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h @iamhcu overcook

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@_novaVAL didnt u steal natasha and velts matching pfp @veltqt @senaachufinished every agent contract finally @bobabonk noti @bobabonk noti @bobabonk noti @bobabonk noti @ProfessorSoop @gabersenn @sashavalorant icebox is the best map @Inf4mousEnergy @bearz lmg gamer @1HUNNYU hey @AyeeTrain @TorseFPS both are equally bad @TorseFPS @AyeeTrain bad game @AyeeTrain @TorseFPS oh that mode @AyeeTrain @TorseFPS wat that @kayvalorant his duo added me 😭
@Toastedtw @LayziVAL praying in his name @Glorinsz if my mental isnt broken after what ive witnessed this week it will never be broken again"how are u in losers q just win lol" @veltqt @senaachu ur so funn veltrom @wunjii @ShiftyVAL @ignovercook @spoofzera @dogbackp6ck bro was team fighting @1EDEN_ realwho the fuck is this LMFAOOO @AeroValorant @veltqt even worse @bobabonk noti @BlanketsVAL wait show me LOL @veltqt arent u diamond and 5'2 @Iyingv my dash is normal and updraft is 150 in range @BlanketsVAL im lost @BlanketsVAL watdid they fix jett @ignovercook @TwitterSupport We the same @ignovercook @TwitterSupport @ignovercook jk im 12 i was baiting @ignovercook im 14 @ignovercook W @veltqt @ilyval_ @dogbackp6ck no vouch @ilyval_ @ignovercook @LunarKats 😭 @ilyval_ @ignovercook @LunarKats was this like very random or am i trippin @ignovercook yes @Ski11a15_YT please tell me ur high ranked and saying thisgas to 1k gang
Retweeted by h @Ski11a15_YT i can play every agent what are u saying LMFAOO @fishszns what the fuck @spoofzera @bobabonk @fluffyyFPS @CarbynVAL MY POINT BRO @bobabonk @fluffyyFPS @CarbynVAL wasnt me @bobabonk @fluffyyFPS @CarbynVAL You almost got ran over by a car the second you went outside. @1HUNNYU @turtlewurdle rare hunnyu banger @asaddapakii @bobabonk I MANAGED TO FIX HER TABS BUT IM STILL IN LOSERS Q MAN @asaddapakii @bobabonk i have done the impossible @bobabonk it is W @bobabonk W @_novaVAL @weirdoliv nova she 14 @spoofzera @bobabonk do it for the content @spoofzera @bobabonk ask her to do a roblox date for stream @spoofzera @bobabonk do it @spoofzera @bobabonk who is this one @spoofzera @bobabonk haha funny @Toastedtw @Skrrtfps @ebbawebba no @Skrrtfps @ebbawebba ur kanye @Skrrtfps @ebbawebba fb u aint drake @weirdoliv @t1ffsny @wahoooopunch bro said pal 😭 @spoofzera @Tashfan69520 don't click f5 this time @spoofzera @Tashfan69520 lets remake ill dc for u @spoofzera @Tashfan69520 her @moondownbad who @ignovercook No @ignovercook LMAOAOAO @ignovercook im 1-5 in my last 6 @ignovercook real @bobabonk noti @bobabonk noti @bobabonk noti @bobabonk noti @veltqt ? @spoofzera @veltqt thx @Momiji_VAL @veltqt 😈😈😈😈 @Momiji_VAL @veltqt did u ever get with that tiktok girlbump @veltqt @Tashfan69520 He has no game @Tashfan69520 alpha up with him he has no game @Tashfan69520 maybe u should play duelist more @DoLphinvalo very nice
@ignovercook @bobabonk @ignovercook @bobabonk @ignovercook @bobabonk me n u @ignovercook @bobabonk @threefps @bobabonk noti @ignovercook @bobabonk @ignovercook @bobabonk @ignovercook @bobabonk @stellariwnl @bobabonk heyy @homiesrice @bobabonk hey papi @Toastedtw @fluffyyFPS @bobabonk 17 monkies @Toastedtw @ignovercook @bobabonk lmao get toasted @Toastedtw @fluffyyFPS @bobabonk im 15 @fluffyyFPS @bobabonk heyyyyyy @ignovercook @bobabonk @Toastedtw @bobabonk ratio @ignovercook @bobabonk haha heyyyy