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Long day but getting through❤️Update on my cat MegaMam is coming soon❤️Seeing the youth reading, learning from my books and it just making them be more positive while also teaching them… long as I can help a few people smile, I’m good. I’m happy you are happy ❤️🌎 matter how frustrated I get, I’m never going to quit.Someone just asked me why don’t I promote or post the links to my books? I’m really at the point where I just don’t… someone thinks black cats are bad luck
@RinGravey That’s all dad❤️Wanted to bless the timelines and put a smile on your face retweet if my cat Lil Parmesan and I succeeded wanted to say good morning hope y’all day or night is going well ❤️Today has been hard on me. These last few months have been hard MegaMam wasn’t feeling good today. Took her to the…
Really happy I can help a few people with my books. This message made my day. I’m forever thankful ❤️ I could help, hope you doing ok, will do❤️ can❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ glad you know how to reset❤️❤️❤️ love❤️❤️❤️❤️’m sorry about that, I know u will find your way. I believe in you ❤️ anybody who creates right now can you answer this? Do y’all love and believe in yourself? I hope you do, that’s how you make it happen!❤️
Thank you Liz appreciate you❤️ my heart to see the younger cat ladies having fun with my books. I cried looking at this 🤷🏾‍♂️😺🌎❤️ I can do my part and help a few ❤️ me too. Me too❤️ grade baltimore city, Perkins Homes projects. They thought I would be dead by now. Always been real, still sta… I can help a few people and make a difference ❤️ up in the morning, put my books on the ground and cry cause I’m doing the best I can with what I have. Proud o… swinging, fighting, gotta do the best I can back to trying.I remember when I couldn’t get in a book store or a single library but I never gave up. Im really doing the best I… made 😺❤️🌎 I can convince my best friend Diego to play destiny 2 with me wish me luck Yall! 😭🤣😺🌎❤️ time for the cat people and Caturday, sorry we’re late ❤️
No trick, I’m the cat rapper. They really love me it’s just trust’s a lot of rules to the game. Just know I love you❤️ never been good enough for others, I’m good enough for me tho and y’all good enough to me as well. Regardless if… I’m done now, got in my feelings bag for a bit. Im done for real have a great morning 😅❤️😺🌎I miss being able to give hugs to my supporters when they asked for one❤️ miss being able to hangout and just talk to some of my cat family members ❤️ when you only show certain things some may think that’s all it is to you but always remember never judge…’t seen any supporters or cat family members of mine since the pandemic started but photos like this remind me… feel you bro, one day imma say how I’m feelings man. But I see you and feel you bro. Thanks for the love for real… getting up, still swinging and fighting everyday. Still haven’t given up. Time to work and try again. Love y’… should be in a cat history museum one day when I’m gone. Retweet if you agree of the greatest cat photos in history happy to know that I help a few people time to time. Glad I can do something right❤️A mom sent this to me and said my book is helping her daughter during these times. This made my morning glad I can… about y’all hope your day is going well ❤️
I got the cure for the timelines right meow, all my cats coming through with the dance moves are good thank you for asking, everything is going well. Just relaxing and laying low today not much to do but e… you for saying that I’m doing ok as well I’m in good spirits today. Appreciate that.❤️ 5 of my cats are doing just fine. bout y’all so I just wanted to say hello, hope everybody is ok❤️
Had a good time hanging out with one of my favorite people today! Meow 😺❤️ @CassidyQuinn
We got the cure for your timelines, enjoy my cat Dj Ravioli with the dance moves 🥰🥰🥰 to all the people who are in school right now studying for test and still gotta think about the real world… I got the energy to keep going ❤️Looks like somebody was happy to receive two of our books. This made my day❤️ I can’t catch a break lol wonder if this Pokémon card has any value or not what y’all think?
Running gear’m not doing that ever , imma run as myself cause I’m just working out sad faces for me, I’m good I can do it all and I will nobody can stop me’s all good I’m going to win or I’ll die trying. Whatever way that’s on everything ❤️ hate taking a run outside these days, but I have to workout. I’m just as afraid as the people who see me running… you got somebody that really loves you for YOU please hold them close and never let them go. It’s always going t… everyone just wanted to say I care about you and hope you all are having a great day. Take care ❤️
I just woke up recently, thanks for putting a smile on my face today that means a lot❤️
Thank you for thinking that, appreciate it❤️ I just wanted to check in and say I hope everyone is ok and that you have a great dayThank you I’m glad you love it, you just made my night 🥰❤️😺
All cats are fancy, just wanna make that clear❤️ thanks for your support
My cat Lil Parmesan and I wanted to bring a little happiness to your timelines. Retweet if we succeeded appreciate that and I really hear you. I’m happy that I can help❤️ I could help a little. Means a lot ❤️ for putting a smile on my face, I needed it.❤️
I got my family and you. That’s all I got. Facts ❤️How y’all feeling today?This that high quality cat content right here really made me smile hardcore 😺🌎❤️❤️😺🌎 @thomaspluck ❤️❤️❤️Cat people if you can hear me, please never forget❤️
I can’t wait to get homeI got my mask on I’m way more than 16 feet apart, I wish I could just run on a earth where people aren’t afraid of… just wanna say I can do better and it’s soo much more I got left. I’m going to do it all, believe me or notAbout to take a long run to get my mind right, keep your mental health tight everyone and please make sure you love YOURSELF❤️This has already made my day😺❤️🌎 nothing but love for all of you, I hope your day is better than it was yesterday, please stay safe ❤️Man it really sucks people can’t wear what they want to and just live their life, without someone trying to body sh…
Dj Ravioli doesn’t give af but I’m excited tho lol 🤷🏾‍♂️😹❤️ hope y’all having a a good day :)❤️😺🌎This made me smile when I woke up today 😺❤️❤️ UP? When did 3 drop 🙀❤️ what y’all been watching lately? What games y’all playing? Genshin Impact is pretty decent. 😺😅😺❤️ to my cat Tali The Lover. We miss you, wish I could take you for a walk again ❤️ here, still standing, still fighting, still got love in me. Still love you, still love all the cats. See you in the morning❤️Still saying the same thing I was saying 4 years ago to all the cat people and everybody else❤️ years ago we tried to make you smile