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Smamuel @IAmSp00n Seattle, WA

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@Thunder_snoww @GloriousArcadum @Lilymelon8 MOSTLY IS GODDAMN RIGHT @TheSamethyst Agreed. Anyway, happy birthday I guess.The Cost of Hubris Ep. 13 ft. @tk_lacari @witwix @MollsisBored @IAmSp00n @Lilymelon8 at
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Right now, NVIDIA has over 800 job openings, globally. We need everything from Robotics Engineers to Content Marke…
Retweeted by SmamuelI heard you like 2D side scrolling games where you fight giant mechanical bosses and kick the heck out of them.…, creators - please give Brandon and @ReverbGames a follow! Not just for access opportunity to a bunch of…
Retweeted by Smamuel10 Days of Hype begins today! Who else is excited for launch?! Shout out to @FistofTheWalrus for this VO.
Retweeted by SmamuelSetup for mech bosses is done! We ready to move into the big leagues in Terraria! We raided into @AvaGG's stream…
We are LIVE w/ more Terraria! @Bwana Good thing your content has always been fantastical. Makes supporting you fairly simple. Glad you're still a… our potion/alchemy/whatever area is done. Took me like 2 weeks. Terraria is way too fun. Gonna hit it back up again tomorrow! @ChelseyxLynn
More Terraria coming your way! Our server is master, hard, expert, badass mode. And we're kicking all the butts!… @_MightyPotato @ubnt THAT WIRING AHHHHHHH! 🥵🥵🥵🥵Dude. I had a lot of fun with Minecraft Dungeons today! I can't say for sure that it's worth putting thousands of h…
FINALLY GOT IT WORKING AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Dungeons*Me: *purchases Minecraft with my "Samuel Sp00n" account Microsoft: ... Me: WHO THE FUCK IS TECTALYARD?! *purchases and installs Minecraft Dungeons* Me: *launches game* Microsoft: *sign in* Me: *signs in again* Micro… Then MC Dungeons. Prepare. @Pikaclicks What fir? I really hope they don't come after me. They would learn the hard way that I dont give a fuck. 😳 @GiantWaffle @crissyfoxgurl That says something. I can't measure my success because of my privilege. But, I can't deny that I'm… hope that all of you understand the importance of what is happening in our country right now. Pay attention to vo… platform is all I have. I built it. And I'm choosing to use it for what's right. This isn't for internet point… don't have much money to throw at too many causes I believe in. Also, COVID-19 and the threat of harm from violen…'s because #BlackLivesMatter Police brutality and the institutions supporting it affects us all, but people of…, despite being extremely frustrated with a large amount of streamers calling people cowards or assuming that the… is not out of fear of losing subscribers or followers. This is because I have a commitment to myself and my co…, Twitter is almost always filled with hashtags, hot takes, and arguments meant to galvanize everyone into actio… stand by my previous statements that my platforms and streams are meant to be used as an escape from a hyper nega…, George Floyd wasn't on a battlefield. He was pinned down and slowly suffocated by a police officer for seeming…, one is a movie, but I assume there's some truth to the scene. How many soldiers bleeding out on various… remember a scene in Saving Private Ryan where a soldier is shot while the main characters try and take a fortifie…, I'm horrified. I've seen plenty of police brutality in the internet before, all of it is awful, but the re… know it's pretty dang late to try and get a tweet in on this, but I'm having trouble sleeping. I figure that a br… @LuxieGames @AshleyRoboto You guys lasted much longer than @FistofTheWalrus and I did! Hope you had a bunch if fun! @Wyld I bet I will. Always wanted to get into a dungeon crawler. Just needed something more casual.Tomorrow, I'm finally getting to play Minecraft Dungeons! I'm so happy! Alright, sleeping now. @KaraCorvus Good heckin job. I saw you at one point and knew you would place well. You're a pretty damn smart PvPer.Well, @FistofTheWalrus and I had "fun" in Sea of Thieves today.
LET'S DO THIS. @MCUltimateEvent W/ @FistofTheWalrus @DukatNaranek Unfortunately, I have a charity event to do. D:This was the first time I've watched the launch of ANY ROCKET live. Such a cool moment to be a part of. @FriendsofTed Nah. Just some weight is all I need.I slept on my back wrong and desperately need it to pop. Can somebody come step on me? @Ajcool_ fuck @ChelseyxLynn THAT would explain why the cats were so needy today. hahahaha I hope you had a good time. :)#SMPLive #RaisingTheBar
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TERRARIA TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME! @DomesticDan You're in for a treat. @DomesticDan Still exciting. You're gonna get hooked! @DomesticDan WHAT DIFFICULTY?!Long live the glorious Sea Chicken! @ItsAsaii The fuck @renee @NetNobody It's true. We had good growth because we were unique. Now, the only thing that makes us stand out… @NetNobody @renee OHHHH. I didn't understand what you meant by "friends." Yes, in that case, we are all dead channels. @NetNobody @renee Her and I are friends. Yes. We are all friends here. We have known each other long enough to both… @DomesticDan @PlayKatiePlay YESSSSS @renee The thing is... Is it my old age? Or is it the lack of viewership? 🤔 @renee Oh, that was the point. I've been hearing this for like 3 years. Hahaha @Scrubings Unload your deposit on me. <3 @renee Already? I thought you would have heard this type of comment for years now. @renee @Lil_Lexi @Wendys I love this cat @renee @Lil_Lexi @Wendys simp @ShamanomTV That is a fantastic shirt. @TheRejectDevil When we are done with Terraria @Scrubings Hardmode means you're halfway there ish. You have double the bosses to beat now and new tiers of armor,… @Scrubings Beating WoF gets you the little token things. Try to fight him again to make sure you get one you want (…'m eating lunch, and then we are setting up for more Terraria! Hardmode is gonna be a challenge, but we got this!Welcome to Minecraft Ultimate Hunger Games Season 1 This Saturday at 4 PM EST // 1 PM PST // 9 PM BST
Retweeted by Smamuel @ayytrae Does eating a lot, playing a lot of games, and feeling kind of lonely count as thriving? @Kaerrigan She's so cuuuuute! @its_just_batman Your friends don't know fun. MAKE THEM UNDERSTAND.Wall of Flesh is down! We beat up some hardmode mobs in Terraria and got a LOT of work done today. It's smooth sail… @FistofTheWalrus @MollsisBored @manscaped I too have many hairs that need to be scaped.
Today is the day. WoF is as good as beated. Hardmode incoming. you fuckers on my timeline better stop looking so attractive. 😡 @FistofTheWalrus NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @FistofTheWalrus @AnthonyKongphan That is so damn perfect. 😍Good heckin stream today! AND, even better D&D. Tomorrow, Wall of Flesh and switching to hardmode. @Jessassin @SeoxysArt, @beesneezy, @imKattKatt, @GIRLvsDUMB. :DThe Cost of Hubris Ep. 12 ft. @MollsisBored @tk_lacari @IAmSp00n @Lilymelon8 @witwix at
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Final stream of pre-hardmode on Terraria! Wall of Flesh tomorrow! @OGBeefStew Strongly Agree.Thanks for the stream today! Super sorry that it was relatively short. My head is killing me. Also, shoutout to… @NerdyNetty Yes
@sophietexas_ wtf it's on mobile and console no excuse @sophietexas_ THAT'S WHAT IT'S CALLED. PLAYER TERRARIA YOU FUCKING FAKE GAMER GIRL.We are LIVE! Prep work for Wall of Flesh today! Fight on Thursday! @0BurkeBlack0 I'm sorry what @Meg_Kaylee Its gorgeous!
If it wasn't obvious, I'm taking the day off. It's been a few weeks, and I needs it. Gonna relax and watch some ani… @HuggetOut /shrug Cozy, ain't it? @crazy_nic_cage Making mine 10 minutes from now on. 😈 @Undead_Witcher I feel like streams with under 100 concurrent viewers on average have a really good reason for "sta… @renee Never. 😈 @Sequisha How are you doing that effect at the end?! Is that video editing or is that live? Reminds me of that dist…