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The 45 volunteers given the dose in March developed neutralizing antibodies. Now 30,000 people to get the experimen…
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I don't know what Nick Cannon said, but it can't be worse than any of his stand-up specials.Hey there all fam! Who won the "Movies With Aliens In Them" draft?! cc: @IanKarmel @thegissilent @SeanSJordan @MarsMel
Retweeted by karmsHave you talked to your parents about supporting @sarahforpdx? If you have parents in Portland, invite them to the…
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@PapaDrewCrew @SeanSJordan @thegissilent I absolutely do not visit Bolivia, on the regular, via a series of seaplane flights.You gotta buy @Sam_Tallent’s book! It’s a great read and hands down the second greatest book ever written by a brat…
Retweeted by karms @asideofgravy @AllFantasyPod @thegissilent @SeanSJordan Oh no no they should have been cancelled a long time ago, I…
@PortlandBadBoy @kdubinthisclub I AM A BETHANY ELEMENTARY ALUMNI!!!
This would be the nicest place I've ever lived. @UncleJpau It's not my fault your dumbass had kids instead of wanting to paint one (1) wall.Hmm, I wonder if there's a different city agency we could defund instead... 🤔
Retweeted by karmsThank you to everyone with legit suggestions, and to everyone who dropped a joke, I brought it on myself but I'm still mad at you.Does anyone have any interior design resources they really enjoy? Just stuff for inspiration - IG accounts or websites or whatever?NEW AFE ALERT! We drafted “Movies With Aliens!” It was groovy in a far out kind of way and made me miss @IanKarmel
Retweeted by karmsNEW AFE ALERT!!! @SeanSJordan, @thegissilent and I draft "Movies With Aliens!" Far out. footage of me hearing @thegissilent’s 2nd pick, and then @IanKarmel’s final pick on the @AllFantasyPod Movie…
Retweeted by karmsNeil Gorsuch & The Four Liberal Justices, one of Motown's least successful acts, but they had a couple deep cuts. wrestling + @IanKarmel = Hilarious. Binge full episodes of #GameOn now on @CBSAllAccess:…
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@joshgondelman The statue avatar guy is such a weirdly specific dude. Their bio is always something like "Neoclassi… @IanKarmel @alexkealy it's a ram-com
Retweeted by karms @caitlinmoran @alexkealy hahahahaha @SeanYoo uh okay and who are you???So y’all know I love watching TikToks. One of my first TikTok discoveries: Dr. Marquis Norton, a Black male therapi…
Retweeted by karmsWorked at Best Buy customer service desk. Some guy came in with a microwave that had been clearly used - which is f… just wanted to steal a car, but they ended up... stealing each others hearts. This summer, Jim Carrey and Jenn… @BipedKev I know, but I’m Jewish as hell and I just wanna hold out hope people can change.So, about DeSean Jackson. There are many American Jews, mostly of my parents' generation but some younger, who are…
Retweeted by karms @CubanMissileDH This seems right, but aren’t goblins also smart?My girl LOVES when a movie protagonist goes through a dramatic character change over the course of three acts.
Retweeted by karms @YourManDevine I’d say you’re in good hands. This is a win for you. @calebsaysthings As as a 35 year old, how dare: 1) He 2) You 3) My parentsFor me it’s Draculas. 2020 in one text.
Retweeted by karms @IsaacKLee Love Big Time Socialists. Love em. @afe_mel @AllFantasyPod @RonFunches @kumailn Oh you going WAY back. @Elizabeth502 @KeeganMKey Thank you so much! @freedarko @nickadamsweb I’m already trying to do this, but it’s bupkis with these shmendriks!Uhh, @zaktoscani?
@hotdaddywags I hope so, too. Gotta leave that door open for people to learn, though! @dave_schilling It's such a needless and painful diversion from anything remotely useful!Just to reiterate - Hitler - nobody's boy.In Nazi Germany, black Germans were subject to the Nuremberg Laws, just like the Jews, the Roma and others. There… think it's a horrible thing to say and think, and it boggles the mind, but I don't think they're bad people and I…'s an absolute luxury that the worst DeSean Jackson and Stephen Jackson's anti-Semitism can do is make me sad, bu… know the story isn't great but this is the first time these two words have trended together. Exciting times!
Retweeted by karmsSTILL. you do The Talk, you gotta do it in front of a painting where you’re dressed like a dictator. @MassengaleLiana My pleasure! @LarryAgostineli Thank you!I’m on vacation strolling channels and who should pop on my tv but the man @IanKarmel! Truly delightful surprise.
Retweeted by karms @ed_ballart @FadedcomedyLA Happy birthday, papa!Big happy birthday to the only photographer who can make us look good, Ed! @ed_ballart
Retweeted by karmsso are we gonna shut down the country, require masks in public, cancel rent, and pay everyone $2000 a month or what’s up
Retweeted by karmsThey're breaking out graphs for rap beef now. Yeah I'm tapping out here man y'all be cool.
Retweeted by karmsThere is a legit conversation to be had about what is and is not anti Semitic, because at times it’s used as a tact…
Retweeted by karmsI'M ON THE TALK TODAY!!! the next generation and little ones following my foot steps.. #LoveWins
Retweeted by karms @ReedPNW It may take some finding, but it’s worth it. Don’t get discouraged.Interesting thread! Optimistic but grounded and honest and if you're the TLDR type - KEEP WEARING MASKS. @ClaireMPLS I ALSO had a OJ pog set, and it wasn't even THIS OJ pog set!!!Looting in a way a normal person on the street couldn’t even imagine... and yet somehow this is ok. Rotten to the c…
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@marcmaron Just watched The Firm. Can’t take your eyes off him, and he’s in scenes with Tom Cruise. @ayoedebiri Best damn teeth in the biz.You ever just stop and wonder what Gene Hackman is doing at that very moment? I do. @nogumbofornazis Lets not start talking crazy, here.oh shit wait nvm these are ours
Retweeted by karmsRIP Ennio Moreicone. Gunned down in his prime.Finland ended homelessness. They provide a small apartment and counseling with no preconditions. 4/5 make their way…
Retweeted by karmsTyson would make Bron's beard whirl around his head like Daffy Duck's bill when he got shot in the face
Retweeted by karmsWestside Gunn ordering McDonalds @WESTSIDEGUNN
Retweeted by karmsGotta be @thegissilent. @PJ01132894 @OregonGovBrown It started like that and then became an actual white power symbol. You do your research. @VisualReversal @OregonGovBrown @ORStatePolice Incorrect.
@girlinthelobby I absolutely love musicals! Love them! I put them on in crosswalks and I’ve written for two Tony Aw… a bad time to retweet this sketch written by @hairoline, one of the dumbest, funniest things we did in the la… @AllezLesBoulez Hey, happy to springboard! @kavindpan Alien invasions are unrealistic, singing the plot is ridiculous, they're both great. Musicals are corny… @AllezLesBoulez Ahhhh @kavindpan I decide. @AllezLesBoulez Nope. @mpdeejay1 @DuncanWidman @CheFos82 @marcellacomedy Starlight Express, baby!I just listened to this one and it’s a banger
Retweeted by karms @HeuristicLineup For sure, but also a massive uptick in fireworks. @djevilone I’m on this island with you! @HeuristicLineup I think this is one of those Twitter isn’t real life situations. @fakemikemulloy Delicious. @fakemikemulloy Whats in an old Cuban?nothing “radicalized” you babe. all you’ve done is share graphics to your instagram story.
Retweeted by karms @Pettei_Time I've seen a whole bunch, I believe corniness is inherent in Broadway musicals and that isn't a criticism. @fakemikemulloy THE DOG IS OFF THE CHAIN. @fakemikemulloy Mike, people can read this. @morgan_murphy She'll give you a big old hug! @longers1 Well yeah, its a Saturday. @AKAClark1 Happy Birthday! @morgan_murphy I drove up to Portland and hugged my mom, and it was the first time I'd touched someone since March,…'s a picture of me wearing a red, white and blue hat holding a red white and blue blow-up machine gun with Ame… it's because I grew up as a Jew who also celebrated Christmas, but I have absolutely no problem separating th… @bizmichael A ceveeshirt cannon?Time for another backyard chat with OSP, @OregonGovBrown?
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