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CEO of Points North Studio @timetogonorth, Creator of #bmorenice and #28dayskind, graphic designer, #womenintech, #writer, explorer, taco lover. She/Her

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I just tipped my hairdresser through Venmo. She’s local, one of the nicest people I know, owns a small business, an… @jsonbecker Love this! 🙌🏼If you need help getting supplies and materials to students, our team is here to help. #edfinchat #suptchat
Retweeted by Jess WatsonOne of my teammates just got little chicks for her kids, and she brought one of the chicks with her on our video ca… @lenubienne This is beautiful ❤️ @SarahNRodriquez Priorities 🙌🏼
@Dionne_JW @ShelondaStokes @DowntownBalt @JayPerman Amazing 🙌🏼 @ericsmithrocks This is such a great photo :) @NZonnenberg Definitely the fairies do exist! & Thank You to everyone who joined us tonight! We had a blast hosting our 1st virtual #happyhour & it won't…
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@eNapoAF LOVE this idea :)A quiet Baltimore on my social-distancing stroll yesterday evening to stretch my legs. See all the photos I took he… @jessgartner #plottwist
i decided that today. is bring your human to work day. we stared out the window for hours. and they helped me spot the cars. it was magical
Retweeted by Jess WatsonPeople Are Stocking Their Little Free Libraries With Food and Toilet Paper to Help Neighbors in Need - #goodnews @oranicuhh You sound like you 🙌🏼😎“I think we are defined by the way we treat ourselves and the way we treat other people.” - @Oprah #quoteoftheday @womensart1 That blue reminds me of the Jardin Majoree in Marrakech 😍 @geographypix Stunning 😱
@EMcDermott48 Miss you! Video chat soon?Spain is deploying its army to help manage their coronavirus outbreak and not to be insensitive at an anxiety-induc…
Retweeted by Jess WatsonThese words were part of a larger promotion for a small shop in Lisbon, telling me to come inside their store. This…
Going to the grocery now feels like "going to town" in little house on the prairie, if I am good maybe papa will let me get an orange!!!
Retweeted by Jess Watson @messypixels Miss you ❤️ @oranicuhh Beautiful ❤️ @MacConwell Thank you!A perk to being back in the US: clothes washed and dried within 2 hours 😍🙌🏼Americans need help now. @HumanityForward will be giving away $50,000 in installments of $250 - $500 on Twitter to…
Retweeted by Jess WatsonHey Baltimore, you’re beautiful and you’re blooming too! 😍 #mybmore
Love this! Credit: @Refinery29 is an outstanding speech - the best I’ve heard on this topic. Please listen and share. 'This Virus Is Unforgi…
Retweeted by Jess WatsonYesterday late morning as the fog started to clear in #Baltimore.“Never run back to what broke you.” - Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madame CJ Walker #netflix
@backt0nature @jessgartner an appropriate mascot for the times, right? ;)Did you know you could pay a virtual visit to hundreds of renowned international museums to view their phenomenal c… @theferocity same ❤️ @EMcDermott48 @PRSA_MD This is EXACTLY why our email did not mention anything about the virus, talked about how we'… @robdesign Thanks for the share :)After an early-AM text exchange with @johnwaire, I decided to do a little writing this morning about finding light… guys they gave me thank you doughnuts with my order. Chatted with my favorite bartender for a bit too, just to…
Hey #Baltimore, there is a #VirtualTipJar going around for bartenders and restaurant workers. If you can, help them…'re conducting a survey on the state of modern work in #advertising and #marketing. Times are changing, it's ti…
Retweeted by Jess Watson @MissLisaMae @ladyslippers some💸 sent via Paypal. Every little bit helps. ❤️ @stem_nastics @NoOrdnryCherry @Baltimoremag @BmoreWomenTech @sparkbmore @timetogonorth @CodeintheSchool thank you! :)Shout out to @IntlSOS, a medical and travel risk app (that I usually use to easily make doctors appointments abroad… week I made the tough decision to abruptly end my travels and return to the US early. Went through all the scr… @ChiNyagahNash Living his best life :)
@fearlessbmore @RetriumHQ Solid backgrounds! 🙌🏼This is for the healthcare workers on the frontlines — the Sarabande from Bach’s Cello Suite No. 3. Your ability to…
Retweeted by Jess WatsonAs a public service in these stressful times I'd like to offer, as a palate cleanser, the most embarrassing moment…
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Company updates from Points North Studio. We're open, but we're working remotely, and we're in our pajamas. -…
Retweeted by Jess WatsonOur friends at @StartUpSoiree are building a community to help small businesses and entrepreneurs amid COVID-19. T…
Retweeted by Jess WatsonGoing Through It: Listen as 14 talented women tell the story about pivotal moments in their lives when they had to… the weekend, I decided to partner with 850+ CEOs and leaders around the country to adopt the #leadboldly commi…
Retweeted by Jess Watson @lenubienne what in the what? 🙄
“How much of human life is lost in waiting?” - Film: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull #MovieQuotesFirst thing my parents asked me when we talked was “how come you stopped sending us travel pictures?!” LOL, bcuz I… will always love a good quote on a well designed package. This sound brand did it right. Found at a pop up store…
Yesterday and today we strolled through the streets in Lisbon doing our best to support local businesses. Many of t… yourself to this breathtaking Beethoven 'Ode to Joy' flashmob. Hang in there 🔊
Retweeted by Jess Watson“ What is the most resilient parasite? An idea. Resilient. Highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the br… out to @Chase for working with me to extend a credit card limit to help cover the unexpected costs of last mi… you upset about standing in long lines, prices on essentials being raised for profit, and stores running out of…
Retweeted by Jess WatsonHuge shout out to @hopper for making it easy to get assistance for canceling flights. I use Hopper because it’s the… @lenubienne Thank you ❤️ @robbie_couch There’s a museum (of old Roman ruins) here in Lisbon and they adopted a cat. The whole staff looks ou… @rokwon Sugar and salt! YAAAAAAS 😍🙌🏼 @jameelajamil Aaliyah all the way, so my sisters and I could learn the dance moves. @mrjeffu I’ve seen no change in hospitality to be honest. However, even though our confirmed cases are low, hospita…
Yes things are changing quickly and my travel plans will likely be altered. It’s okay. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Ga… are some old ruins of a church in Lisbon, Portugal where the rooftop was lost to fire, and where this cat (on… Your Light Baltimore <3 @Vannoy_Jim I love this. Thank you so much for sharing ❤️
@eNapoAF So fluffy!!!! @iSmashFizzle @jameelajamil @Playboy 😍😍😍Social media has been quite bleak lately, so I’m sharing images of some of the furry friends I’ve met during travel… @lenubienne This is on my adventure list 😍 @angiecthomas I am in the same boat with my parents (in their 70s). They literally have a convenience mart in their…
"To be an artist you either have to be rich or mad." ... a quote from the exhibit that stuck with me. @joymwhitt get well soon!The exhibit featured 3D replicas of his original artwork and I never once considered this as a thing you could actu… Vincent Van Gogh pop up interactive exhibit in Belém (just outside Lisbon) is really a testament to a bond betw… @LouisatheLast This is FABULOUS!Lost track of time this morning on my pedestrian adventure, but it’s a beautiful day so in the grand scheme of thin… @TomWindeknecht @wearehappyplace Love those colors :) @unicorn I miss that house :)
@FarquharFTW @SarahNRodriquez @WindsCogley @ItsCandraM @StyleSTEAMed @AbbyViz @deeVizable @maf2k @LizardEatsFlies @mbrianaepler 😱😱😱 @fearlessbmore I really like the campfire props :) @SarahNRodriquez @WindsCogley @ItsCandraM @StyleSTEAMed @AbbyViz @deeVizable @maf2k @LizardEatsFlies @katebrown_5 a little time before the workday to help my mentee with an internship application. Feels good :) @MoreWillie Stunning! So beautiful! :) @futureleadersrw The Water Dancer, a novel by Ta-Nehisi CoatesA full moon, clock changes in the US, mercury retrograde finally over, Friday the 13th right around the corner. Goo…
@sparkbmore Hey I know that model 😍“None of us knows how strong we are until we are tested.” - @MonicaLewinsky ... wise words from @armchairexppod pod… @LouisatheLast I feel this. @jbradleyrushing @LouisatheLast I wasn't sure how this tweet was going to end and I LOVE it. @AlexisDraws you have one lucky niece :) @lenubienne <3 you have beautiful memories with a loving companion that are country song worthy <3 🐶