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✨ Ian ✨ @ianlovesfilm writing another screenplay

16-year old who is probably gonna make your favorite movie someday / “happiness can be found even in the darkest of times” / #BLM

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@CLuver03 @ceilingfan25 taste @CLuver03 not for her 🤭 @speedingahead Multiple! I was listening to Songs For the Deaf by Queens of the Stone Agefavorite albums of all time, gothinking about her @Drr_Sizzle It’s a concept album, so they’re ordered in a way that tells a story, so it’s not as effective @beterthanbacon PAIN @charliedontmiss PAINI just listened to almost an entire 1 hour album without realizing it was on shuffle 🤬😔’ve lit rah lee just been listening to entire albums while playing subway surfers and rethinking my life decisions all day @johneberlejr WI have nothing to tweet but I’m losing my mind @mlmgob five guys on the tl 🥺 @g0thm0th420 except I already stopped 🤧 @DavidLawlerYT IM GLAD IM NOT ALONEwhy is my heart so deeply rooted THERE? why can’t I fathom a life without THERE? why can’t I escape my dreams of TH… @filmandloathing you ever just know I lit rah lee just changed layouts but I wanted to go back to having an Ian™ pfp also I promise to get a ne…
@SmilesAndScarz thanks kingI was in such a dark place emotionally last night that I literally taught myself how to play Hallelujah on the ukul… @bork_21 W @bork_21 for sure. and the cast, the direction, and overall vibe. they’re modern masterpieces idc @tenetception @cody_blaske this @Drr_Sizzle DHDJFHCJF @_emo_euriah_ no u @cody_blaske in some ways, yeah. but I wouldn’t trade the films for anything.they manage to capture the SPIRIT of the source material, something very few adaptations have accomplished, and som… it, kip dynamite layout @rey_skywalker3 @ThatFanRex I hate the fandom ngl lmao @fuckbentrash YOOOOOO @filmandloathing I change my mind but I feel it @filmandloathing stealing this tweet @thatsuperboi iron man and avengers 1 deserve higher but other than that, massive W @filmandloathing sorry 🤧 @charliedontmiss I vibe with Lana hardcore ngl @johneberlejr shut up 😔me rn because it’s summertime and pain @imprettycoollol dub @imprettycoollol noI just drove my younger cousin and my sister around on a golf cart for almost an hour while blasting my Spotify this is a W @HassanHamid26 W @TeenMovieGeek @DravenREBORN47 no.
@johne1998 @laurbarbq I jk ily @johne1998 @laurbarbq you know? super super excited for this!! @WillHaddad8 OMG YES @TheDylanHoang one of my favorite pieces in the entire series for sure @imprettycoollol HDDJFNJFJFthe only fireworks I care about today @dry_titan I will in the next couple days 😌 @dry_titan if you don’t end up doing Rodrick, imma steal that idea, it’s genius @frodosfilms SAME @Eren2706 deal @softfilmhours KING ILYthis week, I’m gonna get a ton of driver’s ed done, rearrange my room, cross some films off my watchlist, write hop… @SkyTrash77 yooooo W!that’s it, I’m stealing my sister’s ukulele (with permission of course)The film will be written by myself and @MarvelGuy01 with some consultation from @ianlovesfilm. It will see plenty o…
Retweeted by ✨ Ian ✨ @HouseOfDameron I’m down 😂 💀 @HassanHamid26 For surecinema at its finest. truly the biggest event of the summer 😌 (everyone keep your eye out for me 👀) @tee_em_are same here @HassanHamid26 As you should 😌 I think I watched it three times within a week 😂 @frodosfilms YOUR ICON YOUR ICON YOUR ICON YOUR ICON @Earth96Superman That’s good! I’m vibing @filmandloathing dubbbbb, same @softfilmhours nobody: my dad responding to my texts: 👍good morning everyone 😌 how’re we doin? I just ran into my door I think it’s time for bed @Minnow1233 yes :(( I’m sorry man @amandagabr1elle wait I’ve heard your voice before but why do you genuinely sound like kirsten omg tobey come get your girl @Austin523555 yes!!! absolutely! although I still might prefer season one, I can’t decidehappy 1 year anniversary to stranger things 3! oh what I’d give to be sitting down to watch it for the first time a… @OkunDude DHHDNFFJ made a sound @TIMPOOLISAGAMER Im good 😂where do I draw the line between clingy and “come back I miss you 😡” @MetaReflexive Right that’s totally fair and I agree that it wasn’t as well executed as Tony’s, not even close. I j… @sithlordolive THIS @crazyduckzxc yes king I’m sorryI say this as a reylo. I rest my case.(I’m clarifying that this is not intended to be a harmful post, I respect your opinion, don’t hate me)’s a… @Lucidlybowden Wpainnnnn. give me all or give me none ngl (baby driver and scott tho ngl 😳) OF THEM ALL OF THEM ALL OF THEM ALL OF THEM ALL OF THE- @gucci_noodles so sorry man. here for you ❤️ @OkunDude they’re good feelings!! and this is one of my fav albums 😌 @filmandloathing you too 🥺 @filmandloathing I was hanging with my homies and for some reason our visits always end with DEEP conversations and… am suddenly SO deep in my feels wth. constantly spinning parachutes on vinyl isn’t helping vibes do be immaculate
@bian360 HDDJHFJFthis is the real disney+ drop of the day @beterthanbacon time I try to write a song, my vocabulary actually becomes a weakness because good songs aren’t overly wordy @johneberlejr I know 💀