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Ian Berriman @ianberriman The Valley Of Despair

D-grade work unit for @SFXmagazine, since 2002. Bits for @TotalFilm, @ElectronicMagUK. @TOTPFacts tweeter. Helped save @HullCity's name. I am NOT a Merry Man.

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Bagpuss to Come On Eileen
Retweeted by Ian Berriman @TNeenan Always pack one extra pair of pants and socks Pee sitting down, easier I just need 10 more. @DomCarterAgain I usually just windmill my fists around.Christmas plan is to just spend 10 minutes coughing into a jiffy bag and then post that to my mum, so she doesn't feel left out. @rickburin @edgarwright Wondering what the collective noun for Sweeps is. A Kazoo, maybe.
Long time since I last watched Tremors and I’d forgotten quite how terrific it is: tense, funny, sweet.… @by_Matt_Killeen Yes, it started in Scream! then moved to Eagle after that was axed.Watching: by her past... #ConstancePowers #AnthonyEisley 12:05am THE NAKED KISS (1964) #TPTVsubtitles
Retweeted by Ian BerrimanMy @mondonews sale purchases all arrived, and UK customs only charged a left hand rather than the full arm and a le… my mum’s reaction too.'The Witch' (2015) director Robert Eggers says his number one tip for screenwriters is don't put a goat in your fil…
Retweeted by Ian Berriman @DomCarterAgain You could ask for this headline instead? #90sreferences nope. Blessed as Omega: the only man you could hear from inside a black hole. @samashurst @simon1972 @jamie_graham9 Oh sure: the logic is unavoidable, I still reserve the right to feel a bit li… @vizcomic The quintessential "like, not retweet" tweet. @EddieRobson I had a LOL one of these the other day on the new Blu-ray of Spring. Cockney geezer is saying a girl h… @jacobmercy Disgusted he's forgotten to mention the 13th Floor strip in Scream! comic. @samashurst @jamie_graham9 👀 @samashurst @jamie_graham9 I think the new rule is if it gets on the cover of Empire it's a film.
Hmm. Wonder what's going to win this year? 🙄
Retweeted by Ian Berriman"Tis the season to be jolly careful"
Retweeted by Ian BerrimanERYC confirm a £10,000 Covid relief grant for small businesses was applied for and paid to the Beverley & Holdernes…
Retweeted by Ian Berriman“I Hate You” in Star Trek IV, case closed."I am lost without you" intones @elaorleans but the wonder of this music is that you never feel lost when you're in…
Retweeted by Ian Berriman @Bob_Fischer @ScarredForLife2 I’ll be swooping in at 10 minutes to go, don’t you worry. @ScarredForLife2 @Bob_Fischer Back off bitch, this is mine.Very happy to share my brand new #DoctorWho podcast series @HadokePodcasts. I've poured a lot of love - and graft -…
Retweeted by Ian Berriman @paulxdesign God, I wish this had been in "Asylum Of The Daleks".I.... I could afford this. first glance, I assumed this was an iffy-but-endearing fan build, but it turns out this was the actual prize for…
Retweeted by Ian BerrimanI hate Christmas deadlines so much.[Glances up at clock] sweet Jesus like how this Jacques Dutronc video is half cigar ad, half Chockablock, the Kraken.Anglo-Irish Trade Agreement
Retweeted by Ian BerrimanPrimal Scream - Gentle Tuesday (Official Video) - YouTube
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@samashurst Last one @samashurst I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that all films should have heavy narration. @samashurst @samashurst @evilrobotbill I bought this with some of my Covid test cash. @StuartMaconie probably the 50th person to send this... of my favorites from my ongoing retro retakes on football badges.
Retweeted by Ian BerrimanBest song with lyrics consisting of 19th century criminal slang that I've heard this year. @RogerQuimbly Well, this is frustrating. to have been interviewed for this important podcast series about two of the most legendary bands, Joy Divis…
Retweeted by Ian BerrimanI was in an English class when I heard about this. As you can imagine, our English teacher was delighted. fucking Scholl, for fuck’s sake. Sophie Scholl knew she’d be EXECUTED for distributing leaflets, not maybe r… on this guy. The fucking nerve of these whiny, deluded twats. @girlieusername @fesshole Anything that requires you to take the bastard thing out and rearrange it definitely warr… @fesshole I’d reserve this for more serious crimes like putting the shopping basket into the stack in a wonky position. @vizcomic Morgan’s forgetting the whole Cetacean market for luxury timepieces. @vizcomic Most people can only go a minute without air. How would you know if you have gone past that if you don't have a watch?
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Retweeted by Ian BerrimanFor some reason I had a lot of dirty laundry with me in a carrier bag. And obviously I hadn’t come up with my quest… was waiting to interview Denis Healey, who’d done a Nigel Lawson and gone really thin (and was telling previ… bar of the Last Chance Saloon in Dr Who: The Gunfighters is also Arkwright's counter in the Open All Hours pilo…
Retweeted by Ian Berriman @jamie_graham9 It’d still be better with a leading man who might feasibly NOT be an incredibly tough secret agent, though.Betty Everett’s beautiful version of God Only Knows from 1975. Happy Sunday everyone ✨
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‘It was just a bunch of thugs’: how Collective uncovered a web of state corruption in Romania | Documentary films |… @twlldun They’ve got a cob on, I see.The phrasing of this gave me the unpleasant image of Don Jr at some sort of keys-in-a-bowl swingers' party. [Shudde… thoughts and prayers are with the Coronavirus.
A fantastic database of Letraset transfers. Via Things Magazine
Retweeted by Ian Berriman @Garethgoape I had a 50/50 shot on what this would be when I clicked on the image and I guessed wrong (They Might Be Giants). Damnit!Tomorrow on the weekend breakfast show on @BBC6Music we’re talking Fighting Fantasy and choose your own adventure’…
Retweeted by Ian Berriman @ultrabrilliant This is like the whitest possible version of Soul Train.I have a horrible feeling Michael Gove's Tory nickname is The Govinator. @huwareyou @rhodri HUGELY HUGELY recommend Otter - though it's now limited to 3 free file uploads per account. But… Twin - “Crying In Your Face”
@B0bHardy Ruby Wax?The Art of Album Covers. . Original photograph used by Raymond Pettibon whilst designing Sonic Youth's 1990 album '…
Retweeted by Ian Berriman"I know a lot about vinyl so please no silly offers" #Vinyle
Retweeted by Ian BerrimanOpera singers dubbed with dial up modems
Retweeted by Ian Berriman @MxARivelin @MrNishKumar As Ice Cube memorably put it, they picked the wrong to with.For me, buying a console would be like buying a Blu-ray player knowing I’ll never get past chapter 3 of any of the films I watch on it. @MrsSteveMOBrien Could the shop actually be called Gay Antiques?? release repress Out now ! @elaorleans LOST Digital mp3 / Vinyl 33rpm / CD You can listen the whole record and…
Retweeted by Ian BerrimanNew release repress out now ! In 2009, we released the wonderful album Lost by @elaorleans After more than a two-y…
Retweeted by Ian BerrimanNow the new one from Electric Toothbrush Masturbator, "Outrageous Behaviour in Cemetery"
Retweeted by Ian Berriman @fesshole This is why there’s a mute option. @Baddiel ♫ I can’t wait to infect my Grandma ♫ @Baddiel During Coronavirus, David?!?Thursday is Sunday when your deadline was Tuesday. Better get out of bed and do some hoovering.after months of muttering under my breath at people in the supermarket I’ve finally cracked
Retweeted by Ian Berriman @outonbluesix @Bob_Fischer OH! I had How To Be A Wally! (Supply your own punchline)Screeeeeeeeew this. @jayrosen_nyu Decentre who? @ManMadeMoon This would put me off my dump.Apologies for the spoilers.They’ve burnt Hitler’s corpse and poisoned Goebbels’s kids and there’s still half an hour to go.
Watching Downfall. It’s not as funny as the short clips.PS Join a union.If this account of how @Disney are treating Alan Dean Foster re: royalties due is accurate, it’s unacceptable. They… argument. @twlldun Seems like a case of perfectly adequate article - by someone who has seen it numerous times, as is made cl… else remembers the existentially troubling animation Simon In The Land Of Chalk Drawings, as Steve O'Brien (…
Retweeted by Ian Berriman @GNMW2015 @markdodds11 @doctor_oxford @DrP8ken I mean hats off to you for the audacity of trying to get away with t…