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Video Game Writer/Director at WayForward. Don't blame them for my silly opinions or my lack of sleep.

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Sure sex is great, but have you tried killing 2 Metal Slimes in the same battle? childhood games that still influence me: Ninja Gaiden Castlevania Simon’s Quest Legend of Zelda I may be a s…
For a lot of people, I think there's a hesitence to playing Yakuza not because there's so many, but because most Cr…
Retweeted by Tomm Hulett @JamesPopStar My plan to find you instead on Monday, when you are weak, is paying off. The pins will be mine!Hello, I’m a Game Director. You may know me from my greatest hits, including: “Of course it can get done on time”,… @JCDotface I’m playing Yakuza 0 now!
Which means I joined Atlus 19 years ago. Things that were 19 when Wii released: Contra, Double Dragon, Final Fantas… reference, this was the same month I joined Konami @SusanArendt Joe Dirt @KickBackStudios It’s a show on NetflixRealtalk, I picked up #yakuza because it takes place in the same location as the opening to #midnightdinerIf you're wondering if I've learned from my past mistakes: No I haven't. Sorry everyone
Retweeted by Tomm Hulett @darrenhupke For a time I was known as something of a Konami strumpet. @darrenhupke Is there another one?Rian Johnson’s Shadow of Destiny / Day of Walpurgis @johntv I agree. A Sanders/Warren ticket (weighted either way) is probably the good outcome
@fishwicksol It’s the second thing I told them when I came onboard (first: get PH tf outta here) @JayQuilson Step 1: find a character from the existing films that is so bland and unmemorable he could just stand in for Henry... SH Movie survey. I modified the unmentioned SH games into sequel plots. Which would you rather see? (First comment shows choices) @Michal_arokiS I could get behind Sawyer as MurphyI dunno probably a 3? If we are discussing Castlevania maybe 7. If we are quoting Simpsons or Metal Gear a 9 I’m curious how Downpour voters would cast MurphyDid you know the the Japanese government made a law that Yakuza games can only take place on weekends... in bio What will he learn
Retweeted by Tomm HulettFriday-night night cap to a crazy week! #Rogue #Xmen
Retweeted by Tomm Hulett @GayroZayppeli The problem with trying to do SH2 is PH has already been mis/overused. @Hikkino That’s the rumorHey SH fans, which sequel thread hinted at in Revelation would you want the new movie to follow?Exciting news gang; this week senpai noticed me. @Jim_Crikey Reminds me of a conversation I overheard. Mother and 2 kids, asks daughter what movie she wanted to wat…
@SusanArendt @mrsambarlow The two most popular games of the early 90’s? Nah pretty sure we are legionEveryone: I hope Castlevania Season 3 finally brings the more iconic monsters on board, like Medusa Heads, or Death…
Retweeted by Tomm HulettThread (1/16). How is that our economic statistics suggest workers have been making slow but steady progress in rec…
Retweeted by Tomm HulettLet's take a minute to appreciate that ALL these Yakuza games are now available on PS4 Yakuza Zero Yakuza Kiwami…
Retweeted by Tomm HulettKiryu watches a tough girl tear down a Yakuza and declares “that was rad.” I’ve never felt so seen and heard. Thank you @SEGA @wongJP ...for one last cross
(Unsurprisingly, @AvalancheJared and I agree on SH Revelation 3D) @silent_paranoia He is great. He got the character immediately so it was a short session, just listening to him nai… of a WF Director: Make Japanese style licensed games Make Japanese style games for American clients Make… player, Since it is a current hot topic again: no game has ever shipped without bugs - yes, that includes know…
Retweeted by Tomm HulettVitamin Connection is available today exclusively on Switch! Go solo or team up with a friend as you join Vita-Boy…
Retweeted by Tomm Hulett @ShaneWatch It’s so good* For a game of its style and vintage @AvalancheJared @CJMelendez_ If you want a sign of good faith, it’s the fact I engaged with you, and many others be… @AvalancheJared @CJMelendez_ I’m not on trial or answering for a crime, man. While I want players to enjoy my games… son had a late nap so I might be up all night. Upside: he goes long enough and I can catch the Animal Crossing Direct.Death Stranding sure took me a long time to platinum. I should take it easy... ah yes, I shall play DQXI and Yakuza 0 simultaneously.Kiryu is essentially Solid Snake, but with big Isabelle energy
2020 @AvalancheJared We can't even bond over this >_< "Obsessed with Alessa being evil, like all the Western SH's" Orig… @AvalancheJared I want to be buddies with Avalanche so I'm watching his SH Movie video. @nicolas_najm ...what’s with off-model Leo Gortex?Dear player, Game development is an art form full of compromise - for our own vision, for players, for working crea…
Retweeted by Tomm Hulett @bobservo Preorder swag is for closers. all I can think about is Gil trying to sell a disc doctorIt’s hard to tell exactly when Happy Days jumped the shark
Retweeted by Tomm Hulett @ClydeMandelin Old-timey speech is the worst thing about modern Dragon Quest translations. Really wish they'd knock it off.
Retweeted by Tomm Hulett @SusanArendt Why... it’s like she rejected you twice!I get it now. I'm all the way onboard. @AvalancheJared As for the rest of it there is not “proof” because that’s ludicrous. I’m a primary source. My word… @AvalancheJared If people hate the new casting and performances (which you do) that’s fine and they can blame me (w… @AvalancheJared I’m really not trying to addtothe smug ego-driven a-hole image your video suggested, but I’vebeen p… @AvalancheJared @LksRkson ...based on what? @AvalancheJared I mean you claim I was running the show. It seems like letting players view credits from the title… @DanaSchwartzzz Sing along if you know it ~Shut your white male angst Uncle Twitter~ @AvalancheJared You really should expand your sources beyond Twin Perfect and forum griping. Your presentation is g… an industry that includes David Cage, John Romero, Tomonobu Itagaki, and Hideki Kamiya, @AvalancheJared hails me… Sumpter's outfit in Act 2 of Sonic the Hedgehog is a Streets of Rage reference. Change my mind.
@spacecoyotl Ride the Cars ride. The one in the back. Do not leave without riding it. @Soupypupperr I think you’ve misunderstood the point of the exercise @eurothug4000 Whaaaat is happening @TheDarkenedRose Those are the two I localized. Designed the Wii controls too.10 Games (I worked on) to know me Contra 4 SH Shattered Memories Goosebumps Trauma Center UtK Steambot Chronicles… games to know me Ninja Gaiden Breath of the Wild Metal Gear Solid DK94 Super Castlevania IV Super Metroid Mega… @caloriesman I still get chills during the iconic scene where James holds up a Digiorno and declares “I don’t need you anymore!” @IvanDashSmith Yakuza comes pretty closeAs good a scene as any to remind folks I helped write dialogue... think I know this voice but I can't get to credits through the menu. #VitaminConnection #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by Tomm HulettToot toot Sonic ice cream
@ZefMex @AskWheels “What movie were you watching last night Tom? OJ really killed in the opening.”A reminder that Vitamin Connection, a @WayForward game from @JamesPopStar is coming exclusively to #NintendoSwitch @SpriteOddity HmmmmmmSo when the Sonic film ended, no fewer than 4 kids turned to their parents (separate groups) and said “that was the… when a person finds a city that feels like home they move there. Sometimes they can't, so they buy a video game rough Godzilla, side project I did on the road on #roughanimator app on iPad. I spent most of my time in transit…
Retweeted by Tomm Hulett @elektrotal He thinks his wife might be cheating and just wants a sympathetic ear. Girlfriend is PROJECTING son @nadiaoxford Yeah when people are like”hey you’re that Silent Hill guy” I smile and pray they aren’t going to stab meInteresting that 33% primarily use the AI, and 67% mainly avoid it. Wonder if Persona has different resultsI was pumped to see Kiryu in the SEGA logo before Sonic and I played Yakuza for the first time less than 24 hours ago.Hey Sonic fans, is that whole owl thing real? @Terpor Don’t like it @endshark @BannonRudis Pulp is worse than deathAlright @SEGA I’m here doing my part for @SonicMovie ‘s opening gross based solely on the fact y’all did the right… @spacecoyotl I traveled on a plane to Japan during earlier days of the corona era with that same cough. It’s great… drinks to know me 1. Water 2. Iced tea 3. Oolong tea 4. Barley tea 5. Gin in something
@BrieWoodFiction @heathercampbell “I liked Rage when they weren’t so radical...” ~The cost of my desire, sleep now… In the bubble economy of 1980’s Japan, money talks and there is plenty of conversation to go around. But a… @BrodyBr Cliff + BB is the big mood of special needs dadsIf Yakuza were a Netflix Japan show, which would it be? @intestinalrage But do I start with 0 or Kiwami!?!? @intestinalrage At my pace 92 hours is like 3 months of my life. What if I just do the core experience? Is that sti…