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Good morning guys ❤️My grandma passed away 11-11-11. I look down on my phone is 11:11.I know for a fact she watchin…
@iamcardib Forreal, then you'll get called the bad guy...
Retweeted by iamcardibStop trying and pick and pick and pick cause I ain’t going keep letting people play with me .I been chillin let me chill in peace .
I was chewing some and left the pack on the table ..I literally was just cleaning this water mess she did turn aro…’s all fun and games until you in that position 😔😔............................Imagine Being doggy style and having to fart.How can I take slime off a couch ?“I Like It” is now eligible to DIAMOND certificate in the United States.💎 Cardi B is the first female rapper with…
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YES! Very clear I was a teenager and I used to smoke like ALOT OF TEENS and now I’m telling teens that smoking whil… year old Cardi ...Dear little girls don’t smoke cigarettes or weed trying to look cool for the seniors cause you…
KNOCK ME DOWN 9 TIMES WATCH ME GET UP 10 @iamcardib said it best!
Retweeted by iamcardibAwwwwwwwwww @musicnewsfact @iamcardib Bodak Yellow a modern rap CLASSIC.
Retweeted by iamcardib.@edsheeran, @Camila_Cabello and @iamcardib's "South of the Border" has now sold over 500,000 units in the US.
Retweeted by iamcardib“Bodak Yellow was the most streamed and most successful solo female rap song of the decade.” a modern rap CLASSIC.
Retweeted by iamcardibCardi has the best selling female rap album for the past 2 years (18-19), highest peaking female rap song and solo…
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😂😩😩😂😂 showing up to Instagram headquarters 😩😩😩😂😂😂😂😂😂 unshadow ban me or I shall take my talents to MySpace 😤How ya know ? my IG shadow banned ?What is going
This Halloween was sooo good ! Everybody went Ham this year !Okay more PG then 😩😩😩😒😒😒 said 🤔🤔🤔🤔😒😒 MAUIIIII❤️❤️❤️🍃🍃🍃 B last vegas residency at @KaosVegas tonight is SOLD OUT !
Retweeted by iamcardibI was it was a Halloween outfit and I was a Hunts Point Hoe 😩😂 line to see @iamcardib is redic, girl get me in the front please 😭😭😭
Retweeted by iamcardibMoana have a little attitude today 😩 @iamcardib wants to touch my Dybbuk Box @hauntedmuseum ... hit me up lets see what happens. 😈
Retweeted by iamcardibOmg he finna love this ❤️ @iamcardib could she get a hello she is a big fan
Retweeted by iamcardib... when two queens pick the same snatch game character. @iamcardib @trixiemattel
Retweeted by iamcardibThat girl is Poison.
@BardiUpdatess @iamcardib @CardiBMexico
Retweeted by iamcardibHand Sewn 🧵✂️ @iamcardib Costume for Halloween 🎃
Retweeted by iamcardib @iamcardib
Retweeted by iamcardib🙃 B poison ☠️ ivy costume sheesh
Retweeted by iamcardib😂😂😂😂I don’t smoke ...I’m just slow 😩😂 not photoshop!video laters ...You know Tokyo don’t play IVY 🍃🍃🍃 B meets Cardi E ❤️❤️ @TheEllenShow Today on Ellen ! me get the DICKANATOR I’m SUCKIN IT thst dick from popeyes want some Dick-fil-A 🙃
Not okkkrrrruunnn 😩😂😂😂😂😂😂 don’t remember people by their looks I remember them by their I can forget what you wore,…’m 5’3 weight 125 and I always been with the shits ! WIN ,LOSE OR DRAW 🤷🏽‍♀️That’s just me .❤️❤️
I’m here to assist your shhhttaaaankin ass❤️
Preview on something I been working on. I get it .They are trained to completely murder so the victim won’t be able to testify to get justice or money . don’t use tasers or mace nomore ? Even if a cop feel like they are in need to use a gun ,why not hit a leg or…
Migos' Offset will play video games and compete with celebs for a pair of new TV shows for Twitch competitor Caffei…
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Finished up season 1 of @rhythmflow 👐👐👐 & SO GOOD & WELL DESERVED. I've never felt so emotionally connected to a t…
Retweeted by iamcardibRhythm and Flow is amazing. like honestly has me so engaged. @iamcardib Cardi, Chance, and Tip were the perfect cho…
Retweeted by iamcardib @iamcardib @rhythmflow The final 4 did that!!! I jumped up and down for the winner. He was next level with everything.
Retweeted by iamcardibCardi is me as a judge 😂😂😂 i love her #RhythmAndFlow
Retweeted by iamcardibI love how @chancetherapper, @iamcardib, and @Tip have their own way of speaking, one is super chill how he talks t…
Retweeted by iamcardibRhythm & Flow Was soooooo lit omg 😫😫🔥🔥🔥🔥D Smoke definitely deserved that🤟🏾but im a fan of the last 4 idc idc idc th…
Retweeted by iamcardib😂😂😂😂😂😂 am in love this gif of @iamcardib Like I said...Blue fits her 😍💙 #RhythmandFlow
Retweeted by iamcardib🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 You can now take #Migos & #CardiB home with you!! #RapSnacks are now availab…
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Sooo how ya feel about the Winner ? How ya feel about the finale ? @rhythmflow #rhythmandflow FINALE comprehension skills must be on slow cause I never discredit nobody.Theres been females rappers b4 I was born it… matter how I would have word it people will always find a way to flip it & make it negative cause they hate card… @iamcardib i am crying with you girl!!! This finale episode has been real yoooo! #RhythmAndFlow
Retweeted by iamcardibI’m Lying ? So you tell me what rappers was giving features to female rappers? What label was pushing a female rapp… for the slow ones again NO ain’t made females want to rap cause bitches been rapping bitches been have talent b… ya can deny it as much as ya want and say I’m crazy or stfuu but how many female rappers before me where gettin… that are not mainstream because I know they don’t want to miss out on the opportunity in case they make it cau… seem like it was impossible for it to be more then one female rapper.These male rappers where not even takin Mon… didn’t say I pave the way for female rappers but I deff gave the hood and women hope.Nikkas wasn’t collabing with… B joins the family for Fast & Furious 9
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We won “Song Of The Year” last night at the Latin American Music Awards. Thank you to every person who has streamed…
Retweeted by iamcardib😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I would if people wasn’t overly sensitive
@kashkaili @the_mod_woman the hype why Not give the world 🌎 want they want 😎 especially you @iamcardib keep tagging @iamcardib we want h…
Retweeted by iamcardibSomebody need to do a turbostep challenge @iamcardib @rhythmflow My faves are Flawless London B and D Smoke and of the ones not there anymore I liked Bean an…
Retweeted by iamcardib😂😂😂I need help doing it
$100 MILLI. @iamcardib
Retweeted by iamcardibHow ya like this week @rhythmflow episodes ? Who ya fav soo far ? B spilling facts about politics and Trump supporters.
Retweeted by iamcardibOutfit @FashionNova
I’m waiting on their freestyle videos so I can post them later on see some of you guys in ya feelings when some contestants get eliminated on R&F.please express those feeling on t… French are coming for me with the jokes this morning 😒😩😩😩😩😩😩 s'il vous plaît laissez-moi mon moi excitéeAnd I don’t want to hear nobody saying this shit is new cause I was t even love & hip hop had my fucked up teeth ,s… the crazy shit is when I did videos like this people used to say are you black “but you speak Spanish so I just… do you act like a black woman ? How do black women act ? règle ne nous arrêtez pas nous le faisons sous la douche ou je dois donner la tête pendant sept jours d'affilée still got my peacock