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Thank you so much for joining me for the HyperX Twitter Takeover! I will see you guys tomorrow at 8PM EST over on… @kuhreenAHHH Yes, I asked Sebastian -CJ @JediOso Being partnered with HyperX. Also becoming a Twitch partner in a time where the requirements were so vague… @NightScreamTV Always stay true to yourself bro. Never think there’s something you can’t learn. I was raised to be… @LookAtLeeAnn @TwitchSensei I climb to the top of Mt Everest and do several backflips. I make snow angels then I do… @MmmKhayyy When you are around inspirations like @N3kutheprod & @allthingsreezy they really get the creative juices… @modlin_tac Strictly coming up on Nintendo, I’ve missed a lot of classic games! So I’d have to say Ratchet & Clank.… @UncleTelevision You can definitely balance the two! 2 hours is a bitttt short, I feel like the sweet spot is 3 hou… @KaitLytt I like to keep my content separated and make each platform feel exclusive. I probably think way to deeply… @KaitLytt 100% meeting new people that share the same interests, & being introduced to new ones -CJ @1blackbirrrd I really don’t have too much experience of knowledge in VR, but I personally haven’t seen anything th… @Mr_Matrx You should care about your body bro. I just took a two week break and I feel better than ever. You can ge… @Mr_Matrx There seems to be this agenda of never sleeping apparently means you’re grinding lol. I believe that gett… @__SimpleChica @TwitchSensei Then something in me flips and I say to myself, “trust the process” Believing in you… @__SimpleChica @TwitchSensei Honestly the Dojo is what keeps me going. There have been times where you feel isolate… @2FLSColours You may not be for everyone, and that’s ok! Focusing on the ones that want to see me win and we can he… @2FLSColours Feeling stagnant is a common thing. When it comes to negativity, I try my very best not to focus on th… @PropersPlace Because of my schedule being so busy lately, it’s been hard to keep up with anime as I’d like to. But… @LeftHanddBandit Ketsugo style! Was the youngest black belt in my Dojo’s history at the time. Delgato Karate Sports. -CJ @Hardhitta71194 To be honest I don’t think I have an absolute favorite game ever to stream. I’m such a variety guy… @allthingsreezy Martial arts for me was a time where it calmed me, and created self discipline. If I’d ever go back… @TheRealChris1ne I would 100% love to do Voice Acting. Whenever I stop being so scared to do it, I’ll make that leap! -CJ @Drunkn_Buddha This may feel like a cliche answer, but it’s legit whenever you get that feeling in your gut that it… @Dr_Phoenix42 D R A G O N B A L L Z -CJ @JockyRhonson As someone that started on a MacBook in 2014 (barely any OBS support) I’d say continue to play the ga… @LastBLKSpartan My first game was Street Fighter 2 on Super Nintendo! I couldn’t stop doing Ryu’s uppercut as a kid… @CinderSlash Well CLEARLY a Magikarp Cinder! Haha but I’d say a Suicune, it’s my favorite Pokemon of all time! It’s so beautiful 🤩 -CJ @AyooPeejayy As someone who is very introverted it is hard for me at times to come out of my shell and just be me.… @ThatBlackBeta I realized a spike in success once I started to solidify my branding. Creating the Dojo and using th… it’s time for some fun! Let’s talk content creation and video games! Feel free to ask me any questions about ti… is always about how you raise up from it all and continue chasing your dreams of comfort. Being able to connect… brings many highs and lows, it is like a roller coaster ride. Some days it feels like people believe in y… 2014 I was introduced to a platform called Twitch and I have been on it since! It was Twitch that helped me lear… my way up from Super Nintendo and haven't missed a Nintendo console since. From Super Mario World to Sonic,… everyone! My name is SenseiCJ and I am from the Bronx, NY. I started gaming at an early age of 5, and I haven't… UP | Meet @TwitchSensei, a rising streamer from our Partner Program 📣 CJ will be taking over the Twitter T… ready to immerse yourself with the sounds of slayin' some zombies and vampires. >> @JDARR4 NGENUITY should update the firmware automatically. Please send a DM and we will assist you. @Jntpokecraft12 👍 @ItsMaybear Awww 🥺 😍 @ateyo_ @GirlsMakeGames what we need. thank you! 💖 @Imamethystt @momathyst @rockmom85 SO WHOLESOME 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️
@TwitchSensei you gotta wear those on friday lolThe coolest thing about working with @HyperX is that I’ve been rocking with them for YEARS. Here is a photo of me w…
Retweeted by HyperX @Blizzard_GTO Definitely extremely poggers 😳 @Bruins1924 Love a wholesome streamer and a just as wholesome audience 👏 respect! @YellowTurtleee Super wholesome, love this! ☺️Honestly can’t wait for you to get to know the hilarious & inspirational @TwitchSensei from our Partner Program 💖… @zaynandwar Love it! @streetgrind_ When our partner application opens next month make sure to apply!Who's your go to streamer when you're having a bad day 📺?Welcome to the #VCT! We're proud to announce @HyperX is joining the VALORANT Champions Tour as the official Keyboar…
Retweeted by HyperX @xmurdermittenx Welcome to the HyperX family 🤗 💯 Keep us in touch for anything! 🎧 @JDARR4 The deviation has been reduced drastically with firmware . Please ensure your product is up to date… @dragcnking Hi dragcnking, The only difference is that the QuadCast S has RGB, a USB-C port on the back (instead of… @xmurdermittenx Let's goo 🎧 👾 @YoloWasTaken_ Hi, No, the HyperX Quadcast is a plug n play microphone. Your HyperX team. @BustyRusty_ HI, in order to assist you better we have sent you a DM 😎 @TweetsPatrik We will need further information such as your make and model of your platform, the exact part number… @Moustiboy Bonjour, Nous subissons actuellement un volume très élevé d'e-mails et travaillons à chaque demande dès… @specwastaken
We've been playing Minecraft for almost 10 years 😱! Here's some of our favorite mods to get you started on another… @PierceParadise Very clean - looking good!! 😉 ❤️ @ttvbrucewrld Good choice, that is! 😏 💚 @LuwNah So wholesome, love this for y'all! 🥺 @ToastyyTM Can't go wrong with red 😎It's time for you, young Jedi, to choose your Kyber crystal. What color do you choose to power your lightsaber ✨… @MissNytrex Great, thank you! 🙂 Please check your DM 👾 🚀 @Bossmangtv yo📣✨ highlight streamers who deserve the spotlight ✨📣 We're welcoming the Dojo as @TwitchSensei takes over our Comi…
Retweeted by HyperX @EliRive96768237 Hanzo is here to give you good luck on your next comp game 🎯 @TheEpcGilgamesh Jett wasn't ready for the smoke 😤 @PhattBros we just wow- also 😂👌 @PanduhDon @TwitchSensei
@Brandinhooo Who cut the onions :') 💗 @dignitas @Cloud9 @TeamLiquidLoL don't mind us, just enjoyin the show 👀 @GeorgeParamore Hey, what happened to your headset? Which model do you have?📣✨ highlight streamers who deserve the spotlight ✨📣 We're welcoming the Dojo as @TwitchSensei takes over our Comi… @xZinthy @SteelSeries @Razer @ElfNendes Send us a direct message! Let's see what we can do. 🙂What's the craziest flick shot you've done in a game 🎯? >> @chris_money_84 It was passed on for consideration, any announcements will be posted on our site. You can check bac… @SeanGately11 Hi Sean, could you please send us a DM ? Thank you. Your HyperX Team @MissNytrex DM us we will take care of you. @green_but_green Great, if you have any other questions please send us a DM 🙂 🚀 @TweetsPatrik Hi There 👋 , The HyperX NGENUITY (beta) software is still a Beta version, please keep an eye on the M… @G0REHarHar Hi there, To assist you, we will need further information such as your make and model of your platform,… @green_but_green Hi! Could you please send us a DM so we can assist you further? 🙂 @Nampuki Oh that's great! 😍 We wish you more of this great friendship ✨ @G0REHarHar Hey there ! 👋 We are sorry to learn that the software is not detecting your RAM. Are you currently cont… @Drinkingcola86
@LunarisRL @herculysee Cold, unfortunately @herculysee Dang those are a want to try wireless? Cloud ii wireless, we might have something specia…
@herculysee Just tell us what ya need.What's the longest internet friendship you've had? 🥰 @green_but_green @BuggsOnDrugs DM us and our support team will help you first thing Monday morning @SkyeKing_TV Hit us up in the DM and our support team will help you out first thing Monday morning. Our products have 2 year warranties @zomBartekTwitch @Tuont0 THRIVE!! @FranchiseGFX