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Ian Karmel @IanKarmel Portland/Los Angeles

Host of All Fantasy Everything. Head writer of the Late Late Show with James Corden. Stand-up special on Netflix. Bylines in @Ringer and @NYTimes

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Grimace from McDonald’s but pronounced like Versace.
Retweeted by Ian Karmel @IanKarmel Luckily, we all know it’ll be Chariot by Gavin Degraw playing
Retweeted by Ian KarmelBoban Marjanovic looks like what people who are not attracted to Adam Driver think Adam driver looks like.
Retweeted by Ian Karmel @dave_schilling THANK YOUThere are no songs that don’t feel stark reminders of our impending doom when played over an airport’s speakers at 6am.gotta wake up for a flight at 4:30am so obviously I’ll be sleeping a total of 45 minutes tonightthese refs @Reed_PDX @pdxmaggie @corbinasmith the award isn’t “most diehard fan who lives in Oregon” @pdxmaggie OH I HEARD, @CORBINASMITH. @IanKarmel Fuck yeah. Fireworks going off all over Beaverton rn to celebrate. It's wild out here.
Retweeted by Ian Karmel @corbinasmith And your thumbs.We did it, Beaverton. We did it. @RIPTWITTY THANK YOU, RIP TWITTY. @corbinasmith I’m gonna break your fingers, Corbin.DAME @Back2aPupkin I heard that about you.trump supporters cancelling preorders of the movie book and then trying to make a show of it is like in high school…
Retweeted by Ian KarmelImagine thinking like this dumbass 😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by Ian Karmeldame
First comedian to bring a Emmy nomination certificate for an award I did not end winning back to Portland, but you… just realized Apple couldn’t call em AirBuds because of the dog-athlete.
Retweeted by Ian Karmel @beaurosser @FadedcomedyLA I didn’t buy THOSE Blazers shorts. Just SOME Blazers shorts.This beach gone get whatever body I give it. My beach body on back order.
Retweeted by Ian KarmelLA! I’m performing on @FadedcomedyLA as soon as the Blazers game is over TONIGHT. Either outcome, I’ll be in some kinda mood, come see it! @FreshRye That... will be a huge step. Massive.When you're stressed out, but then you realize Bobby Shmurda comes home next year.
Retweeted by Ian Karmel @katress @ellesep This is actually a great way to get below the radar comedians some much needed attention. This ki… Passover to all who are celebrating!
Retweeted by Ian Karmel @dave_schilling @fakemikemulloy What like... palm it MORE? @fakemikemulloy whole squad gripping @miel I WOULD NEVER PICK WASHINGTON. NEVER. EVER.Final tickets available for HIGH tea. Classic British afternoon tea with an (edible) twist. Tomorrow. Tickets here…
Retweeted by Ian Karmel @J_Schneider @AllFantasyPod @thegissilent @SeanSJordan @MarsMel @shanetorres @zaktoscani @headgum HahahahahahahahahaGot bored and made @AllFantasyPod bingo. Big ups to @IanKarmel @thegissilent @SeanSJordan @marsmel @shanetorres
Retweeted by Ian KarmelThe power that this @lizzo album has... the intelligence that it has... the clearance that it has... the access tha…
Retweeted by Ian KarmelOh absolutely the fuck yes. lot of dudes in the mentions telling me I can’t actually palm a basketball, or that it’s not regulation, or it’s… @StoneyDad420 @freedarko @jaycaspiankang Dude shut up. @corbinasmith @cs_mcgowan He said he’s going hunting for little Mexican girls. @SirNicholasIII @JaredNHR @aardvarsk Two all-stars, made it to the finals, absolutely. @DavidPalomares HaaaaaaaaaterWE DRAFTED STATES WITHE SHANE TORRES!!
Retweeted by Ian Karmel @spencermorgank Nooooo @ManVsParty YES @onlxn So damn true. @NNanpei ALTHOUGH... @NNanpei Nah. @talkhoops Its my fault. They don’t let Jews in entertainment. @pawkhrua Stop blowing up my spot! @hypeman I couldn’t palm one before but today I’ve palmed two different ones. @_AlexandraWalsh @AllFantasyPod @shanetorres @thegissilent @SeanSJordan Deal! @kfippin I’m gonna dunk on so many 8 foot rims. @talkhoops Let me just say this about the post moves. There will be a dizzying array of them. @portugaltheman Is that Rumi? @kfippin I couldn’t do it in high school. @DanielSzalma Yes it is.Gonna buy a chinchilla Cadillac. @ReedPNW It is! @aardvarsk I’ve thought about this a lot. There have been so many good NBA Kevins. Durant, Garnett, Love, Martin, D… @jamieson2001 I signed! But I just had to fire them. @oregonfan010 Nah! @budd1e_lee @seanmelmer C’mon, bruv. @AnthonyIrwinLA That’s true.I’m 34 years old and I just found out I can palm a basketball. @kylefirebaugh @AllFantasyPod @SeanSJordan @thegissilent @shanetorres @CaytonHolland I was just razzing David!👀AFE tour schedule dropping in mere days 👀 @hotmessparent @AllFantasyPod @shanetorres @thegissilent @SeanSJordan It was on my list! @NateStoller @NNanpei Remember that night we stayed up until 6am so you could explain DBZ to us?...Bogut is gonna visit the White House, isn’t he?Sheed. @DerekPonamsky Canard. Tasty and Alder for breakfast. Bunk Sandwiches. Paleys Place. Pok Pok. All good optionsyo this guy's got BALLS, look at him stalking her bangs
Retweeted by Ian Karmel @TBNBlog @AllFantasyPod Nah, AFE stronger than ever.HIATUS!!!!!!!!! @evanempdx Oh yes.
@alyssalimp @anylaurie16 No, you! Honestly. I watch all your stuff like 10 times.“Athletes should stick to playing the game not making political stands”
Retweeted by Ian Karmel @anylaurie16 alyssa is so funny.there needs to be a word for the little bit of respect you lose for someone when you find out they listen to the joe r*gen podcast
Retweeted by Ian KarmelLet’s get this chant going at La Mota Center for Game 5* *if necessary
Retweeted by Ian KarmelThat “O-K-C” chant is a lot funnier if you hear it as “Stole-a-Team”
Retweeted by Ian KarmelSOMEBODY LET ME DO THIS, I HAVE A MONTH OFF THIS SUMMER. @Spacefunmars I mean, yeah, but they don't know that.Serious book people gotta be some of the most elitist gatekeepers in the world. You'll be like "Well, I don't read… @rebeccagedd @SeanSJordan @shanetorres @thegissilent WELP @meghanrother HELLONEW AFE ALERT! @ShaneTorres burps on over to the podcast to join @SeanSJordan, @theGisSilent and myself to draft "S… @TrailBlazersTR Only me and CJ McCollum. @TrailBlazersTR Shit. @TRILLBLAZIN You guys really need to start a season ticket program so people who trust the brand can just instantly get whatever y'all make.This is me.....thanks for the opportunity & that was an amazing way to start my birthday! Thank you @JKCorden
Retweeted by Ian KarmelStephanie Mickus is a WGA screenwriter looking to staff. She was at CAA until last week. Her dialogue is whipsmart…
Retweeted by Ian Karmel @shanetorres So good. @biloon Wasn't that crazy? Dude was super nice, too. @_Zeets I jumped out of my chair. @IanKarmel See if you can spot @SeanSJordan and I str8 up chillin in the G room with a freaking gator
Retweeted by Ian Karmel @TrillScottP No man, he really was random. I don't get paid any extra off of YouTube view counts. The entire office… @AnthonyIrwinLA Bought him a house, hooked him up with a Kardashian, everything.