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Great guide to how @iamjuliabardo is getting through all this
Retweeted by Julia Bardo @PiranAston_ @idlehours_ @LoungeSocietyHB @blanketmanband @DocumentTheBand @__mealtime @egyptianblueinc! Here’s a playlist full of new tunes you should listen to during isolation. @idlehours_ @LoungeSocietyHB
Retweeted by Julia BardoAs promised every few weeks we are refreshing this humble playlist purely for your aural pleasure. Best of the best…
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yes it's bad that we aren't on tour sure but ive just realised i get to be at home whilst i have pms and i can just…
Retweeted by Julia Bardo“Todo Sobre Mi Madre” (All About My Mother) by Pedro Almodovar is one of the best film I have ever watched. I highly recommend itMy final pre lockdown gig was a couple of weeks ago at @fulfordarmsyork headlined by @iamjuliabardo with support fr…
Retweeted by Julia Bardo @ahintofmayhem @fulfordarmsyork @notafawn @NorthernRadar Thank you! Such a beautiful reviewIf you're a live music fan post a pic no need to explain.
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@shellzenner thanks for the tremendous afternoon of music, loved it especially @iamjuliabardo ❤️
Retweeted by Julia Bardo🏹🏹🏹 @shellzenner 💜🥰💜 @EARPROTECTREQ @shellzenner ♥️!!Heartfelt lyrics from @SaytrPlay right now on instagram! @iamjuliabardo and @Grimm_Twins coming up before 6pm, i th…
Retweeted by Julia BardoThis is live now on @shellzenner’s @instagram with @FarCaspian @patawawa @jamesholtmusic @ONEDAFULL @LaterYouth
Retweeted by Julia BardoGoing live with Shell today at 5 pm! See you laterrrr xxx @ladybirdthisis @MNSTRFLRNCE @misskill_band @WYLDEBAND @freyabeer @TheMysterines @quichetheband @iamjuliabardo
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A review of 'Phase', the new EP from Julia Bardo. @iamjuliabardo @wichitarecs
Retweeted by Julia Bardo @BBC6Music and Lucio Battisti, Il Nostro Caro Angelo @BBC6Music Dominique Guiot, L’Univers de la Mer
@cathholland01 @Studio2atParrSt @BidoLito Thank you very much for your beautiful review!!GIG REVIEW | @iamjuliabardo + Ana Mae at @Studio2atParrSt on 13/3/20 ✍️ @cathholland01
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I think I am addicted to cookingthanks to @ChrisHawkinsUK for playing @iamjuliabardo on his @BBC6Music show this morning !!
Retweeted by Julia Bardo @ChrisHawkinsUK @Mango_Mgmt @BBC6Music @lushbandtweets ♥️
The only exercise I’ve done so far is getting out of bed, walking to the kitchen, grabbing some food from the cupbo… “Bardo bites”I promised myself that I would have become better at guitar during quarantine but my Italian soul came out and now…
Switch off the news. Switch on @PostcardsFTU 22.03.20 show. ➡️ Brilliant tracks from…
Retweeted by Julia BardoLatest show to listen back Tracks from @soccer96band @YumiZouma @iamjuliabardo
Retweeted by Julia BardoWeek of 3/22 in Virgo: You are feeling like a stream. Thankfully too like a pinkish air. If anyone can do it then i…
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Day 5th of self isolation (more like couple isolation) and I have started to speak Italian to my boyfriend. The cut…
@music4listeners @wichitarecs ♥️This may the last record I buy for a good long while! So happy it’s the lovely new @iamjuliabardo EP which is out n…
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Let’s do this! @delicious_clam Very nice idea!! Let’s do it 🧚🏻‍♀️Day 4 of the quarantine and I’ve already cried watching “Sex and the City” @SoYoungMagazine 💙
I did a playlist for these "staying at home" times. I will keep on adding songs I like and that inspire me, in the… Tracks of the Week via @TheOwlMag ft: @thehutfriends @HalfWaif @wearefacs @iamjuliabardo @miyu_ki7 thx:…
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A bunch of new singles gone to 🇮🇪📻 from great artists like @mglaspy @perfumegenius @Malojian @m0dernnature @rideox4
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If you want to support me you can buy my t-shirts and EP on Bandcamp! Stay at home, stay sa…, due to Coronavirus, the rest of the tour dates has been postponed. It’s very sad but it’s for the be…
still doin radio, my @WRUW playlist this am feat: @nadasurf @annaisaburch @musicofEYELIDS @enattendantana
Retweeted by Julia BardoLIVE @iamjuliabardo - Manchester Yes “drawn into her web by her voice which sits at the centre of everything; fam…
Retweeted by Julia Bardo.@iamjuliabardo tiene nuevo EP, 'Phase', con bonitas canciones como esta 'Please Don't Tell Me':
Retweeted by Julia BardoRepeat of @GreaterShow today, Sunday, 5pm Oldham Community Radio 99.7fm and on-line or Listen Again online at OCR.…
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She stole the show at her headline gig at @yes_mcr this week, it's @iamjuliabardo #NowPlaying ▶️ Please Don't Te…
Retweeted by Julia BardoSee you tonight at @fulfordarmsyork in York, supported by Kitty VR and Fawn! Tickets available here…
@stevenfirthuk @cbj622w 🥰 @iamjuliabardo @Studio2atParrSt
Retweeted by Julia BardoWednesday night @yes_mcr with @iamjuliabardo . More photos on my Instagram.
Retweeted by Julia BardoHow good is @iamjuliabardo definetly one to watch lovely person as well
Retweeted by Julia Bardo#TPRS100 a sort of centenary, There are more shows but this is the number since counting. Now, including tracks fro…
Retweeted by Julia BardoStage is set for @iamjuliabardo hope a good crowd turns up
Retweeted by Julia Bardo"It felt like a bedroom set; just you, Julia, and her sweet serenades." - Check out our review of @iamjuliabardo in…
Retweeted by Julia BardoThis is the perfect time to stay inside and listen to the radio ☕️ Join me from 7pm on @BBCTees for a fresh…
Retweeted by Julia BardoNot long now till @iamjuliabardo in @Studio2atParrSt just know she's going to be brill
Retweeted by Julia Bardo @cbj622w @Studio2atParrSt :-)on your afternoon show - real talk about you-know-what: what we know and most importantly, how we can be there for…
Retweeted by Julia Bardo. @iamjuliabardo makes a splash across Europe with I Wanna Feel Your Love: #JuliaBardo
Retweeted by Julia BardoOn Wednesday, @iamjuliabardo turned @yes_mcr into a rose-tinted dream. 📸 by @lucytibbsphoto
Retweeted by Julia BardoTonight, @iamjuliabardo at @Studio2atParrSt. Wonderful night of music right here with support from @EliSmartMusic +…
Retweeted by Julia BardoTonight we will be playing in Liverpool at @Studio2atParrSt supported by @EliSmartMusic and Ana Mae! Tickets still…'s Friday and @iamjuliabardo at @Studio2atParrSt tonight
Retweeted by Julia Bardo @GreaterShow tonight, Friday 8pm Oldham Community Radio 99.7fm and on-line, repeat on Sunday 5pm or Listen Again on…
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A shot from the show at @yes_mcr yesterday. It's been incredible and very warm. I felt at home and it means so much… you @Spotify for adding @iamjuliabardo to your Fresh Finds (Rock) playlist. Nice to have some good news.
Retweeted by Julia Bardo @TheCarolIsh @yes_mcr ♥️The streets of Manchester may be wet and eerily quiet but thankfully we have Italy's best export @iamjuliabardo to…
Retweeted by Julia BardoSee our latest review for the alt-indie single by @iamjuliabardo ‘Please Don’t Tell Me’ from her debut EP on Wichit…
Retweeted by Julia Bardo💔💔💔 @eventhestarsuk 💔! Thank you so much!Pink Room Party 🎈 Watching the wonderful Julia Bardo (smashing it) 🎤 🎸 @iamjuliabardo @yes_mcr
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Tonight. 🎤 🎸 @iamjuliabardo
Retweeted by Julia Bardo @likesagoodread @yes_mcr HahahaNew Additions to the playlist this week for @iamjuliabardo @artpleasure @daywavemusic @thelemontwigs
Retweeted by Julia BardoLOL @iamjuliabardo @yes_mcr @PiranAston_
Retweeted by Julia Bardo @JaguarGuitarMan @stevenfirthuk @yes_mcr @PiranAston_ Jazzmaster!Beyond excited for the show at @yes_mcr tonight in the Pink Room! Let’s have a party 🍸 📸 @PiranAston_ @EllaDearden @yes_mcr 🥰Prog43 @GreaterShow Friday 8pm Oldham Community Radio 99.7fm and on-line, repeat on Sunday 5pm or Listen Again onli…
Retweeted by Julia Bardo @stevenfirthuk I will definitely listen to it and see what we can do! It was so lovely to see you tonight xx @stevenfirthuk @LGSrock101 🥰🥰🥰And I want you to be true And I want you to be cruel, I’d like it Why do I care? And I see it in your eyes And I wa…
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You what mate?!? Scott’s lost his hearing? Don’t need him, we’ve got a @girlgangleeds pick & tunes from…
Retweeted by Julia BardoIt's not my style to give up. I was born with a lot of endurance. @BernieSanders, Virgo
Retweeted by Julia BardoEVERY TUESDAY NIGHT @theseshhull - Live Music at The Polar Bear FREE ENTRY / 18+ LINE-UP (10th March) 10.45PM -…
Retweeted by Julia BardoNew tracks from ⬇️ gone into the @GildedALM 3/20 playlist. @iamjuliabardo @kraeji @FenneLily @YvesTumor (feat.…
Retweeted by Julia BardoThis Friday night with @iamjuliabardo at @Studio2atParrSt will be a great night. Her new EP 'Phase' is out now on…
Retweeted by Julia BardoOn @amazingradio tonight 7-9pm. Post-@crushedbeaks tour tales of 🏨👮‍♂️+ @Rideuberfans Guest pick from…
Retweeted by Julia BardoT O N I G H T @theseshhull - Live Music every Tuesday at The Polar Bear FREE ENTRY / 18+ LINE-UP (10th March) 10.…
Retweeted by Julia BardoTonight!’t be selfish and wash your damn hands.
shout out The Mighty @huwstephens for giving @iamjuliabardo another spin @BBCR1 last night - listen back to the gre…
Retweeted by Julia Bardo @stevenfirthuk @officialTHESESH @PolarBearHull @aliceclayton_ Amazing! Hopefully see you there x @teamloverecords @wichitarecs @officialTHESESH @PolarBearHull @aliceclayton_ Thanks! @cbj622w @officialTHESESH @PolarBearHull @aliceclayton_ See you Friday!!Tomorrow we’ll be playing a FREE ENTRY show in Hull at @officialTHESESH at @PolarBearHull! Support comes from…