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Award-shunned comic artist. Detective Comics, Aquaman & Demon. Buy my art, here:

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@HackinTimSeeley But, shitty narrative! You have to fit it! @GabeEltaeb @jokerslacky D’awww, thanks buddy! @jokerslacky Glad to hear, thanks! FYI, I did a previous arc, issues 1001-1005. You can also get it as the Arkham K…
@PeterJTomasi + @IAmBradWalker remind us, in #Detectivecomics #1023, the Joker is a master criminal and fiendis…
Retweeted by Brad Brad Walker#DetectiveComics 1023 This team does everything right to make #batman's past and future fit in a nice exciting stor…
Retweeted by Brad Brad Walker @ronmarz The answer is always the same: TV!! @philhester WHY DIDN’T YOU THINK OF THOSE THINGS??! @Noaccount4you @bdanderson13 Thanks...I think?
Staff picks this week. @DCComics @PeterJTomasi @IAmBradWalker Andrew Hennessy @bdanderson13 Rob Leigh #NCBD
Retweeted by Brad Brad Walker @whatthe_shea @bdanderson13 Thank yooooouuuuu! @amancay_art Me too, though I feel like, these days, if there was a continuity free, anthology Bat-book, you'd have… DETECTIVE 1023 Yo! @PeterJTomasi and @IAmBradWalker do a bang up job banging the drum for JOKER WAR!…
Retweeted by Brad Brad Walker @DHenriquesInks @PeterJTomasi @bdanderson13 Thanks, buddy! @tomfeister @CullyHamner @ConroyForReal I keep wishing there was more Perry Mason. Less ensemble. @jarrodjones_ Thanks you! @ConroyForReal I’m liking it, not loving it yet. But The Americans is an A+. Just watched it for the first time. @ronmarz I don’t believe he’s ever said anything nice.Walker 2020: Good bone, pretty girl? @NicolaScottArt I can’t remember if I ever sat through American History X, but I think so. So otherwise, just one I haven’t seen. @Cleanlined Thanks, man!
@PMH360 @comiXology But apparently it’s not out till next week, now? @PMH360 @comiXology Well. It’s digital, so I don’t know that there’s technically a cover? But yeah, the art they sh… @IAmBradWalker You, Peter, Andrew, Brad, and Rob created one great looking and fun comic. I especially liked this p…
Retweeted by Brad Brad Walker @GreggKatzman Thanks, man!And Flash: Fastest Man Alive is on @comiXology! Comics #1023 is in stores! time reading new Detective Comics #1023. (Joker War) Highly recommend getting this issue! Amazing art by…
Retweeted by Brad Brad WalkerReview: Detective Comics #1023 Despite the connection to #jokerwar @peterjtomasi and @iambradwalker make this their…
Retweeted by Brad Brad Walker @tiredasfucktho Thanks! Really happy with the issue, glad people finally get to see it! @CullyHamner Eye boogers, always. Ruining every pic. @BITW2099 NopeYou may think to yourself, “Meh, screw @Robwilliams71, what’s he ever done for me?!” But try to remember, he gave y…
Our own @CCoplan casts his picks for best cover art featuring @IAmBradWalker, @philnoto, @davemarquez,…
Retweeted by Brad Brad Walker @CrashSheridan Never drawn him. And I'm DC exclusive.Nobody’s even close. @Philjimeneznyc I’ve...never drawn him. 😭Drawing a single panel of a character I used to draw regularly, but haven’t drawn in many, many years. My muscle me… @nathanfairbairn @ronmarz Mr Makes Things. @ronmarz @nathanfairbairn You wouldn’t know him.
@DocShaner @nathanfairbairn Thanks, pal!This guy has a ring that makes shapes. I drew this guy and @nathanfairbairn color arted him. @wes_greer You cited The Office, the gif in the other response is from The Office, and The Office is what I have on… feel like Netflix can disable the”Are you still watching” feature for a while. WE’RE ALL STILL WATCHING!
@NicKlein Thanks, man! @GrahamRNoe @wes_greer @DCComics Yes, please. @wes_greer @DCComics Preview pages there are not from my story. :) @Kanalz 😁 @DHenriquesInks Thanks, dude! 👊🏿 @HardingArt Thanks, man! @AaronKuder Thanks, buddy!
@ycinar Thanks, man! @jonathanglapion Thanks, pal!Whelp! There's where it's going! Did this with my buddies Dave Wielgosz, @nathanfairbairn , Rob Leigh, and… Tuesday! By me and pals @PeterJTomasi, Andrew Hennessy, @bdanderson13, and Rob Leigh!'s a look at the first few pages of Detective Comics 1023, out Tuesday! @TomKingTK @RealDeanCain Heh, heh, heh... creator-owned comic books are clearly TV/film pitches readers can tell. Make comics for their own sake, don’t…
Retweeted by Brad Brad WalkerPeek of a lil thing I did with some pals. @HackinTimSeeley Hands down, my two faves! (not that Kirby was a stranger to busy details. But at least he did it so well)
@JoshuaLMcDonald @jfornes74 @NickDerington 😂 @JoshuaLMcDonald @jfornes74 @NickDerington Well, it is editorial, in the sense that they improve designs, push for… @philhester @JoshuaLMcDonald @jfornes74 @NickDerington YES @ReberVision So many of my favorite GI Joes as a kid were dictated by who had the coolest package art. @THEBRYANHITCH You better get started! @JoshuaLMcDonald @jfornes74 @NickDerington Yeah, but I can’t, for example, just redesign a busy character, like Rol… @VikBogdanovic YUP. And the version I drew was slightly less busy, but still so time consuming.In the interest of the ever-important deadline, can companies start a movement back towards classic, spandex, super… @CullyHamner Oh, man, that line slays here even harder than it did on Facebook! @ronmarz This is new?! Not the original time he said it would just go away?? Y’know, before 120,000+ people died? @mikeljanin Inspired!
@AaronKuder It's either a typo, or something WAY less clever than you're shooting for. @DecenzoDennis @PeterJTomasi @bdanderson13 Thanks! @IAmBradWalker The other Superman was paralyzed from the neck down and on a breathing machine and never whined like this.
Retweeted by Brad Brad Walker @comicstansunite @PeterJTomasi @bdanderson13 Thanks! @PMH360 Superman: Truth, Justice, and Fuck Helping People, I Do What I Want! @tomfowlerbug Nope. They've never once felt the indignity of someone suggesting they block their precious spew hole. @CullyHamner Well, Cain is being destructive, just because it's fun. So that tracks.Imagine how stupid this take is. If he really thought he would get brain damage from wearing cloth over his mouth f… @ThatChrisEvans0 @PeterJTomasi @bdanderson13 Thanks! Wanted to make sure he didn't just come off like a comedic cha… @CullyHamner At least not such a fucking baby. @bellis277 @PeterJTomasi @bdanderson13 Will hopefully be posting art in the next couple weeks!You're fine, idiot. Comics 1023 is out next week, but previews for 1024 have been going around for a while. 🤷‍♂️ What the hel… Top 4 for #NewComicBookDay July 8th 📚 Batman #94 - @JamesTheFourth @GuillemMarch Detective Comics #1023 -…
Retweeted by Brad Brad Walker @HardingArt So, originally, you had a very specific theme in your head that dictated the characters you included. H… was all I loved.
@davidmacho @79SemiFinalist CHEERSI KEEP SAYING!
@jonathanglapion Don't even know what you said, but I have a feeling he supports "someone" more than he's letting on.
@wes_greer Definitely able to lock in for a good chunk of hours without being interrupted. @JAMALIGLE @BarryCrain @CullyHamner @MitchGerads Brad was already the jock/bully in all high school movie scenes, p…'ve tweeted in the past about those days where you struggle with drawing all night, then wake up the next day, loo… @JAMALIGLE Hey! It was already Chad, lemme alone! @SunshineCVE Ohhh, right. I was just thinking about the overall level of engagement of the episode. I wasn’t AS int… @ronmarz But’s dead on. @ronmarz Specifically, Gil inked by Romita though. When Gil was inked by others, like Giacoia, the distinct forms i… @SunshineCVE After the first ep? Why? @ronmarz Oh, snap! She called them “democratic”! (I think these weirdos have lost the plot on the America concept)
@JoshuaDysart @tomfowlerbug And then get frustrated when they send in fancy, wacky layouts? 😂 @tomfowlerbug Oof. Been a long time since I worked with a writer that tried to dictate panel layouts. Hope that never happens again.