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not great at this kinda thing, I LOVE music (spacemen3/ Mazzy Star) films (mostly horror) books, good souls and my mates and can be a bit soppy about them all.

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@vamperini x x @Christi60278624 sorry having troubles replying , laptop playing up , but hooray for those smiles :) @vamperini am warm and smiling and singing , gonna get laptop to my brother as soon as he says to come round so I c… @ashleybee89 aint it truly something ? :) @xRetroGamerTomx Happy birthday have a magical time ( all the time( @vamperini will be back soon wonderhugs to you , gotta go, have a wonderful day , keep smiling n singing :)
laptop dying taking year to write sentences will drop it off to brother tomorrow n get him to connect dongle to wif… @vamperini but can message from college so keep these hugs as spares n have a lovely night , sentences taking ages… @dr_Obrero @Sinnful_Redhead @LunaRedcoat33 @HarleyQuinnsMrJ @datjdt @houseofchaos18 @LydiaXTrueblood @SkeltonsVon @dukefan1909 @LunaRedcoat33 Laptop p,aying up so just in case wnted to say goodnight to you two n have a wonderful… @vamperini Laptop acting up again n doing the blue circle thingyummybob so gonna get my brother to sort it tomorrow… @DarkCloset911 That's wonderful , thank you! @HorrorOrman P2 @irishlad444 ooooh any good??? @Tanja89172701 @Krueger1428E Sweeet Dreams n good luck soul hunting :) @edgerton_david Why the long face David :) ... sorry :) ,,, i'll get my coat :) Have a grrreat one :) @vamperini i AM .. its freezing and I mjust had coffee and  ffs IM GLOWING WITH WARMTH ANYWAY , hoo   grrrr ... iwa… @Alyssajb83 ooooh good luck to you :) @MrTabatchoy Oh No my friend IT IS !!! and it's more than okay :) @Livingde4d_g1rl All good here .Hope you have the loveliest day :) @vamperini was SO SO Tired yesterday and was trying to send you this to thank you for being MY Sunshine on a rainy… @vamperini Good morning , have a delicious and devilish day , gotta get back , big mmmmwahs to you :) @vamperini hooray the biggest but softest hugs back to you , on a break , overslept , sending cosmic hugs your way :)Post a fave pic and height , 5ft 10 ,Paris early 2000s found my pics.
so tired but just so you know @vamperini I was grinning through my day, singing songs under my mask n crunching  fa…    Laptop not letting me do anything (downside of a basement flat wifi) so I'm gonna wish y… @vamperini Was trying to do a post but laptops being funny so am gonna pull the duvet over my head and sleep soundl… @AlIen_Springall @junior83250627 @LAfromLINY @80sFanKaz @80sMovieNetwork @TheWooChick @Natalie_Oxford @MrTabatchoy Stay away from Shoegaze n psychedelia ( only in the sleepy driving case) and open the window a blast s… @vamperini HAHA!!!!  I felt that !!!!  just ... aaaaw just what I needed :) @YoFuiASukursal @polyunica1 @Nina8Fox @KimberlySmerke1 @Amaia08697236 @dukefan1909 @Rob1987Big @Ale301271 @alpha_maz oooh is he the 'hot' one??? @irishlad444 oh yes!!!  Firestarter for me tonight ( IF I can stay awake) have a top one matey :) @vamperini just gonna switch the lights off n have a little rest but I have your hugs right here with me keeping me… actually look exactly the opposite of that right now , rained on and dishevelled but glowing with warmth and happ… @Manuel17888929 @AlIen_Springall @michael95238310 @DefenderWalrus @RSThomas42 @jedimasta79 @irishlad444 @cam_junge @vamperini I MADE IT!!!  phew, exhausted but buzzing with Hugness :) hope you're feeling good and your heads better… artwork again , Manuel just breathtaking!! @vamperini  @Raiton08 @Krueger1428E @iammikeythepoet @JQuarmby @YannMetal666 @morningsidecrow @Tanja89172701 @vamperini Good morning , I hope you had the softest secure sleep , gently kissing you on the cheek to welcome you… @Livingde4d_g1rl Goodnight to all of you and I just wanna say if I woke up in bed tomorrow and had dreamt the most… @Livingde4d_g1rl You KNOW  the people on here that make me smile or tuck me in to sleep n look out for me.If I coul… @Livingde4d_g1rl I'm just trying to say that you do shine so bright , :) @Livingde4d_g1rl I sometimes worry that ...aawww you know what, it's people like you that make me not worry about s… @neff_goldblum @ecto_fun h wow , of course , and you class ALL of them as Horror Com ??? as opposed to Horror with… @ataritiger so THAT'S where the good drugs went !!!! :) @EmilyMarie82 night night sweet dreams :) @ecto_fun Horror com, they always just seem to make it purile &zany ( like guys after 2 grams thinking they're come… @CineStarFilms The way this yeas going I wouldn't disregard anything ... :) @Christi60278624 we're still gonna send you the best wishes n the happiest thoughts :)
@Dont_Ask_Me_Pls @talkaboutfilm @QwikFlickCritic @JohnFite5 @KillRecord_ @xRetroGamerTomx @GameOverR3vi3ws! @Dont_Ask_Me_Pls @talkaboutfilm @QwikFlickCritic @JohnFite5 @KillRecord_ @xRetroGamerTomx @Y2John84 aaaaw yeah!!!!! @vamperini Swim deep into beautiful dreams and rest well , sweet hugs to keep you safe n sound :) @vamperini supercute and delightfully devilish!!!! @17RandomNumbers @_dot_net Eden Lake might just be the most genuinely frightening British film of the last decade or so . @DarkHorrorWorks wooooooaaaahhhh!!!!    incredible!!!!! cheers :) @CineStarFilms massively so, one of the most under-rated horrors of the nineties, so many films try to inject humou… @vamperini Have a fun filled wonderful night , big hugs :) @rachelpower68 My favourite by a long way , think that the 'addiction/comedown' angle totallty adds something to th… @LaraAnnDominick my close second is having a song in your head that swims around everytime you think of someone :) @rumgirlkw Sending happiness n hope , hope your day gets groovier :) @Livingde4d_g1rl You're known for being the one who comes back and we all look at each other and go hoo and indeed rah!!!! @AnothermillennR Sometimes I'm sitting here its raining &I cant work out what to do & I see your tweets I think ooo… @thesirenvenus Hope your day is clear skied and clear headed and stress three , have a lovely sunday :) @vamperini oh wow , now I'm gonna be humming THIS one all day , this is a good good double good thing!!!!   :) @gravecrock @CineStarFilms @alpha_maz @IanJ43 @Martin35176882 @cmthpodcast @CazzleBoos @HenryChivers @irishlad444 @vamperini Gotta get to the shops , theyclose in half hour but I got my happy place and I'm practically gonna skip… @vamperini and there's my biggest smile of the day!!  you are truly wonderful . I'm .... nope , YOU make peoples days .. thank you !!Wow, you're lovely! @CineStarFilms @alpha_maz @IanJ43 @Martin35176882 @cmthpodcast @gravecrock @CazzleBoos @Rob1987Big @vamperini Hey there Rob , hope you're having a fantastic day :) @LAfromLINY @vamperini Mornin' Alvino , hope you're having a superb sunday :) oooh that reminds me .. it just might be COFFETIME:) @CazzleBoos YEP!!!!  :)   Have a great Sunday :) @jmr___18 Errrr this lot are from up the road :) @Halloween_75 HMMMMMM You had me at cake :) have a lovely lazy sunday :) @vamperini have a lovely day doing boring stuff n Council emails n that but still strong n smiling and filled to th… @dukefan1909 just dozing off night night Carla :) @MikeVanderbilt 'we all SLEEP down here, Mikey' :) @vamperini still glowing from my yesterday hugs , hope you had a sweet n sound sleep , sending you the warmest bigg… @alpha_maz @LunaRedcoat33 @HarleyQuinnsMrJ @dr_Obrero @thefilmbuff30 @datjdt @Sinnful_Redhead @houseofchaos18 @alpha_maz @LunaRedcoat33 @HarleyQuinnsMrJ @dr_Obrero @thefilmbuff30 @datjdt @Sinnful_Redhead @houseofchaos18 @HarleyQuinnsMrJ @alpha_maz @dr_Obrero @thefilmbuff30 @LunaRedcoat33 @datjdt @Sinnful_Redhead @houseofchaos18 @alpha_maz @dr_Obrero @thefilmbuff30 @LunaRedcoat33 @datjdt @HarleyQuinnsMrJ @Sinnful_Redhead @houseofchaos18 @alpha_maz @dr_Obrero @thefilmbuff30 @LunaRedcoat33 @datjdt @HarleyQuinnsMrJ @Sinnful_Redhead @houseofchaos18 @Y2John84 sweet dreams matey , have an ace sunday too :) @Michael96303310 saving kittens from a burning orphanage? @neilbelieves @bales1181 @ithrah69 @stonegasman @filmizon @riccardi17 @sequelsonly @JanuaryMovie @VaderJaws Achingl… @Livingde4d_g1rl good to have you back :) @agravewoman @AlissaLaylax @Shudder So many incredible films from a handful of actors Cushing , Lee and Price n Kar… @LunaRedcoat33 @AnothermillennR Funniest thing ... first girl that tried to kiss me I did just that .....   err wit… @AlissaLaylax @Shudder Witchfinder , Scream and Scream again , House of Usher , so many classics though , have a wo… @1carolinagirl Can I just express to you .... I can't .... WOW!!!!! @Seanofthethread @AnothermillennR Oh man , I knew as soon as I put my answer i'd see another I love just as much :) @AnothermillennR @ikkegoemikke Cusack even makes chick flicks kind of okay :) @NatashaLink1 You got a smart AND loving one there :) @summercannot That's fantastic , om so happy for you, congratulations!!! @AnothermillennR Does Michael Douglas still work if so  him :) @evil_toast916 Cheers matey!!! @HollywoodStace That's exactly it ... you cant beat yourself up for a relapse , not when you've showed the strength…