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@shaun_vids Supermarkets expect customers to buy food from them to donate to food banks. They could just donate the…
Retweeted by TylerConservative brain rot is reaching new levels of confusing what is this even supposed to mean FOR THE RICH ISN'T A THING YOU'RE DESCRIBING CAPITALISM
Retweeted by TylerAnti-politics in a nutshell: A rich asshole trying to convince poor people to abandon the only institution that c…
Retweeted by TylerA lot more depressing when the also have armed guards to protect it most terrifying words in the English language are: “I'm a billionaire and I'm here to help”
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In broad daylight and just no fucks given, you cannot reform this @robrousseau The virgin Steven Crowder vs the chad Fidel Castro
Retweeted by Tyler @urnosee @FriedgeHNIC Not what I expected but in yzerman we trust @FriedgeHNIC @urnosee walldstedt incoming @urnosee If it’s to get Hughes I would be fine if they give up a second to get it done but yzerman probably goes off the board anyways
Dune is gonna be the best movie of the year nobody can convince me otherwisesome liberals really need to develop a personality beyond hating conservatives
Retweeted by Tyler @DavisHandley15 I’d be hitting the block button quick on that one
pov: you’re an oligarch awaiting execution at the central park gulags
Retweeted by Tyler @miketgould They are gonna be unstoppable in a couple yearsbeing an adult is cringe + expensive
Retweeted by Tyler @itsWoodrow is no ethical consumption under capitalism @ActualCorn @LucasIsBadBurn Gn everyone @miketgould They are really making this the least fun possible @garfshots Tons of side deals to still be announced I’m sure that played into it @GabrielMasi_ No way the ppc actually pick up a seat though right?Watching Hasan and H3H3 finally call out the gambling meta is unbelievably satisfying. All the posturing over wome…
Retweeted by TylerIf you make fun of someone for being in a lower socioeconomic standing than you are just absolute scum, nothing more pathetic than that
@bubzylive @cooldudettv Ok and regardless of how you got there you are now trying to shit on those who aren’t and that is beyond fucked up @bubzylive @cooldudettv Don’t need to know the whole situation and you can say “we don’t know all of it” all you wa… @CBearFN_ @bubzylive @cooldudettv You did 💀 @cooldudettv @bubzylive Regardless of age that’s fucked up to try and make light of @lolkiru As long as there isn’t an unhealthy power dynamic I don’t think so personallyThis is the capital defenders attacking those without capital. Our system is built on the oppression of free people…
Retweeted by TylerA reminder that JK Rowling has transphobia trending because she had some anon Twitter threats. Meanwhile transphob…
Retweeted by TylerCould end homelessness within a year by building 500k affordable housing units across the country but instead we ar… got vaccinated she’s gay now i don’t make the rules
Retweeted by TylerDoes anyone actually care about these billionaires going to space? I feel like it’s almost entirely media driven excitementThis wannabe space cowboy has precarious Amazon workers under constant surveillance, for low pay, and terrible work…
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2021 what stage of capitalism this is but it has reached new heights
Retweeted by TylerEid Mubarak 🌙
Retweeted by Tylerwhen ben shapiro said innocent civilians deserve to die and muslims enjoy living in open sewage and dehumanized and…
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“happy monday” is an oxymoron
Retweeted by Tylerthings you love to see 🏳️‍🌈 tremendous bravery that will probably change so many young lgbt players lives up emotionally terrorizing myself with sad shows and now I can’t sleep :( @BennyTheAsian I’m only halfway through and it’s got me in the feels a few times it’s worth it though @BennyTheAsian I just started watching young royals they seem to be doing a good job at that so far @GabrielMasi_ 60 seats incoming
taking ben shapiros “just move” take to an insane level Frito-Lay workers on strike in Kansas are enduring horrifying working conditions: 12-hour days, 7 days a week.…
Retweeted by TylerFor anyone still confused which side the cops are on they spent the whole day brutalizing pro lgbt counter proteste… @spookyaddison Yeah of course, they are absolutely going to leave us all here to starve and suffocate when the time comes
"Not left nor right" = Too scared to admit to being right-wing
Retweeted by Tyler @cooldudettv ❤️Wow the Cuban government is treating protesters so terribly we really need foreign intervention wait….. past week has really shown off how willing anti communists are to blatantly make up lies about communism to prove their point
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good morning
Retweeted by Tyler @GabrielMasi_ Wait so your telling me jason kenney isn’t a socialist I’m shockedGoodnight everyone @Ass_Redux @VaushV @shoe0nhead @jdcmedlock @HunterAA6 @merrickdevillex @hasanthehun @DenimsTV @TheOmniLiberal @4ykou @ppandafn It works trust me @leftyhimbro based kid @4ykou Rinse your mouth with saltwater that might help a bit
@evan_soy During the peak of covid having my hours cut in half would have been such a mental health relief if it wa… fact it’s just an expectation to have to deal with smoke from wildfires for a week each year here now is so depressing to think about @4ykou So confidently wrong how this doesn’t make it onto the news, but a congressman talking about bombing campaigns does know which Biden would have legalized weed, America you fucked up @ianloltv Don’t test this theory @fembojj When it’s not $500 a visit I will consider going more oftenEveryone wanting him to die has the wrong idea, I want him to live but have hiccups forever but if you have a net worth of 75 million dollars i do not care about you being depressed
Retweeted by Tylersoda isnt even unhealthy for u thats just propaganda made up by big water
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The U.S to Afghanistan
Retweeted by Tyler @Enterval1k They have perfectly set this up for him to be the thanos of phase 4After years of studying it, I believe that cryptocurrency is an inherently right-wing, hyper-capitalistic technolog…
Retweeted by TylerMatt gaetz being able to co-opt the free britney movement and turn this into his own public branding project, meanw… community is fast
Retweeted by TylerSatisfied with the Loki finale they opened up so many possibilities, now just patiently waiting for Spider-Man and a Blade teaser @BennyTheAsian Somehow they forget men also have built in cheat codes with beards and surprisingly enough can also… @TSM_Slappie Rob zombie has a very interesting mind
@fembojj Half the harry potter fans never read the books though let’s be realIt’s so funny watching out of touch boomer liberals get mad at how good @theJagmeetSingh is at youth engagement, pl… @iiKlemm I’ve seen people do it just need to be careful with some peoples profiles I imagine2nd dose finally done ✅really hoping the side effects from this one aren’t nearly as bad as the first
If you stand with the Cuban people lift the embargo @TSM_Slappie Need to complete the prequel trilogyStarving a country for decades with embargoes doesn't sound any better when you lie about it in Spanish
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@JoshuaRush None of them are ever getting close enough to a woman to ask that questionToday we are all Italian
Retweeted by Tylerlet's here him out..
Retweeted by Tyler200k+ people experience homelessness in Canada each year despite there being 5 vacant homes for every homeless pers… gaye was right what the fuck is going on
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Based kid everyone