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@nfreduagyeman Hmmm. Posterity !!!! @nfreduagyeman My guy it makes no sense. Even adults are shutting down their workplaces but we think its ok for kids to be in school
@KojoNketsia It will take time but he seems to be on the right part. @Fentuo_ I hope now you see what he's doing? @BestAFCGoals Tim Shwrwood is terrible and its the only reason he gets these gigs. Comic relief @iamdjjayjay Jay paa. If the guy is vindictive he will evict you after every fight. Relocating costs after every fight will go up @AbeikuLytle I like Fraudimia. But his boss hushpuppi is still the greatest @benkoku @nathan_quao @eastsportsman if the DG of GHS wants to test only people with symptoms what happens to the a… @al_Bert_ @nfreduagyeman Please be reminded that this is backlog it not current @nfreduagyeman Hmmm. Its really baffling huh. How we allowed kids back in school, I still don't get.
@iamdjjayjay Lol. You dey reminisce?
@nii302 @nabrew Lol @francis_abban @NAkufoAddo @MBawumia @konkrumah Francis your post is ambiguous. At first read I thought an inner ci… @nabrew Ego sign. No worries, I talk to am @kokui_selormey May God answer our prayers @garyalsmith Lol. He gotten them playing better even with the players he has, that's all I'm saying. @garyalsmith Arteta has worked on the defence @ZutahDery @jessicacitifm Chale some of you err!!!smh
@Manisssse Its far better @villag_drunkard Chief please you are asking for too much wai. Let's take this like that.
@villag_drunkard @AbenaNyamekyeA Eii Abena too so u dey. LolIs this the Spurs team Tim Sherwood said is better than Arsenal? @villag_drunkard @nkquakyi If results are delaying because of lack of resources to run them shouldn't that tell yo… @villag_drunkard @nkquakyi Even these cases looks like ebi backlog @StevensJnr Happy birthday bro @blackstarsfan This is an event for the minister if communication
West Ham doing the Lord's work @nkquakyi Oh ok @Obiba_ Lol. He come shaa oo @nkquakyi But the pre-filling of the form is apparently for the aged. Heard it on the #CBS this morning @benkoku @KojoAB @daddys_girlT Aren't you asking for too much? @garyalsmith Correct player. Does the simple stuff. The Soares deal may come good cos bellerin looks done @nii302 @kojoayitey @cuppymusic @AFTVMedia Sia!!! @nii302 @kojoayitey @cuppymusic @AFTVMedia Please I will not tolerate any slander here. Photoshop won't wash @kojoayitey @cuppymusic @AFTVMedia Paul as a proud gunner ebi like we need more of the plastic fans out!!! @Twinsena We no get any creativity in midfield. Need to sort that out in the summer @Twinsena Ebi serious ooo. Think we for use am for the partey deal
@kingofaccra @benkoku Top 2 interviewer in the country @kingofaccra The vim these fraudsters have err!!! @kojoayitey U sure. Saw a couple over the weekend defending him here @kojoayitey His friends will come for u
@SCHBWOY They feign ignorance and edey bore @Bridget_Otoo @ECGghOfficial Its getting ridiculous. @bougiefeminist I'm a bit. Didn't think they will go this silent. Its like they don't even exist @bougiefeminist The deafening silence of the peace council and their like is interesting. @DailyCannon U will jinx him!!!One player if them want compare you to others unless conditional clauses come inside.😂
Retweeted by iamasare @AbeikuLytle Lol. Dem go come for u oooLet no one deceive you. You are not better than another human being because you belong to a tribe or race you didn'…
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@kojoayitey Lol. Why u dey hate. @Larry__Andy His friends don't think there's something wrong ooo @Kantamanto_ Adenta?
@MichaelZibit23 Totally agree. But I think the system that produces these nurses is problematic. A lot of them get…
@SkySportsPL @GNev2 Lol @iamrahmanosman @KwesiBenedict Also he's never been the aggressive type. The game has changed now speed and physica… @AbeikuLytle Edey bore pass. Hope he channels it into making good music else... @elinamablah Herhhhh. That got me. Now I'm in doubt. U see ur life!!! @elinamablah Eli!!! You still on earth? Just had morning devotion with Angel Gabriel. @MutomboDaPoet Lmao
@kwesipencil Chief need ur service. How do I get in touch? @kojoayitey @AubreyMensa Lmao. Assembly man wey u dey talk so
@Tino_B I swear. We drivevtge man out. But look at the teams he was able to qualify for top 4 with @Twinsena Just nonsense @Tino_B @Nicquey Lol. I just shock. They claim he's good in the dressing room. If so make dem add am to backroom staff. Ahhh!!!
@economistaTerry Wow @economistaTerry I heard the spark wasn't a good car @kojoayitey Lol. @NYboateng Lol. Pray s3n? @Amegaxi Lol. It worked for one in the past so fair game.
@nfreduagyeman @Tokersi Oh chale. Now it looks as if he has issues. Sad @nfreduagyeman @Tokersi By the time he releases the EP then people taya am @kojoayitey Ebi like he's an 'assembler'. @ChristDeKing @MichaelZibit23 Lol. Wo ni suban @Mr_Ceyram Lol. The encouragemebt he initially got deceive am @Yaw_Dan @AsemWORLD Hmmm. @kojoayitey Lol. On a real though ebi weird Chale.
@nii302 Siaa. @nii302 Adey egyaa @nii302 Massa I wun chew preko!!! @Twinsena Wosi wow!!! @BixbySante But does discharge mean recovery @AsareCwesi @rafyemi @Fentuo_ Lol. Isokay wai. @AsareCwesi @rafyemi @Fentuo_ That's not what I'm saying. Are u saying being an assistant is the same as being a head coach? @rafyemi @AsareCwesi @Fentuo_ Lampard coached in the championship. Gained valuable experience @AsareCwesi @Fentuo_ All I'm saying is Lampard had the benefit of preseason. That's when most of these things are d… @Fentuo_ To be fair Lampard had a proper preseason. Arteta took over during a crisis
@Jemmygh Lol. There seem to be really cool @hermahnn Lol. Waa look. Abeg e choose @hermahnn You people dey worry my man too much. Aaaah ba!!! @hermahnn Leave here!!! @swayekidd Oh ok. So what they couldn't agree on cash allocations? @swayekidd What's their reason for not releasing it. @Obiba_ Lol. Always amazed by it. People just join the bandwagon @CARL_smooch @KOJO_Cue Chief u cherr becoming a fan. Too under rated!!! @kojoayitey Lol. @Twinsena Ma guy now u reaching. Isn't that supposed to be a financial depression? Why the relation to emotional depression?
@swayekidd @CannyMcCoy I barb. @shawnybills @Donsarkcess I shock @swayekidd @CannyMcCoy Is the issue flow or message?Lol Ghanaians!!! Hailed sark when the freestyle first dropped some months back. Now see.