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@lyekuu @SquiidVAL @Saulsrevenge unfollowed and blocked @lyekuu @SquiidVAL @Saulsrevenge dawg @h2nnyu jobrtMAPS valorant highlights ♻♥
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@aeluinn @noahdonotcare nothing its u @noahdonotcare @aeluinn @OfficiaIDevour 💤 @zekeiVAL @OfficiaIDevour @HyperX Wekei @7passing I died @KARRAOF @spoofzera bitch what @KARRAOF @spoofzera arent u on version 1 tho @spoofzera @KARRAOF well no I suck @spoofzera I am ur biggest fan
@aeluinn ok sorry @Nighty10k @endrynaphobia @vurokiii @wlyrrr @pohluhr yes she wanted only diamond+ so she could “spend time w them” @endrynaphobia @Nighty10k @vurokiii @wlyrrr @pohluhr censorablee @aeluinn heyy @Nighty10k @CelticsOG no FULL HDMAPS valorant highlights ♻♥ @overcookpriv valorant jus like me @overcookpriv 6 is rookie numbers @AeroValorant @duhloraa @Saulsrevenge rt @duhloraa @Saulsrevenge Welcome back to this shithole @duhloraa @Saulsrevenge When tf did u come back to life @jellyfish_val what happened @jellyfish_val what @jellyfish_val 70% hs rate what the ufck @unshtable @adorbse @ignovercook rizz god
@Saulsrevenge it was sm fun i wish i cld play it again first exp type shit @aeluinn @AeroValorant i am about to leave faster than my mom left my dad @iluvplaygirlash wait ur still not 17 @AeroValorant @ysk1ng @nnzoee @tupperwareplays couch @ysk1ng @AeroValorant @nnzoee bro its cus mike doesn’t have a mom @AeroValorant fr fella @edatercentral i love u @unshtable @elladxy fr @Xepc0 @cloudyerin_ @nuwumy I think he just turned 17 in that pic? if not idk but either way its still weird, + the…
@dials bloodhunt is gas but ion wanna solo q it @minemannr @nuwumy hi @AeroValorant @ignovercook @cloudyerin_ @aluvalorant @stellariwnl im changing the name of my cord to that @aluvalorant @ignovercook @stellariwnl weve basically played everything there is broneed new games to playLFT main controller (COMFORTABLE ON ANY) LAN exp (x1) LAN has driven me to compete even further. I’ve never want…
Retweeted by hcu @nuwumy @cccccccccairo @TrickAIM personally i wouldnt take this @xxelitism @cloudyerin_ @nuwumy dasnerth is a freak inside of ranked and out of ranked LOL @cloudyerin_ @nuwumy im pre sure like 17-18 maybe 19 @nuwumy NAHHHH LMFAOO I KNEW DASNERTH WAS A DEGEN BUT THIS IS DIFFERENT @nuwumy NAH HE SAID ALL THAT TO U AND UR 15 LMFAOOOO @ZCZCZCZC16 @deviIIbabie @pohluhr LMFAO sarah is his middle name! @ZCZCZCZC16 @deviIIbabie @pohluhr how long is this lasting for @ZCZCZCZC16 @deviIIbabie @pohluhr woah ur reformed since when @ZCZCZCZC16 @deviIIbabie @pohluhr bro he has a match history pic from beta with basically a default twitter pic and… @ZCZCZCZC16 @deviIIbabie @pohluhr bro asad she and her minions think this post is serious its the funniest shit ever @deviIIbabie @ZCZCZCZC16 @pohluhr no that's sarah @pohluhr slayhi i’m sarah :3 i’m new to #valtwt / #valotwt / #leaguetwit #gamingtwt and i’m looking for moots!!! i'm also a mari…
Retweeted by hcu @threeFPS @YoloVAL_ @IUC43 @scrollval @Dasnerth u diss a fg and expect them not to diss u back how braindead can one be @threeFPS @scrollval @Dasnerth nt bro i thought u werent a fan / didnt care ab my opinions 😢😢😢😢 @threeFPS @scrollval @Dasnerth ok bro! keep on acting like u didnt ride me literally every time i posted sum @threeFPS @scrollval @Dasnerth i can guarantee u you were all like "wtf no way hcu unfollowed me i thought he was m… @ignovercook @threeFPS @scrollval @Dasnerth @threeFPS @scrollval @Dasnerth u was on my dick for months and once i unfollow you bc i seen yo ass being weird now… @threeFPS @scrollval @Dasnerth ngl bro u are the biggest dickrider of all val twt u just needa know when to stfu 💀 @scrollval @threeFPS @Dasnerth sorry scroll if ur not averaging a 2.5kda with 250 acs & 200 adr then u are boosted & dont deserve u @threeFPS @scrollval @Dasnerth this the most braindead shit ive ever seen
@claudipher anything w ketchup sounds nasty but only a few are good tho @aeluinn @claudipher Oh so u can ego my text But Rpely on @claudipher eggs w ketchup is gas @novavalv2 @COLBEEval u have been waiting to call someone red rank for so long i can already feel that @novavalv2 @COLBEEval @Xorainn marous is a fuckin nerd @Nighty10k @fIuffyzx i uh nice !
Retweeted by hcu @Nighty10k @fIuffyzx @aa1ly Bro has no game @florscnt congrats tho @jellyfish_val @novavalv2 yeah idk why u didnt, u are a rly solid player and have a ton of potential. If u keep gri… @jellyfish_val @novavalv2 Yeah I understand that and thats why I never downplay coaching because it has helped othe… @jellyfish_val @novavalv2 tbh i dont rly believe in coaching being all that helpful, i honestly believe anyone can… @novavalv2 @jellyfish_val man that game was so funny i love running it down sometimes @jellyfish_val @novavalv2 ngl to u a few of the times ive seen him hit radiant were purely luck 💀 not discrediting him but still @florscnt wait when tf did u hit 22k
@kazvaI @spoofzera @RECLOCY @wxppa thats @spoofzera, hes ur biggest fan @va_mittens Wait ur alive @1057698234yzx @noxuqt smh @1057698234yzx @noxuqt Man where is my content gonna be at smu @1057698234yzx @iluvplaygirlash nic is so fucking bad for u & makes u feel like shit @iluvplaygirlash @1057698234yzx Good @presidentdove cus u r an edater @novavalv2 @xxelitism @ignovercook @dogbackp6ck 21k is absolutely insane (i peaked 820 rr #13)
@dogbackp6ck mine is cute as fuk @dogbackp6ck bro urs looks like someone took a shit and just layed it ob ur bed dumbahh doh @dogbackp6ck ur dog has brain damage @jellyfish_val thats me sorry @kxtieoh thxdo you guys like my dog @ignovercook @kanatouu vouch @AdamStone_ what was the og tweet she deleted @AdamStone_ wjhat did i miss @xxelitism @ignovercook @dogbackp6ck Dont talk to my husband like that #21,500