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i love valorant

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@Add3rTV @karnthc @maymayVAL @karnthc he basically just said ur afraid of him @jakeeVAL @snirot u see me personally @Add3rTV @karnthc @maymayVAL theres no way ur getting shit talked by someone who is guaranteed 5'3 at max @Add3rTV @karnthc @maymayVAL ow @jakeeVAL u owe me elo . @snirot @jakeeVAL you're like bad luck @jakeeVAL congrats tho on that peak thats insane u used to be so bad at the game and now ur fucking crazy @jakeeVAL bro u dont understand how upset i was. i was literally in winners q with a road straight to 1k rr BUT NOO… @jakeeVAL i'm still never forgiving u for when u locked breach on icebox, shit the bed, farmed me next game, put me… @maymayVAL @Add3rTV @karnthc it insulted my ego @maymayVAL @Add3rTV @karnthc she insulted me by farming me when we scrimmed @Add3rTV @karnthc @maymayVAL u see.. me personally... @maymayVAL @karnthc twitter bug i only replied once @maymayVAL @karnthc u need ur height checked midget @spoofzera @maymayVAL why r u gettinjg bitched by an ascendant peak midget smurf whos afraid of phasmaphobia @maymayVAL @karnthc bro maya this is like the 3rd tweet of urs i misread i thought you said "DOOD" @kumifps right @Tdapperr ew fortnite @kumifps ok so now that i suck and im going to be washed when i get on tomorrow ur gonna carry me rightall i needed was a break just did charity work for my shit duo @_scrolI @maymayVAL No I’m tired and in pain @kumifps common kumi W @maymayVAL Ngl I thought ur tweet said 19 for a minute I got so confused @maymayVAL HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAY MAY @giannypriv what hapened @snirot @karraof did u expect any less from a basement dweller
@1057698234yzx We the same @cryptXVAL Is it the lft nerds
@koalanoob @valorantleaksEN @ValorCentral @floxayyy Better chance playing the lottery LMFAO @koalanoob @valorantleaksEN @ValorCentral @floxayyy Icebox A needs changed asap that shit is a fucking mess now wit… @valorantleaksEN @ValorCentral @floxayyy @koalanoob
@1EDEN_ @zefiyy if anyones gf follows u theyre for the streetstext me back
Retweeted by hcu @spoofzera me me!!! I wont go negative all day thsi timeI haven’t went positive all day today LOL
@MoonKiller_VAL First thing you do when you come back is play valorant im deh 😭 @koalanoob @CarbynVAL @SyykoNT @f1ukie @RsN_cs Bro looks magnificent @MoonKiller_VAL wait ur back?!IM TELLING YOU NOBODY DOES IT LIKE ME @careertwitch Gianny carried me I just got lucky im poopydropped 31 on him and got blocked ?! LMFAOO fucking thanos @Glorinsz You’re the liar I’m a child of god all words that come out of my mouth are the truth @Glorinsz Gifter dumb fucking autocorrect @Glorinsz I said you are the giftedwhen your career looks like this so his can look like this 😍😍😍😍 @AeroValorant IM GOING AGAINST THE BEST PLAYERS EVERY GAME MIKEyou've never seen anyone do it like me'm literally the best to ever do it
@AeroValorant @lunehrii @Bre4ad shes clinically insane mike @giannypriv Holy fk W gianny @giannypriv Def don’t say it on the priv only tell ppl if u trust them @plat1numOG Holy molyWe need our lord and savior buns back to make valorant whole again when I lose my rankup game on valorant @AdamStone_ @AyeeTrain shit thats so valid id suck a twitch staff employee any time of day @lun3hri u did what noiw @AdamStone_ @AyeeTrain who did what this time
@maymayVAL Maya we have spent like 5k plus on virtual skins if u combine it together. What is wrong with us @maymayVAL @aveluinn @spoofzera kevin hasnt made a tweet ab us so we r not cursed @0xBoppin @spoofzera and 6’2 @0xBoppin @spoofzera vouch @spoofzera bro. @domCSGO im like .34 @domCSGO mid sens @jar0sa @chsmrtnz jk im diffy on viper @jar0sa @chsmrtnz POV: I'm playing viper @presidentdove aint no way a child tryna lil bro me @presidentdove u didnt win @AeroValorant @ShiftyVAL pick me @AeroValorant @ShiftyVAL main @AeroValorant @ShiftyVAL im an initiator mine hello @presidentdove that does not seem convincing @presidentdove Are you okay @whotfisashuhlee i love this slander @plusforward_ cancel culture is stupid saying slurs to someone is even as stupid @dasburner475 @trentFPS @TheGuard when will mfs learn to stop supporting weird mfs like poppin like they dont deser…
@notrxchel WHATDIDO @notrxchel wait is it not the same @kumifps It's not me its jesus christ reincarnateI just had jesus christ awoken in my game and I am so happy it wasn't against me @crunchyyworld nOOOOO @hoodiefr happybirthday hoodie!! @shuboxs @JDNvalorant :( ) @JDNvalorant @shuboxs the meat riding is crazy @ScrewFaceVAL @tdawggVAL @shuboxs be tdawggtdawgg try to be a normal human being in ranked challenge: *IMPOSSIBLE*
@COLBEEval coming back 0-8 against freaks >>coming back from the most unwinnable games >>> @chlohig u are 4 days late i no longer care
@AeroValorant @Glorinsz black clover is so good mmm @adiellol_ God damn they want me to wake up that fking earlywhat time are grand finals tmr @_scrolI @1EDEN_ back off hes mine @sarah_frags id be like 800rr rn if u screwface and them didnt walk me like a fricking dog 😭 @1EDEN_ THATS MY DUO