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give me even more artists to shop art from...
@iexcellin 🙂all that moving actually fucked up my right elbow (not my wrist for once) so gaming has felt particularly difficult… @juwiaspam always got dn on our mindscan I marrry @hy00jschl0ng
Retweeted by yooj @OceanSoulNA thanks this scared me even moreyou ever put on some true crime podcasts in the background while multitasking and then you realize you can't sleep…
@iexcellin no @sil_staff i'm okayu stan :(( @scorgzi :((((but i don't have an anime character i'm madly in love with enough to put on a body pillowshould i get a dakimakura
@milkyvitamin omg are you korean?
@EvoMikee yes sirthe ikea line so longmy feet and arms hurt from lugging furniture/junk out of this room and i've barely begun to transfer shit from my b…, samgyeopsalFUCKING SIGH setup inc 🥺🙏THE EVIL HAS BEEN DEFEATED I'M UP GOOD
yes i’m considering because yesterday was the first time in a while i held a knife and i realized i’m rustydo y’all like cooking streams @JoJordasm you have a lot of (bed) hair @kiniiee ? damn dude @iexcellin DUDE YOU WERE THE FUCKING THIRD PARTY I THOUGHT YOU WERE PART OF ANOTHER SQUAD
bobby toolena appreciation @quuimbap LOOOL thank you for your service @milkyvitamin omigod is that him twitter famous akarinfancy talk for why tf do i gotta bear wrist pains for being shitty to my body let me feel no paini wish my body was indestructible against the grain of time @Sydeon ; - ; you are angel sydney @scorgzi this is what apex wanted rampart to be but she sucks ass insteadi want to cosplay but 1) i can't style wigs 2) i can't put in colored contacts 3) i'm pudgyif i don't get this shirt drop on saturday i'm going to tear out my hair @iluvyves DM???
@iluvyves is she... @akaibara nubbie’s fuming rnfeels good seeing aim lab improvement but feels fucking bad for my wrist bro
@s_cottontail24 smile with thumbs up @KT_NonY i got a 5* book for heralso tip of the fingies cam indeedbeen practicing the slide jump mastiff shot in firing range so it's cool seeing it pay off in an actual game (ouo)b @macaorn I WILL BE HOPING FOR GANYU FOR YOU!! i have c5 sucrose :’)) and like c4 lisa c2 amber i have never seen ot… @macaorn SAME keqing is so pretty i keep rolling the regular banner hoping she’ll come home one day but knowing my… @peenerpark it took maybe 100-200 chapters for it to get interesting iirc @macaorn i literally just rolled mona!! venti was my first 5* pull ever and then i got 2 dilucs in a row. i got zho… i ever get keqing my goto squad will be goated venti diluc mona keqing.... although fischl is still cute :'))HONESTLY?? MONA SUPREMACY @Leiakaisan 😭😭😭😭😭
@Neonxxv how do i build her which of the 4* books are good on herwas trying to roll for more xingqiu constellations but i got mona... now i... am replacing him.... @juwiaspam I SUPPORT I AM YOUR LITTLE PCthis is simply modern day colonization
Retweeted by yooj @quuimbap stay strong sir @selkieee i hope you get her!!KomodoHypemy discord the cutest 🥰🥰🥰🥰 @emuued o i just realized you might be talking about valorant anyways good luck!!! you’ve got this razzy @emuued there’s no placements in apex so you start b4 if you haven’t played in a while and reset down two ranks eve… and pleased chat did not flame me/notice any major difference in my eyeshadowless look on stream today ma… you should like and support your friends even if they don’t give you clout? idk why i’m simultaneously sad… people misunderstand because they see who follows me on main and have tuned into my stream and seen me play w… @EvoMikee idk i always get backlash for criticism they’re always people who’re like you should’ve solved this priva… @ChrisChrisPlays i mean i think any streamers small, moderate, or big can get accosted for like people have no sens… i get it like, growing and building your own platform is hard, but why would you even want to make your name as… why ask to be friends when you don’t even follow me or share your stream/ask to play games when we’re not frien… i’ll share a story about the starbucks i had and someone will link me their song and share their album release like what the fuck LMFAOi don’t want to individually message people how their approach is weird/uncomfortable so i’d rather just share a pu… returningwhichmy dog is a himbo
@juwiaspam LMFAOOOO i live to make you proud @GreshyPoo ? @juwiaspam jkfdsa;kldsfjsa;ldjfkl;jkFKLD;SAJKKL;FJ @iexcellin sorryjust want her back 🥺😩
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@W1shYouTheWorst i love you too @W1shYouTheWorst thank you cakebe my darlingnot happening for another week i’m fucking depressed AAAAAAAAAAAAAA @chrissluu_ WOWIEWOWi'm sorry i just seek blood @DarrenYosh it’s like photo shoot backdrops they were less for immersion and more to cover the very garish reflecti…
hehe i didn’t misspell the first time iphone autocorrected wrongbaeron’s farts are so lethal 😭ANIME POSTERS HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOreally hope tomorrow's the day i can remove this accursed closet outside the comp room so i can turn it into my bed… @iluvyves @krymasuru i do think that olivia is hot @krymasuru yves you gonna have to fight @iluvyves @sil_staff feel better bro @scorgzi A$AP Scorgi @scorgzi whomst @lolArnav they'd probs have to pay her royalties or something and they too stingy with the pursestrings for that @lolArnav omg i love her...if i don't have a group listed i don't follow them as closely/haven't formed an opinion i just don't understand how… biases: rv - irene loona - chuu twice - sana bp - jisoo donut ask me any more @ultrrallen chuu @melongorl 🥺🥺🥺 @lol_meowwimacat watching her video just made me smile the whole time her good vibes are so infectious i've never s…