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Stand Up Comedian. Instagram - IAmChrisRamsey. One half of #ShaggedMarriedAnnoyed with my wife @rosemarino. BRAND NEW 2020 STAND UP TOUR ON SALE NOW 👇🏻

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@BethThompsonxo @Rosemarino What a lad! Thanks mateAmazing!! Wish it was coming back for another series on @Channel4. Such a brilliant show! @narellemilne @Liambo_DJ @Village_Hotels @Rosemarino HAHAHA! Oh god that’s horrific @kmorrisuk I’m going to buy them all and have a massive bonfire in my garden @mrsemmap @Rosemarino Delete this from the internet! @CarersTrustTW1 Thanks guys! Means a lot! ❤️Well done @IAmChrisRamsey. We can't wait for Chris to bring his 20/20 tour to #demontforthall on Fr 27 Mar. If you…
Retweeted by Chris Ramsey @Melvinodoom Thanks Mate!Someone got a #ShaggedMarriedAnnoyed themed cookie... but Millie’s wouldn’t write CQSP... so they had to do it them… ah shit. I’ve got it in my head now too. Just from reading this 🤦🏼‍♂️ watching the results show back: there is a good second (maybe two) where Tess says my name and I have no clue…!!!!!
@RachelAdamSmith @bbcstrictly @MakatonCharity You’re more than welcome! ❤️Absolutely gutted I won’t be hanging out with my mate @dev_101 every weekend anymore. Big love lad, you’re the best… @MakatonYou @karen_hauer @helen_laverty @MakatonCharity @bbcstrictly @signinschool This has made my day! I know so…😀 @IAmChrisRamsey and @karen_hauer rocket through to #Strictly Week Five. They're safe!
Retweeted by Chris RamseyThank you thank you thank you thank you to each and everyone of you who took the time to vote and who keep supporti…
Retweeted by Chris Ramsey“Same time next weekend...” 😏 Well dome @IAmChrisRamsey and @karen_hauer We’re so proud of you both!!! 💃🏽🕺🏼…
Retweeted by Chris RamseyTHANK YOU SO SO MUCH to everyone who voted for us this week! You’re all absolutely lush! I’ll keep trying to get… @MissJoHartley @BAFTA Amazing!Looks like you’ve still got a bit of a wait! Haha. Keep the tickets safe! actually says “us” instead of me now! And on the radio the other day she said “tea” instead of dinner! I’m wea… @SpeedwaySam Be a really weird thing to say if you didn’t 😂 @example I’ll be dancing on your tour!Just want to say, thank you all so so much for all of your messages last night! Over the moon you all enjoyed the d… cracking venue. Thanks for having us guys! jive man @IAmChrisRamsey 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
Retweeted by Chris RamseyMy 2020 stand up tour has been extended into the autumn of 2020! Loads of venues added. Have a look and get your…! Only a year to wait! Keep the tickets safe
Thanks for all the lovely messages and constant support. @IAmChrisRamsey was electric tonight and I couldn’t be pro…
Retweeted by Chris Ramsey#VOTERAMSEY
Retweeted by Chris RamseyVOTE VOTE VOTE @IAmChrisRamsey @karen_hauer people!!!! That’s an order!!! @bbcstrictly Deets below
Retweeted by Chris RamseyThanks for all the amazing messages guys! Now please vote for us! VOTING IS OPEN NOW! Landline- 090152252 03… with that! Just want to get better every week 🕺🏼 If you want me too as well, remember to vote for me and Kar… @IAmChrisRamsey was a rocket man tonight!! We loved it!! 💙💙 #Strictly
Retweeted by Chris RamseySaturday Night's Alright for Jiving with @IAmChrisRamsey and @karen_hauer! 🎉 #Strictly (P.S. Can we borrow that su…
Retweeted by Chris Ramsey @SteffenPeddie @bbcstrictly Yes mate! CheersGoing full Rocketman 🚀 tonight! Believe it or not... this was taken earlier on and they have actually ADDED more g… to vote for me and @karen_hauer tonight... Thanks in advance! 🥰 From Landline- 090152252 03 From Mobile- 6225… didn’t think a living room as messy as ours existed! Haha. Thanks Austin! 🕺🏼 to #VOTERAMSEY tonight! Here's our daft song we made, thanks to @kevinduffy999 for all the help.…
Retweeted by Chris RamseyThanks guys! Show starts 6:40pm on BBC1 @chloeandliam24t @karen_hauer @bbcstrictly Thanks so much guys! XGood luck to our Patron @IAmChrisRamsey and his dance partner @karen_hauer for tonight’s @bbcstrictly #VOTERAMSEY
Retweeted by Chris RamseyWait until you all see this Elton John getup they’ve got me in... @bbcstrictly 🕺🏼 Show starts at 18:40 tonight guys, BBC1 @lucasthebeatbox Yes mate! Thanks very much X @craigts04 @intuMetrocentre @TT2Limited Yep! Amazing. Gave them a shout yesterday morning! So grateful @GraingerNeil @bbcstrictly Thanks mate! X
right peeps the cats out the bag... myself @jasonmarkcook @IAmChrisRamsey @karen_hauer @Rosemarino are taking an ea…
Retweeted by Chris RamseySo... my mates @jasonmarkcook and @GlenRoughead have written and performed a #VOTERAMSEY song... ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ It… out this weeks beef/filth between @IAmChrisRamsey & @Rosemarino on #ShaggedMarriedAnnoyed which coincidentall…
Retweeted by Chris RamseyThis weeks #ShaggedMarriedAnnoyed is legit tragic. Disco naps, Yorkshire pudding (cum 😳) Washing my uniform in the…
Retweeted by Chris RamseyUnreal amounts of love and support from the North East! Can’t thank you all enough. Big thanks to @intuMetrocentre NEW #shaggedmarriedannoyed out today! Here’s another clip for you to see what I live with... @Rosemarino @clem1291 @Rosemarino’s coming #VoteRamsey #ShaggedMarriedAnnoyed had a chat with @IAmChrisRamsey & @karen_hauer yesterday about their thoughts on the last few weeks of strictly…
Retweeted by Chris RamseyIt’s Friday!!!! If you don’t walk round for the rest of the day randomly shouting ‘ba ba doo ba ba doo ba ba doo ba…
Retweeted by Chris Ramsey @_elliebarlow @tongey93 @Rosemarino Amazing! You’re welcomeHonestly, the support in the North East is unreal! Can’t thank you all enough 🕺🏼 @gemma1104 @bbcstrictly Yes! I hope she likes it @meatcan00e #officepollThis is dedication! #ShaggedMarriedAnnoyed @JakeFerg314 @bbcstrictly I hope so! Thanks @bethney_callum Is that a promoted post... or do you follow deep heat?! @DaveGibson1 @bbcstrictly Thanks! @suggwellramsey @bbcstrictly Fast!Thanks to this week’s Jive, I now constantly smell of Deep Heat...Off to London for this week’s 💃 🕺🏼 @bbcstrictly. Week 4! I’m doing a Jive to #EltonJohn’s Saturday Nights Alright… @JamesTh66919506 Happy anniversary!
@nevben2012 @ianwaite @bbcstrictly @Rosemarino Oh wow! That’s amazing. Thanks so much @ianwaite. I’m going to keep… @PennyDommett @karen_hauer @Rosemarino You’re the best! Thanks so much x @PhysioInverness @StandNewcastle @bbcstrictly @karen_hauer Haha thanks so much! Should have come and given me a str… @si_beckwith @StandNewcastle @karen_hauer Ah that’s lush mate! Bless her. Thanks for being so accommodating last ni… @Scottlarock5 @Rosemarino Haha Haha
Guess Who's here on Fri 28th Feb 2020..? It's the hilarious @CPHutchinson - we can't wait! 😂 Tickets selling fas…
Retweeted by Chris RamseyAh this is just fantastic. 🤣👌🏼👏🏼
Retweeted by Chris RamseyGreat choice of driving music from Lisa on @TheSimpsons #stelmosfire
Retweeted by Chris RamseyPopped to @StandNewcastle tonight to do some filming for @bbcstrictly with @karen_hauer. It’s such an amazing com… @EmilyJB__x @Rosemarino It does this to me too! And I can confirm that shouting “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?! THIS IS MY… @jasonmarkcook @munday79 She knows.Thanks so much!🥁Drumroll 🥁it's time to reveal all the routines for #Strictly Week Four! 👉
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The staff where we train left me a present in the dancehall this morning 😂🏀🕺🏼@bbcstrictly’s started... this be a lesson to you all. Try venue websites, See tickets and Ticket Master. They all have different alloca…
@lucyboyen Keep em safe!! @joshwiddicombe Happened to me in the same venue mate!!Rosie is actually furious with me! She’s worded it a lot better than me. That’s annoying... you all SO SO SO BLOODY MUCH for voting for me and @karen_hauer this week! I’ll be back next week with a ne…🏀 🕺🏼Chris Ramsey is all of us during the #Strictly results. 👀
Retweeted by Chris RamseySo many people had it on double speed and tweeted us saying we talk to fast 🤦🏼‍♂️ @TheLonelyBaz 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @CooeCosy Working on it! @AllanMcAvoy @steoryan81 Working on it! @veritystockdale Haha don’t fume... VOTE! 😝🕺🏼 @clareboyce89 @karen_hauer She really is. Thanks very much @clareboyce89 Thanks!