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not great at this kinda thing, I LOVE music (spacemen3/ Mazzy Star) films (mostly horror) books, good souls and my mates and can be a bit soppy about them all.

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@RStoned171 @LAfromLINY @marygar48875787 you guys raise my roof , thank you , night night :) @preston_mcelroy just off to sleep pops , wishing you a lovely night my friend , have a great one :) @GingerGano @highwaytohell25 @LAfromLINY @marygar48875787 i laugh at people falling over .. and then go to church to beg forgiveness :) @preston_mcelroy you take care pops , you are a lovely friend to us all , make sure you look after yourself as well :) @marygar48875787 @evil_toast916 aaaaaw , well you are super n fab n groovy :) @marygar48875787 @evil_toast916 hell yeah , im civilized mary , thats what seperates us from the animals ..... :) @KATOTHEFAM @SearchingSeries @ironmaidendude7 @Peter12496917 @PeterGittos @PeterPo37583892 @Majormikeypayne @marygar48875787 @evil_toast916 i'd eat david bowie's or gary oldman or tilda swinton , wouldnt be keen on eating s… @gftomatoes i did , thank you so much , had my last meeting then slept through the afternoon , have a college I>T z… @GalileoPsych the dreamers , love paris and the 68 ( student) revolution. @gftomatoes but so worth it , thanks Rie , have a joyous night :) @glee_writes ruh roh!!!! @MrTabatchoy @UtzSnacks im so glad i always have food in the oven before i read your tweets :) @TommyDoyle47 one of the greatest horrors ever made also has the benefit of the funny parts actually deing funny,th… @gftomatoes always , but i'll just sit n be quiet , thank you :) @jen_NY25 family and friends mean the world to me . @dukefan1909 have a beautiful night carla :) @ScrollinAllDay nooooooooooo !!!!!! :) @Y2John84 and did you , as me and all my 12 year old friends cheer when sally's brother got GOT :)
@vickistargac i do , but when i see sunlight its like i come alive n feel good about the world , not so good i wont… @tattooed_bee full of nutty protein and vitamins ... errrrr probably :) @LAfromLINY nice n toasty :) @LatchkeyGothBoy never did us any harm :) @irishlad444 yes yes yes yes yes, saw this in the cinema and WOW just knocked my legs out from under me , fincher i… @miss_phibes got my plans for the next one drawn up so hopefully will get that done round about august .. although… @Tatopumpkin also near dark , wonderful film :) @nerdyOme you just read mine :) @Jayne__w sorry , couldnt help, slept through the afternoon and evening , have a lovely night :) @Tatopumpkin the entity is always worth a watch. @carlapunkgirl @WHATSFORDlNNER lashings of salt n vinegar :) @rxbeccajohnson tilda swinton , hands down , unparraleled and unequaled. @FrankKane11 @KATOTHEFAM yeah like frank says , some people have a heightened sense of their own importance , you a… @BobScot48804242 night bob, sleep well matey :) @preston_mcelroy @StevenBrodie17 will do. look after yourself mayey :) @miss_phibes aaaw that was a one off Phibesy , maybe i'll do it again .. it was more a drunken spur of the moment… @shvenska nice one matey :) haha , still , she should have a better idea now, cheers :) @preston_mcelroy @StevenBrodie17 Hey Pops , , caught up with sleep but body clock all over the place so might only… @LivsMcD aaaw you do , Handsome joe brought me a bag of films ( albeit my ones ) and books and tea and im rewatchin… @JessiDawn you've just sorted out my film night here , gonna start with this and then move onto 'out of the furnace… @JessiDawn top film!! @CollinsportG hope you rest up , take it easy , watch black n white gorgeously shot horror films and get well soon… @MorticiaVibes @MusicCityMemo my pleasure matey , have a great day :)i got one more zoom meeting with college then im gonna crash , thank you all for making my day so delightful @FrankKane11 i got it down as a top 3 , aint saying no more but you and steve are in it :) @FrankKane11 first and last and middle :) @LauraBongiovan9 @JDMorgan good morning :) @CollinsportG @SpookyMomTina everything a horror film should be , perfectly paced, genuine sense of creeping dread,… @gftomatoes pheweee , i need it , still havent slept , one more zoom meeting then i think an afternoon nap is in or… @preston_mcelroy @preston_mcelroy thanks pops , havent managed to sleep yet , hope you catch up on yours too :) @irishlad444 that's YOUR heart of gold my friend , have a glorious day :) @LAfromLINY morning Lori , hope you have an astonishingly good day :) @Nekrotikk vinnie jones , english footballer turned actor. gone in 60 seconds , mean machine, lock stock :) @mcsa7f good luck!!! @Raiton08 have a wonderful day :) @MinxyKatrina @shellraiservamp @1NormaRP @Valac666 @KNeddie @ThecrowRp1 @vickistargac @TheOverlookSC @miss_phibes and 4) no pink hair :) @TCMaz1980 hoo and indeed rah , have a marvelous day Maz :) @dr_Obrero @MarieAllOverAg1 @Nova59293652 morning , have a wonderful day :) @helshira_ oh yeah,one of the tutors at my college noticed a lump on my head after i'd shaved all my hair off & sug… @MinxyKatrina and you , part one of chores done :) have a wonderful wednesday minxy :) @abstractoidZ thank you very much , have an ace day :) @MinxyKatrina thanks minxy , i knew you'd know :) @BobScot48804242 @CazzleBoos @CazzleBoos それは素晴らしいです @DarkAng67390046 morning , have a wicked and wonderful wednesday :) @80svhsclub absolutely delightful film :) @OddjobServant @Zolota31 @Sn4k31m @Aniram38807002 @KRohm6 @NadiaPasticcio @Raggiosolem @scorpiondag @spellboundsir @Terry64123144 @IMDb me too , Grange Hill!!! @houseofchaos18 i really didnt want to be the first to say it could be both ... but :) @CineStarFilms thank you so much Cine , maybe if little moments of joy and appreciation are mattering more then thi… @CineStarFilms have a wicked wednesday :) @therealjoebob wish it wasnt the case as its never nice seeing ANOTHER good film ruined by hollywoods greed , alas… @Jessica32340287 perfectly put , thank you :) @DarkHorrorWorks noooo!!! oooh and have a lovely day catrina :) @RStoned171 @KethanyBevins83 give it ten years , they'll be doing 'heritage gigs' and playing glastonbury :) @DoYouEvenLif argentina , top of my list , but right now i'd settle for scotland :) @N8dawg001 all the very best ! @preston_mcelroy haha . exactly the same , gonna try and doze off again in a minute , good luck :) @preston_mcelroy you ok matey? @Christi60278624 honestly Christine,its the loveliest thing,we try and see each other once a week,restrictions allo… @ElisabethMood that might just be my next one if london gets a new lockdown and not a 'freedom pass' on march 6th :) @candidqueso oooh i wasnt bothered about watching it before , but THAT sounds so much better than i thought it would be :)reasons to be cheerful 1,2,3:1. got to see my sister the other day ( hence the photo) & we laughed and sang and lau… @Anya00586015 sinister, freaky and original , a truly memorable and distinctive film , thanks for the heads up will… you good people of twitter , are any of you able to help sara watch these films .. or tell her when they're sho… @CordioMichael @YouTube @sara70076963 oh no , i dont have netflix or tubu or anything like that but which films are you after sara? @SpookyMomTina the innocents , pure and perfect horror :) @sara70076963 how may i be of assistance sara? :) @JoySmit53415588 i would say good evening but its waaay late so going to sleep but aaaaw good evening :) @JonathanPhoinex be proud and thankful too :) @uproarinhouston night night , sweet dreams :) @Jessie_theAlien oooh yeah , genuinely disturbing in so many ways , wont say anything else , other than, enjoy :) @lata2323 @DaniD2021 i know! showing my age but yeah , no working tape deck in my car so til i could save up for a… @lata2323 @DaniD2021 i dont think i ever have , even when my first car didnt have a working stereo i but a boom box…