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Mitch ✨ @HxOvAx Glasgow, Scotland

Mitch ⛤📝🎮🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏳️‍🌈🔞 [He/Him] Queer Game Designer | Writer | Artist | Witch | Orc Dating Sim Creator

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Retweeted by Mitch ✨xxiv/ there is more than one other world. the village now calls out for the cunning one able to give names to the s… if when you hear the folklore of faeries whisking you away to a magical land where time in the real world pa… alchemy is a joke: not fraudulent, but a metaphysics of irony. the formulation of worthwhile (golden) respons… was fully expecting maybe 10 likes on this so i may have to call it a night here, appropriately enough with the n… this is evinced best by that One Person who not only Gets It always seems to have already Got It and… any given occultist has probably made it much further along the path than they give themselves credit for - yo… the best things to have during a magical operation are things that are Cool, which does not necessarily mean ex… most of the lessons of magick you can find elsewhere, especially just learning about yourself; if for example… @saul_mondriaan oh no that's fine, it was this thing - i was feeling petty and the article didn't glorify the camp… as much as magicians are compelled to distance ourselves from "magic in media", many of us have that one fic… it is simultaneously the case that magick is a sacred special thing only for ye witches and also something th… if we understand "the end of time" to be a temporal event, it may then be the case that it happens to everyone,… there are always some aspects of magic you find out about, uncritically accept, then vociferously reject, then… i suspect that any system with any degree of randomness is always 100% accurate as a predictive system but no…
Retweeted by Mitch ✨ @pontelon this is nothing short of religious revelation, i Understand Now @MalkyDungeon i think i saw you tweeting about this in the last few months and it gave me a sense of reassurance an… the magic mirror is one of the most resonant images of magic itself; talking about magic warps the way you tal… modern discussion of magick as "science and art" stresses the "science" and neglects the "art" -- magick has mo… to some extent magick is part-willed, part-elaborate dance of circumstantial factors that gives enough of a musi… if a spiritual system suggests there is some importance to the human body (it'd be hard finding a system that d… but also a bit of iv/ the idea that "ancestors" in magick means blood relations is, by necessity, a heteronormative idea: true to the… crossed wires, of course, can be uncrossedv/(addendum) -- i feel like the fourth power of the sphinx, "To Be Silent", isn't necessarily an imperative not to… folk say that in exploring the occult, you never really "get answers", which i disagree with: you can get these…
iv/ no matter how rebellious and non-traditionalist an occultist may be, there's often at least one (1) extremely b… / a necessary corollary to the idea that magick can be anything you say it is, is that magick is not that at al… / the alchemical world is one where opposites can be reconciled, definitionally so. paradoxes, being seemingly i… / magick is/can be literally anything you can describe magick as: this is one potential meaning you can read into… like = 1 magick, witchcraft and/or alchemy tip @MalkyDungeon i keep thinking about that thing he said about being able to get away wi shooting someone and how it'… time last month i was planning on laying a gay curse on a tiara that went up for auction somewhere and then wa… Bieber's house looks like Glasgow Caley
Retweeted by Mitch ✨hedge vvitch hours in ye House of Alexander while all of this was happening, the seagull who chaps on folks' windows to get food reappeared and they broug… former plantpot polycule of Ivy English, Lily Peace and Katy Flaming have recently separated and are pursuing t… above is Rosemary St. Clair, Jimmy Chives, Joanna Parsley, Timothy Thyme, and who else could give this lux… @pontelon @afterwits yes INDEEDY i had the Dinosaurs and Discovery magazines in this thread but i hadn't seen this one and i M U S T have itsublimating my longing for the new animal crossing game by rearranging my flat and redistributing all my plants 🌸🌱✨ about 70s conversation pits don’t text
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Animal Crossing 3:00 AM theme
Retweeted by Mitch ✨ @dsbigham HELL YES @pontelon honestly same, i was trying to figure if there was a way you could do it with that one music video that's… of the reasons im looking more into how folk are talking about wikification is that the more time goes on, the… grandé jeté out the windowthe real joy of this is that you could very easily make a game out of this using a card system like Dvorak, which h… the joy of trading cards but entirely created by the folk playing it, no elaborate systems to learn, no money i… about that "what if everyone made trading cards for their fursona or OCs" idea and how it deserves the nobel prizeYou could tell me this was a discarded design for one of Final Fantasy's Alexanders and I would believe you.
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Retweeted by Mitch ✨ @spinachy ye that's related for sure, i feel like there's a way to think about wikification that its less poor narr… there any articles that talk about "wikification" in terms of narrative in media, ie when the way folk talk abou… @pontelon well even if there's no horny werewolves, this at least preserves the liminal and strange quality i assum… @arkanjil i think it's in the process of getting uploaded over yonder! far as i know a Denny's is pretty much just a Mcdonalds but there are horny werewolves everywherethe ostensible antithesis of the coffeeshop AU slowburn fic is the lore-friendly Denny's bathroom flashover fic
update: looked at the ingredients and unfortunately i think the answer is palm oil #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by Mitch ✨Santiago de #Chile - 1600 #MapPorn
Retweeted by Mitch ✨ @dualcastholy what a question!!! the building, of course its more of a cathedral really @JohBri oh worry not it was very much veering in that direction already, right down to the tentacles @Monstrous_Rick you are of course extremely correct, horny demon dreams are a viable solution to many of life's problemsfrom the creator of "three dudes fuck a church and vice versa", "i joined a gay witch cult" and "erotic shaving of… to outline a story for ape-ril involving demons and somehow im having an issue trying to make it horny up i… humour is severely broken because this is the funniest thing i’ve ever seen
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Retweeted by Mitch ✨The Unexplained: Mysteries of Mind, Space and Time (Orbis Publishing, 1980) was a mammoth 153 issue exploration of…
Retweeted by Mitch ✨Discovery (Marshall Cavendish, 1988) was a partwork school encyclopaedia that would make your kids care about histo…
Retweeted by Mitch ✨Dinosaurs (Orbis publications, 1993) was probably the best selling partwork ever – over 1.5 million issues by some…
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a continuation of the series[tw gore] i'm sorry/you're welcome don't have a horse in the "is tom nook evil" race, i just get such a sense of horrid gleeful demon schadenfreude… saying it's interesting that zipper appears and overshadows the ire directly towards tom nook, right as the mo… anyone ever seen zipper and tom nook in the same place at the same timeTarot reader: *draws the Death card* Me: "oh no" Tarot reader: "Don't worry, it doesn't mean literal death" Tarot r…
Retweeted by Mitch ✨ @FruityBruno omfg lmao i absolutely NEED a Literal Death card, it'd come in so handy @HxOvAx 'You merely adopted social isolation. I was born into it!'
Retweeted by Mitch ✨ @HeyItsAyls T R U L Yjust realised how eminently prepared i already was for the gothamesque feel of covid glasgow becoming more normalised in everyday streetwear presents a very timely opportunity given the rise of facial recognition technologyOn closer inspection it looks like he might be wearing a sun hat with a particularly stiff brim, but from a distanc… person who's managing the queues into the Asda I'm at is getting his full post apoc Fallout cowboy life, he's l…🧙‍♀️ occultists, witches and magicians: what tabletop roleplaying system had a profound and irrevocable impact on y…
Retweeted by Mitch ✨Here are links to the Terence McKenna tribute events, again for tonight's (friday 03 april) event at 5:30 pm PDT…
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Retweeted by Mitch ✨hi guys. its mika. i have to ask for help. i am trying to stay afloat long enough to move to CT eventually, but lac…
Retweeted by Mitch ✨ICYMI: this year i'm gonna be making the philosopher's stone, whatever that means. if you'd like to follow along at… colours and how to see them
Retweeted by Mitch ✨ @pontelon AHHH I LOVE THIS @dsbigham holy SHIT i love that
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Retweeted by Mitch ✨ @sadloin it is now! lions sun, toilets with threatening auras moon, useless etymology rising. there is no meme for this but i'm saying it into beinglmao michael bertiaux was wild as hell
Retweeted by Mitch ✨"Gambit" comes from the Italian gambetto, the name of a wrestling trick that involves tripping up an opponent, from…
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