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Ian McGinty @ianmcginty North Hollywood, Los Angeles

Worked on INVADER ZIM: Enter the Florpus. YUNGBLUD: Ritalin Club, Co-creator of GLINT, drew the Rocko’s Modern Life comic, Adventure Time, GENESIS 1 by Poppy

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@EmmettHelenArt I definitely talked shit about it @EmmettHelenArt It’s hot garbage
@Smellestine really really good lol
Look what came today!
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Basted a steak in it friends
ʳᶦᶜᵏʸ ˢᵖᵃⁿᶦˢʰ~ @StephHocutt Looks like it though they’re turning yellow at the bottom ?? @StephHocutt okay so what are we thinking
@PLANET_CRUNCH Oh yes my friendBelieve me I’m aware people are returning from NYCC with incredible stories and art and I’m posting about ketchup. @srothbell @timheidecker I have extreme views on ketchupyo for real this is amazing and better than Heinz, they nailed that weird thing about fast food ketchup @oheysteenz There was a lounge singer in our local Ralph’s last night and I’m like my friend I just want to get a h… @Pen_and_Pink @sonic_hedgehog Good lord
So I go up to Pepe's office and what do I find out, Mac, what do I find out? There is no Pepe Silvia. The man does…
Retweeted by Ian McGintyLook man I’m getting ads now for hotdogs so look how far my star has fallen @Kevin_Cuffe @Ian_Face @sammie_glow @lewislarosa @JamesERoche @afwassel @AfuaRichardson @themightylayman
LEGO release an untitled goose game setENTER! THE ARBOREAL SANCTUM! And meet its keepers, Quon & Kaya, in the penultimate issue of the hottest book of the…
Retweeted by Ian McGinty @SFinerFACE I’m weirdly bad at taking photos but ooooooooooDesperately craving this bbq chicken pizza again
@cruelsister @TessFowler Yeah same I had to actually take a day to grieve @doodlefrog haven’t been posting a ton of art because I’m actually taking time off so here’s something @doodlefrog I’m ready to die today @TessFowler Yeah I was like NOPE the instant all that started, super bummer and yuck @TessFowler Brian Jacques and the dude who did those Xanth books until I realized how horrible they treated women in themGuarding this like a dragon atop a mountain of gold disabled spouse was told by his new employer that he should've been more "up front" about his abilities in the i…
Retweeted by Ian McGintyI WONT BE AT NYCC (New York city comic con) BUT I WILL BE at BLT (bacon lettuce tomato)
Retweeted by Ian McGinty @DTerrivan @AOC’s wild to me how people crawled over my 60 mins interview with a fine-toothed comb to find any word or reason to…
Retweeted by Ian McGintyi can't believe school used to start at 8am and i actually went
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I WONT BE AT NYCC (New York city comic con) BUT I WILL BE at BLT (bacon lettuce tomato) @TAITCOMICS Sleepaway camp 2
The people in the game not like actually y’allTbh this goddamn naughty goose game cause f*ck y’all @WhitLeopard @oheysteenz @WhitLeopard @WhitLeopard But what if my shopping spam @sammie_glow @EmmettHelenArt for the hair cut I think @chaoticute
No matter how big or small someone is in the industry, the predators victims are still people, people who were affe…
Retweeted by Ian McGintyWhen the original document came out about CW Cooke there were some on the fence of what to believe. I was a close f…
Retweeted by Ian McGintyI asked for them Barbie toy but I got the Hot Wheels :( oh well still got to eat nuggets
@StephHocutt HOW DO I STOP KILLING MY BASIL @mburbridge26 I ain’t gonna lie @mburbridge26 I did it was good @popgunchaos Funny you harass people about how blocking others is “unethical” and do the same to me all the other p… @popgunchaos Consider your stance next time. @popgunchaos you wanna explain this one my dude or erase your post again @CaseyCaseyNowak Oh DAMN okay yeah doing that good advice I’m also going to listen to tragic kingdom @CaseyCaseyNowak I’m trying but my brain is like if you put a carrot on a snowball does that make it a snowman or d… is my second day off and I’m already having an existential crisis @Kayke Highly recommend though iPads are getting sweet too so you got options! @thenicoleham You aren’t trash you are funny and a good artist and nice🚫 I ain’t afraid of no boomer 🚫 @JasAmiri It usually takes a couple days for our boys to be affectionate again after conventions and stuff, don’t s… have two weeks off. Tomorrow: Happy Meal?
@realDonaldTrump @Dinolich @Lea_Noodles When he was a kitten he straight up looked like a pig fucked a rat soLook how handsome this lad is we sadly named Pigrat’all have a hard time drawing cars and horses? Little tip from me: just don’t draw em ever
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@TAITCOMICS What if we also do a book about giants that’s actively hunt down and brutally consume children except u… @TAITCOMICS Wait wait though hang on. We also torture children and prominently feature indentured servants RIP 😢
bye hot girl summer, hello deranged possum fall
Retweeted by Ian McGintymy daughter just referred to a pretentious male author's "performative wokus-pocus" and my work here is done
Retweeted by Ian McGinty @kmarch67 I'm a cognitive neuroscientist and linguist who studies comics. We use the same eye movement patterns and…
Retweeted by Ian McGintyDear Teachers: A Plea Today I had a mom & daughter in buying books. The daughter desprately wanted a graphic novel…
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@rwoodsmall PUT LAYS IN JAILThe fried pickles and ranch potato chips just taste like sour cream and onion and I’ve never been so angry in my life @poppyismychurch hiring for PA work out there? I have credentials as a school nurse and would really love to stop casheiring…
Retweeted by Ian McGintyThe best of the series imo ‘Link’s Awakening’ Is More Gorgeous Than Ever After 26 Years, Unlike You
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I don't get why people are worried about Untitled Goose Game being released the same day as Link's Awakening. One…
Retweeted by Ian McGinty @Poppyverse I’ve heard of herI’d list my concert history but I’ve been in a ton of bands as a drummer and singer and drummer/singer and it’s jus…
@chrisarrant Dragon quest 8
Retweeted by Ian McGinty @skullmandible I didn’t know most people couldn’t do this until literally just nowa comic about millennials???
Retweeted by Ian McGinty @m_saltel interview en français ! J’en fais jamais car j’ai toujours peu de dire une bêtise mais @MathildeLre est adorabl…
Retweeted by Ian McGintyTask Force Rad Squad: The Collected Edition by Caleb Goellner — Kickstarter
@Reece_Bridger @CptRetroBlue Yep I will @getmebIoody @DuttyHands @ianmcginty I drew it cause I loved it so much
Retweeted by Ian McGintySirfetch’d, evolution of Farfetch’d from the Galar region, is a noble knight, but also a Wild Duck Pokémon in…
Retweeted by Ian McGintyMaking a quick shrimp broth for a shrimp Mac n cheese so I can very quickly regret it some physical copies of the book me and @ElJovenPaul worked on together!
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Got some physical copies of the book me and @ElJovenPaul worked on together!
Retweeted by Ian McGinty @poppy thanks to you and your beautiful genesis one I was inspired to draw my favorite page for you 🖤💓🖤💓🖤💓🖤💓🖤💓shout…
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