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People die... but memories always live
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀You’re not broke. You’re “money in the making”. Speak life into it.
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀 @bayan_bdg Looking great! @Amegaxi I’m wondering if it shrunk in the wash or if it was made like thatThis got me feeling mad nostalgic with their viral tweet pinned from 2018
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀A typical starling is better looking than all but 20 or 30 humans
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀Now THIS is a message.
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀A thread of stunning Soviet bus stops and some context.
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀Viva la roast
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀Official video for CONFIDENCE‼️ drops later tonight at 8pm 🎬🥶 #anti
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀That shark probably embarrassed
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀And then the french murdered him
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀Thomas Sankara increased Burkina Faso's literacy rate from 13% in 1983 to 73% in 1987. He lived in a small house an…
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀Meanwhile this is the Trump administration's position on "helping" others in the world during this crisis:…
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀Shia Labeouf back in rare form!!!!
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀Ada thinks Eku Edewor served no substance in the Skin documentary. According to her, “a light skinned, biracial wom…
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀Left my pastor on read this morning, call that a holy ghost
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀 @siriboee @AntiSocial_szn @Koblajnr Godspeed!!Official video for CONFIDENCE‼️ Drops tonight at 8pm‼️ RT ‼️🎬🥶 #siriboe #newvisuals
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀Mídia
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀 @47serpent This some sad shitwhy the fuck you gotta make me cry like that
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀 @thiqabi 😩😩 @thiqabi Scaring or scaring?Read that first sentence again.
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀 @livmonique28 Sensational !! @baddify You never know till you try @_Naydean Great to hear you’re happy even though you going through it xx @iamElikem I am but I don't know why cause anyone else in my sits would be stressed and depressed
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀 @iamElikem Chale don’t wake up early again😂
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀 @_OluwaMaxwell LmaoooI am fully dying at this fake email 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀Like I didn’t know what to expectThis image is killing me. I’ve been laughing for a minute now 😅😂 @M_Ahoefa Lmaooo. He had no shame tooI’ve Fully been finessed
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀After Ronaldo left Madrid and Zidane took over Madrid, what he did to make up for lack of Ronaldo's goals is to mov…
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀He owned 2007 though a brutally honest friend is important, can’t have a squad full of yes men
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀 @___naq It will be well sisThen there is 2010 Mavado. I don’t know why electronic is what he wants to experiment with but Godspeed. This is 2020 Mavado. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I pressed play but it wasn’t it lol @_OluwaMaxwell The youth dem lol @vinayaravind That’s dope. Deffo get some film. I wanna see what you capture with it. @_OluwaMaxwell Lol I mean I would have been ignorant then 😅knew nothing about him for the longest. Just that he was an ‘influencer’Interestingly it was a similar (but more advanced) Bell and Howell 8mm camera (the Zoomatic) that was used to shoot…
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀 @vinayaravind Looks very dope. Is it in working condition?When I look at the three-lens arrays of the iPhone 11 Pro (and other phones), I'm reminded of this 1958 Bell and Ho…
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀Jah cure & Damian really came together for this gem morning
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀 @_OluwaMaxwell I would have seen him as Robin Hood 😭😭woah, hello cousin 🤯 I know we don’t know eachother but I went to tonga for the first time in october & saw this sa…
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀 @_sena_frost Lol I wanna build my character in other ways lol @_OluwaMaxwell Chale I vex. Even if he had dashed me $10,000 what would have happened? @DevikaxMami Fr!Hushpuppi really had all that money and didn’t spray anybody that one time in bloom. I’ve been thinking about it fo… give that good advice that I only wish I could follow myself.when Mac Miller said, "I don't need nobody, I would love somebody though, don't you ever get it fucked up"
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀Active @monakhalifaxo Why didn’t you stop it 😩😩 @kourtwils Lool the pain!!With the way sex trafficking cases are being exposed I worry about missing people tweets x10 nowadays @DevikaxMami 😂😂😂 @LonelyScribe Loool. I couldn’t even watch all of it vos wtf!? 😩😩License plate???? For a bicycle??? Djdodkdkdksk OI!
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀 @JessicaBentu Lol. Eat and sleep. I swear food just be evaporating from your body lol @JessicaBentu That explains it lol 😅 @tvyxo Always @LonelyScribe Lmaooo. I swear when this cane out she was doing bits? What eyes was I watching this with back then @JessicaBentu Omg no way lol. Have you slept yet? Have you eaten? LolA Tokyo Road Trip -
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀Unapologetically me.No one is offering real change. 2020 & you have ‘building roads’ in your manifesto. Foh lolThis politics is not progressive at allAt this point the only purpose Facebook serves for me is that I can check who’s birthday it is everyday among my friends list.
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀I really detest Ghanaian politics so much I really won’t even wanna take up my right to vote.He disappeared @ImTheReasonWhy Nah some drugs must have been taken that night lolAll because you ‘love’ this team lolYou’ll be going about your day nicely and see someone’s shit take on your know better but still can’t help but get vexed.Ngl football banter is emotional abuse.Y’all pls chill with the thirst traps. More plsHeart of gold @Amegaxi Couldn’t see the paper but found other sources. Thanks though. @addogenesis Clash royale isn’t quite like clash of clans lol. Bit boringWith this in mind, we share “The Waters,” a cinematic meditation on Black Freedom shot & directed by @iamelikem & n…
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀“Freedom is not granted. Freedom is. Together they will not extinguish our fire,” chants @_riaboss_ . “How long? Ho…
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀“The Waters” journeys through key sites in Ghana of the transatlantic enslaved trade (Cape Coast Castle & James Tow…
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀Watch the entire film & download hi-resolution images gifted by @iamelikem from “The Waters.” @_riaboss_
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀Find thyselfNobody: Sisqo in the Thong Song video:
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀I just learned a year before Sankara was killed, he spoke at the African Union summit saying Burkina Faso wasn't go…
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀Was a risky click but it paid off
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀 @tvyxo Yeah lol. I was waiting for the conversation to go somewhere at that point lolThis side switched off for 16 years after they wrapped up that title
Retweeted by BUSCAPÉ 🚀 @olu_blaq Loool