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chelsea @hyp_e guam to sadfrancisco (she/her)

i be going ham shawty upgrade from baloney (corporate slave @discord + i care a lot about music @syncup_world)

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@muffinsAKA @hothpuppetfan spiraling @muffinsAKA read the first 3 words and it scared me @_Qrion_ that's when iknew u were true artist :) true artist meltdownimagine moving to a country barely knowing english at the age of 20, becoming a viral vine meme, trying to navigate… to my baby for making Forbes Japan's 30 under 30s!!!!!!!! 4 years ago we were fighting/crying at a Dennys… @_Qrion_ @forbesjapan YAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! YAYAYYAYAYA!!!!!!!!Featuring collaborations from @caminodisco & @ivy_hollivana, I am proud to present 'Funny Looking Dog'. My best alb…
Retweeted by chelsea @imraycheljay it was soooooooooo godly @noahreservation it took this long???? @areyouokAnni CUTE
Retweeted by chelsea @tokimandee babyyyyyy @ndrwwwww my boyfriend and wife @tapeworms oh.... cute... they should definietly kiss instea d @tapeworms don’t know what this means but imma like it
@ryanhemsworth OPEN UP THE PIT OPEN UP THE PIT @ryanhemsworth ryanpack vol 3 is the soundtrack of my life atm v excited @ryanhemsworth 🥳🥳🥳 @hikeii responsible and sexy !!!! @hikeii how much money have u spent on this game giokoreantown can be like what the Vatican is to Italy... imagine me as head of state with a pontifical hat @kebeansprouts oh baby he's cancelled @hothpuppetfan jenn email posting againwant to be the president of Koreatown Los Anegeles please vote for me @kebeansprouts u r good and descriptive son @chordslayermaxo @CorySchmitz GOOO @chordslayermaxo do they have any in the east coast?! @ULTRASLUT i had this stupid idiot guy yesterday too @CorySchmitz acidity cooked seafood like ceviche and gejang are my weaknessthe orange parts are eggs and crab eggs tastes so similar to uni interestinglymy all-time fav corean food is gejang (raw soy sauce marinated 🦀) @ZellFae they’re friends which is why it hurts more
The New Yorker is the funniest place this could’ve happened
Retweeted by chelsea @rejaniced hand checks on zoom is a must moving forward @rejaniced this is terrifying to think about!!!!!! @Bandcamp @SquaddaB 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 @itmeillusive oh @itmeillusive Yes @itmeillusive norman reedus is the only good white male actor @sweetiealert 10 aegyo techniques that'll make oppa fall in lovestaying with my korean friends from guam is such a trip . my brain chemicals are changing !!!!my thoughts are now in korean ... anyeonghaseeyo @mczub that guy wishes he was korean so bad.yes I'm woke... i woke up this morning and bought 2 black coffees from a small business in the heart of ktown. one… @itmeillusive shut up @sundubugirl can’t fucking wait can’t fucking wait @muffinsAKA i love emotional dance music @hothpuppetfan <3333333 kiss @chazzzy420 @daniel__designs omg what show is this
starting a fake onlyfans to see if my crush will subscribe
Retweeted by chelseainsane how there’s really no difference between koreatown LA and being in korea........ @Whybray cutieshoping to reach self-actualization today... crossing my fingers really hard
@wildarms_xo Insane @chazzzy420 Chicago’s next ! @brb_irl 💞showing my best friend who blackpink is :) @q_woru no!!!! hahahahaving a really stupid good time in this stupid city of los angeles being absolutely stupid (but safe please don’t…
@Purpzie love this character development !!! 💞 @_Qrion_ @DugongJr 🥳🥳🥳showing my best friend who arca is :) @Purpzie good proud of u @Purpzie u r the leaker!!!! @chordslayermaxo anamanagnocchi @ryanhemsworth this is your dream?? this is your dream!!! @E5CHA -___- @superhomy @giraffage im LAUGHING @seimei1992 luxury ass @ax___rm :( baby
@areyouokAnni 4:20pm i go stupid modefuck i accidentally ordered a bottle of wine in SF instead of LA if anyone wants it feel free to pick it up lol @2DHIME love to fall in love with servers and baristas especially @udderlydelight omg love the last photo @JRossTreacher right next to the CRM ads :) @chazzzy420 ok ill follow up next week @SFBeanTown @jaytronzero @MalloryLoar @areyouokAnni @arcchael issa joke andres!!! @ErosResmini blurple tesla!!!i heard a viagra ad on the radio!!!! i never hear viagra ads on the radio in sf!!!i change my mind. LA is nice. i’m sorry.
love it when my boss subtweets her boss during a meeting we're all in
Retweeted by chelseawhy won’t my boss let me giveaway a tesla!!!!!!!!! why!!!!!!!!!!!! @boyprison i love when u subtweet gives me dopamineclank.... clank!!!!!there’s nothing sexier than hearing ice melt @2DHIME u.... aren’t.... HEREGirls are way too hot dude. Very dumb. Not a good system. I have other things to do like game or be stressed!!! Go…
Retweeted by chelsea @GRRLmusic this what ur kick drums feel like to me @SolarionFX SOLARIAN POG @hun____ter don’t wash them like i did
@bbbiippp :) hot girls love light mode and i love what hot girls@love !!! @C4RT3R_36 hot girls use light mode @muffinsAKA sponsored by cbd water @Whybray miss ya simon!!! @boxrZhu oh...... OH !!!!!! yes @acciojackie TY BB!! @skylar__spence @Ameobea10 poggers and poppers are only 1 letter apartdid my first company-wife presentation today (ever in my life??) and blacked out immediately after but feeling a lo…