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@Gafacci High tweetsStop taking it too easy on yourself.
very relevant rn during a creative block begging inspiration to come back. Tres' music is exactly how I feel on the inside everyday. Mid tempo but swaggy @cisceroo I just need to know what happened to Sabo smh @cisceroo Bro the world government wildin out smhEvery vogue article about ghana seems winged lol. @JulsOnIt But drugs are fun!
Retweeted by Rvdical The Kid💎, music is the only thing that can get m really low and then pull me straight out.
Retweeted by Rvdical The KidS/o to @MaesuMaesu for being such an underrated creative force, folks will get it one day.You can enjoy making music without making it your career. It can be a side hobby. It does not have to burden you.
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Glad to announce @originalkoffee will be at #DettyRave this year!! #dettydecember
Retweeted by Rvdical The Kid @theflowerpapi Yoooo this one of the things that get to me the most. @Gafacci lmaoooSo? Everyone is insecure. power of ass>>> the power of stem cell research
Retweeted by Rvdical The KidMe everyday😭
@HeyHeyBlinky @muziou Gonna hit you with ideas v soon broI need to work with @HeyHeyBlinky and @muziou v soon.ow shit I’m about to drop ... “ is it good enough ? “ “ was I honest enough ? “ “ let me listen to the mix for the…
Retweeted by Rvdical The Kid🤫. like it.
Retweeted by Rvdical The KidI know this aint dababy's real name lmao @_zainab_b 🤣🤣🤣🤣
@SangoBeats Fiveguys needs to bounce @Gafacci 9.5
Using your age as a USP can work against u because there’s always someone younger 😅😅 “ hungrier “ than u and willin…
Retweeted by Rvdical The KidI honestly think the industry likes the “ it’s a young man’s game “ thing cause they know u not as informed when u…
Retweeted by Rvdical The KidThere’s this weird thing in the creative industry where people don’t say how old they are 😂 because I guess it’s se…
Retweeted by Rvdical The Kid @stingg_ So you stripping?🚨 new music 🚨 BOO’D UP (Øbed Version) out on soundcloud... listen & enjoy. Mastered by @IamRvdical . .…
Retweeted by Rvdical The Kid @SteveMorrisM_ I swear lmaoWhen you text your homie “okay lol” but it auto corrects to "okay love"
@paakwasi_mo @worlasigh More than a vibe pleaseNo matter how hectic and frustrating it may get, I LOVE MY JOB.Cc #manifans
Retweeted by Rvdical The KidIf u know me, you know 85%-90% of the time I’m joking
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According to ghana media “90% of ghanaian artists have spiritual backing to promote their music” 😂😂Why she look older than him tho OUT NOW!!
Retweeted by Rvdical The KidMe 5min after i get to republic/bloombar/basically anywhere we not allowed to forget 911 but we gotta let slavery go? 😭😭
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@Machine_Drum I have been experiencing quite the peace of mind since I started living like this too. I always felt… soon bro you can prove to me that you can hear the effects of Dithering, I’ll give you 10k
Retweeted by Rvdical The Kid @SonYonkwi She is full on mad😂😂😂😂 doesnt get enough credit for her consistency. She always comes up with the most innovative and ignorant way…"Do you start off with drums?" Is the most asked question ever in the beginner producer world
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@IamRvdical is free.
Retweeted by Rvdical The Kid @ELiAFreee 👀👀👀👀 @sensei_lo 🙏🏾🙏🏾 ha thank you sensei! And yes I am down to work!Def artists are allergic to collaborating and it shows.Anybody else had to make a music bio for themselves? This Sht sucks
Retweeted by Rvdical The KidWhy does everything cost money?Or creating black versions of white things.
Retweeted by Rvdical The KidAfricans will only truly be free when they stop naming everything “afro-something.”As you go about your day today remember to drink water, mind your business and more importantly BACKUP your files! @stingg_ Its in osu right next to purple pub lol @sensei_lo Melody and harmonies first. Sets the mood.
@labelletogolais People will really defend anything lmao @SteveMorrisM_ I like this energy @wavythecreator_ never forget. the honest ernest harnessed the earnest harness. @AnsahLive I absolutely understand the sentiment.I need more people I can obsess over things with. @AnsahLive Its not your responsibility to save them, its your responsibility to be there when they need you.
In case you’re having a bad day 😂😂😂😂
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Just conversations that need to be had. Will hit u up in a bitPlease stop confusing access and privilege for talent. @Gafacci Bro I swear. I must goMagix music maker on PC lol. did a lot of loop assembly. Then moved on to this sequencer called "Making waves". some rest being too woke is not a vibe
Retweeted by Rvdical The Kid @Sonic_Soulkid @tekdotlun It's a @Da_P__ beat I think. Sounds like him
That head knees and toes tune produced the genius @IamRvdical .. Issa jam!!
Retweeted by Rvdical The Kid @_zainab_b When that old age hit @SteveMorrisM_ Actually yeahVery few artists i've met are capable of nailing the "vibe" of a beat as well as @worlasigh.Head, Knees and Toes @IamRvdical 💥💥💥💥
Retweeted by Rvdical The KidSwag
Retweeted by Rvdical The Kid @IamRvdical real n*gga and fake n*gga 😂😂🤣🤣
Retweeted by Rvdical The Kid @IamRvdical Wave/ wavy
Retweeted by Rvdical The Kid @IamRvdical swag
Retweeted by Rvdical The Kid @Gafacci I remember the first time someone asked me "what's your vibe". My OS shutdown for a few seconds.My exact thoughts while I was jamming to Burna Boy were we even saying before "vibe" and "energy"Media will have you think the world is on fire. Stop consuming so much trauma on a daily and take time to appreciat… the truth is coming out little by little... we didn’t even do anything #XenophobiaInSouthAfrica
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@Gafacci @SteveMorrisM_ Basically me watching game of thrones. I dont know characters names or anything. I only “wa… @SteveMorrisM_ @Gafacci Im not about to be idle for 1h45min watching niggas act on my screen. These beats aint gon make themselves lolol @SteveMorrisM_ @Gafacci We got other sh*t to do man lmaoIt takes me days to see one movie or an episode this like...Adulting 2.0?
Retweeted by Rvdical The Kid @SteveMorrisM_ @Gafacci Okay i thought i had issues. It takes me at least a week to watch a movie. Glad im not the only one lolPeople gotta stop acting like it’s a feature when somebody samples an instrumental section of a track from years ag…
Retweeted by Rvdical The Kidbeats are a producer’s product. you pay for product. when you go to footlocker, do you demand free shoes? no. you…
Retweeted by Rvdical The KidAfter we finish dealing with South Africa’s open Xenophobia, we will address how close Ghanaians are to Xenophobia…
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