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Hey, remember when those couple big streamers said one thing about #BlackLivesMatter and everyone tripped over them…
Retweeted by iamBrandonI know Twitter unfollowed a lot of y’all from my account. Don’t worry, it’s fine. if you have to follow back, at le…“Brandon, how many racists and homophobes have you dealt with on Twitter?” Me: this many 😊 @CohhCarnage A link for people to register and make sure they are registered to vote am gonna be live in 1 hour with @RianaTweetsNow @MiladyConfetti @GrlpantsGR and @nnesaga with a very black roundt…
Retweeted by iamBrandon @Engxge This looks so fake hahahDoomscrolling. Logging off for now.
We aren’t playing the “Dont respond to the trolls” game today. Not today. My point is this is the shit black people… tweet was up for 6 mins and trash got here faster then I expected 🥱 people who do not get it. She was black and we have seen black people KILLED for years as a first response. It… is very obvious to see who really cares and who is pretending to make sure their image look good. Which is disgu… will add onto this. If you were tweeting back in June of all your new found support of black people to your follo… your black friends some time before reaching out. It is a heavily emotional time, it’s been a heavy year. The… come the fuck heads. Enjoy @Ravenhart007 @Fred47447693 @BenjBearstone Why is it still talking?First thing, my man says is "where is a march?" And goddamn that is the energy I need. Someone who knows his privil… @marcrebillet Love you Marc. Thank you. @Ravenhart007 @Fred47447693 @BenjBearstone Thanks for letting me know. I have no picture profiles muted so I blocked this again.Probably "ally fatigue" Folks who are tired of hearing about race issues and declare they are done hearing about i…, unfollows since I've been posting on Black lives. Stop following me if you don't care about black people. hate this man. know exactly the ones I am talking about. I am not afraid to call it out as my name and others were used to mak… would absolutely love to see the BIG Streamers and Influencers who used me and my friends' names in June to suppo… @BlessiousPlays @PlayRune Welcome!I got the go-ahead to share some news 👀 You'll be able to hear me voice 9 characters in an upcoming update to…
Retweeted by iamBrandon @bluejay_712 Its crazy. Anyone with common sense knows the charge is bull shit."I can't reply" YUP because I am not trying to hear shit from anyone I don't follow. That is where we are at today.So all you with #BLM in your username and bios, YOU BETTER BE SPEAKING UP. This is the time to be saying somethin… is not close to how I am feeling. The injustice of Breonna Taylor, infuriating. Then to see people say "wel… MANY of y'all have gone right back to normal. Know that we haven't forgotten June though you already did in J… that is the fucking TEA RIGHT THERE. @MiladyConfetti Oh I already have him blocked. Confirmed Trash. @ZombaeKillz Oh for sure. June will never be forgottenWow what great news to come back to Twitter to see. 🤦🏾 Keeping fighting. @ZombaeKillz Didn’t even know it was a thing 😅 @iamBrandonTV this look tho 🙃🤣
Retweeted by iamBrandonNot me being an instigator. @Engxge We peaked on AMong Us last nightMy moderator was framed as the imposter. I may or may not have helped with the I was the imposter. i hate this coronavirus. I want life to go back to normal 😡 Logic: Well wearing a mask is one way to help 😷… few months ago I was interviewed about How the Pandemic Made Animal Crossing Much More Than Just a Game for… @Matthewceo Yaaaaaas @iamBrandonTV You've absolutely killed this @iamBrandonTV - I hope it's alright, but I made an edit to show it off…
Retweeted by iamBrandonThe amount of content Among Us has given me to use is plenty. Period people are just Bi and their sexuality is valid. Happy #BiVisibilityDay. @RWMCGRATH @CeddyOrNot The whole stream was a spiritual journey @okaydrian Going to The Jewels. @PaladinAmber @JERICHO You are animoo @CeddyOrNot Oh! NeNe was a riot! A crew favorite last nightWhen you play Among Us with your community and all the fighting and lying feels like an episode of Bad Girls Club.… welcoming anyone to my stream again. @seriouslyclara That I am @KAIZURE_ A wig ⁦@iamBrandonTV⁩ lol
Retweeted by iamBrandon @iamBrandonTV #TeamNeNe
Retweeted by iamBrandonLAST 2 Among Us games of the night. It has been iconic! Get in here now to catch it! would have thought cosplay would be this fun?
Retweeted by iamBrandonAll I am going to say is @iamBrandonTV is a liar and a cheater lol omg
Retweeted by iamBrandonI’m new to my complex and these spiders haven’t met me yet. Just greeted 3 of them with raid upon my entrance…
Retweeted by iamBrandoncaught red handed LOL the best reaction ever @iamBrandonTV
Retweeted by iamBrandonAny streamer friends want to play Among Us Let me know!Here we go again! Playing Among Us with Viewers and Friends TRUST NO ONE. LIVE:🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵
Retweeted by iamBrandon @youssefmaguid @acdramon Well I was gonna do a photoshoot with it. This is just pictures from my phone 😅 @MunchkinDoom A mess @acdramon Want to work together soon? ☺️ @youssefmaguid I rebuke this temptation in the name of Jesus! @Xmiramira You are absolutely right! After I posted it they were liking and retweeting responses. 🤦🏾 I was tired this morning
When I tell you I AM LIVING to see my favorite drag queens on Twitch, I AM LIVING BITCH! @RWMCGRATH Jump in chat when we start up!My stream title for today is unmatched. @VernNotice Bet @VernNotice 😭 I am almost done with work! How long are you on maybe I will start early @VernNotice @Mae pick me! I deserve to playNow I am not saying I like to lie for future players I play Among Us with. But it felt good here. @juggonath oh? @rawrsnacks 😭😭😭😭 I just want to be like Halle berry🥺 Thanks everyone for being nice on this cosplay and all the dope edits. Here’s a few cool extra shots from Instagr… am stating this now. I am streaming Among US at 9pm CST tonight. If you want to play let me know NOW. Thanks! @CrackedMan Thank you! @GhostfromTexas @Tumblebuck omg yes! I love this! @cypheroftyr Oh there it is! What the heck :D you are on mind for sure haha @cypheroftyr I can't see the picture :'( @missdjm @iamBrandonTV The full effect ⚡⚡
Retweeted by iamBrandonVoting is important coming this November. Streaming on Twitch and want to make sure your audience is registered to… @Stauchabilly We need a full xmen video game with her in it @iamBrandonTV posted a dope Storm Cosplay so I decided to add some ting tings to it. The Queen liked it....I am hap…
Retweeted by iamBrandon @shelbswastaken @IAmLindsayJones @TKStaar this is so good 😊 I love it so much
Retweeted by iamBrandonIt is almost that time of the year say hello and follow me on what do the kids say? Tik Tok? @TheMavShow Yes and he beats me in everything. Very unfair @MadameGandalf 📰✍️I am all about creating content that you want to do without fear of what people think. I've had a general interest… @Ravenhart007 📰✍️ @spooneebard taking note