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HBO ....BARRY....who happens to read ALIEN SUPERSTAR ..

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New: the USPS has been quietly removing mail sorting machines from distribution facilities, including ones that sor…
Retweeted by Henry Winkler @rbfritz4 @GeorgeForeman @daxshepard @Datsyuk13 THAT IS A WOWGood taste
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@greggrunberg @eBay One that WILL NOT break down on the Freeway @DoomHeadRex Tight lines !!!’A GREAT sentence indeed !!!! a thought ... @MikeLOUD6 I hope you are having a great Wednesday Mike“Her speech was like oxygen for a suffocating country “ @macantone @JRubinBlogger NO @sarahcpr Watching !!!! Out for itCan’t wait, amirite?😂🤣🤣
Retweeted by Henry WinklerJust WHY ???? @adnan_pajic Thank you AdamENTIRE "STATES TO BE " suffering not being recognized because of a political party ??? is not American ..our country or the airline'Could I feel what they were doing? Yes': Rob Delaney on the pain and pleasure of his vasectomy… @sarahcpr @JimmyKimmelLive @RedHourBen @ABC Can’t wait
Having worked with @KamalaHarris, I know she is a fierce fighter for working families, who’ll bring her tenacity to…
Retweeted by Henry WinklerGood taste November .... like our country depends on it ! have the great honor to announce that I’ve picked @KamalaHarris — a fearless fighter for the little guy, and one…
Retweeted by Henry WinklerBreaking: Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris as his running mate. "I’ve decided that Kamala Harris is the best person t…
Retweeted by Henry Winkler @ogbrenna include me in on of your prayers to GRAM too @ogbrenna AAAAAAAY @erickmsanchez @band_eleseu I’m so sorry @band_eleseu @hwinkler4real This is actually a copycat that’s stolen my art. Here’s the real link:
Retweeted by Henry WinklerFauch on the Couch .. chatting health stuff
Its National Health Center WEEK and I am so happy to be reading a book @venicefamilyclinics for their Pediatric patients
Retweeted by Henry WinklerYou have to admire @PressSec’s ability to utter nothing but falsehoods from the podium.
Retweeted by Henry WinklerHappy Birthday to the one and only @LucasTill! 🥳 🎂 🥳 #MacGyver
Retweeted by Henry WinklerIts National Health Center WEEK and I am so happy to be reading a book @venicefamilyclinics for their Pediatric patients @D_Lombardozzi WHAT A SAUCE is coming @jed_mercurio I am so proud to be considered in the same category with Mr. Hastings ..“Nobody could have ever predicted a pandemic of this proportion.”
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@SarahKSilverman xxxxxoooooohave the happiest day , year and life time DON , love henry and Stacey MUST re tweet , write about it , call about it , YELL about it CAUSE GOOD TROUBLE bout this travesty....Every Da… beautiful Matt your son sees you in a movie for the first time... I’m Seth Rogen’s Mom in “American Pickle” on HBOMax. GREAT…
Retweeted by Henry Winkler @JEClarkRealtor there indeed
@Shariv67 funny AND creepyCongress must act to save the #USPostalService NOW! It’s time to #DefendOurPostOffice. Share today to spread the wo… @phx_nolagirl Kids Remember you are powerful and COOl @MrsGabriel15 AAAAAAAAY COOL choice @TherapyDogsRock THANK YOU Laurie
Hey girls and guys. I just noticed the movie Diggers which I wrote back in 2007 is availible on @Tubi. I will alway…
Retweeted by Henry Winkler @bader_diedrich @rabiasquared Ditto
Thank you @VinGuptaMD
Retweeted by Henry WinklerOK NOW I AM FRIGHTENED ...Joe B is going to hurt GOD .. Stop Joe now before he punches God ..Beyond excited for this show! Whatta team! ⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️
Retweeted by Henry Winkler @DarcyCarden IS coming to a screen in your house ...cant wait @Shariv67 I was just thinking thatYes I am !!! @JillHennessy OOOOOMMMMMMM @CathyBreisacher @linoliver @wimpykid @scbwi We are so happy you were there ..THANK YOU !!!! @rejectedjokes Bagel cutters .. holds the bagel while you cut it ..
We can NOT let this happen here in America @rejectedjokes @goldbelly Lobster rolls from Main with instructions and rolls @rejectedjokes @goldbelly Yes .. we have used them twice
@wimpykid @adamshapiro @RyanSeacrest HEYYYYYY I AM a friend .. I got jars of mustard just waiting @mmgriskey @dawnsimon @linoliver @wimpykid NO! freeze them alllllllllTHANKS SO MUCH fellow writing people @JuliePrescesky @scbwi @wimpykid THANK YOU for the art Julie ..I had so much fun @Adriennella @wimpykid @linoliver thank you so much .. I am so glad i was included important conversation The Dept. of Justice says they’ve completed their review of 29 FISA warrants that were flagged by the IG for b…
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To all you young @tiktok_us ‘er s A favor please ... Register to VOTE .Fellow Los Angelenos. Please look out for this man. Praying for his safe return @PatinkinMandy
Retweeted by Henry Winkler(SOUND ON) this is hugo, hugo has found a new passion in life. singing to Pavarotti (caters news)
Retweeted by Henry Winkler @creamofwool GOOD heart goooood heartWAIT ...His son is protected , BUT EVERYONE ELSE should "La De Da" send their kids to school !!! @mikebeeson Thank you mikeI am soooo sorry for the language BUT NOT the laugh
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MR.DeJoy , who i think is also a rapper , does not seem like his life DEPENDS on the Post Office , the way Million… “pre-2016” great or just “able to leave our homes again” great? Trying to plan my week.
Retweeted by Henry WinklerHow to tick tack
Retweeted by Henry Winkler @amybethsol But the adorable version
“A groundswell is building that will issue a mandate to reject hate and bigotry and a return to the ideals that set…
Retweeted by Henry Winkler @rchiarellajewel @4B0R_R37RY_F41L @hwinkler4real As a small business I agreed with you , we rely on USPS
Retweeted by Henry WinklerI am soooo sorry for the language BUT NOT the laugh NOT open or plant these seeds the WIMP can do it ..we ALL can choice this November is between Biden and Trump, not between voting and getting Covid19. So #VoteByMail is the… MOMS this is no Joke NOW Down right Cra Cra NEWS indeed @ElawReads The Sting .. GODFATHER 1Again, hold onto your phone, becuase you might want to toss it after seeing this. On the next episode of…
Retweeted by Henry WinklerHow do we as a nation just watch the destruction of THE POST OFFICE .. ??
I really appreciate our POST OFFICE here in Los AngelesInfamous is more like it.
Retweeted by Henry WinklerWho is the new fella running the postal system ??? Are we watching him closely ??? Our postal people, wonderful people , need their jobs !!2020 has been such a year that when my wife and i were awakened by the earthquake i said “oooffff course!”
Retweeted by Henry Winkler @Nuttle_Shuttle Thank you @CarolHopkinsMI @OldSchool80s @MichaelKeaton Let me know
Yes × 1000 👇👇👇
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