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Stand Up Comedian. Instagram - IAmChrisRamsey. One half of #ShaggedMarriedAnnoyed with my wife @rosemarino. BRAND NEW 2020 STAND UP TOUR ON SALE NOW 👇🏻

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@Jadestarrx Nice to meet you too!Christmas tree is up
Retweeted by Chris Ramsey @David_J_Waters That’s what I think too! @Brain_of_Blonde Nope that was the rattler @kiebolton18 Haha enjoy! @JosephDavidBoak Nope.Shields people... what was the Sand Dancer pub called before it was the Sand Dancer? I know it’s Crab Shack now to…, sorry. I’ll not be at Laffs4Kids today. I’m having a much needed little holiday with @Rosemarino and Robin afte… @DavidGFoster87 @Rosemarino @craigbloodworth @shieldsgazette Corner house? @DavidGFoster87 @Rosemarino @craigbloodworth @shieldsgazette you guys must know what the sand dancer used to be cal… you haven’t listened already, why not kick back today with this week’s brand new #shaggedmarriedannoyed Here’s… @KirstyNaylor Manchester matinee coming! @greencircles74 Haha glad it’s sorted @wtopley467 Thanks! @Katie_Whetton Yep! @MsFlamingoUK Just couldn’t make the dates work this time round. It’s the first tour that I’ve not played there in… for all the lovely messages about #DialMForMiddlesbrough if you missed it, it’s repeated on Gold at 3.20 tomorrow. @goldchannel
Retweeted by Chris RamseyCongratulations! 🙌🏼 🥳 Great final tonight! Huge well done to all involved. From start to finish It’s been a wonderf…
Retweeted by Chris RamseyGot some extra dates getting added to the tour this coming week guys... watch this space 🎫 @foresthoop Halifax matinee getting added. Best I can do! @redfraggle235 There’s a Manchester matinee on its way for the opera house!Haha I never thought of that... I danced on every episode of the series. Might get this on a T-shirt @greencircles74 Everyone else can!? Are you on WiFi?
Yes... very soon! #london @IAmChrisRamsey @Rosemarino. Our readers voted Shagged, Married, Annoyed their Podcast of the Year…
Retweeted by Chris RamseyAn hour in to the @bbcstrictly final - who's your fave? Despite narrowly missing out on the final, @IAmChrisRamsey
Retweeted by Chris RamseyTIMING!
Retweeted by Chris RamseyWhat is the key to good comedy?
Retweeted by Chris RamseyOXFORD! I've added a tour date at the NEW THEATRE. Tickets on sale now! ...fancy a laugh? 28th FEB 2020 TYNE THEATRE & OPERA HOUSE *not many tickets remaining*…
Retweeted by Chris RamseyPORTSMOUTH 21st May Still a few tickets left! many tour dates now sold out. Get tickets to whichever ones you can here-📣📣SOLD OUT📣📣 Chris Ramsey at #Blackburn in March HAS NOW SOLD OUT! Missed out? Get on our box office waiting list b…
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@MissRudiBlue @Rosemarino It’s safe @Holldoll1985 @Rosemarino Happy birthday!It’s #ShaggedMarriedAnnoyed day!🤣😳
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@AlisonOakes Happy birthday!Live footage of working class Tory voters voting Tory
Retweeted by Chris RamseyPlease vote today. Not telling you which way to vote, but if you’re SURE you’re never ever going to get sick, or ge…
Retweeted by Chris RamseyIf you're not sure who to vote for, watch this.
Retweeted by Chris Ramsey👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @ali_sendall If she thought I was @joeldommett, I am going to go back and buy her some flowers. I’ll take that ALL DAY!Please vote today! We are so lucky to live in a democracy where we have a say, so make sure you have yours! And h…, a lady in Greggs on Monday was ASTOUNDED that I’d “made it back from the jungle so quickly” 🤦🏼‍♂️ and vote you little twat 🗳
Retweeted by Chris RamseyWe did. We also invented a cheaper one that just puts a flag in the shit so you don’t stand in it...…
@abbsatkinson @Kennyatkinson1 I can only apologise mate @elliott1301 @CPHutchinson Hahahaha! Oh my word @elliott1301 @CPHutchinson Yeah that’s standard Carl patterThis weekend: OTLEY SELBY
Retweeted by Chris RamseySHEFFIELD! Carl is doing his own show at The Leadmill tomorrow, there are some tickets left if you wanna go and se…
NEWCASTLE! EXTRA TICKETS have just been released for my 2020 @ArenaNewcastle show! really can’t knock the level of puns this account knocks out...
"And you have been brilliant at... ripping my soul out every week!" 😂 Our Semi-Finalists @IAmChrisRamsey and…
Retweeted by Chris Ramsey @intuMetrocentre @bbcstrictly Thanks guys!Such fun on It Takes Two! That stand up tour I mentioned is on sale now... and almost sold out! Tickets here-’ll be on It Takes Two on @BBCTwo tonight with @karen_hauer at 18:30 Tune in! @almurray Thanks mate! @louisemknox @Rosemarino Haha. It just got worse and worse the more I read. Bloody hell haha @mikebreakfast @emilybushell80 You’re a bloody gent mate! Thanks so much @HilarityBites @bbcstrictly Thanks guys!THE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS ARE UP! @Rosemarino @jojo_radebe @karen_hauer You’re the man! X @SCDband @karen_hauer Haha thanks so much! You guys are just the best! So much talent crammed under the stairs! Haha xGood luck to all of these wonderful people! It’s been a pleasure working with you lot. Go smash that final!
@BulgeChris @IainDoesJokes @karen_hauer Quiet you! @IainDoesJokes @karen_hauer Hahaha!They danced, they laughed, they entertained us all. Thanks for so many great #Strictly moments @IAmChrisRamsey and…
Retweeted by Chris Ramsey"I'm not afraid of that dancefloor anymore!" After 12 weeks on #Strictly, it's fair to say @karen_hauer has turned…
Retweeted by Chris RamseyCan we just take a minute to celebrate the fact that a professional dancer who has been trying to teach me to dance… @michellevisage You’re the fucking queen! Love ya xBACK TO THE DAY JOB! My stand up tour starts in March and thanks to all this dancing, it’s almost sold out! Com…, it’s been absolutely epic! I can’t thank you all enough for the support you’ve given me @bbcstrictly Massi… we go guys! @bbcstrictly @Lodgey15 Mate, that’s made my night! Haha. Tell her hello from me!After all this dancing, I’ll be going back to my REAL job... Loads of dates sold out already!’s absolutely livid. She’s been force feeding me buckets of mayonnaise every day now... and she had to pay for…
We won't watch you cry, but we'll watch you Rumba @IAmChrisRamsey and @karen_hauer. 🤩 #Strictly
Retweeted by Chris RamseyI’m sorry but that was beautiful. This man had never danced a day in his life, trust me! Our first dance was HORRIF…
Retweeted by Chris RamseyCome on! Let's get @iamchrisramsey through to that final! They think they can trip Chris and Karen up with the curs…
Retweeted by Chris RamseyThanks for all the lovely comments guys. I poured my soul into that rhumba! (There’s sentence I never thought I’d e… NOW OPEN!!! 6225203 (15p) AND @SMC2003 @Aj11Ace I’ll take second after AJ... I can live with that! @josephinesenior WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!Epic! @NickyDanbury @karen_hauer Hahaha fair play like @SalliePot @stephfidlerxo 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Excited to be a part of this semi-final with my mate @iamchrisramsey and these absolute superstars .. .…
Retweeted by Chris Ramsey @ArenaNewcastle Thanks guys! @russell_kane @bbcstrictly @karen_hauer Thanks mate xx @thecoffeewench @Rosemarino Spend it on votes tonight hahaTonight it's the 2019 Semi-Final! Time for @emmabarton, @IAmChrisRamsey @kelvin_fletcher and @kayzer_1 to watch bac…
Retweeted by Chris RamseyBrilliant!!!
Retweeted by Chris Ramsey @TYNAquarium Thanks seals!!Amazing!!! Thanks @SuggwellxBp @karen_hauer Thanks so so much. What a lovely thing to read just before the show! Really appreciate it xGoing to update this soon, but @IAmChrisRamsey has shown the most improvement throughout the series, whatever the o…
Retweeted by Chris RamseyJust want to say, whatever happens this weekend, support on here has been incredible. In any moments of exhaustion… @westoetravel @bbcstrictly @chloeandliam24t Thanks! X