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@ETHEREALC4T @kaitoxkaito_ how?😭if only you knew how much i love you @TitanfallFemboy happy birthday :)) @nascaraIoesgf ??? @iDecypherr i have tweeted this before you're now stealing from me @rareue @iDecypherr sorry father number 2. @rareue @iDecypherr ????? @pocketcrums @stillvibingig because i know people with shit computers that can't stream to discord.. @pocketcrums @stillvibingig you forgot the p. i'm thinking graphics cards not 1080p bro. @kaitoxkaito_ @lxtow nah but he knows who it is LMFAO @femtrolling hi gm :p @cartieryear real @kaitoxkaito_ turkish @UserX1A @kaitoxkaito_ habibty🤗🤗♥️♥️🌹🌹 @kaitoxkaito_ i had an ex call me that and i called them "my love" but in their native language @bebeoctober NO I'M SORRY I DON'T MEAN IT WHEN I'M MEAN TO YOU LMFAO @iDecypherr they gone forever @TThots69 @iDecypherr decy better + counterneed some1 to nonstop text me everyday 🙁
Retweeted by Hyrax @xforbi @rareue @iDecypherr meow @iDecypherr OMGG @pocketcrums @stillvibingig either I'm fucking stupid or you wrote it wrong what are you on about @pocketcrums @stillvibingig i got a 3070 im chillinwomen are terrible peoplewho wants me?
@xLitening_ MEOW @WANNACRYJUUL need @ICARUSBUEAX MK11 @PF_Femboy REAL @TitanfallFemboy WHAT HOW LMFAO @notokayrosie W HOW DID YOU FIX IT? @notokayrosie bing bong @amiiress LMFAO @brainmushh im taking the bangers not tryna expose you dw🙏🙏 @cutestomenmain @1kotaaa this how you want. @theenbynextdoor watch this. @theenbynextdoor LMFAO @cutestomenmain @naj4ah I'll dm you a vid i got today😭 @cutestomenmain @naj4ah post a tutorial i need help too @amiiress why would you get banned? @amiiress show the full thing @amiiress there is no word in Korean for sus. so you just say sus but in a korean accent (my interpretation) @paricyte fuck 12 @ykcoolin easiest $125 @MoriNotFound @femtrolling i need a pink skin to fit in @VanicOCE i have enough to buy 2 but i refuse LMFAO @VanicOCE i don't even have them unlocked @amiiress @setinjune and a dude named Master Yi @amiiress @setinjune fair, ngl i was enjoying my time not getting merked by a dude who 2 taps you😹😹 @amiiress @setinjune fortnite at 4 AM dw @unluckylanza @uchihaanara @Bleach_plague @yeagerist010 @SlasheerrKing i don't even watch anime bruh dw i just want… have a new favorite meme. @unluckylanza @uchihaanara @Bleach_plague @yeagerist010 @SlasheerrKing @Corba__ @Corba__ ik i just saw the slide🥰 @Corba__ like the tweet btw it's a banger @Corba__ im learning it rn😭 @Corba__ why do you know that off the dome LMFAOsaw all her red flags but thought "damn, red looks good on her"😭😭🙏🙏 @ykcoolin they're so good but im so br0ke😭 @wndr1k @skyIaria @BCUZMAYBE wish i wasn't @ykcoolin nah i got all the colors and have them on top of my dresser in the rainb0w order @ykcoolin i crushed one this morning LMFAO i have the rainbow to0 @skyIaria @BCUZMAYBE @wndr1k to breathe @ykcoolin nothin much, chillin in class, just downed a cup of coffee, what you up t0? @ykcoolin y0I JUST FOUND OUT MY SWEATER GOT THUMB HOLES YOOOO @flept 1 and i give up and call it a day @amiiress i look homeless every day idc. comfort>looks @femtrolling smash @VanicOCE @CallofDuty better than me @menasubi she still buys us presents😭 @menasubi LMFAO IDK I FOUND IT FUNNYme: @paricyte they're onto you. @menasubi my mom says "y'all badasses don't deserve shit"😭 @menasubi nah you good @menasubi i do that when i got a s/o. rn my dms empty tho. @ziphopping wait i read it wrong. @ziphopping inv me in the discord @TitanfallFemboy MAN WHAT @TitanfallFemboy you got pronounce in your bio? 😡 @inluvwithmyexbf me lol
Retweeted by HyraxWorld Domination SOON.
Retweeted by Hyrax @TitanfallFemboy NOO I USED TO HAVE A MEME IT WAS LIKE "Jotaro waiting for Dio to put his green lipstick on" or yel… @DefenitelynotJ @mikuIuver AIRED @DefenitelynotJ @theenbynextdoor (me and juul)* @DefenitelynotJ @theenbynextdoor looks like my new bf 🤩🤩 @hiccstie A REAL ONE LIKE ME JUST DRINK THE WATER @FEMBOYPOSSE @iDeriive @cum_aim @copshotthekidT <333
@iDeriive @cum_aim @copshotthekidT @FEMBOYPOSSE @iDeriive @cum_aim @copshotthekidT @FEMBOYPOSSE I AM ONE WHAT DO I DO @furryt1me @WANNACRYJUUL it's just all so cute and adorable :)))liking and committing myself to a girl who doesn’t know or care >>>>>
Retweeted by Hyrax @_claypot "yo what's the link to the that- no scroll back up- yeah that one" @BCUZMAYBE @_claypot @bIoodguiIt ??