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Disabled who loves life but hates Tories

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@annpaterson18 Brave little girl has brightened up my morning x @Iancoll94354676 A dating site for his pervert mates @annpaterson18 Beautiful, her own Everest conqueredThankfully @StormHuntley is there to patronise us with one of Vines ridiculous maps explaining a heat wave to us dolts #JeremyVine @YvonneBurdett3 @SkyNews Dead cat diverting from #ToryRapist #ToryCorruption etc etc so many things bozo wants to hide awayAre people from Yorkshire not allowed to drive through #Hackney on a Sunday or is it just Black people in nice cars #ToryRacism @sturgess_steve Damn missed her and I could have done with a laugh this morning @ThatEricAlper Homeward bound , Simon and Garfunkel @ThatTimWalker FranciosBloody hell where has @toryboypierce been he looks RAF , still love to slap that smug git`s face #GMBThe little girl trying on her new running blades just melt your heart #GMB @SocialistCarer Anyone would be a improvement on this corrupt, inept and racist #ToryParty and their clown PM Bozo @BorisJohnson talking of "moral duty" was the biggest laugh of the weekend #toryhypocrite #GMB
China seals off village after bubonic plague death For fuck sake lad who play Gerry is an excellent actor and should have a fantastic future ahead #TheDurrells @digbydude Its normalJust bumped into my neighbour who is an NHS Nurse. I hadn’t seen her in 2 Months. She’s a shadow of herself,I alway…
Retweeted by i macBozo the clown issuing statements on back to school shows no confidence in private pike aka @GavinWilliamson who's said to be on thin ice @KatyJayne101 Lovely photo, Stay safe as well KatyAndrew Neil who`s name is in Epstein`s little black book up for BBC chairman who`d of thunk it ? Bozo cronyism @jamesdoleman Wonder if he still jerks off looking at images of starving African kids @DoverDealTories @NatalieElphicke @Daily_Express Wouldn't use your scribbles in the Express for cat litterI support Dawn all the way, police should look at the Tories if they wan`t to catch criminals @richardodurrant John Smith( Labour ) @altwodogs @IsabelOakeshott Deluded @IsabelOakeshott Never to be seen again with any luck @ExiledBitch Isn't @NatalieElphicke married to that convicted sex offender @BorisJohnson is in no position to lecture anyone on a moral obligation, he's a self serving pathological liar #bbcnews #skynews @HopkinsBRFC Now that`s what called "his lucky day" @rodjgrimmer It`s a secret @KatyJayne101 An abhorrent Tory one"Clandestine threat commander" biggest load of bollocks @pritipatel has come up with since her lies about clandesti… @JohnDalton6011 It takes the spotlight off Tory rapist and corruption @TheProleStar Believe his name rhymes with Bark Dancios @pritipatel When you use "The British People" you stir up the racist hate against migrants ad you know it, how woul… coverage of migrants in English channel is doing the #tory bidding especially on Facebook Gone quiet on… @LovesTiki2 Daily, Rheumatoid arthritis for 43 years
Are there any mentions of #NHS protests today for a fair pay rise or are #bbcnews #skynews #skypapers not interested #supportnhsMy cousin told me she'd be a lot more confident sending her children back to school along with many other parents i… #nhspayrise Justine is my ex Sister in law and a damn fine nurse #NHS pay rise , shame on abhorrent @Conservatives @SimonPease1 I'm always saying our fight is against the abhorrent #toryparty not each otherChrist how can anyone watch #RollingInIt put it on lasted 3 minutesProtesters march for fair pay for nurses and other NHS staff #skynews #bbcnews are you repo… calor en Swansea ahora #SummerThis video should be played to everyone who thinks #Corbyn was to blame, @OborneTweets hits the nail firmly on the…
Retweeted by i mac @AuthorMonika Yours is just what I'd have with a ice cold Estrella for drink @ExiledBitch I'd pay the one way ticket 2nd class of course @TerryAnn_G Also blow the @ScotTories out of the waterITV7 down after 1st,not a winner so far, next week the neighbours 6 year old can pick them #ITVRacing @AndrewBowie_MP @ScotTories @Douglas4Moray @Conservatives It certainly will not be with Scottish Tories, as abhorre…'s skirt is a bit see through #ITVRacing#ToryCorruption @pritipatel Yet you welcome Russian criminals (with lots of dirty roubles) with open arms #torycorruptionPriti Patel trending for the wrong reason today,was hoping she`d falling in the channel and was missing #torytwat @MikeCoyneArt @ManCompassion It`s become a laughing stock run by a clown @AuthorMonika I don`t believe in all this star sign rubbish but i`m a Sagittarius and we`re naturally sceptical 😁 @Bbmorg ERG put bozo there for this purpose, the gullible vote for him he takes the blame when it goes tits up leaving them untouchedOllie Bell patronising the audience again, of course we could never know the care and attention the horses get 😮 #ITVRacing @RedJohnBounds Isn`t he Aaron Banks bitch @Nigel_Farage Answer this @dodwell_dave Will see him entering a court and prison soon @AuthorMonika @negronisbagliat Even cockroaches are beautiful to some people @michaelgove Your rancid party can talk about ferries after Grayling's balls up
@Angelo_Giovino No option we're out#Emmerdale needs a cull, too many rubbish characters and poor actors#ToryCorruption @rose_marie Impressive, I couldn't manage 400 yards never mind 4 miles xWhy has Tory MP and ex minister Mark Francois deleted his Twitter and Facebook accounts? Has the #ToryRapist been named yet ?Massive rats seen scuttling around at Welsh hospital It was a mistake Matt Hancock mistaken for rodent @josie1964 No planning needed bozo bricks up neighbours tentCarolyn is the Katie Hopkins of #comedinewithme #Boston @DrLizoSpoons I have never seen or mentioned nun warriors so don't know what you're talking aboutI found #thedeceived flat,boring and a disappointment #jeremyvine @Poppssy I'm prepared to give him a go, be honest we need to fight Tories not each otherShow is a lot more grown up without vine and storm #jeremyvine @iPicNews Fingers crossedIf bozo is so keen on public transport why doesn't he use it around London instead of a gas guzzling limo #jeremyvine @sonofr @etxberria55 Didn`t he vote the same way as them for BrexitWho was the shortest rapist ever convicted ? just wondering #ToryRapist @happyjack1981 Plenty of time for sleep what you kick the bucket,i`m just happy to wake up every morning#ToryCorruption this him ????? from #MIC at Salcombe this morning, Wondered what happened to her #GMB @johnpringdns As the secretary of state for works and pensions posts a photo of herself having a reduced priced meal
@CatharineHoey thick as mince @varindersingh24 Tory scumAccording to @BorisJohnson own sister he's even lying about enjoying staycations as a child, bozo is a pathological… @ExiledBitch Anyone in another job fucked up a fraction of that would be sacked like a dogBrilliant John Higgins 147 #WorldSnookerChampionship2020Today Bernard Scripps becomes a Lloyd's underwriter and covers the Torre Canyon 🤣 #heartbeatAbout 20 scantily dressed teen girls all look and sound like too much to drink at 18:00 all over each other and the… @murfinsurfin @Angelo_Giovino @BorisJohnson @Coldwar_Steve Aha but that's not bozo and he hasn't been fired by a ca… @thirtiethfloor Off course it does 🙂If they have to use canned applause can they find something that doesn't sound like water going down a drain #worldsnookerchampionshipInconsistent way with characters, no way Roxy would have been scared of sheila when she first appeared so why now #NeighboursI see @trussliz and #ToryCorruption still alive and kicking in @Conservatives and @BorisJohnson aka bozo the clown doesn`t give a toss @JaneyGodley Surprised he stopped at gypsies #Tories hate all non whites