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Disabled who loves life but hates Tories

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This is so slow #primesuspectI'm craving chocolate bourbon biscuits #cupboardisbareNot a cop in sight after the fire at Chesney house #coronationstreetAll I want to do is sleep but if I drop off now I'll be awake all night long #SpooniesTwo cheeks of the same arse #toryscum @ChristoClifford @Mantra1298 It was a factor @Mantra1298 Well no doubt the election showed they didn't want labour policy and Richard was part of the policy mak… reason the #Tories don't like Bercow is because he was fair and stuck up for all MPs and wouldn't give them any… @Mantra1298 No I dont, I feel he was part of the problem that caused the election disasterWhy on earth feel sorry for Harry , he's a multi millionaire who needs or deserves no sympathy #jeremyvineGive us a rest from the royals for christ sake, bored stiff with the story, concentrate on people who need attentio…
Moving the house of lords anywhere in the country will not make anyone feel more connected to politics, just a load… no time for titled people but what a fantastic job the Duchess of Devon does with disabled people in her… @RobertBuckland Speakes in softened tones on how well he thinks he and his abhorrent Tories are doing, was he using… York is not far enough north to move the house of lords maybe somewhere up on the Tundra would be better #marr @AlokSharma_RDG have a listen to this Tory jerk, nothing clearly said just rhetoric #marr @piersmorgan Piss off Morgan, you're not fit to lick the guys army boots
Could Grahams death knell been rung any louder #Emmerdale @leonie_elfreda what happened to Tori ?Home sweet home @bbcquestiontime trust #Tories with #NHS Hapless @MattHancock is out of his depth there someone in number 10 with the balls to leak the Russian report as bozo the clown won't as it shows his gre… BBC’s Question Time is now unashamedly stacking the audience to reflect government opinion, and NOT the opinion…
Retweeted by i macCame into hospital on December 23rd I'm hell of a lot better healthwise but my patience with moaning patients has w… @JeremyVineOn5 I think we need a referendum to get rid of Jeremy vine, he absolutely spoils the show ,no talent, no…
@velvetsilk Major general,Admiral air vice marshal, king in waiting Mark Francois is not known for his intelligence @bbcquestiontime why did Bruce lie about #Liverpool voting more Tory than #Labour not the liverpool I know #bbcbias @bbcquestiontime @Conservatives @UKLabour @theSNP @BBCOne Will any of the audience actually be from Liverpool tonig… remember this @bbcquestiontime @MattHancock @Conservatives Oh sod off hapless nobody believes a word you and your abhorrent #toryparty says , cann… @digbydude Memories of before peyrone syndrome @edwardpoole1975 He'll fail at thatThe Conservatives have consistently failed ill and disabled people. The continued delay in righting this wrong is…
Retweeted by i mac @dianehain Dont know what anyone expects of @patel4witham but she's a die hard swivel eyed loon who cannot be trusted ever in high office @margarethodge idea of fair play, call anyone they like AS but scream blue murder if someone dares to disagree with… miss sitting in the sunshine of parque del Retiro in Madrid, watching the handbag sellers fleeing the police #lovespain @charlotteh71 @Zoompad But half a million will be spent on ringing big ben that must warm the homeless up, sarcasti… @sturgess_steve Guess what's for hospital lunch ? Croquet and baked beans 😁 @TiffanyDCross How the circle turns @VeeCee30 How the hell hapless Hancock gets up and dresses himself is beyond me, he was asked if he's afraid of bo… any @Conservatives bastard tells me #NHSWales is failing I'll spit in their eye and rub it, pushed to breaking p… @sturgess_steve I shared a house with a guy who lived on baked beans except for a roast on Sunday he's 73 still wor… bone idle house of lords who get £300 a day just for turning up and subsidised food and drink want to scrap fre… @sturgess_steve Baked beans any time of day even cold in a sandwich @jonathon793793 @JLJones48 Evil vile and corrupt partyBloke in the bed opposite me is getting right on my tits, phones wife after every meal and doctor visit to tel her…
@AlecHitchman1 @SueBarnish It's there to push the tax dodging billionaire press owners agenda through @MattHancock after the worse winter A&E figures on record what does health secretary do improve facilities oh no Ha… @davemacladd Could have major general admiral Mark Francois jump out of the spam tin with all his medals glistening @TotalPolitics I'll pay £1,000 to bong Francois over the head to make him chime @PeterStefanovi2 Johnson is allergic to scrutiny, all pathological liars areOn a ward with 7 moaning groaning needy men acting like babies, I know we're all very Ill but I wish they'd get a… @Iancoll94354676 If Patel wants riots on the streets she's going the right way @MattHancock Sod off Hapless we know the true figures @BorisJohnson instead of wasting thousands on a stupid bell ringing how about any cash raised help some homeless ki…
One dead cat that’s been been fully stretched. #MeghanAndHarry Now for the next one...#JohnBercow So...what have…
Retweeted by i mac @davemacladd Pop gunAfter long consideration I've decided to remain a #LabourParty member, I'm not at all happy with any of the leader… @trussliz British wealthy comes from exploitation abroad and at home, thick fascists like you celebrate the mass mu… @realDonaldTrump Take your impeachment like a man, you know you're guilty
Never make a new years resolution but one has just come to me, I will never watch any show that has hypocritical se… @BoardofDeputies @Keir_Starmer @lisanandy @jessphillips @EmilyThornberry @labourlewis @RLong_Bailey @DrRosena @bloomingmindxx Good luck Bev, hope it all goes your way, it's a disgrace on this country we have to suffer this @sturdyAlex I see the hands of a mad man @JamieWallisCons see you started your Tory MP position in true @Conservatives fashion with a huge #torylie about… @suziegeewizz I think the male candidates are a weak bunch and not impressed by the women, I'm not confident for labour at all @RobDunsmore @Debat69 No ,England has had too much to say on Scotland for too long @tedward13 Please everyone stop posting pics and videos of bozo the clown,the sight of him boils my blood @nevillehurst2 I bow to no man or woman, I call nobody by title except my doctors who deserve the respect, lords l… @jewssf @IneluctViz @TonyGreenstein Personally I don't care what the board of deputies think @mojos55 This is Tory Britain for you @Nitpicker15 Cheers, hopefully later in the week @RichardBurgon Sorry Richard I cannot support you, you were part of the fault for the election fiasco, we need a cl… @mojorisin94 Introducing Lord Helpus @jercor1 @piersmorgan He's a brown nosing jerkGod I hate visiting time, listening to the same pathetic inconsequential drivel every day is infuriating me #godforsakeme @JeremyVineOn5 @theJeremyVine By god Vine is a twat @dianehain How does he explain Eric Pickles @dianehain High time the Tories and Patel were branded terrorists @daisychain241 @jeremycorbyn I agree and good for you @daisychain241 The trouble is we walk on egg shells talking about Jews, I'll probably be called AS for this and I can assure anyone I'm not @Iancoll94354676 I cant think of a woman I despise more than that smug,abhorrent bitch @di_lauder As a disabled labour member who couldn't do anything to help I take my hat off and thank you for campaig… @Conservatives I'd rather beelzebub poke me in my eyes with his rancid finger nails than support any #Tory especial… @MirrorPolitics Another swivel eyed loon #Tory when spends the days asleep in the house of commons @LKTranslator Pathetic parody account
@jacqui703 @jeremycorbyn No @swilkinsonbc Israeli bastardsI feel my days as a #LabourParty member coming to a close,I will always vote labour but don't know if I can financially support them anymore @BoardofDeputies @Keir_Starmer @lisanandy @jessphillips @EmilyThornberry @labourlewis @RLong_Bailey @DrRosena @NadineDorries @Conservatives Not at all interested in Dorries clap trap @Conservatives BollocksI'm no royalist but Harry did 2 tours in Afghanistan in some of the worst battles since WW2 and does a great job wi… @sfeegrade @Mindyou13 @jeremycorbyn For them I have all the sympathy in the world
@Mindyou13 @jeremycorbyn No sympathy whatsoever, you reap what you sow @Rachael_Swindon I'm starting one for perverts, damn the Tories beat me to it @RayDavies6 What a man ,albeit a very short man @eunewsroom Well he is a bell end @Nitpicker15 God knows how some people get so thick,he was deadly serious