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Stand Up Comedian. One half of #ShaggedMarriedAnnoyed with my wife @rosemarino. Book available for preorder now 👇🏻

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@helenafruddx @DHutch80072616 Well this is just a wonderful exchange! You’ve made my day ☺️ @gingechanel 👀 🎾 @mlsc1973 My pleasure mate!Make sure you watch Tipping Point Lucky Stars next Sunday 4th October, our amazing Patron @IAmChrisRamsey will be p…
Retweeted by Chris Ramsey @xkiraeliza @Rosemarino 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻There’s me listening to Shagged Married Annoyed 🤣 @Rosemarino @IAmChrisRamsey
Retweeted by Chris Ramsey @kimbel82 I pray to a photo of him every day 👑Tonight on #TheOneShow @MissAlexjones and @IAmChrisRamsey will be catching up with 🌟 @daraobriain 🌟 @DavidOlusoga
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@jemmajobennett @Rosemarino Thanks mate!
Little Mix The Search starts tonight! Which means not long until the live shows hosted by yours truly! The auditi… @TheBigNath @mattforde You two would have really boring sex @danfar93 @dominos If you haven’t already, you need to GET IN THE SEA! @dalewarburton1 I’ll let that one slide... @lhendry87 @Rosemarino @CR_UK Nice work!I’m sorry, but healthy breakfasts can absolutely do one. “Ooooh I could smell that muesli from upstairs!” - said no one EVER. @BeckyBecs 🍆 🧽Thanks for all the love for this weeks #ShaggedMarriedAnnoyed guys, glad it’s cheering you up listening to it as mu… thank you to tonight's guests 🤘 @QueenWillRock, @DrBrianMay, @OfficialRMT + @adamlambert 🌟 @MarvinHumes 🌟…
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Join Alex Jones from 9.30am Sunday Morning ⏰ Guests include: 🔸 @IAmChrisRamsey & @rosemarino chatting about their…
Retweeted by Chris RamseyHi booklings! An exciting start to the day, and a thank-you to be given: we're so grateful to @IAmChrisRamsey and…
Retweeted by Chris Ramsey @sallywenham @nytimes I have SO many questions @amyreaderbooks Absolute scum bagMANCHESTER! My good mate, and regular #ShaggedMarriedAnnoyed fodder @CPHutchinson is doing a stand up show at The… #ShaggedMarriedAnnoyed @Glamupnorth @RailwayHouseNE @WaterstonesNewc This is awesome! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Newcastle! Be quick! #ShaggedMarriedAnnoyed new #ShaggedMarriedAnnoyed out now! With even more instights into @Rosemarino’s tragic little life before she…
@laurenjenney Amazing @BlearsTnP @Rosemarino 🤞🏻 @jojocc85 And @Rosemarino @JonnaAnderson @Rosemarino He knows it makes sense @just_col @Rosemarino Hahahaha @noapaulogies @Rosemarino Genius! @BlearsTnP @Rosemarino Still a win
The power of the SMA’s! #ShaggedMarriedAnnoyed @CharlotteNash90 @gedspears @Rosemarino It’s a motorhome you ANIMALS!Hoping these new restrictions at least stop @Rosemarino leaving for Ibiza... #ShaggedMarriedAnnoyed
@moiann2 Wow! @hanaroseturner @WHSmith @Rosemarino Awesome! @Catladyz91 @Rosemarino @shagmarryannoy @YouTube OH I LOVE THIS BLOKE! ClassicGood news @IAmChrisRamsey fans! We've been lucky enough to add an extra performance to Chris' visit next year- he'l…
Retweeted by Chris Ramsey @CarolineN_W @MrsBearsPlace @Rosemarino 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @BethanyMWash @Rosemarino Sun scream 😱 @topper1407 @Rosemarino You didn’t... but check your DM’s
Mysteries... mysteries... mysteries...*wearily* ”I don’t want to talk about you bike anymore” - Rosie Ramsey #ShaggedMarriedAnnoyed #NoContext
Retweeted by Chris Ramsey @CBrudy @Rosemarino You know what to do. @vickylazaris @Rosemarino @waynelineker Thanks! I was very proud of this segment @topper1407 @Rosemarino That’s absolutely brilliant! I never saw it at the time. Bloody well played!Robin started doing it last night. I’m so proud! are now on sale for our extra CHRIS RAMSEY show at The Baths Hall, #Scunthorpe! The gig will take place on…
Retweeted by Chris RamseyIt maybe called the '2020 Tour' but due to obvious reasons @IAmChrisRamsey's latest show has been rescheduled to Au…
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Tickets are now on sale for our extra CHRIS RAMSEY show at The Baths Hall, #Scunthorpe! The gig will take place on…
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Also ON-SALE TODAY: Critically acclaimed comedian @IAmChrisRamsey is hitting the road for his biggest ever stand-up…
Retweeted by Chris RamseyExtra dates added for @IAmChrisRamsey's biggest ever stand-tour. Tickets on-sale now at:
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2020 IS JUST THE AUTUMN IMAGE! All dates are on my website.@IAmChrisRamsey to Reschedule and Add Dates to his Biggest Ever Stand Up Tour
Retweeted by Chris RamseyAll my 2020 dates have now been rescheduled and some new dates have been added! Venue’s and ticket agents will be… @CButterley @Rosemarino You are more than welcome. Thanks for getting the book
@KirstyDews I have not. And thank you!
@Dan__Morris @chrisramsay Is still like one! @tvmotorhomes @Rosemarino Thanks guys!
@SumsionSheila Congrats!I rarely do this, but shoutout to The Athenaeum Hotel in London. They really looked after me when I was doing The O… @grant_rattray @Rosemarino Thank you! @GlassesCraig @Rosemarino Fucks sake @ChrClrk @Rosemarino Amazing!My Dad has turned my son into a @TippingPointITV fan... can’t wait for him to watch this and finally give a shit ab… @marksmusings @Rosemarino Hahaha @MrHawksworth @Rosemarino Thanks mate. We will keep going as long as people keep listening! @almurray @Rosemarino Thanks Al!Was fully prepared for it to be some kind of mistake and we wouldn’t even be in the chart... but there we are. Holy… @kirstielouF @Rosemarino Priorities ✅ @gillianclarkk @Rosemarino Burn the garden. It’s cursed.
🥺 @HylandMick5 I literally have absolutely no idea. Sorry!
Life hack: always doubt yourself ✅ #ShaggedMarriedAnnoyed @Upsir74 @Rosemarino 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @RachelPye2 Got to hope people see the blue tick. Report the account and it should get taken down. Some people have… @andigrainger See... she never listens!! @Craigyhunter1 @regdel88 @LauraAlex2 Constantly
@ellamwatkins @Rosemarino @MichaelJBooks Thanks Ella! @regdel88 @LauraAlex2 Hahaha @bexxim After the event apparently!Just heard from Penguin... If you don't have the link for tonight's event, check your JUNK folder in your emails.… @Sallyfl73767408 @Rosemarino You should have a link! @PenguinUKBooks ?Thanks guys! @GraingerNeil @mousesheff Hahah amazing. Yeah it was @GraingerNeil 🙌🏻If I hear you’ve used this as a chopping board, we’re done mate. #ShaggedMarriedAnnoyed🤯🤯🤯🤯 #shaggedmarriedannoyed Thank you xx
Retweeted by Chris Ramsey @Ferghal_T No mate. New dates getting announced shortlyI’ve already seen the audition shows... and they are brilliant! There’s gonna be laughs... and tears. Can’t wait!… @abbeybelll @WHSmith guys. Sort it out?HA! This is me and my brother in law in the background. He’s the one who brakes his foot in the book!… @mattyj88ooosh @Rosemarino Best. Pub. Name. Ever @kmorrisuk Oh yes!WE DEMAND A RECOUNT! 🤯 . Thank you all so so much for buying our book. This is above and beyond what we expected.…
@elliejcruse @Rosemarino Wonderful! @xAbigAil @RoyalNottingham They probably have a lot of staff still off etc. This is the reason why the dates are st…