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@mellinieee and it's only 12ish hours @mellinieee lmaoooo idk how your school does it. but most of the time they send you to hospitals an hour away and yes.. 5am @mellinieee wait until you have to drive an hour for clinicals at 5am. smile @kanatouu lol the clarification @vinsconcubine toe pics incoming W
me while you’re talking shit behind my back: @swagcon_val you’re my idolpretty much everyone who follows me back I STILL LOVE U
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@haeunnieee well this person in particular is incredibly insecure judging by the way he gets mad when his girlfrien… @gilbertwill15 its crazy how i haven't spoken to these dudes in what.. 6 months. and they're still going out of the… on stream, someone threatened to "post screenshots" that will expose me as a pedo.. i'm excited to see what… games @ahad my two go-to scents. neither have let me down @n0tandreaaa there’s no shot this is actually a thingSorry mom - I have to save the community 🦸‍♀️
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@bluiero @WARDELL416 and you wonder why we havent gone out to lunch… LMFAO jkjk @bluiero @WARDELL416 likewise @bluiero @WARDELL416 of me moaning in his ear? kinda weird @ysk1ng @ahad @vinsconcubine just a kbbq chain here @ysk1ng @ahad @vinsconcubine free alch all night if we go to gen @ysk1ng @ahad @vinsconcubine not like i'm from cali either @daphmommy ain’t this a whole ass mood @froggyve yeah can you stop being so gorgeous holy yve @destinyveraaa 👀 @sweetsaltysavge :T water and if you have anything peppermint/menthol that'll help too @vinsconcubine omg can we watch it @swagcon_val oh hey you were the chamber. you’re nuts broi dont even care if someone drew the game. i got to moan in @WARDELL416's ear so that's a W in my book @ayoMalikai pop rocks isn’t meant for just eating i’ll tell you that much rn @ayoMalikai i've offered some interesting things for one..Please stand up for the Filipino National Anthem 🇵🇭 Chat wanted me to sing for the raiders ❤️ so enjoy my scuffed…
Retweeted by SYNS trixi stopped hitting up a lot of people first and i realized how many dead plants i’ve been watering 👀
@vinsconcubine it’s not a matter of IF. it’s a matter of how muchwhy nobody tell me my ass crack be showin on stream sigh.......
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mommy? 🖤
Retweeted by SYNS trixGenderbent Phoenix Coloured on my phone so quality is poor #ValorantArt #Phoenix
Retweeted by SYNS trix @ysk1ng its funny someone said that to me and i got so nervous @sweetsaltysavge ok but he smelled nice. @vinsconcubine but i ain’t broke so wassup? @zurcfps please tell me you bought the singularity….. @Ctrl_ND i’m immortal and no ones in my DMs @urfavbait she’s a monster @urfavbait @urfavbait can’t my life be as easy as Mila’s… @Slastt ily brother. my deepest condolences to you and yours. lmk if there’s anything you need. @nattydatty_ @slushyval @RealUnwanted wow tftione of my biggest pet peeves is someone coming into my stream with the sole intention of telling me "_______ is on… morning! sleep schedule is fixed for the next 24 hours. then it's back to degenning for me @vinniehacker rawrrrr uwu xD @yv0nce damn lil sis is cute or whateva @itsPototo oops i think that makes me toxic too. welp @sweetsaltysavge @vinsconcubine nah bro you guys can’t be giving me shit anymore hell nah @vinsconcubine jesus
@vinniehacker hey wanna pla- @wavesssss_ who hurt you wavesy @cuhrisVAL @vinniehacker @vinsconcubine @zzoooeee_ @sweetsaltysavge im just trying to be a gi- @zzoooeee_ yes only women are allowed to mod hello? @snhuz @vinniehacker @vinsconcubine @zzoooeee_ @sweetsaltysavge nhu just drop it. i'm just weird okay? :T @vinsconcubine @vinniehacker @zzoooeee_ @sweetsaltysavge LMAOOO i guess being around women is weirdi think i have to resign from being a mod. people are calling me weird. @vinniehacker @vinsconcubine @zzoooeee_ @vinsconcubine L O Land make sure to tag all your bitch ass friends who put my name in their mouths more often than they put their dick in a womani honestly don’t think any one of these inbreds are worth proving myself to but when you start spreading rumors abo… i had a charity fundraiser last year for my bday and apparently i’m lying about our foundation being fake and i… @zzoooeee_ “i’m innocent”
@godlyaudrey the inner nerd in me is irked by that. body's as in possessive. not bodies as in plural @godlyaudrey body’s @vinsconcubine @ysk1ng neither has any woman i’ve been with @ysk1ng @vinsconcubine pics in my dm rn @vinsconcubine @ysk1ng wait no don’t pause. that’s how you choke 🤭 @ysk1ng @vinsconcubine i bet dayton can’t make me choke @denyfps putting my fingers in yours tf you mean wyd?i deleted cause i didn’t like it.. BUT YES I DID WRITE THE LYRICS
Retweeted by SYNS trix @n0tandreaaa i’m more interested in the fact that he’s trying to insult women and their “body’s” than i am in your ass. is that bad LOL @Bellexion i just wanna be good enough to duo with you :T
@hakaFPS as long as its haka approved im happy (Valorant Edit) this is the first edit i'm actually kinda proud of so any type of support is appreciated… @crisitoee @swagcon_val is my idol. i strive day in and day out to be a quarter of the man he is. Thanks for letting me borrow your Maybach @n0tandreaaa andrea............ @jaspermaju rawr xD @ImPrincessAlly cap its 11pm. u aint sleepin
@shatterVAL @Asunaa @Hiko we get it you’re good @itsPototo just wait until after this game. i'll show you what pain really isupdate: i've lost 6 games after placements @itsPototo so are the people who have to put others down to that they can feel better about themselves 👀fun gun. gj riot just what we needed played a game and had all 5 people on defense had an ares. i fucking hate this act.
@ahad nah lemme show you the real 3 finger combo nowicy wifey ❄️
Retweeted by SYNS trixrona—> food poisoning —> flu. who tf did i hurt bad enough to put a curse on meanyone wanna duo tomorrow at the beginning of the act? @IsaacNudetonVal ahh this is why ur trolling when we duo got it. @vinsconcubine @sweetsaltysavge oh wait you’re right sorry. POV: me looking up after vinnie pushes my head down whi… @sweetsaltysavge POV: vinny’s pushing my head down calling me a good boy @ImPrincessAlly wanna play? rawr uwu @n0tandreaaa yessss. i finally took a nap after 3 days 🥺 @haeunnieee i slept for 6 hours, yeth. hence, good morning 🤨