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How I plan to walk out of lockdown, thicc thighs and all 😤
Retweeted by i-DThe class of 2020 is having a high school experience like no other🎓 How students are dealing with missing traditio… McQueen Creators initiative aims to encourage our artistic impulses during the coronavirus pandemic. and my flatmate after living in isolation together for a month that- Kate Moss' iconic leopard print coat? Yeah, it is the TV, music and books that @selenagomez suggests to get you through isolation. 💋 I pass my parents on the way to the living room that the- The Dior jumper? Yeah it is this week's 10 Things with the talkative and very talented @OliverMalcolm for @i_D. His new songs are sick; wha…
Retweeted by i-D20 photographers making the everyday absurd to follow on Insta in 2020. See more: fashion's post-pandemic future could be digital: is calling on you to stay indoors and flatten the curve. We can soften the blow of this pandemic, but only if…
Retweeted by i-DMeet the women centring their South Asian heritage through beauty: Di Prima's quarantine in photos. See the lockdown through London photographer Pablo Di Prima's scrapbook ext… hip-hop producer-turned-twisted musical anarchist is making songs for nobody but himself. all stunting on Tom Nook. list of reasons why gays love lists. portraits capture the gold-toothed essence of New York cool: back on an interview with The XX from 2010: Dodgson’s photographic love letter to Belize: 5 Central Saint Martins grads are ready to take over the fashion industry: glitzy tribute to empowered women that take charge: i-Conic beauty looks to try for your next Zoom meeting: iconic Kate Moss covers: original IT girl! Here are 7 of chloë sevigny's most iconic outfits: 100 tips will keep you sane and occupied during the pandemic.“If you can’t find a job then just create that job yourself, stop whining!”"Queerphobia is really powerful in Georgia, there's a generation brainwashed by Soviet propaganda." Comte is shaping the look of pop music 🎤 The photographer behind @DuaLipa and @carolineplz's album covers tel…
Retweeted by i-DVital insights into the world of fashion PR from some of the masterminds behind Margiela, Dries Van Noten and Telfa… passing and legacy has become an internet meme with surprising longevity.
*Turns microphone off* meeting looks to try this month, via our April 2003 issue. 👩‍💻⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ [The Individual Issue, No.230, April 2003]… strippers are setting the story straight. queer cooking collective hosts psychosexual dinner parties (with edible ball gags) films you should have on your radar. truly welcome, and timely, escape to nature. Don't miss these. the women of Liverpool and their hair rollers: a trip to uncanny valley with sci-fi artist Esmay Wagemans: Spears: Queen of communion and communism. apple teeth! 👌👀 Anderson: "I haven't seen any of the Resident Evil films. Not even the one I'm in!" Milla Jovovich's actress…’s a guide to avoiding loneliness and overexposure. am once again asking for you to stay indoors Comte is shaping the look of pop music 🎤 The photographer behind @DuaLipa and @carolineplz's album covers tel… iconic Kate Moss covers: Tony Hawk's protégé and first female on the cover of Thrasher magazine in over 20 years.'s just so pure! Don't @ us.
Retweeted by i-DChristina Newland celebrates female thirst on screen. Here, she picks her absolute horniest faves. like Club Quarantine and Queer Dance Party are providing a sense of community -- and hedonism -- during the…, depression, AI and life hacks: These 27 books will change your life during lockdown. one bites the dust. feature in @i_D today on photographer Hugo Comte and his collaborations with me & @DUALIPA 🗝️🪐…
Retweeted by i-DLast Saturday, I had a wild time at a queer club night... 😈 *everyone lifts their phone to grass on me to the poli…
Retweeted by i-DThe north London rapper breaks down the Stormzy-featuring track released to celebrate his 25th birthday. still slaps tbh. painter blending Gospel spirituality and Basquiat-esque portraiture: photographers making the everyday absurd to follow on Insta in 2020. See more: are the 4 most expensive sneakers in the world right now 👟 To cop or not to cop? deeply touching photos capture the messy transition from childhood to adolescence. photographer explores what it means to be an outsider in Morocco:"You put a bracelet on to accentuate your hands, so why don’t you the same with your back rolls?” Nigerian native offers us a glimpse into the city's emerging alternative scene.*breathing intensifies* in conversation @NaomiCampbell. That's it! That's the whole tweet: director Romano Pizzichini hopes to put their culture on the map. Nook is here for you in your time of need. Hugo's life in photos:‘Ellie and Abbie (and Ellie’s Dead Aunt)’ tackles queer history while giving its leads a love story to remember. after the flowers in her granny’s garden - @BluHydrangea_ captivated, shocked and delighted everyone who wat…’s talking shit and they aren’t happy about it!'s it’s like to be a teenager in Taipei today? We catch up with the young photographers, skaters and gymnasts… 19-year-old Londoner makes lo-fi emo-pop about betrayal, anxiety and falling in love with your best friend. beautiful compositions are an ode to the female body: are inherently chaotic—some much more than others. And since chaos is the currency of the times, I decided…
Retweeted by i-DSusan Fang’s surreal bubble accessories remind us that nature connects us all: the British workwear and militaria wholesaler that is a favourite of designers. movies are a sign of the times. TikTok have a bodyshaming problem? photos of New York’s iconic club kids: i’m gay again
Retweeted by i-DWednesday morning, let's get it! archive photography accounts to follow on Instagram in 2020: of @MariahCarey's most iconic outfits: our list of seven of the most impactful queer kisses in popular culture. inside the seemingly overnight transformation of 'New Bottega' decade, new nudes. the creative mind behind this viral hair art on Instagram:“I thought it would be good to do something outside my usual practice.” reflects on 'Friday', sexuality and self-sabotage.'t panic. K is nothing short of one of the greatest artistes of our time. is the representation of the female experience that we needed.’re never going to see Candyman wearing Airpods.'I Am Not Okay With This' will fill the void that Stranger Things left in your life.👀👀👀 Daisy Wang puts a modern twist on traditional Chinese garments in her Lunar New Year collection.