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if it’s one thing Cardi B will do, she will eat up a Spanish verse.
Retweeted by iamcardibKK page
🇵🇱 | “WAP” has officially reached #1 on Polish Apple Music. — This is the FIRST female rap song in the platform’s…
Retweeted by iamcardibLove it FUCKIN WAY GUSTA HAS EVERYONE ON FIREEEEEEEEE! @Anitta @iamcardib 🔥
Retweeted by iamcardibCardi is currently trending on US iTunes.
Retweeted by iamcardibGood morniiiinnnnnnnng
Retweeted by iamcardib“WAP” remains at #1 on Australia’s ARIA Official Music Chart for a FIFTH consecutive week. The song now surpasses…
Retweeted by iamcardibThis is pretty @iamcardib Stream Me Gusta
Retweeted by iamcardibYes ! Solo si crees .Thats why that shit can’t touch me cause I don’t part wtfff 😒“Me Gusta” has now surpassed 5 MILLION views & 662,000 likes on YouTube.
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🇧🇷 | Apple Music Brazil: 1. Me Gusta (NEW) 2. WAP (-1)
Retweeted by iamcardibGo to my onlyfans now .Bout to go to my onlyfans live .Lets see if it fuckin works today @BardiUpdatess @iamcardib
Retweeted by iamcardib“Me Gusta” is now trending at #4 on US YouTube with over 2.3 MILLION views & 506,000 likes.
Retweeted by iamcardibSomebody please tag @Anitta here 🕺🏾🕺🏾 #MeGusta #MeGustaChallenge
Retweeted by iamcardibAddison Rae, the 2nd most followed TikToker, doing the “Me Gusta” TikTok dance challenge!🔥
Retweeted by iamcardibA MI ME GUUUUUUUUUU #MeGustaChallenge @Anitta @iamcardib
Retweeted by iamcardibAccording to @HITSDD, “WAP” was once again the most streamed song in the US for a 5th week with over 31.3 MILLION s…
Retweeted by iamcardibMe GUSTA music video out now !!!!!! Anitta ft me and Myke towers GUSTA CHALLENGE ❤️ @Anitta @iamcardib @QGdaAnitta @centralanittabr @AcessoAnittaR
Retweeted by iamcardibTHREAD: ‘Me gusta’ receipts 🧾💚
Retweeted by iamcardibI don’t know why it’s not letting me go live ....maybe tomorrowOk I’m finna go live on onlyfans like In five minutes !I’m bored should I get on live on my onlyfans ? ya liking that new ANITTA “Me GUSTA ?Choose your fighter? BARDI. LA CALDI
Retweeted by iamcardibUnmmmmmm LIKE TO EAT THE CAKE LIKE ITS MY B-DAY ... period STREAM ME GUSTA
Retweeted by iamcardibMe after listening to #MeGusta 🔥🔥 @iamcardib @Anitta FUCK!NG FIREEEEE💚💚❗️🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by iamcardib“Yo tengo el sazon de una Afrolatina y muevo mi cintura como Shakira” 🔥 -@iamcardib #AnittaMeGusta #MeGusta
Retweeted by iamcardibMe encantó la nueva canción de @Anitta junto a @iamcardib y Myke Towers, tiene un ritmo muy bailable y la letra es…
Retweeted by iamcardibME GUSTA OUT NOW @anitta ft me and @myketowers ....Music video at 8am! bad 11am tomorrow
YAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!! The #blackboyjoy I needed to see today!!!! #WAP
Retweeted by iamcardib.@iamcardib and @theestallion’s "WAP" has now surpassed 200 million views on YouTube.
Retweeted by iamcardib @Anitta I got a question? Is the video dropping Friday too ?
// Cardi B - WAP ft. Megan Thee Stallion (Pedro Sampaio Remix)🔥 Completo:
Retweeted by iamcardib“WAP” has reached #1 on Finland’s iTunes Chart for the first time.
Retweeted by iamcardib
Anitters are taking the promo for "Me Gusta" to another level!! 🤯🤯 @Anitta @iamcardib @myketowerspr
Retweeted by iamcardibPRE SAVE ! aí já fez o pre-save?!
Retweeted by iamcardibpor elas! hoje eu saí nas ruas para divulgar 'Me Gusta', novo single das minhas mamães @iamcardib & @Anitta. eu amo…
Retweeted by iamcardibCongrats 🎉 👏 @iamcardib + @theestallion! #WAP was #Certified Platinum 💿 the same month it was released! That is not…
Retweeted by iamcardibNearly 4.5 MILLION sold worldwide in 5 weeks. A smash!
Retweeted by iamcardibReady to pre-save? Lesgooooo Preparados pro pre-save? Vamos Listos para el pre save? Vamos…
Retweeted by iamcardib“WAP” recorded the biggest month of ALL TIME on Genius in August, garnering over 12.4 MILLION page views.
Retweeted by iamcardib⁦@iamcardib⁩ I’m just so proud of you! Even on song lyrics app you are the fucking number 1
Retweeted by iamcardibThis the gif for this post a damn minute 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 love the music video soooo much
Me gusta feat @iamcardib and @myketowerspr this friday - September 18th Esta sexta Este viernes
Retweeted by iamcardib‚WAP‘ but it‘s a dirty 90s house banger 🌞
Retweeted by iamcardib😂😂😂’s go!!!!! ME GUSTA ANITTA FT ME AND MYKE TOWERS ME GUSTA ! @Anitta ft me and @myketowerspr !!!!!I really really love this song and I hope you guys enjoy it… story I’m so happy .Yall don’t even know .God is sooooo good .World wide wet pussy energy !!! Hot 100: #1(+1) WAP, @iamcardib Feat. @theestallion [5 weeks]. *re-peak; third week at #1*
Retweeted by iamcardibJuuuuuuu heaaarrrddddd BACK #1. @iamcardib @theestallion
Retweeted by iamcardib“WAP” has reached #1 on Greece’s official chart. This is Cardi’s 2nd #1 in the country behind “I Like It”. “WAP” h…
Retweeted by iamcardib
Since the release, @iamcardib & @theestallion’s “WAP” never left the top spot of US Spotify (36 days). 🇺🇸
Retweeted by iamcardibCorona has robbed me of many things but the worst has to be the chance to hear WAP in a club. Imagine the scenes like
Retweeted by iamcardibsince tiktok doesn’t want me to be GREAT. let’s see how it goes in here. song: #wap by @iamcardib @theestallion i…
Retweeted by iamcardibIf California employed Cardi B, her WAP would put out the fires.
Retweeted by iamcardib
“WAP” has returned to #1 on Canada’s Apple Music Chart.
Retweeted by iamcardib.@iamcardib was once again the most streamed female rapper on Spotify yesterday, with 9.88 MILLION streams (Septemb…
Retweeted by iamcardib🇺🇸 US Apple Music: #1. “WAP” (=) *30 days at #1* — “WAP” extends its record as the longest-running #1 song by a…
Retweeted by iamcardib
.@iamcardib & @theestallion's "WAP" is now eligible for 3× Platinum in the US (3,000,000 units: 230k digital sales and 416m streams).
Retweeted by iamcardibOfficial Irish Singles Chart: It's three weeks at Number 1 now for WAP by @iamcardib & Megan @theestallion 💦🍑😺…
Retweeted by iamcardib“WAP” sold 62,000 units in the UK this week, including 8.1 million streams. The song outsold the #2 track by over…
Retweeted by iamcardibThe way “Money” peaked at #13 but is almost eligible for 6x platinum. That’s a classic.
Retweeted by iamcardib#WAP has entered the top 20 of France’s Apple Music Chart for the first time (#19).
Retweeted by iamcardibI believe it believe in wap supremacy
Retweeted by iamcardib
Wait. There’s a wap coffee? Where the fuck I been at ?😅😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣“WAP” by @iamcardib & @theestallion is now the longest-running #1 song by a female artist EVER on US Apple Music (2…
Retweeted by iamcardib🇧🇷 Spotify Brasil: #8. 'WAP' by @iamcardib & @theestallion +376,505 plays (+2) *New Peak*
Retweeted by iamcardib.@iamcardib was the most streamed female rapper on Spotify yesterday, with 9.71 MILLION streams.
Retweeted by iamcardib🇵🇱 “WAP” re-enters top 5 on Polish Apple Music’s daily chart, sitting currently at #4. It now spent 7 days in top 5…
Retweeted by iamcardibCardi rises to #9 on the Global Digital Artist Ranking (via kworb). She is currently the 2nd best selling solo fe…
Retweeted by iamcardib
This makes me wanna fuck set with black on and eyeliner
#WAP has returned to the top 10 of Poland’s Apple Music Chart (#9). It is the highest charting international song o…
Retweeted by iamcardibDespite being released nearly 2.5 years ago, “Invasion of Privacy” is currently the highest charting female rap alb…
Retweeted by iamcardib#God please watch over @iamcardib she the only one out here fighting for us daily. Keep her strong. Amen 🙏
Retweeted by iamcardibForget bootlicking, Candace Owens will deep throat the entire leg. All the performative bullshit she did to sell ou…
Retweeted by iamcardib'she should stay out of politics' hurrhhrhrurhfh Why? Because she's a rapper? Is she not a citizen? Is she not an A…
Retweeted by iamcardib.@iamcardib & @theestallion’s “WAP” has now spent a whole MONTH at #1 on the US Spotify Charts!
Retweeted by iamcardibThe “WAP” latte, which debuted in a sign outside of the Center City Philly neighborhood store features a combinatio…
Retweeted by iamcardib
🇨🇿 In its third week on Official Czech Singles Chart, “WAP” reaches a new peak of #11 (+5). It now ties with “I L…
Retweeted by iamcardib“WAP” by @iamcardib ft. @theestallion and “the 1” by @taylorswift13 were the two most streamed songs on Amazon Musi…
Retweeted by iamcardibRolling Stone Top 100 songs #1. WAP @iamcardib Ft. @theestallion [4 Weeks | 3 Weeks at #1]
Retweeted by iamcardib