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I’m just here trying to keep my sanity.

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Don’t stop. Pop that cat. Work it bitch.
Retweeted by Party City Wilma Flinstone @CamboMik3y Bitch @CamboMik3y Ssnsbdndfdhbd saves for future use* @IvyKnowlesPark Wait“don’t talk to me”
Retweeted by Party City Wilma FlinstoneActually craving the same @THEgayAlexMack Doing well 💞 @THEgayAlexMack How are you @blakealexlind Literally what my mom would do, and yes she’s a Virgo tooGood Morning bitchesMe: i hate the remix Also me:
Retweeted by Party City Wilma Flinstone @KingZeus_❤️ y’all finally break up 😅
Retweeted by Party City Wilma Flinstone @Mikey_Sul Wait!!!!Chyle 😍😍👀 @Apollo_Noir You’d have a threesome in a week. PlsWear a mask. Wash your hands. Vote out Donald Trump.
Retweeted by Party City Wilma FlinstoneBitttttttchhhhhhhLemme watch #RHOP chyleThis BBC version of Do It is cute, I like itI’d love to be this beautiful one day chyle stan. Also those legs are strong af 😅 @kingkvstro happy birthday king!Hands
Everyone becomes deaf when Black moms start talking about wanting to get pictures
Retweeted by Party City Wilma Flinstone @yoncedreams She’s such a mom omg need all reporters and journalists here in the United States to have this much of a backbone when speaking with…
Retweeted by Party City Wilma Flinstone @DaedalusUnbnd @ryanmhoney @DadCelo So goodJust added Bulleit to my iced coffee, it’s giving Jack’d circa 2018 @ryanmhoney @DadCeloAdele x H.E.R.? I’m here for it3 it to Cleo to bring you bacccccccccckkkk😭❤️❤️❤️ 3 piece velvet set from 🛍
Retweeted by Party City Wilma Flinstone @highluronicacid 👀 @babyxbruiser The math doesn’t add upOmg someone’s time is one of the highest forms of disrespect .
Retweeted by Party City Wilma Flinstone @Chompy__ For years lmao @weekend3warrior It’s me 😂Please say sike course is EATING this era, I stan @ImStill2Sober Bye lolWhat the fuck is going on? @chiquitopapiii A vocalist @mvddm Those mags don’t care. The majority are run by cis white men who think the ideal gay is some twink white boy… @Chrissssssw A “bet” moment if I ever sawFeeling myself, my sleep schedule is fucked now :/Untz untz. My mood @justasvf :(( @kalonny Smart boyChyle
Retweeted by Party City Wilma Flinstone @flyboiharz Well it’s damn near 3 what’s going on here 👀Morning 😇 girls @ryanmhoney @nomitargaryen Late @serge_fils BetI’m late but Just gotta tone it. Plus my ass is better now than it was at super skinny @24RamblerX That’s not today, less definition but I could get close ish in a month or two with no drinkingGoal? Get back here with a bigger chest and arms bayyybe Chun-Li coming on @animmaimota Love when the queens battleBrazilian Funk at 2 am, but I’m not out :(((( @QueenE_97_ Purr @JerseyShade Bop!!!My sister slays @MeechiiMeech On repeat! @Stalweezus A whole manA SONG! One of my favorites from her this @JaidaRuss @Incognegro98 Now that I notice the feet I can’t stop laughing shhdhshdhdSame. When it’s not brown liquor wanna find a short bottom and a tall top as my new fuck buddies. It was inverted previously. Kind ofThe poppers? @capedcrusader21 Oh👋🏾
Retweeted by Party City Wilma FlinstoneI need this a min 👀😍 @RICOTAS0 Go to sleep! @RICOTAS0 Fraud @beyapeshit Oop you were serious. Another gay with a shit attitude. ShockerGod don’t like ugly. @kbsontherun Lil razzle dazzle @MilesDavisMoody My babe who’s not my babeLmaooo I hope he was joking cuz bitch it ain’t that serious @kbsontherun Get in!! @beyapeshit Yikes. I was just answering the question that I saw from a mutual commenting on it, from a public page listening to only girl right now @beyapeshit Very