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Smamuel @IAmSp00n Seattle, WA

Twitch Partner, Content Creator, and Utensil. Sponsored by @Nvidia, @MAINGEAR, @SteelSeries, & @BAWLSGuarana. Business Email:

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UHM HELLO IT IS EXACTLY TWO WEEKS BEFORE @PlanetZooGame LAUNCHES!! Help. Are you ready for amazing animals (OKAPII…
Retweeted by SmamuelCommanders, we have posted an announcement in regards to Fleet Carriers, updates coming in 2020 and the next Elite…
Retweeted by Smamuel @EpicSmiley18 @SteelSeries @MAINGEAR SEND PICSExcited to share that my company is looking for an experienced digital content producer! Big plus if you’ve produce…
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Retweeted by Smamuel @cnstone2 Here ya go. Currently like $300 off. Usually $800, but I think I got it at $500 as well. It's a really ni…
Gonna take the day off today. Gonna try and start taking a day off every week again. I always struggle with it when… @Jaredultimatum Hey my guy!😅
More Minecraft on @TheBuildGuild reunion server coming right up! Also, check out our next themed emote. Thanks to… @EllohimeTwitch I agree. They're pretty cool. I hope you enjoyed Noita (I think that's the day I raided). I'm hooked on it. @HavanaRama I do not know. I'm just really funny.I have awaked. @Wyld @21wolv something's fuckyThanks for the magical Build Guild launch. Gonna sleep after that 13 hour stream and then hit it again tomorrow.
It's time. @TheBuildGuild reunion starts now.*whispers* One hour. #TheBuildGuild
Retweeted by SmamuelThe reunion server for @TheBuildGuild will go live in exactly 12 hours. See you soon. ;) @swiftypats oh bbWe are LIVE! Come join us or I'll cry.
Food. Minecraft. Noita. Coming at you soon. @santos_wallace @MAINGEAR @AttackOfTheAfro Idk how you stayed focus on the build during that massive party. @EpicSmiley18 @MAINGEAR WTF @Caitchu @EpicSmiley18 @MAINGEAR ...did I just get gotted? @EpicSmiley18 @MAINGEAR Looks ALMOST as good as mine. 😎 @monsieurwillie Already got one. 😎 @monsieurwillie A relatively SMALL profit. @MollsisBored @FistofTheWalrus You both think you're so FUCKING funny don't you?Playing more Noita because heck it's fun.'s time for some Minecraft. Also, check out dis themed emote. Redraw was done by Luece from my community. :)… @AvaGG His lack of punctuation infuriates me more than his message. JUST SEPARATE YOUR LONG ASS RUN ON SENTENCES.… @seriouslyclara @Daft_Derek introduced me to them back in high school. He's a SUPER fan. @seriouslyclara ALWAYS will be. I LOOOOVE them.
Maaaaaaaaaan FUCK today. Gonna get some food and relax for a bit. May stream some games in a bit.Join Elite Aid for a special 36-hour stream, benefiting the Rural Fire Brigade Association of Queensland, as they b…
Retweeted by SmamuelSorry for the late start! Had a bit to do today! We're back at it with Noita. I'm gonna try to "get gud" at this ga…
Hey guys. A bit of a late start today. Gonna grab some food, then I'll play some more Noita.🤔 @keoir @jojopetv @snajullc @Ajcool_ @ZoeCatfu
Got nothing better to do today. MAY AS WELL PLAY SOME MINECRAFT. @MollsisBored @KaraCorvus GO TO SLEEPThanks for the stream today. I love you. :) @KaraCorvus, clean up your pens.
We are LIVE! RT and join Utensils! @CrReaM FUCK that looks so good.Hey all you wonderful Fortniters. The Minecraft blocks are always greener on the other side. I'm always free to tal…
@Ajcool_ @TheBuildGuild @spectatorim Nb4 more Easter eggsExcited to be working with @TheBuildGuild on this new season especially with @spectatorim enabled. Can’t wait for t…
Retweeted by SmamuelSO SOON. 😎
Retweeted by SmamuelWe've not only invited some Build Buddies to join us, but on Saturdays and Sundays @spectatorim will be enabled for…
Retweeted by Smamuel @CletusBueford @spectatorim @TheBuildGuild The Build Guild is a separate server. The main server is still up and ru…'re seeing this correctly! Spectator Interactive Mode will be enabled on weekends for the upcoming…
Retweeted by Smamuel @ElfWasTaken @DrewM51 @TheBuildGuild It's two dudes making a mod for Minecraft. We didn't really have extra assets… @DrewM51 @ElfWasTaken @TheBuildGuild ...I MAY take the day off today. I'm gonna get a bunch of cleaning done in preparation for the move coming up in a few… @Litt1eR3d Wtf👀 @ElfWasTaken @TheBuildGuild Hello there. This is one of the owners of that game mode telling you that it's fine and… know you're as hyped as us for October 19th, but we have just one more thing to tell you... 💙🧡 #TheBuildGuild
Retweeted by Smamuel @EliteDangerous Definitely a Cutter and not a Clipper. D:Switching over to @EliteDangerous and chill mode. Come relax and enjoy my BRAND NEW HECKIN CLIPPER THAT I WORKED RE… LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE…
That's it. @FistofTheWalrus has cracked. There's no helping him.’t nab a shift so doing the stream thing. Since moving is actually hella expensive and hours at work are slow…
Retweeted by SmamuelYou guys ready for a STREAM?! @AnneMunition I got a Windows update that made all my volume up by 300%. My mixer knobs are at like 5% right now an… @GoldGloveTV Wha... why? @MAINGEAR @EliteDangerous @Lil_Lexi @PistolSteph @omgvandi Thank goodness it didn't clip you. Good luck on the rest of your drive.
Let's DO THIS! nerds wanna play Gang Beasts tonight? May need some streamer friends to join in. @weesterner My friend pedro @_Mamokin I.. got olderDude... Today's stream was NUTS. Thanks for supporting me with all that I do. Pranking on SMP Live and relaxing wi…
@BikeManStream @CletusBueford I'm gonna agree with Bike on this one. Nah.Why yes, I am live. I'm glad you asked. :) @weesterner :(GREAT NEWS! My roommate and I got approved for the townhouse we were looking at! We'll be moving around the first o… @TheHaleyBaby @DomesticDan You don't want none. Trust me. @A_A_Ron1982 I saw that tweet. ;) @MollsisBored @FistofTheWalrus Maybe. @pyropixie Which is fantastic! But, what about the OG's that don't use Twitch any more. It's definitely weird to gi… @RabbsterMatt @DomesticDan @TheHaleyBaby Hire me, @Twitch @DomesticDan @TheHaleyBaby I agree with them. And if affiliates drop below their threshold, remove their status as…'s right! You're seeing it correctly! @TheBuildGuild returns with a Season 3 on October 19th! I am SUPER pump… @goldstar545 No idea. I definitely know there's a desire for PvE and RP and custom rules. That's what I'm more inte… @GeekDadChris Soon. Got too much Minecraft in my life right now. haha @Tigerwritertv @xCaliGrrlx @siritwitch I use the Lumix G7 with a camlink. However, ANY option with the camlink is a… @goldstar545 Wait, why yikes? That's an interesting thing. lolSea of Thieves is pulling a No Man's Sky and going from a let down to adding content, making considerable changes,… EXCUSE ME?! @JessicaRoseTV @acoust1c_ No Villager is safe. @Unicorn_Pudding /shrug @Litt1eR3d Hi, I'm Floyd. :)THAT BEING SAID, it's a neat idea and a cool way to stand out as a channel "founder." New partners/affiliates are g… the fuck has been partnered for 8 years that still has their 25 original subs around? Would be nice to like...… @pikicrossing I personally don't like the taste of it. There are other powder drinks that don't taste bad and use d…'ve heard you and we missed you too. #TheBuildGuild
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