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Same crown energy @azuremarill I sit in a quiet space and force myself to only think “Breathe in, Breathe out” for 5 minutes
there should be more pictures like these.... they have such tender energy to them.
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“The only people who voted for Trump are the ones who didn’t have a choice” LMAO yeah right. @slaahv That is so unfortunate!!! And girl I love your Impa too!カイネさ
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 @ NieR Concert @slaahv Thank you so much!!! ❤️I have had much less time to work on costumes in the past year. This was my only onesadly, but I am happier with wh… @Prism_SC Snail mail Christmas cards! @ssweet_steph That’s exactly why I made my Twitter too 😂
I’m going to send out Christmas cards this year, so if you are interested in getting one, please DM me your address! (Mutuals only, please!)カイネさん…
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 @ NieR Concert @purpleschala @SnazzySnorlax42 we had a missed opportunity!!! @Veronicatxoxo I figured what you meant! Omg!!! They look like siblings!YOU BET YOUR ASS I’M LEARNING KASS’ SONGMy Mamaw has dementia and recently moved into a nursing home, which was pretty sad, but also she gave me her accord…
Papa Nier Papa Nier at the beginning at the end of the decade of the de…
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Narrator: And it was fine. Or so she thought. My new new thread that I just bought from Hancocks.... with the con… for weeks: I don’t want to go to Hancock’s because (insert excuses here). It’s within walking distance of my hou… @slaahv I feel this!✨You have been visited by the Blessed Seam✨ retweet her and all of your seams in 2020 will match perfectly on the f…
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@JinDjinnsStudio I’m fantastic at spelling until I get to double consonants... (‘committee’ is the worst!) @peticanoe I unauthorized the Ipsy app, so it shouldn’t be a problem anymore! Thank you so much! 😊I’ve revoked access to Ipsy via Twitter. God, I’m so embarrassed.I didn’t even see a “send all” button if there was one! 😭😭😭Time to delete my lifeHoly shit- I accidentally sent an Ipsy link to all of my followers and not to one person! Guys, I am SO freaking sorry!I found a @hylianviolinist poster #GreatestGen
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 @ NieR Concert @BenjaminAhr Cursed imageI manically purge my camera roll, so this is as cursed as it gets are your favorite wig sites other than Arda? I’m looking for a grey lace front! I like WIF, but everything is on backorder 😭 @JediManda Let your muscles heal! It’s good to rest every now and then
@indigojinjo That’s beautiful! 😍I mean, yeah
@Musette221 Also you *can* do the things you’ve listed- don’t be too hard on yourself and give yourself room to grow! @Musette221 *join the cosplay life* Also I meditate for about 5 minutes a day! (And by that, I mean my only thoug…"Gender roles, gotta smash them all."
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 @ NieR Concert @luna_kai_lv6 A Lolita dress would look cute, IMO! You have a lot of movement! @VioPatti That’s a new one! She’s gorgeous! Thank you!I also get the “You look so familiar... 🤔🤔🤔” a lot, so these are my quipsOof @slaahv I have the same issue! I think I’m stretching wrong, because my back doesn’t feel stronger in the long run.…’m grey with IRL conversations, but blue when I text. Short sentences were more readable in AIM, and that habit st… @thotppio #SorryNotSorry @RynilArts RIGHT? I would have to RIP SO MUCH OUT. I feel sick!Apparently Mettler changed the color numbers- (I inherited some thread from my husband’s grandma, so it was older).…*When you satin stitch a TON on your costume, and the same color and brand you though you bought... isn’t the same.…!! This arrangement literally came together in two days and I recorded this rough segment this afternoon. I coul…
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 @ NieR Concert @VioPatti I would fanatically binge and put it all in Finale before I would forget! I kind of mentally broke doing…
@BeardyGeoffles 😂Oh no, how did this Frozen 2 shirt end up in my shopping cart? 🤷🏻‍♀️'mon @yokotaro @SQEX_MD_NA, Father Nier needs some love, too. @NieRGame #NieR #ニーア #ニーアゲシュタルト #WIP
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 @ NieR Concert @smzeldarules Are you going to the concert in Chicago?god please tell me nier1 & drakengard3 re-releases and drakengard1 remaster. PLEASE TARO-SAN
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 @ NieR Concerthey guys!! im writing a persuasive speech on why reposting uncredited art is bad for indie artists & an art communi…
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 @ NieR Concert#trekkietar @taiki1118193 I’m just a hobbyist, I’m not a professional! 😅 @taiki1118193 I draw and make costumes! @taiki1118193 I don’t play anymore, unfortunately. It was a skill that I couldn’t keep up with. I still make other kinds of art though! 😁 @taiki1118193 13! @taiki1118193 You’re ok!
@taiki1118193 I can’t remember! It was so long ago... @DrGillianW I said it was a Charmander too! @LiKovacs 8, 9, 2! @LiKovacs 8, 10, 9!Gay
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 @ NieR ConcertSOMEONE TALK ABOUT IT WITH MEJust saw Frozen 2! Honestly, it’s the only time I’ve ever enjoyed a sequel more than the original! (Also I reeeeeal… always try to not ugly cry when Joe finds Beauty at the auction. 😭
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 @ NieR ConcertNieR described in one image.
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 @ NieR ConcertI used to volunteer to play violin for my church! It’s crazy to think how much has changed in the past 5 years, con…
My big nose was the low hanging fruit. It looks so fucked up because 1) I broke it and 2) my chin is unfortunately… @JinDjinnsStudio They’re Gary Oak turned up to 15 and it’s unnecessary 😂
Midna's Lament (Zelda: Twilight Princess) 🎬 Watch: First music video from the new album,…
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 @ NieR ConcertAnohana was great! If you’re into anime dramas and need a tear jerker, this has you covered! 😭 excited for the #NieR Orchestra Concert next year January
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 @ NieR Concert @Musette221 Yes it does!
@albinokitsunee She’s beautiful!I know we all hate trying to figure out how to shop ethically in late-stage capitalism, and Black Friday is a symbo…
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 @ NieR Concert @slaahv Are you listening to MBMBaM? @mightymoltres said that I was good at drawing hands and hoo boy is that a complimentArt is an expunging of my emotions in any medium. I’m a very emotional person irl, so there’s a reason why art is my hobby.I art sometimes. I can’t believe I made this in an hour. Maybe I’ve got my art swing back?
@QuatarTheOdd All of them! ❤️ For real though, I want to re-do my classic Data uniform! But I’ve also wanted to do… @slaahv 😂😂😂 Thank you! I have a few saved myself! They’re big moods! dreamt that I cosplayed as Data again 😭Winter is coming... . Model @egocosplay Photo&edit @Poppylinchen . #cosplay #photography #GOT #GameofThrones
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@mightymoltres: @briamgilbert is a trendsetter out a Breathe Right strip for the first time- my world is upside down! Is this how normal people breathe with…
@lastgeek 😍 He is my biggest fan! @lastgeek Of course! She cute!The grey in Marnie's hair is indicative of an undercut, not two-toned hair! Mind. Blown. #PokemonSwordShield hate walking into a public place and immediately feeling isolation. I went to a neighborhood restaurant, and it f…
Cosplay PSA: Talking shit/gossiping about someone else’s craftsmanship skill level won’t make yours improve. It…
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 @ NieR Concerthobby lobby is short for hobgoblin lobotomy
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 @ NieR ConcertWhen women turn 30, they have to pick a subclass: • sea witch • forest witch • fire witch • air witch • space witch
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 @ NieR Concertfriends, let this inspire you: I started sewing at 26 I'm 35, and i just kicked off my birthday with some fandom-re…
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 @ NieR ConcertHam @nerdilyblog It was a pain! 😭