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I hope everyone enjoys Chao in Space. It was a much smaller production this time, due to special circumstances. Y…
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@OwenDerro @yardleyart @SpiritSonic @tyson_hesse @jongraywb Nope. I'm just as in the dark as the rest of y'all.ARCHIE ANDREWS' Pureheart Identity Revealed in ARCHIE JUMBO COMICS DIGEST #305 Preview
Retweeted by Ian FlynnIt's everything I could've hoped for and then some. May the Chao be with you. Always. was the Diamond Cutter's best marksman. Pick up the latest issue of Sonic: Tangle & Whisper at your local c…
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Hey folks! When you head to your local comic shop today, don't forget to pick up Sonic: Tangle & Whisper #4! This f…
Retweeted by Ian FlynnPreview for Sonic IDW #24 is out (via iBooks)!
Retweeted by Ian Flynn @Coelasquid I hate every single word you typed. That's the most enraging sentence ever composed.
COSMO THE MIGHTY MARTIAN #3 @ArchieComics (W) @IanFlynnBKC (A/CA) @yardleyart Cosmo and Astra investigate a planet…
Retweeted by Ian FlynnWhisper’s ready to confront her old foe, & Tangle’s more than happy to back her up! If the bad guy knows he’s walki…
Retweeted by Ian FlynnHere's the logo-free cover art for Tangle and Whisper #4, out Dec. 11!
Retweeted by Ian Flynn @daluna1338 @Ziggyfin #InfectiousSmile @AsparagusEdu @SpiritSonic Charmy can't handle the scary games, but is furious when he isn't included in the stream…
The better half of @BumbleKast is playing good music. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? @SpiritSonic If they had a gaming channel, would it be Stream Chaotix?Raw art of Sonic 13 cover. #SonicTheHedgehog
Retweeted by Ian FlynnBrand new @BumbleKast today! Gaming is happening tonight at 10 PM Eastern, featuring @KyleJCrb playing Star Fox 2!
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@jongraywb You'll do fine. Waiting the...weeks?...for an answer will be maddening tho haha
Update: it only knows the one song. On loop. Right in front of the cashiers. I extended my deepest sympathies. @jongraywb IT SINGS THE FULL SONG AT LEAST!!!!! @jongraywb !!!!!!!!! IT'S AN XMAS MIRACLE @jongraywb You have the expression of "Well...looks like I have to adult. Again." @SpiritSonic #EagerSmile @SpiritSonic I KNOW RIGHT @tyson_hesse Ditto. That said I adore Big being gargantuan.Omega's official height always throws me for a loop. Charmy too, to a degree. #CoverOfTheMonth for the December @PREVIEWSworld Cosmo The Mighty Martian #4 CVR A Art by @yardleyart
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The next #BumbleKast recording session with @IanFlynnBKC and @KyleJCrb is happening today at 7 PM Eastern in our pa…
Retweeted by Ian FlynnI struggled with which panel to use for today's tweet, but the rest of the page really does need to be seen all tog…
@ianjq @rebeccasugar Woo! Congrats!More Sam Hill shenanigans from yours truly.
Claire was the Diamond Cutter's secret weapon. Her psychic power was scrying. Pick up the latest issue of Sonic: Ta…
Retweeted by Ian Flynn @TheRealSlimN80 @AlanTheWriter We have seen things. Known things. Bound in blue, running forever. @AdamBryceThomas Instead of grenades, you throw bread to distract them.
Hey everyone! IDWSonicNews has now interviewed IDW Sonic The Hedgehog artist @JLawrence_Art! Make sure to check it…
Retweeted by Ian FlynnSonic The Hedgehog volume 6 is releasing on June 9, 2020 for $15.99! It will contain issues 21-24 and you can pre-o…
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Come on, come all and watch me strand some deaths!'''
And that gift art is fresh off the e-presses! that BB, heft that freight. a day late because of technical difficulties, but we're committed to showing our thanks!! Your gift art awaits! Find the lo res, high res and raw PSD by @AdamBryceThomas on the Patreon now!
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@albinwonderland Just a heads up: when you wake up one day to find I'm living expectantly in your kitchen, it's you… @Birds106 Curses! Foiled again! *pops like a balloon*NEW VIDEO: Sonic: Tangle & Whisper #04 (Coloring Process): Due out in December 11th! Scri…
Retweeted by Ian Flynn @SeanDH47ART IAN YESFandom: Ian! You've gone too far! There's no way you could do worse than the zombots! Sonic 3 Beta ROM: I heard yo…
@JPGamerinPyjama @GameStop Yeah, I'm not wild about it being "celebrated" up here. I feel like I infected y'all when I immigrated. @AaronDamron DAMMIT I proof-read that tweet twice! Narf.I know my experience was atypical. I make a point of staying in today. But to the Brians out there: thank you for t… crowds died out. We'd get a handful of folks every half hour or so, but nothing crazy. My singular Black Fri… had a clear, concise plan. He ensured we were well-staffed. He was upbeat, positive and encouraging. The first t… manager, Brian (hallow be his name) got us breakfast and hot chocolate during the 11PM set-up. He'd prepared or…'ve only worked one Black Friday. It was years ago when I still lived in Charlotte and was part-time at @GameStop.… from your food coma? Help wake yourself up with today's new page of @Drogune! relativity is an acquired skill for some. N-No, I'm not writing from experience. W-Why do you ask? for Tangle and Whisper #4 is out (via iBooks)!
Retweeted by Ian FlynnSince the preview for Sonic: Tangle & Whisper #04 is out, here's a little something for one of the panels of the fi…
Retweeted by Ian Flynn @ClarencePJones It comes with all the variant covers and...other...stuff? I dunno!
@GigiDutreix Yes and no. I think some people have an innate eye for it; a way at looking at the page and making wha… @Rawnzilla P R E A C HFun fact: the lion was a sacred animal to the god Vulcan. Just putting that out there. #KnowingSmile @jongraywb Only one chef can cook for Pandora. His secret ingredient is love. ...and unobtainium. But also love.…
Happy Wednesday! If you're venturing out to your shops today, make sure to pick up the final part of "The Last Minu…
Retweeted by Ian FlynnOur top picks from @ArchieComics in February come from @AshcanPress @MarikoTamaki @MichaelMoreci @MarkWaid
Retweeted by Ian Flynn @nadiaoxford I see you very well, sai. @tailsBOOM1992 @ebooks_sonic I get it now. It took me....waaaaaay too long, but I get it now. @tailsBOOM1992 @ebooks_sonic ...what?
Cosmo gets a new power! Orbi needs rescuing! Jokes are made! Preview the next issue of COSMO THE MIGHTY MARTIAN:…
Retweeted by Ian Flynn[Preview] @IDWPublishing's 11/27 Release: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #23 by @IanFlynnBKC, @JLawrence_Art, @MattHerms &…
Retweeted by Ian Flynn @jongraywb Hell yeah dude
@kmemch @MattHerms That cunning smile...y'all are in so much trouble.Happy Monday! We've got some thoughts on another aspect of the narrative process for you on today's #BumbleKast. .… @DianeLionheart There are a TON of questions in the queue. We'll get to them all eventually. If you want yours to g…
AND a new page came out today. It's a good day for #Drogune. plot summary for Issue 26 has came out from @PREVIEWSworld! The release date is February 26, 2020 and here is o…
Retweeted by Ian FlynnIt's out in solicits, so here's my cover for Sonic the Hedgehog #26! This came out shockingly well for me, it's alw…
Retweeted by Ian Flynn#KnowingSmile
Check out this preview of 'COSMO THE MIGHTY MARTIAN #2 (of 5)' from @ArchieComics, @IanFlynnBKC, @yardleyart, Matt…
Retweeted by Ian FlynnNew page! Monsters! Magic! Obstinate protagonists! for next week's BumbleKast will be happening today at 6 PM Eastern! Join our patron-exclusive Discord ser…
Retweeted by Ian FlynnDid you know I've been doing short-stories in the various Archie digests? Well now you do! And one is right around…!
Retweeted by Ian FlynnA super deep-dive and glowing review of "Feats of Friendship" by @IDWPublishing @TonyFleecs & me. sure to get to your local comic shop and order you copy of Cosmo the Mighty Martian #2 before November 25! Yo…
Retweeted by Ian FlynnNitro Game Injection #382: The Future Is Now (SNK Special)
Retweeted by Ian Flynn @bhuzy213 @MLP_Trinary @MLPSilverQuill Yep!Hey all! I did a quick little follow up to my Chrono Trigger fan comic "Genius Trigger," which is available in its…
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@slyn_vulpes I didn't wade into the Sonic fandom. I was born into it. Molded by it.It was daunting to wade into a series as big and beloved as this one, but it's been a pleasure! Feats of Friendship #3 is out today! It's the finale to the mini-series, so grab #1 & 2 now if you haven't already! @MLP_Trinary @IDWPublishing @MLPSilverQuill @TheIllustriousQ @TonyFleecs I really hope so. I know what I want to do… @jongraywb Aleah's reaction: escalating shouts of "HOW?!" My reaction: @maddigzlz I see no RIME or reason to this poll.