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New video! Black Ops Cold War but VIP is like ordering SnD from
@DaRealAipha don't feel bad. The tourney is pretty stupid if you think about it. Bad/inexperienced players have an… @MrBeastYT Hi @DaithiDeNogla Excited and happy for you both! Congrats on the potato 🥔 @CouRageJD down @NerosCinema Wanna play some VIP with me and a few buds?
@eli69110893 @TSM_Myth Cod isn’t a competitive game either. The pro circuit has to ban half the weapons, perks, ite… video! Among Us 5000 IQ Impostor body camping strategy... @douv_ma you have zero followers and still tweet. Cant think of too many things dumber than that! @TSM_Myth Which Among Us lobbies are more fun to play in? Ones where everyone is just there to have a good time and… @TSM_Myth @InnerslothDevs at the very least you shouldn't be able to see vents open in other rooms. @InnerslothDevs I know you guys are swamped and working on a lot of things, BUT In the next update I'd really like… @Class Alcohol and just overtime you get used to it @ChrisChauVaughn business callThis may seem stupid but dead ass I can be having the best day and all it takes is 1 bad hour of COD and being tras…'s the approach I take with YouTube. I keep it like 99% positive over there. Only about fun and good times. Jus… I said, I'm genuinely happy MOST of the time and I have a lot of amazing things to look forward to in the futu… get tweeted about complaining about games too much a lot. I get it. So lemme explain. Gaming is my life. I care… all these BR's and years of SnD, I can't find anything interesting about respawn modes in COD. I don't like… @MrBeastYT Killed it!
@GoodkidGet I win nearly every game shitter...still doesn't mean it's a good gamemode. It is fundamentally flawed f… video! Among Us but we hide from the impostors in random public lobbies... it started: how it's going: @VanossGaming
Retweeted by Tyler | Code WILDCAT @WiddasTy Those of us experienced with breaking our equipment always have back ups. Buy 2 of them bad boys lmao @ChandlerHallow @CouRageJD Thank you for this behind the scenes footage @NoahJ456 happy birthday fellow video game boomer!
New video! Among Us moments where I play 4 PERFECT Impostor games... @Marksman @fourzer0seven @Dy5function we have brains so we don't do thatIf you tweet me complaining that I’m complaining, you get blocked or muted. Just giving my opinion. Sorry you don’t… War Beta gets about a 6/10 for me. It’s nothing like a Black Ops game. It’s clunky, poop maps, and no characte… @itzzParadox I have a functioning cerebral cortex @Storm78063270 here, I'll make it so you can't see my tweets anymore. Imagine complaining about someone else compla… is the worst video game map every conceived by man.PFT and I just learned the basics of the game for 2 hours and are ready to roll for Among Us with @I_AM_WILDCAT & o…
Retweeted by Tyler | Code WILDCAT @fourzer0seven @BlargMyShnoople Matt I’ll save you some time. Respawn modes are garbage. They are put in the game f… @BlargMyShnoople We are hoppin on here in a minute. Playin VIP
Having some fun with Black Ops Cold War. VIP is not anywhere near as good as SnD but fun enough. My GOD these maps are horrid tho. @CouRageJD Time to read the replies video! Modern Warfare but we plant the bomb on a recon drone 🤣 @Kihorri You're one of the best people I've worked with in the entire gaming/youtube/art/graphics industry. You a… it started: How it's going:
Retweeted by Tyler | Code WILDCAT @BlargMyShnoople
Svennoss died 10 rounds in a row and I vowed to protect him no matter what this round. THIS IS WHAT TRUE FRIENDSHI…
Retweeted by Tyler | Code WILDCAT @dakotaz @Svenosss LmfaoGoing to start off the next generation of gaming when #AssassinsCreed Valhalla drops next month. Pre-order today:… #AssassinsCreed video! Assassin's Creed Valhalla moments that really pillage my village... @assassinscreed #ad
Thanks to @AFK_Arena for sponsoring my video last week!… Download the game to get either Z… video! Modern Warfare moments that are dumber than this thumbnail... patented a new SBMM system in April 2019 (6 months before the release of Modern Warfare). The new SBMM s…
Retweeted by Tyler | Code WILDCATAnyone available for a thumbnail for today? @Kihorri There's very few people as talented as you are with art. Ignore the peabrains."Among Us should add emotes like teabagging" Me, an intellectual: @I_AM_WILDCAT @DaithiDeNogla When Lance Armstrong gets voted off:
Retweeted by Tyler | Code WILDCATNeed one for Among Us
The first time I ever plug myself on Among Us (mainly to annoy people), I get in a game with @I_AM_WILDCAT
Retweeted by Tyler | Code WILDCAT @Shanaynay990yt video! Among Us but I caught an Impostor with a 2000 IQ trick... @BasicallyIDoWrk Yeah but we’re nuts at it though.Recording voice lines for our animation with 11 other people listening makes me nervous af.
Retweeted by Tyler | Code WILDCAT👏 I 👏 HIT 👏 THE 👏 BUTTON 👏 Fortnite in 2020 is depressing. @TimJDillon Lmaooo
@jcmaddox0111 @VanossGaming less than 20how it started: how it's going: @VanossGaming😡 @Lazarbeam the shirt and the videos! @I_AM_WILDCAT
Retweeted by Tyler | Code WILDCATcan i get some bbq? @I_AM_WILDCAT
Retweeted by Tyler | Code WILDCAT
#WorldMentalHealthDay Take care of the people you care about. Check in on them. Send nice messages randomly. Give… @blakeir @jacksondahl Going to the Fortnite World Cup last year was one of my favorite live ‘sporting’ events I’d e… commissioned by @I_AM_WILDCAT to do animation for them
Retweeted by Tyler | Code WILDCATNew video! WILDCAT ANIMATED - The magic of garbage shoots... (from Minecraft) @BigJigglyPanda my ass hurts just looking at thisOnly 90’s kids remember... @ZeroJb0912 Yeah it’s like SnD if SnD were a shitty mode sloppily slapped together in a short few months just for t… still haven’t touched the Black Ops beta. I want SnD.Should I post that animation today? 🤔I’m feelin kinda spicy today ngl 🌶
@Shapeshifter_14 it's confirmed to be in the game moronNew video! Among Us 3000 IQ impostor plays with Connor... disagree. There’s nothing “challenging” about sbmm. I can still do well and win most games if teammates are go… @TheBeardIsCool I agree ranked systems are cool! In ranked sbmm is not cool.I see so many people complaining about SBMM in Black Ops Cold War. I feel your pain. But like I have, you must a… @SiahMars this is exactly me @SoGrizzy Taskbar bitch @RealThunder402 Yes bc I’m on kbm
New video! Among Us but WILDCAT and Nogla are the most efficient Impostors EVER... @DougDeMuro sick miata doug! @Pineaqples Ur a hunk and your post this morning just made me go out for a 1.5M run and now gonna lift a bit. Keep killin it 👊🏼Guys if you want it to be colder in your house what do you do?
@DNPthree @yunggravy @bbnomula @CorinnaKopf @Banks @Heelmike @Svenosss @MrConRem @dakotaz @ItsAircool Nutty lobby @De4dSp4cE there are 100 million other youtube channels. Go watch them insteadI'm gonna be posting my first ever animation on my channel soon (few days)! Just a little clip from a previous vid…'s playin Among Us tonight and needs one?Mutuals who have played in a Warzone tournament before... Tell me some things you like, don't like, and wish were… video! Among Us but humongous... merch is dropping RIGHT NOW! My piggy's bringing that schmeat in the new BBQ tee 🔥 you don't know what it is, it makes the game more fun for you. in Modern Warfare makes me sad. You using code WILDCAT in the store makes me happy. Make me happy pls. #CODPartner @Fwiz Happy Birthday boss man! I appreciate all you do for myself and other creators!