someone who likes going out 24/7 bc i wanna sit inside all day!!!!!!!!! @PaincakesVAL @NiSMO_VAL DINNER IN WHAT PART OF TEXAS 🀨 @nateschanker my favesWe are now the NUMBER ONE team going into Challenger playoffs. Our team is the best.
Retweeted by hannie @texerino realest tweet ive seen today2-1 vs. @OXG_Esports. Can't shoot gun but secured #1 seed going into playoffs. See you guys in 2 weeks.
Retweeted by hannie @1johnqt @OXG_Esports congrats on making the winning shot2-1 vs @OXG_Esports . Heating up for playoffs, real shit starts now.
Retweeted by hannie @777eeiu @OXG_Esports @skubacs clutch 🐐2-1 @OXG_Esports gg to best player ever @skubacs oh man i missed split 🀠
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@M80gg @1johnqt he slayed that @MinwFPS happy bday min!!
IS THE GUARD @neT_valorant THE CONFIRMED RIZZLER??? @aheartout i refuse to allow these type of men represent the whole male species @kLikeRussian 🀨
@777eeiu WOO!!! HAPPY BIRFDAY!! πŸ₯³ @jordaaaayx i jaw dropped @ukigosu did bro just pray on my downfall and try to rizz me up at the same time... @CHANG88S you slayed though @CHANG88S DT?? @aheartout yes @itsSlNN im already called neon anyways 😭 @punkkup_ @BlessedNgl mwuah hope you had an amazing stream πŸ₯° @Monabalonaa thank you 😭blue haired girl media
@aheartout YAY <3 @aheartout ily for this @kawaRCC yess my hair is so blue rn jafghjksdghdegen strim twitch. tv/hanniez @maplezebra valid @777eeiu @Vanityxz LMFAOAOOAOAOATHIS GUY @777eeiu IS SO GOOD.
Retweeted by hannieAINTNOWAY @koalanoob
Retweeted by hannie @1johnqt @Disguised goat2-0 vs @disguised wp by them. Fun series and an improvement in both scrims and our match this week. Thanks for the…
Retweeted by hannie @777eeiu @Disguised youre the bestesterest2-0 @Disguised !! eco cobra πŸ’΅πŸ’΅
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"He slayed too close to the sun." - @totallynotnyx 2023mine is m80