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@Fearless_Fred "But Colonel! Is the K-9000 stable?" "Let's check with the lab. What are the results, Dr. Woofter?"… haven’t shut up about this but if you want to support and amplify Latino voices, including but not limited to LGB…
Retweeted by Ian FlynnCONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Proud to announce that we’ve partnered with @UniversalPics to giveaway five (5) digital co…
Retweeted by Ian Flynn @Fearless_Fred The ill-advised religious spin-off to "Air Bud." It's DTV sequel that focused on bowling, "Holy Roll… @drewmaru_comics The renders were data mined. It's the hat.
In "A Little Esperanza" by @JamilaRowser and @quasimaddi, Maritza goes on a scavenger hunt with her faithful robot…
Retweeted by Ian Flynn @ChibiJenHen T&W, and now THE HAT. The second seal is broken. The Sonipocolypse is nigh. Q&A for August 10th, 2020 Remember to thumb, bell and sub so we can reach a poi… is going live! Join @IanFlynnBKC as he dives into Marvel's Spiderman (PS4) for the first time!
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Yes I'm late to the spider-party, but it was on sale, sooo...
#BumbleKast Gaming returns with @KyleJCrb playing #Sonic Lost World! Starting very shortly:
Retweeted by Ian FlynnSound on for this one. I laugh harder each time this loops. The Hedgehog #30 previews are out on iBooks! #Sonic #SonicTheHedgehog #IDWSonic
Retweeted by Ian Flynn @mikeoholic It screams less as you slice it, tho. Whether that's a pro or a con I leave up to you. @RikDraws @webtoon Holy crap! Thank you! @jongraywb Spinning from that one of the most interesting moments in Super is Trunks coming back and re-meeting Adult Gohan. @rileysauruss @IDW_David_M It is a dangerous power. @IDW_David_M @rileysauruss Ours delivers. Get a movie rental through their streaming service, too.
@Hunter839 My Little Pony & Transformers: Friendship in Disguise. Cross-over mini-series that started this week. I'… for the evening crowd #Drogune is still very young so any support is welcome and appreciated. A follow, a ret… @RubyEclipse @play_pso2 Congratulations, sir!The good vibes keep rolling in, saying MLPxTF is a good time. @GreenRangerDon Yup. Did a MLP wiki deep dive to get as many as I couldI pitched this story specifically with Mr. Collins in mind. I'd give anything to hear him read this in character. @Arkus0 Don't you worry. He gets his own story with Spike (not to be confused with Spike) in a later issue.
If you’ve been considering backing the book, now’s the time. I could use an extra dollar for this gigantic expositi…
Retweeted by Ian Flynn @LBD_Nytetrayn @nadiaoxford @jongraywb She's still with you, ain't she? @ElmntsofMadness The Ego bit that got me was "I've made hundreds of mistakes, but you're not one of them" when cont… very cool thing about working at @ArchieComics is getting to work on projects like the Outer Space Strips with…
Retweeted by Ian Flynn @nadiaoxford @jongraywb It's like you don't know me at all D= @nadiaoxford Conversely, I'm glad your mom got the care she needed, and that's it. @Gumballfanatic1 100% correct @AHM7777 The hat stays. It's part of his charm. @NormalGuy8 Think fondly of me if you win the lotto @MattHerms @GreenRangerDon @jongraywb I was never big into RW but that looks siiiiiiiiiiiick @afroevan11 @GreenRangerDon @jongraywb You are absolutely right, tho. DinoRiders is a brilliant core concept and is ripe for revival. @pinkmegadrill Fair point. Can't think of a better term. "Spin-off" would imply some kind of continuity, and that d… @CaptainAWF From my understanding SH was the knock-off sci-fi trying to launch off TC's sci-fantasy success & didn'… @GreenRangerDon Whoever gives me the keys to the castle, I ain't choosey. Gimme a budget and creative freedom to go buck wild. @The_Real_Jarkes @jongraywb I had nightcap worm guy. He glowed in the dark, man. WITHOUT batteries. That was Merlin-level magic when… would do just about anything to spearhead a SilverHawks reboot. Nigh upon anything. Please do not ask for speci… @The_Real_Jarkes Part of it. I have stories in #1, 2 and 4.Have you seen all the covers for MLP/TRANSFORMERS #️⃣1️⃣? Some amazing pieces from @TonyFleecs, @JLawrence_Art,…
Retweeted by Ian Flynn @CaptainAWF From your mouth to His ears, man.
Solution: pinch my pennies to get a proof of concept short done, use it to inspire some KS funding, put it out ther… night I was hit with inspiration to seriously put together a cartoon pitch. Started listing assets and budgeti… The Hedgehog #31 Cover RI by @Loopyyylupe #Sonic #IDWSonic #SonicTheHedgehog
Retweeted by Ian FlynnSonic The Hedgehog #31 Cover B by @jongraywb #IDWSonic #Sonic #SonicTheHedgehog
Retweeted by Ian Flynn @DMXI @jongraywb I know I watched that show all the time. I had toys, I had a comic I read til it fell apart. I retain nothing of it. @jongraywb This was my jam when I was little. You best step off. @ChibiJenHen Keee-riiiiiipesSonic The Hedgehog: Bad Guys Volume coming out on April 27, 2021! #Sonic #SonicTheHedgehog #IDWSonic
Retweeted by Ian Flynn400 ain't nothin' to sneeze at. Retweeted. Gimme. Feed my addiction. that was fast. Y'all have the touch! Y'all have the power! Thanks for making this such a success!
HIRING! -Interior Artists -Interior Colour Artists -Interior Letter Artists Various gigs. All paying, all EXTREME…
Retweeted by Ian Flynn @Jampolinski @LetItMelo @nadiaoxford Must be cold. His high beams are on.#PREVIEW: MY LITTLE PONY TRANSFORMERS #1 (OF 4) by @JamesAsmus @IanFlynnBKC @JLawrence_Art & more... from…
Retweeted by Ian FlynnHey! If you like to draw SPOOKY HORROR, can you drop your portfolio below? 👇🏼☠️🎃✨
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I did 3 sketch covers to help support my local comic shop, @nbrhdcomics ! Check out all the great covers available…
Retweeted by Ian FlynnPatrons wanted to hear nothing but #Sonic3 Chrome Gadget remixes on today's #NitroGameInjection. Who would I be to…
Retweeted by Ian FlynnFriendly reminder @BumbleKast is weekly now, and now almost purely Q&A. @albinwonderland Outrageous. Truly, truly, truly outrageous.Thanks for the feedback everyone. You hit on all the concerns I had and gave me some ideas. I'll think it over and we'll see what happens.Start Here: Five New Comics for August 5th @RobertKirkman @ChrisSamnee @IanFlynnBKC
Retweeted by Ian Flynn @jongraywb You just got the ugliest laugh out of me @KyleJCrb Me: "But the steam is on Sundays." Me moments later: "WAIT IT'S SUNDAY?!"
@SorcererLance Absolutely not. It's a tricky scenario as is, and adding any kind of monetary aspect to it would onl… idea: lessons. Write-ups on how to approach narrative construction, character building, themes, etc. If t… @SugarGliderPop That is a very broad question. Check out the FAQ on my website for some pointers. @PPDPPL_art Yeah, that's one of the reasons I was iffy on the idea.I keep waffling on opening a personal patreon. Workshopping ideas, stand-alone scenes, design docs. Infrequent upda… @JLawrence_Art So glad you enjoyed! @underoos__ They know better
A small sample of my Arcee/Rarity story, drawn by the incredible @JLawrence_Art crossover you've been waiting for is almost here! Equestria and Cybertron collide in My Little Pony/Transformer…
Retweeted by Ian FlynnToday, for 24 hours on twitch, I will be streaming Yakuza Kiwami 2 from the beginning to raise funds for my friend…
Retweeted by Ian Flynn @drewmaru_comics I don't think it's official
For the evening crowd: #Drogune, my comic w/@AdamBryceThomas, updates Fridays (e.g. TODAY!) We're doing a focus o… this is just freakin' cool. episode of GG Gaming with myself, @NinKirboo5700, and special guest @IanFlynnBKC! Come give it a listen!…
Retweeted by Ian Flynn40+ pages of regular content and now sweet, juicy lore details? How can you go wrong?
Gonna be doing some console stream testing soon over at, playing #VirtuaRacing. Come hang out!
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[Preview] @ArchieComics' 7/29 Digital Release: COSMO: THE MIGHTY MARTIAN TPB by @IanFlynnBKC, @yardleyart,…
Retweeted by Ian Flynn @Geek60518990 Except it doesn't match the world maps in Unleashed or Shadow's game. Sega says it's two worlds, and… @Geek60518990 You're saying he wouldn't be surprise and confused to see the ARK on his world? And thus ask if that's what he's seeing?This whole thread exemplifies why I've been especially terrified these last four years. And only growing worse.
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Wholesome edit for your Tuesday. @MPickett57 Friendship is the right of all sentient beings. @TrentDalton3 @benbatesart @bwrosas197998 @yardleyart Wait...#200 was the Eggman defeat, wasn't it? #250 then. What… @TrentDalton3 @benbatesart @bwrosas197998 @yardleyart I have no idea where Ben got that information. That isn't rem… specified in the thread, TFxMLP is next week. I wrote one of the stories featured within! @quasimaddi Brine in 6 cups water/3 tbs salt for 1 hr. Pat dry & season with salt, pepper & BBQ rub. Grill 15 min,… @BumbleKast @theRyuSpike No idea.
Nitro Game Injection Video Game Music Podcast via @YouTubeWe're hosting a #ComicConAtHome giveaway! One winner will get ONE OF EACH of our Single Issue Comic-Con@Home Exclus…
Retweeted by Ian FlynnThe number of "quacks" in the comment of today's @BumbleKast give me life. Pawn Assault 2.0 has started! Ready the Wispon and spring into action to defeat the Eggman Empire in…
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