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Cher and Celine Dion need to do a duet 🤔"We were observers for Project Gestalt, after all. And while we didn't cause it to fail, the people who did...Well,…
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 ⚔️We've nearly hit our #GreatestDiscovery goal, and we're closing the gap on our stretch goal to release…
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🥀OLEANA WIP🥀 This costume is mostly going to be pre-made then modified, since I have other projects I’m dying over… @smzeldarules Oooh! That’s exciting! 🤩 I read the Google Doc translation of the NieR Replicant Drama CD years ago, so I hope it’s similar!This has been on my Amazon wishlist since it’s release! I AM SO EXCITED! @RynilArts YESSSSS ME TOOOODoes anyone else remember when they pushed hard for Marill to be the new Pikachu? Circa 1999/00 ish @EarlCrayTea You seriously could pull off grey hair! @VioPatti Girl! Treat yo’self!
Although this is relatable, I also been working on a project for over a year now because I don’t want to stress and…
@gleasonline Foo Fighters Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace album is probably my go-to! ☺️
Idk man, there is an art to listening to music and albums particularly, and I feel like most people don’t do this.Art is subjective, yes, but try to get your cogs turning about why a song is good or bad. Is it easy to sing? Is th… the artists’ experiences. I also encourage you to listen to the non-singles of an artists’ album. Get to a poi… encourage you to listen to albums in track order. Most music producers will have them arranged in such a way to t…❤️Asami Sato❤️ 🌊The Legend of Korra🌊 Closet cosplay of the lovely Asami. I made the edits on PicsArt. Thanks to an…
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 ⚔️Omg cool, you can talk to the chicken! Lemme screenshot that for Twitter and WHOOPS I HIT THE WRONG BUTTON #PS4share OPENED AN INVESTIGATION FOR THE DEATH OF BREONNA TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 ⚔️Ah yes, an absolute angel
@ssweet_steph I love the Fat Cat! @TarmoKat Oh ABSOLUTELY
Ah shit- all the NieR info is from a leaked data mine. Forget I said anything :( Changing my pfp brads are my favorite secret weapon. They’re great for faux buttons or studs! @MaoCatCosplay Left! @slaahv Mine do! My eyes get really irritated- especially with mascara or non-liquid eyeliner.
@meliascia I remember Dvorak’s New World Symphony and Night on Bald Mountain being a part of this soundtrack. It’s…
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@faeriefountain May I present:
Here have my drawing of both water and fire siblings! I really love their dynamics 🔥🌊 #Avatarthelegendofaang
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 ⚔️ @dudworks There is also a person in Italy who has eyelash like ones in their gums @JahaalOnTwitch WHOA WUT!!!Me: ugh I need to concentrate My brain: hey remember when they’d discovered that person with hair growing in their mouth
If the link is expired, just DM me!I have a Discord channel of helpful cosplay tips! Come join us! It’s a good place to bounce ideas! I’m not the only one who has aged @_alisienna You’re too dang nice! Thank u uwuI was incredibly optimistic in 2015, because it’s when I graduated college. LMAO boy howdy did shit happenOh no, I haven’t taken a selfie in months 😂📷 @WowWowAmanda slaying again with my new Kairi photos! This shoot was so much fun! wig is an @ArdaWigs costume is…
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 ⚔️I faceswapped myself using Doublicat... lord have mercy 😂
Latest top post on r/unemployment. Found this one particularly interesting
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 ⚔️If I ever die from COVID, please know that my dying wish is that my corpse be catapulted at high speed directly int…
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 ⚔️Back then, I felt that my life served no purpose and that I was nothing more than a burden. In truth, I was begging…
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 ⚔️ @bobcatarts I used @WorblaNA! I’m pretty sure it was an ass ton of Mod Podge and black gesso. I didn’t sand back then!Completely overhauled my cosplay room and while I was cleaning, I found Sumia! I have learned a lot since making he…
@MadsterPhoto I MISS YOU @bashfu1bunny People are just rude, man! Also your cosplays amazing!!!! @lilsoybeanbaby It’s my time to shine need to start a thread of big noses pls join!!!!!!!! Trying to love myself, starting with what I have always stru…
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gun violence coronavirus 🤝 "nothing can be done to prevent it," according to republica…
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 ⚔️ @Tyranicus Coco nono!Computer, end program “Living in the year 2020”
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 ⚔️Can anyone tell me how to pattern this cuff thingy? #cosplayhelp #Cosplay #cosplayarmor #evafoam
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 ⚔️NieR Geatalt DLC really is proto-Automata environments, huh
The amount of people that walk up to a drive thru window amaze mei tried to explain drakenier to a friend through discord...
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 ⚔️Have a great day today. And also wear your masks, wash your hands, and black lives matter. ☀️
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 ⚔️I'm seeing so many talented cosplayers under 1k and I'm like how are y'all so slept on?? After this hashtag runs…
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 ⚔️Ah man fuck these guys. @JinDjinnsStudio This sounds like my kind of luck 😂I beat Nier again last night and this is all I could think about very short comic about burning out
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Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 ⚔️Me at the zoo: Look at that big boi A lil’ chompkins! He angy PEETS Mega chonkerI'm a #cosplayersunder500 and #CosplayersUnder1k ! I make my costumes (sew, props, wigs), and I love seeing other p…
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 ⚔️Just beat NieR again, Emil gets me EVERY TIME. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve beat that dumb game. @LunarLynArt I didn’t have the funds or space for cosplay until after college! I think I was 24!
※cosplay . [ NieR RepliCant ]  砂の神殿 . . #gelus_cos #ニーア_コスプレ
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 ⚔️Rei postinnn time #reiayanami #neongenesisevangelion
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 ⚔️Still thinking about how on the Nier Nightmare album, there is 8-bit song is called The Legend of NieR 😍
I think this is the only picture of my completed Popola cosplay! I can’t believe this was 3 years ago 😭 @JediManda When I was scrolling, I thought this was you! You’re gonna KILL IT!
@adelaidorzana This is absolutely my aesthetic! 😍🔪 DrakenNier Pass The Brush Challenge 🔪 I'm so happy to do this group with 25 lovely Yoko Taro cosplayers to show…
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 ⚔️Ugly plastic shelf + wanting a backdrop = a primitive version of those shelving curtains you remember from elementa…
I bet that one TNG episode where Counselor Troi turns into a cake is hella relevant rnBunch of cuties. All three of em. #NieRReincarnation
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 ⚔️ @adelaidorzana Yessss! This will sound weird, I started speaking my inner most thoughts out loud when no one was a…’ve been a phoenix these past few months, and I’m proud of myself. I’m remembering that boldness that I had in pre… self-confidence was dangerously low and I was afraid that any inch of positivity I gave myself would give me a h… was accused of virtue signaling the other day and I’ve been thinking about it nonstop. IRL my life in general has…
@bobcatarts Ah damn, that is so much betterCut my life into pieces And see that I’m a cakeKaine カイネ #nier
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 ⚔️※cosplay . [ NieR RepliCant ]  A story  penned in blood… . . #gelus_cos #ニーア_コスプレ
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My friends trying Me taking my to communicate 5th nap of the With me…
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 ⚔️ @iRockFakeShoes @warmhoneydbosom blessed be thy nameYonah having lunch with her papa #NieRGestalt
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 ⚔️it just hits different
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 ⚔️ @EnterpriseCPU It removes the seasoning!I’d throw hands if a stranger touched my strangers stuff
Retweeted by Brittany Brown 🌟 ⚔️ @BenjaminAhr My kitty babies! @_alisienna @adelaidorzana I love you both! @Aras_Sivad Wishing there was an edit button because I’ve also heard good things about RockStarWigs and GothicLolita @Aras_Sivad Wig is Fashion! Lush Wigs! And of course Arda!
@EarlCrayTea You are SERVING LOOKS!NIER 😍😍😍 I love this art by @morechand