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Luana ⚡ @i_mthestorm looking for pillows

• dark queen of unknown realms • several kinds of crazy • she/her •

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@maxoupial @LJokerella Oh FINE @EthanOpia_ @LJokerella But what about the cold ones! @_abbyomal @LJokerella Tracy Chameleon has always been my fave @maxoupial @LJokerella My noodle arms refuse, but I'm doing a mental pushup in your honor @DR0XXIE @SamNonTheWiser I'm excited @jared_kelly742 @LJokerella @awkwardenabled @bigsharkguy @charbroil_chew @Daveastated @1ofthe7dwarves @LJokerella Two tweet @LJokerella Woop woop! @LJokerella One tweet @writeden Someone make this happen pls @bigsharkguy Sounds like what a shark would say @sherrysworld not me tho ♥️ @lyncro74 Fish can't win at everything @bigsharkguy Are you admitting you're a shark 👀 @bigsharkguy That's what a fish would say 👀There are plenty of fish in the sea, and they're silently judging you @alexsearcy @TimeyWimeyRiver @maxoupial *pats them* I don't know, they're so skinnyWe're planning a girl's night, so I've been giggling for practice @bigsharkguy I didn't even notice @bigsharkguy Be proud, otherwise it's... Well, embarrassing @bigsharkguy I hope they know you're a superfanMe waking up: Something isn’t right
Retweeted by Luana ⚡ @Llama5x Nooi @Llama5x No @writeden @mcwritestuff @writeden Okay I actually can't complain 🥺 @NaomiSeu Bennies and Benjamins to the rescue @TimeyWimeyRiver Either way, my mouth is hairless 😌 @StevenM08274667 Tasted... Great... @NaomiSeu This is my fave reply @writeden Jo don't melt me 🥺 @Invisichad Tyouuuuu! @maxoupial A cereal killer 👀 @alexsearcy 🤣🤣 I love this AND YOUR ONESIE @mcwritestuff I like my teeth hairlessStaying up late is great, til you try to brush your teeth with shaving cream @maxoupial Just, you know... Killed some things. Cereal mostly. @maxoupial "in skeleton, burning dumpster, and pestilent death patterns" @TimeyWimeyRiver @mattkjake Don't tell him, but I'm smuggling him in my suitcase 👀 @maxoupial Usually, except for that one time @jarenclee 🦕The circle of life 😌 DismeMbered story @maxoupial One minute of silence, in our funeral onesies 😔 @maxoupial No no, this is synthetic and 100% dinosaur free @TimeyWimeyRiver @mattkjake Yes, I'm leaving the country with my criminal network @writeden Get you someone who does too 😌 @charbroil_chew I'm a circle in a circle!
Them: You look stunning today Me: I'd been meaning to show off my dinosaur onesie @i_mthestorm [Luana posts scenic picture] "No one would find your body."
Retweeted by Luana ⚡ @mattkjake IT'S A SECRET no, okay, I'm in Brazil and going to da beaches to say goodbye to people 🙃 @sherrysworld And a little heart and/or middle finger 😌 @sherrysworld Burn his lawn @writeden I think you're a genius, and use your pretty face as distraction @jared_kelly742 @jared_kelly742 Perfect, you won't fight it @mcwritestuff 😌There's a zipline here, and I'd push you off while it's closed @maxoupial I'd never ask to talk on the phone 😱 @Spiricom3 @BeeeejEsq Oh no @goose_goosemer "He is a loving kind and very trusted one, you love him" @GotJbenny I'll catch em!! @maxoupial I'm not the scammer, I promise! @TommyRainmaker *snaps fingers*Scammers are always like "buy my bitcoin", "can I call you?", "please date my brother" @lyncro74 I'm just too nice 🥺
@writeden No u 🥺 @LostInMyWorld97 🥺💕if dog no want boop, why nose?
Retweeted by Luana ⚡ @mcwritestuff She has good tasteEmotionally yes, i'm always on my period
Retweeted by Luana ⚡ @sherrysworld I'll mail you some @LJokerella 💕Hiding that I burned again, like a noob @frankieplsrelax They really are 👀 @frankieplsrelax Some of these are not like the others @thatdumbassgay Okay fair @DoctorFacepalm 😳😳 @maxoupial I'm not even a lobster anymore 🥺 @charbroil_chew @adamgreattweet Truly @HoldingSucubus @maxoupial The secrets of the universe 👀 @maxoupial yes why would you doubt me 🥺 @KyleDoesHisBest Mission accomplished @KyleDoesHisBest I'm sorry, no one told me, OKAY 😭I'm sorry to all the tiny crabs I stepped on today. It was an accident.Me: STOP THE BLEATING! Vet: I don't think you get how this works @mikeholmesart Hope you're right @thatdumbassgay Don't let her fool you! @fckboyseatpizza @ScarletSoul66 @troubleinheels1 @EllaZee5 @WinningByARose @tennisonok @katbuble @PallaviGunalan @TimeyWimeyRiver Power move @writeden You're not wrongfor tax purposes I’ve decided to lose my mind this holiday season
Retweeted by Luana ⚡Establish dominance by eating your fast food real s l o w
Retweeted by Luana ⚡ @bigsharkguy Nick i can't stand not knowing @PKBohan @_abbyomal 🔥🔥 @Shallelujah2 @CoperniCour 🔥🔥 @Shallelujah2 Best of luck and much bleach 🤞