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i am tall. six foot four to be specific. why do you need to know that? you tell me | pls don’t dm me unless I’ve simped for you or you’re really hot | satire

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@kerrymflynn with gusto @alexburnsNYT If you haven’t read wisdom of the crowds I highly recommend it! shit and I will let you catch these hands of the four nations
@beckylaflor Thanks it’s from avatar @beckylaflor Let go your earthly tether. Enter the void empty and become wind. @SusanJDunn2015 @4aPeoplesParty yeah you guys lost me if this is who is going to be representative of the party @RdotChadha @TwitterGaming @badboychadhoythis shit hurts @lolnotdev @SouthwestAir buying a round trip might be cheaper. You can also check to see what flights have a layove… @NewstalkZB very diverse group you have there @skinnyfila . @shamymich Mine has different speeds 😎 @shamymich Have you tried an electric nail grinder it works great!damn how am I gonna play on my phonegetting knuckle tats tomorrow and some dude really said “you won’t be able to get a job in a professional setting” like that’s not the point
i completely trust ExxonMobil™️ @tropicanapussy I like this let me see something
2020 Reclassifies Majority Of Covid-19 Deaths To Being Personally Murdered By Barack Obama
Retweeted by i am six foot four @beckylaflor @remindmetweets @remindmetweets @beckylaflor hmmget rekt Kelly
2020 @ScottAdamsSays @remindmetweets in 16 days @beckylaflor @remindmetweets Just keeping you honest 💅🏻 @beckylaflor @remindmetweets in 13 hours @obislens congrats Obi!!!!!! Im happy for you!!! @bocxtop maybe your catfishes will 📝 @bocxtop made some tweaks i wanted the real prance to shine thru @beckylaflor it’s a bigger black hole than Twitter but without the rage
@beckylaflor I’m on Pinterest. I came to Pinterest to fuck bitches and pin shit and I’m all done fucking bitches @badboychadhoy Avatar the Last Airbender Death Note The Legend of Korra Hunter x Hunter Bleach Naruto Parasyte (gor… @beckylaflor I’ve said it before
@BoyYeetsWorld @BlakeLinton @RemindMe_OfThis in 30 days @BlakeLinton @RemindMe_OfThis in 20 days @newschannelnine Tweet deleted. Also switch to @TweetenApp instead of Tweetdeck @bluechoochoo Republicans complaining @reagandwalker Gordoughs. Very good about social distancing and masks. Giant wall TV with chiveTV running 24-7. Lot…
might have to reschedule this one @beckylaflor I preach the truth @clur19 @tay_self @VinMan17 @2Saddington @biggsnuggs @skosm777 @spacebrat_ @MuscadineBLine @CMuncasterMusic @beckylaflor
i am once again asking for you to have good week
i am once again
Oreo had to be rushed to the vet today and passed away. I’m heartbroken and taking a break from social. Hug your do… anyone has video editing skills i have a question to ask (advanced level) @EwdatsGROSS Did you get him a good cheeseburger before he booked it @midlifetimmy idk man being far away from other people’s bullshit sounds good to me
@lehoneychild look at that I found an Oreo under the dog cushion @lehoneychild @lehoneychild til: you’re real. i thought your profile picture was some random “hot brunette” searchwhy does no one talk about the fact that depression and anxiety can cause major memory loss? @lehoneychild giving everyone some water huh
@beckylaflor look all I have is pain, no gf, and i am six foot four i am sorry becky with the earthquake badonkadonk and great hair @ihatethiskid relationship should be 10% luck 20% skill 15% concentrated power of will 5% pleasure 50% pain and a 100% reason t… rate my pinterest bio, no gf @KEGSzilla I typed Gumdam the first time and said that isn’t it lolBeans me British I’m having beans for breakfastbro wtf they built a giant robot am late but @twrawson Sounds like v2 of the Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia @bocxtop hey prance can you turn down the talking about the state sanctioned terrorism in the streets and turn up the memes thanks guy @loukylaura @RyanVanVelzer @jsdpharmd @CNN @ChrisCuomo they signed up for it. they don’t get a pat on the back for doing their job @loukylaura @RyanVanVelzer @jsdpharmd @CNN @ChrisCuomo seeing as I went to a school that was predominately criminal… @loukylaura @RyanVanVelzer @jsdpharmd @CNN @ChrisCuomo pretty telling that you’re only praying for one side. May god show mercy on your soulI would once again like to apologize for everything on behalf of men @getlaidan everyone who was suspended is part of antifa and going on a government antifa list sorry Charliemy wireless mouse stopped working and now idk what to do how do I connect another mouse? why isn’t it working?do yo… @BattlecorgiG @yashar Deuteronomy 18:10-13 There shall not be found among you...anyone who practices divination or…
@grxceps This is him admitting that he’s attempting to inflict emotional distress sue him Queen @anastushe my way to the closest trump rally
@dvdplayuh a growth spurt?nvm i expected too much @clur19 U rly said no free clout lmaoooo
my current mental state yourself like I-35 & never stop working on yourself no matter how inconvenient it is for everyone else
This is such a top-tier shitpost your Arizona friends to vote like women’s and minority rights are on the table because they are
Romney, Murkowski, Collins, Grassley (?) - we may be good for once you guys
@2Saddington How did you get yours so HD???? young adults live at home now than at any point in our history, including the Great Depression, but sure tell… simping? in this economy?
Defund the 1%vegans 🤝 fratstars @therealkimstory @khalidm1994 @caelum_inferos @officialsenza Yes that’s right SAVE $$$ by eliminating excess overhe…