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You can just HEAR the wrapper tear - so satisfying 😭 >> @spenbadd18 This headset is not compatible with Xbox Hardware. However, the CloudX Flight is compatible. @Voodoo_Grin 🤤 😍 @RealRawRealness Hi there, when you click on it further you'll see that it is being sold by a third-party vendor an… @cores_gaming We recommend our Cloud Revolver Pro! It comes with our 7.1 HyperX USB sound card, next-gen drivers fo… @cores_gaming What gaming platform are you on and what's your budget? Wired or wireless? 🤔 @EtienneIsmael We're always interested to release it in different regions. Try checking your local vendors here for… @ChetGrey We'll be looking into different possibilities in future updates. 🙂 @ShoryuThwip Send us a DM. Let's chat, Nick! 😀
@RealRawRealness It's a very popular item and is currently out of stock with no ETA at the moment. We do encourage… @_nnerd We'll need some more details about your situation. Shoot us a DM. Let's chat there.Our #2020wrapped 👀 Drop yours! Go take a listen to our mix >> @CSGO OH WHAAAAAAAAAATTTTTT @saifagaijin Hey Seif! What version of Ngenuity are you running? @_pillb Hi there it looks like the thread had got torn somehow and the cable is clearly being pushed out. Send us a… @therohannigam It should work! If you want to be sure, please contact the manufacturer and check with them. 🙂 @ThatHatedGamer1 Hey, we'll send you a DM. Let's see what we can do to help!Would headsets be considered... earmuffs? 🤔 @VegaNovus ❤ @loneamorphous @rihanna @JColeNC whoops looks like you dropped this 👑 here you go p.s. nice headsets! shoot us a dm. @VegaNovus Our Product team is looking into a solution. @PancakeTho We're having difficulties responding to your DMs. 😅 Can you try sending us a private message on another… @hightowerDMC Yes! 👍 @sickamore007 Which headset models do you own? 🤔 Shoot us a DM. Let's chat! @awoahdexter Replied in the DM!
Snip snip ✂ >> @_nnerd Have you tried inserting the keyboard into a different USB port or disconnecting it and replugging it in?Ultimate players wya?! Apply for a chance to play and be on stream w/ @LiquidHbox ⬇ >> @DullRazor442 Find out if they have them in stock ➡️ @TheFenixxer That would depend on the environment. The Pulsefire Haste comes with switches that feature an anti-dus… @striderhien @finalfantasyvii YES @frankdriessen4 Find your local e-retailers in your region for availability 👉 on the train! It's to save Midgar 🚂 For a chance to win a HyperX Cloud Alpha S + 1st Class Edition of…
@HeroOnYT Oh, glad to hear it! Let us know if you have any other questions. @MrByrdman13 How long have you owned the headset for? Does it happen if you test it on other devices too? @izzyilyy @devourggs_ LOVELY setup! @Jelloo2426 we'll slide a note to our team for ya! @NoahPlaysGames2 Hi Noah, you will receive an email today about your replacement cable @AjatarDracarys what's the build you're hoping to make? @GhostIyYT that's an upgrade!! @Jelloo2426 pls dont yell at us 😭 @JustinCLee NICE @IwantbeKazuma we respect that! gotta finish your games you havent touched in your steam library yet @jamie9000000 Saving for that winter sale? 👀 @TamTu what games were they? @Manuel_JuP Hi Manuel, the Cloud Flight S headset is compatible with PS5 using the chat mix features. @HeroOnYT What happened to it? How long have you owned it for?Soo... How many games did you get this weekend? 👀 @babikale Send us a DM, let's see what we can do for you! @MrByrdman13 We don't have an eta when they will be coming back in stock. Did something happen to your original Cloud II USB box?A classic with 7.1 surround sound 🎵💖 >> @gladuvincent Hey Vince we just your message. We'll continue the interaction there, thank you. @BogeyPro Send us a DM with your case number. Let's chat there! 👍 @ImJohnnyGaming Nothing planned but anything could happen! :) @M89885026 Hey! The Cloud MIX Rose Gold headset was here for a limited time with limited stock, but some retailers may still have stock. @DRBrosco That sounds great, let us know if you have any questions! @Wook69660283 Hey there! How do they sound different on the PS5? @MCBTVe Hey, we can help you out with this! Sending DM to get some info from you.Name a task that ISN'T a game achievement, but SHOULD be. @ImJohnnyGaming The HyperX x Ducky keyboard already comes with built-in software for your customizable liking. 🙂 @speerx7 Exclusively through our web shop. @Airinandout Does it happen on other devices? Slide us a DM, let's talk.
@DRBrosco Hi Dennis! Check out our CloudX Flight headset. This wireless model is made specifically for the Xbox and… @GreathMoon Hey George! Is it the aux wire connected to the headset or the USB cable on the controller? @Emzia @YoFearr Sure, we'll send you a DM to get more info about it! @Case_Boyd31 Hey there if you are having issues with your modules, please visit our support page here and check our… Monday thooo 😲 >>
When you want to finish a game buuuttt this happens instead 😅
If you had a magic ticket to take you to any video game world, which would you visit?⊂_ヽ   \\ Λ_Λ    \( ˇωˇ)    / ⌒   / へ\   /  / \\ レ ノ   ヽ_つ   / / DANCIN' ON SOME BF DEALS  ( (ヽ  | |、 \  | 丿 \…
Retweeted by HyperXIf you were sent here, it's a sign to treat your friend to something nice 😉 Buy them a gift from here ➡… @Christi07729314 Hi Christian, feel free to send us a DM so we can have a look for you! @RenanTelesFox Hi Renan, sorry we missed your email! Feel free to send us a DM so we can personally assist you further⊂_ヽ   \\ Λ_Λ    \( ˇωˇ)    / ⌒   / へ\   /  / \\ レ ノ   ヽ_つ   / / DANCIN' ON SOME BF DEALS  ( (ヽ  | |、 \  | 丿 \…
Video games brought to life... by game-inspired food! 🍽 Check out our series Boss Bytes: @devourggs_ 😂😂😂😂 @IntelGaming @IntelGaming 😳❤️*cough* YouShouldAddTheseToYourWishList *cough* 🤭 >> @Voodoo_Grin Hi! Please send us a private message than we can help you with your issue! 🚀 @RayQueue What you are seeing and referring to as a "dark spot" are the microphone element components. Depending on… @ivanvelezaikido Hi, Please note the NGENUITY software is only available in Microsoft store. Please contact the Mi… @PeatedPete Hi Pete, in order to assist you better we sent you a Direct message 😎CLOUD II WIRELESS ☁️ >>
@Noverwolf Hi there if you are having issues with your headset, try our support page for tips. If you still need he… everything you’re doing and drop a gif of how you're feeling rn 👀 @RealziesCuts Great to hear and thank you for sharing!
@Giancaa_Z Matchmaking queue 😤Friendships are made in the queue ♥ @entsgg it's not planned at the moment, but never say no!It's most wonderful time of the year to upgrade your RAM to faster speeds 😉 >> @Ewok GM! @Teh_Umby Hi, in which country are you based? @LordNeon Hi, Unfortunately, we have no further information at the moment, if the HyperX Core RGB will be supporte… @Kolega_Kucu Hi Kucu, we are unable to send you a DM, can you please reply to us in private? ThanksCloud earbuds + mobile gaming = 💖 >>’m HYPE to announce I’m officially signed with @HyperX! I’ll be rockin’ with them, for all my gaming peripherals💥✨…