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@jackedbillgamin Talking about top shot not 2k lmaoFor the ppl that say digital goods are pointless & shouldn’t be worth anything can you explain to me the difference… @amort9924_ Honestly it’s my injury prevention routine in my workouts. I just started working out again last month.… cap from non foot doc, so I should be good 6-8 weeks 🙏🏽 #bootgang
Who Can Make The Most Money In 24 Hours - NBA Bets Challenge! via @YouTube @ChrispyGraphics 🔥🔥🔥Praying this first doctor cappin, cuz if it’s true I’m done for awhile... fuck. 😓🙏🏽Introducing the 4 Captains for the #YardInvitational Event next week! Which Madden Pros will they team up with...…
Retweeted by Kristopher London 2HYPE 💯 @BriMartinezzz this Sierra Canyon Documentary 🔥 af! @Nadeshot 😅"sex is temporary, gaming is forever" you're an unemployed virgin
Retweeted by Kristopher London 2HYPE 💯Gamers, assemble.
Retweeted by Kristopher London 2HYPE 💯
@JJRober70439636 😘Had a chance at packs today now I don’t cuz they pushed it back and my work schedule 😭Is Warzone New Season a W??Moments before the ankle breaker 😭Mini Hoops are always fun in videos 😂 IS SUCH A W @Sir_GaIIant 🔥🔥 @Spencey009 Not “some dude” 😭 @LaVine_SZN Niceeee what’s your best pull? @Spencey009 You open? @Sloshyunicorn1 Who you get?Just checked the box score of the Thunder game.... SHAI WTFAnyone that follows me get NBA topshot packs within the past 2 days? I’m tryna see what the odds are when you actua… @dfriga98 Every time it’s game point and you get the ball
I Bet My Tesla Model X on this 1v1... via @YouTubeDamn just looked at today’s date... 😓 🙏🏽♾💜💛 @bannedhomeless Oh yeah for sure, not worried at all. Just had a bunch of videos planned next month that i know have to push back. 😑 @bannedhomeless The sad part is i actually was just training and working on my new routine last week but got unluck… this week, if you don’t see me do much in 2HYPE videos next month, here’s why. Landed on someone’s foot again…
TIGER 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽I’m upset I had shaky hands this morning when one of my long term stocks went down and I didn’t buy more, now it’s back up 🙃 @PeteCorby1 If you talking about amazing race we’re waiting til it’s safer due to COVID. those are our fav to film… want you to fit in, not stand out!BOBBY FREE 🙌🏽Welp no packs... GG.
@Kg52697002 Niceeee 🔥🔥🔥 @Scomo843 Yeah i snagged a Zion for pretty cheap it seems like and didn’t even kno LOL @yungboulvon Tomorrow @Scomo843 Nah tbh not really tryna flip just yet it’s too early. Won’t flip until those next packs drop but I’m hol… I’m hooked. Really loving my collection. If anyone wants to help me add to my collection, NBA TopShot profile is ‘iamkrislondon’ ❤️🙏🏽10 Items LeBron James Owns That Cost More Than Your Life Reaction! via @YouTubeStill learning but I had to cop one of my favorite NBA moments I've ever witnessed LIVE sitting courtside from my b…
@Mr_iKeepitreal Bought My Camera Man a NEW CAR with Dogecoin! ❤️🚀 @PontiacMadeDDG Tbh it depends on the gains you tryna get because its predicted to hit 100K by EOD so it’s never to… to clap in other’s victory, your time will come. 🙏🏽Never been to Nigeria before this day a couple years ago to finally meet you. We weren’t able to see each other gro…
🚨 BANGER ALERT 🚨 2HYPE Hide And Seek In A Hollywood Movie Set
Retweeted by Kristopher London 2HYPE 💯NBA Moments You Never Knew Were Rigged Reaction! via @YouTube @ImDukeDennis 🥶🥶🥶🥶OMFG.... @BriMartinezzz @SavageXFenty @efronphoto
@TimothyDeLaG Congrats bro! ❤️❤️❤️❤️Like player and team he play for in nbaCan someone breakdown Mike Trout status in basketball terms?
Make the Shot, Win Expensive Charizard Card! via @YouTubeWonder what comes in faster, cards you submit for PSA grading or Panini Auto Redemptions...’s some sit down videos y’all wanna see from me? @Chaomedia Bet my diamond chain you can’t guard me. @FreeXavier2 I’m capped from getting pro dribbles due to low speed and stamina hahaI can’t get over how bad it got the rest of this video 🤣 @JhbTeam It’s the way you held the boot after you took it off for me 💀 @EasyBuckets14 honestly I’ve realized it’s just a matter of focusing on my own positive energy. I never focused on… really just be in a battle with myself everyday. Shits exhausting but I know on the other side of all this is pur…
HE COUNTED THAT AS A WIN?! Kenny Chao vs Jesser 1v1 Basketball Reaction! via @YouTubeYou are now A TUBER @CouRageJD 😭😂😂😭😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣 @JhbTeam Air JHB @Stahtistics_ Ayeee chill lmfaooooo imma have to change it now cuz i can’t unsee this.... @CouRageJD Miss u @lourenzooooo’all know anyone that’s in esports that can hoop hoop?
@trucreator @PapaMeagzz 🔥🔥WNBA Basketball Trivia Hide and Seek! via @YouTube @BriMartinezzz @SavageXFenty 😍🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽Sometimes you have to learn the hard way: never bet against the boss. Welcome @rockstarenergy to the 100 Thieves f…
Retweeted by Kristopher London 2HYPE 💯Wow. So proud seeing my boy @adinross killin it! We had talks about this and you made it happen! The 2K scene/grind… @DrKilljoy__ @trucreator 💪🏽💯
@mattmawcho 👀 @BriMartinezzz 😈😈😈 @HoodieDonte @official2HYPE @CashNasty @ZackTTG @jiedel @moochieyt @Jesser ❤️❤️❤️❤️LOVE SEEING MY QUEEN HAPPY 😍 #5 being my valentine 🖤 to the moon!
Retweeted by Kristopher London 2HYPE 💯Hard work never goes unnoticed for me, you deserve it 💪🏽 team work makes the dream work 🙏🏽💯❤️
Gave some great insight in this video about @trucreator and made a dope montage of some crazy pulls you guys posted… at @DKSportsbook hammered the over to ZERO super quick! Yes – the OVER in the LAL v DEN game on Sunday is D… Valentines Day, go crazy Kings & Queens! 🤪🥰Roses are red, Violets are blue. Life is hard and so am I when I look at you ❤️ @HenryTheBlasian Tryna pull these bad boyz 🙏🏽 @HardestDRIP Depends but they under valued rn and they’re beautiful cards. Dope for the collection and investment imo @ItsMal_YT Sold at 3.95 just holding with house money rn lolJust copped $8k worth of Dragon Ball Cards... it’s getting bad... but @BriMartinezzz @SavageXFenty 😍🤤🤤🤤
First to Find The Giant Golden Egg Wins! 2HYPE vs Ostriches via @YouTube👼🏼
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Never lose hope. 💯