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Gianni Karmsace @IanKarmel Portland/Los Angeles

Head Chef - Late Late Show with James Corden. Host of All Fantasy Everything. Stand-Up on Netflix. Bylines at The Ringer and New York Times.

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@jillboard @vulture I hope this doesn't sound like a backhanded compliment somehow, because I mean it as sincerely… Gloria Vanderbilt. Gunned down in her prime. @piscopaliansour @tracyrusso @jillboard @punchupthejam I did not! I’ve been loving Cher. @lappinm @erincconn Yeah! It’s wild. It’s all over the place back in the states. @tracyrusso @jillboard That needlepoint is a Cher quote! Her mom asked “When are you going to marry a rich man?” CH… @erincconn I had no idea! I'm so sorry! @ANDREWTI Honestly, the best kind of take. @ANDREWTI This is hot dad erasure.I have never felt so seen.
Retweeted by Gianni Karmsace @AaronMesh GOD DAMNIT.
@lizkhalifa69 @fakemikemulloy What a queen. @fakemikemulloy What a king. @fakemikemulloy I was gonna say...Shouts to my dad, Ivan Karmel, who taught me, amongst so many other lessons, how to tell people to fuck off - a DEEPLY underrated skill.Can’t stop watching this
Retweeted by Gianni KarmsaceIt’s a lifestyle 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ #pancakesforthetable @IanKarmel @ShellJ32
Retweeted by Gianni KarmsaceAll Family! @TRILLBLAZIN restocked limited numbers of the Serpentine (back shown here) and Draft shirts! Cop them… @evanempdx This feels dramatic.
well shitfuck.
Retweeted by Gianni KarmsaceHey guys I just joined cameo! Click the link and ask me for a shoutout! Hope you guys enjoy!
Retweeted by Gianni Karmsace*Stares in Thabo Sefolosha*
Retweeted by Gianni KarmsaceSome said he'd never win a title. Some said he was washed up. But he kept grinding. He kept going. Now, Jeremy L…
Retweeted by Gianni Karmsace @everydaydude @HYPEBEAST @BALENCIAGA These aren’t terrible!Fred VanVleet has gotta be the best NBA player who works at Champs during the summer.
Retweeted by Gianni KarmsaceHere is something you can’t understand How I could just
Retweeted by Gianni Karmsace @MikeDrucker It’s for ME. @mpsinger @corbinasmith I do too.I bet Golden State wins another ring.Damn this quote is even tougher now
Retweeted by Gianni KarmsaceAll of the Golden State dynasty injuries happened at once.Ah man, poor Klay.Phenomenal season
Retweeted by Gianni KarmsaceI love you, basketball.Man, I’m so happy for Raptors fans. What a cool team. What a long shot. Just beautiful.I appreciate that the Spanish language puts the exclamation point at the beginning o the sentence. It’s like, “Get…
Retweeted by Gianni KarmsaceNick Nurse is celebrating his title the only way he knows how
Retweeted by Gianni Karmsace @MarsMel @iamcoleduncan PUP and this is one week. You deserve it, you sweetheart. @KanyeTheGiant @SeanSJordan @thegissilent Fight us, bro @iamcoleduncan @MarsMel Congrats Mars!!! @dws416 @wogatu Also, I LIKE Drake! What are you doing, dude? @dws416 @Droppedaschild I win every day of my life. Happy for the Raptors. THIS is what you’re doing with the afterglow, bruh? @randyklemola There are some opinions that simply aren’t worth entertaining, man. Which one of his takes do you thi… @randyklemola I don’t mean to take him down, I just want people to know what they’re getting into.🇨🇦MOTHER FUCKING BOOGIENOT KLAY @klondike69 If you think we’re including people who think Arabs live in open sewers, you’re an absolute dumb fuck. @TheHellaCoolGuy @BradfromPDX lololololIf a game lets you walk around and collect plants? Then it’s a good game. That’s how you can tell. All games that don’t do this are bad
Retweeted by Gianni Karmsace“I’m from Chicago” - a guy from Chicago introducing himself
Retweeted by Gianni KarmsacePlease a Lowry to introduce myself
Retweeted by Gianni Karmsace @FredKatz Oh wow, Fred. @birdrightsnba @RedsArmy_John Immediate feedback loop.It’s the final game at Oracle! Here’s some of the greatest moments. First, Baron Davis dunks on Andrei Kirilenko, a…
Retweeted by Gianni Karmsace @Erik_Gundersen nnmmggfffffffstill rooting for the raptors tho - karms can’t lose.oh no what the fuck I think I’d be okay with golden state winning what the fuck is going on am I dyingso you’re telling me I missed my chance to milkshake Ben Shapiro
Retweeted by Gianni KarmsaceSarah Huckabee Sanders handled her job like a drunk person at a traffic stop denying she's in a car at all.
Retweeted by Gianni KarmsaceI can’t recommend this show enough!! Portland if you got the time and $10 go see this.…
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@AaronSmarter @corbinasmith @bansky I just can't really make sense of what you're saying, though. Based on what? He… @BradfromPDX You don't love me. You don't even follow me. Ben Shapiro thinks Arab people live in open sewage, Trans… @AaronSmarter @corbinasmith @bansky MBDTF was his FOURTH straight album to debut at #1 on the charts. The College D… @ItzGetty lol this is hilarious, gonna follow this @EvanSowards guy now, thanks for sharing @AaronSmarter @bansky I'm afraid whitey has been fucking with Kanye since his first album - probably moreso and ear… @AaronSmarter @bansky Aaron, come on. Graduation had a song featuring Chris Martin. Registration was nominated for… @BlazerBeav @mickyb273 Don't be stupid, man. The Ringer is a large media company with influence and expertise on a… @davideelder @ringer I think there's one person at The Ringer who doesn't detest this move and his name is Larry Wilmore. @Juan_C_Vargas @larrywilmore He absolutely won't. I mean, it's out, he doesn't. He straight up doesn't. Some opinio… drag producers into this, you drag other people at the network/website/office into this - and why? Honestly, wh… to keep going off on this - but the arrogance of Larry Wilmore - thinking you're going to be the one who chan… has to have Eli Valley on now. Sorry its the only way
Retweeted by Gianni KarmsaceI doubt there's anyone more upset about this than the wonderful, brilliant people who work at The Ringer. It truly sucks to see this. @BlitzkriegKlopp I don't think anyone is more upset than the people who work at The Ringer. @4STAL4 Thanks a lot! Sorry to be difficult, my dude. Just had those people flood my mentions before, and it turned… @nadavis47 Am I wrong, but aren't you white? Also, I don't think they force guests on ANYONE. I'm sure this was Lar… @4STAL4 Hey man, please delete this tweet tagging him ASAP, or I'm going to have to block you. Don't feel like deal… notion that people should have discussions with those they disagree with, when that disagreement is over certai… fucking sucks. don’t have answers for how to fix Sudan. But I know the 1st step is to have the world be aware that something ter…
Retweeted by Gianni KarmsaceEvery stage of this ride appears to be an increasingly dire mechanical malfunction
Retweeted by Gianni Karmsace @ceellbee The last time I did molly I planned, and almost bought tickets for, a trip to Thailand with two strangers… @ceellbee do u thoHonored to meet one of my idols who inspires me to stand up for Human Rights, Justice, Freedom and Democracy.…
Retweeted by Gianni Karmsace @ellesep @literElly Delicious and nutritious cereal for geniuses. @youngpapiwhy Oh!!!!! Well, she's super rad. Still hate the sneaks. @youngpapiwhy Who is Ilana? @pdxbrocialite Going this summer. Will report back. @TLPYW Yeah! Let’s talk in July. @joezimmerman oh yes @alex3nglish They should have baptisms in it.Me watching any Boston sports team losing*
Retweeted by Gianni KarmsaceI've never seen a lion do something so goofy. LMAO
Retweeted by Gianni Karmsace @alex3nglish It’s literally right there below your tweet. @natalieweiner big loli mean i know it’s in france but they couldn’t find anyone else?
Retweeted by Gianni KarmsaceOh my god. know that soggy old dumbass who's livetweeting Fox and yelling back at his television? I wrote about him, and a…
Retweeted by Gianni Karmsace.@IJasonAlexander One of my all time favorite scenes in television history. 😊
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