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@Kyrios_I @UnexpectedVidss @OMGitsfirefoxx You’re cappin @SivaTechFromXB @MTashed Chainsword* @Kyrios_I @UnexpectedVidss @OMGitsfirefoxx You only tagged me in this to make me listen to Joji @3Dpwinter Oooo, we love simple maintenance ‘round here don’t we @Kyrios_I You forgot the hashtag you dunce#XSXFridgeSweeps This is the only solution to the memes - embrace them @PuppersTV Hey, quick Q: are the codes given privately? Or is it a feeding frenzy of trying to get them when they’r… @youknowlimbo K.DA SLAPS bro @ySassyyz You gotta go, Chief. @RoraPickles @UnsolicitedDiks
same tbh
Retweeted by obcasus 🕸🕷The Entity rewards those who play their part. Find out how you can win the Hallowed Bounty. Get a chance to win 1,0…
Retweeted by obcasus 🕸🕷Cayde + Uldren cat keychain samples finally here!!! 💕 For Destiny Fandom. Raffle for my followers! RT + Follow…
Retweeted by obcasus 🕸🕷 @HambDoobies I would not hesitate to eliminate him if it meant keeping Ada-1 around
@ArtDeckNL Well. Aside from the obvious (weapons), maybe enemy races? There aren’t many models of them from what I can find. @youknowlimbo It sucks im sure, but a lot of people see your music (and by extension, you) as an outlet and a way to escape their doldrums. @G2esports @Mixwell @aimlab @Kyrios_I is this dudes gun a dragon @VanguardArmory RT @TubeAfterDark What’s the game? @NoMansSky @Kyrios_I motherfuckin QUICKSILVER ON FREIGHTERS BABY @zotakufilms @Kyrios_I This is hands down the best anime I’ve ever seen @Kyrios_I @totinos @CodyCobbler After the jolly rancher foot and boiled sprite @Kyrios_I @totinos @CodyCobbler In my dreamsTrick or Treat? 🍭 Be careful what you wish for, Operators… You might get yourself trapped!! 🎃 #RainbowSixSiege
Retweeted by obcasus 🕸🕷 @VanguardArmory Rookie numbers. /s @Adenax98 @Rainbow6Game I mean, you’re right. I personally won’t be picking up these skins because they aren’t my c… @TRUCKMONTHBABY @Some_Weirdo__ @Jane_DoeTF2 @DOOM Yes, if it meant having the crucible again lmao. Cleared it once, we can clear it again.
Eramis Eramisn’t
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@Kyrios_I @Pamaj @Logic301 “soul food III” @Kyrios_I @Pamaj “You're mine palhaço.” @Kyrios_I @Pamaj “Interrogation, get ready” @Tec_Kill_A @groudon_guy @DOOM You’re right, I was thinking of something else. My bad @MrFruitYT All my homies know is pain @youknowlimbo got me like @Tec_Kill_A @groudon_guy @DOOM IIRC I just used the crucible in the slayer gate to get the tyrant out of the way an… @Tec_Kill_A @groudon_guy @DOOM Yeah, it wasn’t too bad. Having the crucible blade is cheese @groudon_guy @Tec_Kill_A @DOOM Yes! And in the possessed tyrant fight, there’s a SECOND (non possessed) tyrant at t… @TubeAfterDark
@BlackMajic34 @TomiLahren @3Dpwinter Finger condom finger condom finger condom @DuBeUsGames @DeadByBHVR I’m not going to stalk all your other tweets when the original one makes you look like a dumbass. @DbDMobile @dbdnewsofficial Oh, good. More mobile exclusives (for the time being) that you’ll use to fatten the rift pass in the future. @DuBeUsGames @DeadByBHVR How many times do you people need to be told that art team =\= development team @JohnnyF66527977 @Tec_Kill_A @DOOM Not entirely wrong, but I said “possessed” tyrant.💥 1X BEYOND LIGHT DELUXE EDITION GIVEAWAY! 💥 For anyone in any country, on any platform AND you can enter for a fr…
Retweeted by obcasus 🕸🕷CLAP LOUD!! ! FINALLY HERE !!!
Retweeted by obcasus 🕸🕷 @PaulieEsther1 What’s this dudes name? @Tec_Kill_A @DOOM Ice bomb doesn’t work on possessed demons :) @Tec_Kill_A @DOOM Have fun killing possessed tyrants on UN in AGP1! I know I won’t. Finished my nightmare dry run yesterday @Andalusio The amount of memes I have that will warn you for what is to come is baffling, but they do contain spoilers @i_Viper_ @DestinyNostalgi @Kyrios_I @Some_Weirdo__ @DOOM See my reply to another comment. TLDR: I know @doomguy87554531 @DOOM (I know, but we went through the trouble of making it once, I feel like we could make it again lmao) @DOOM
Retweeted by obcasus 🕸🕷 @AyoItsKal @shrugtal Since nobody has answered- the quest and it’s rewards leave with the season.
I am giving away some more rare emblem codes to enter please do the following: ✴Like ✴RT ✴Follow 4 winners will b…
Retweeted by obcasus 🕸🕷 @xykykykyx @DeadByBHVR Most of the cosmetics can be bought with shards. It’s really not that bad. BHVR isn’t obliga… festivities begin now with The Eternal Blight event. Check out all the gory details here:…
Retweeted by obcasus 🕸🕷 @G2Kantoraketti @Orb Kanto plsi can’t wait to vibe to this in November
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@Kyrios_I @Niieszhe And they squeak when distressed!Destiny 2: Beyond Light Story Trailer
Retweeted by obcasus 🕸🕷 @DestinyNostalgi How much does QBB cost lmao @rTerraria Fuck I hit reply. Anyways, deep ores and gems being found on the surface occurs most often because the g… @rTerraria It’s either fake, or there’s most likely a floating island above it. DeepFor everyone living in 2020:
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Retweeted by obcasus 🕸🕷 @KFC_ES @Kyrios_I a fucking verified KFC account tweeted this @VaIeficent @DeadByBHVR Yeah, ghostface is definitely up there for potential tome participants. Maybe pig? The lice…
@DeadByBHVR LICENSED ARCHIVES POG @TheOnlyMonto Ah, yes. Because linking an article on understanding sarcasm is a mic drop moment. God, you destroyed… playing crucible
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@Kyrios_I @karlmorx @Kyrios_I @FrickinDelanie @OMGitsfirefoxx Smol friends, nighttime mantis eyes be lookin dark af @DannyManus @lifeofbrodes Did you just gatekeep a brand of cerealMeal Of Choise
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@youknowlimbo @H1SOKASUPREMACY @Kyrios_I @TheOnlyMonto You’re literally doing the same shit, riling up your fan base by throwing chum in a shark tank. @Kyrios_I @SteelSeries Well, fuck my _-*~|ass|~*-_, Jerry @Kyrios_I @SteelSeries I said play *with* us @Kyrios_I @SteelSeries If you play with us I won’t ever ignore you úwù @Kyrios_I @SteelSeries IDK, LIKE YESTERDAY OR THE DAY BEFORE WHENEVER YOU WERE IN THE PARTY WITH THE OTHER TWO @Kyrios_I @SteelSeries You are straight up capping and you know it, you left the party whenever I joined LMAO @Kyrios_I @SteelSeries Why’re you sad, you don’t even play FPS games anymore, let alone with the bois ™ </3 @SteelSeries @Kyrios_ISorry but watching astronauts sped up on the moon will never get old
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Retweeted by obcasus 🕸🕷 @DeadByBHVR Texan approved. @EthanDraper20 @TheOnlyMonto @Jenownzz I’m not being ignorant by saying it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t. It’s two peo… @DeadByBHVR Say it, BHVR. Say y’all. Do it. @TheOnlyMonto @Jenownzz As someone who likes you both, can y’all just shut the fuck up? You don’t have to act like… @VanguardArmory You want to make a HighnessShattering’s Bow pin
Retweeted by obcasus 🕸🕷“Dorime” #Destiny
Retweeted by obcasus 🕸🕷 @shackleshotgun God damn it LET US HAVE THIS ONE MONTH YOU CHRISTMAS LOVING FUCKS