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Ian McQue @ianmcque Scotland.

Concept Art/Illustration Clients: Sony/Paramount/Fox/Disney/Netflix/DreamWorks and more Contact:

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Whatever it's a classic or fresh updated content, the most important is to always bring unique value to our content…
Retweeted by Ian McQueHayao Miyazaki unboxing his "Hayao Miyazaki & The Ghibli Museum" new gorgeous artbook. Full video :…
Retweeted by Ian McQue#HomeSchoooling9 Today's artist is Piet Mondrian who lived from 1872 to 1944. Mondrian was an 'abstract' painter. T…
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@kyletwebster I see. @kyletwebster Is that an Arsenal shirt you have on there..?Jacob Rees-Mogg. With your face like a consumptive chimney. Like an abandoned B-road. Like a whittled posset. Like…
Retweeted by Ian McQue @Clyptopex Of course. Creative types, as I said ;)New piece #driftwood #Cornwall
Retweeted by Ian McQueIt’s a crime against humanity that Molcar (Guinea Pig Car) is not licensed and distributed internationally. This is…
Retweeted by Ian McQueFor artists and creative types - you’re not alone 👊 few thoughts
Retweeted by Ian McQueHins Anders, 1904 #anderszorn #swedishart
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Retweeted by Ian McQue @badmachinery @laurasnapes I hope all your doughnuts turn out like Fanny’s. Etc.
Retweeted by Ian McQueI’ve made another mix for @bleep >>>
Retweeted by Ian McQue @birault_serge 😀 @Benjapenguin Original Japanese with English subs but also the Disney dub.Fourthed.
@FedeItaliano76 Thanks Federico ☺️ @daire_lawlor No problem! 👍hello #PortfolioDay , i'm Julia Lundman, artist from games & animation, but now working on a new portfolio of 100%…
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Retweeted by Ian McQueHi #portfolioday My name is Dáire and I'm a traditional painter predominantly interested in folklore, nature, and m…
Retweeted by Ian McQueHi #PortfolioDay! I’m Matt an artist and maker from the Lake District, England, inspired by folklore. 🌞…
Retweeted by Ian McQue @gspeirs ooh! not sure if they'd survive a journey in the mail tho :/Funny how you never see the phrase Broken Britain bandied about in the press anymore. Now that it actually is. @andydiggle It’s a start. @moonjam I’m quite jealous.A political movement serious about defending and promoting the interests of the majority would turn an image like t…
Retweeted by Ian McQue @Keir_Starmer any thoughts? @moonjam Oh I didn’t know that. You naughty boy. @gspeirs You need to send them back.Worth it for the Jiji tea towel alone @moonjam Why guilty? @magalawbrian Oh, Brian :/ @lurlezgar It’s an art book. English translation, too.🧙‍♀️ 🐈‍⬛😍 @Minotaur_Man Post vaccine, hopefully 👊#PortfolioDay ‘Hercules’, ‘Minotaur’, ‘Cyclops’, ‘Tir Na Nog’, All oil on canvas. #art #contemporaryart #mythology
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@emanshiu Thanks chief 👍👍ship shapes“Sir Duke” performed by 12-year-old Temitayo Kayode and 11-year-old Demilade Adepegba in Nigeria.
Retweeted by Ian McQueNorthern art: Works by #JackSimcock (British,1929-2012)..Painter and poet, born to a mining family in #Biddulph
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@nataliehall 🥳 ‘The principal public good we will invest in is environmental enhancement.” Gove 2020: Introducing banned pe…
Retweeted by Ian McQue @kortizart @McQueGardens @nataliehall 👍👍 what do you say, @raphaellacoste? @kortizart @McQueGardens @nataliehall Oh I’ll be coming to Japan with you. Whether you like it or not.
@Ruben_Fro Oh that makes me so jealous. We once took a train from Venice to Florence, stunningly beautiful. @Ruben_Fro It’s pretty nice. We’re very lucky to live here 👍Lammermuir Hills are beautiful any time of year but especially magical at the moment ❄️ @AnfangerNancy @everydaycyclist @philipreeve1 No it’s not.
@everydaycyclist Whoah, that’s a beauty! If he’s not careful he might end up as a concept artist.. ;)’Carl Randall ( b. 1975 ) ' Tokyo Portrait ' 2009 ❤️
Retweeted by Ian McQueThat Friday feeling
Retweeted by Ian McQueIt’s a six deer kinda morning @Republ33k @alisdair_wood I think there might be a tariff attached to those vibes now.. ;) Johnson’s father just ap… @alisdair_wood Why didn’t he get it done in France?
@alisdair_wood You just stick a label on and fill it in. Two ticks 🤷‍♀️翌朝明るくなってから行ってみた。 凄い路地だ…
Retweeted by Ian McQue#HomeScoooling3 Today's artist is Georges Seurat. He lived in France between 1859 and 1891. He was famous because h…
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@lwoodesign Oh, I know mate. Take care 👊Holy Fuck, America :/ @alisdair_wood @rob__mccallum @jamiesmart @bruised_blood You hate this country, don’t you? Why don’t you go and live in Russia?Are you #homeschooling children who are interested in a career in screen? Our careers resources include lesson plan…
Retweeted by Ian McQue1/ #HomeSchoooling2 Today's artist is Georgia O'Keeffe. She lived in America. Her favourite subject was flowers - r…
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@nataliehall Hopefully they’ll all be dead.Cockburn Street #Edinburgh
Retweeted by Ian McQue @Knowlio Yeah but keep going @mondoghulam @B_3_A_N_ Yes. He wasn’t criticising the student though, he was having a go at computer animation in general. @Jock4twenty Cheers matey 👊 @raphaellacoste I borrowed some of yours.Early SpiderVerse environment development what I did @B_3_A_N_ Proper grump apparently. Which makes me like him more. @fred_gambino @Lhaogull @thisnorthernboy @simonstalenhag My store’s not open right now but next week hopefully. @fred_gambino @thisnorthernboy @simonstalenhag Whoah, cheers Fred 👊A new Ghibli film?! No - this is an advert for the state of Oregon 😍
Retweeted by Ian McQueStimmung :
Retweeted by Ian McQueHighlight of today’s mail is this little beauty from @thisnorthernboy. Cheers Rob! 🚀 @minitreehouse Absolutely. I don’t have many heroes but he’s top of the list.Happy birthday Mr Miyazaki 🥳
@PhilipNixey That’s charitable. @al_ambition 🤷‍♀️ @jim_unwin Looking forward to prospering mightily, myself. @alisdair_wood Yeah, but he’s got funny hair innit @rob__mccallum No we fucking do not.If any #conceptart people, #painters, artists of any type wanna run with these please do or DM me for more referenc…
Retweeted by Ian McQue @Peston You actually part of Johnson’s comms team now? @jordilafebre @EditionsDargaud @ryun_reuchamps @YvesSchlirf 😍 @natsmillie Cutting and pasting Sturgeon’s speech and inserting ‘alas’ and ‘with a heavy heart’ here and there. And some jokes in Latin. @natsmillie They’re probably having to come up with some sort of plan between now and then after they were shamed i…
@mondoghulam Sorry about that. You can’t afford to be falling down at your age :/ paintings by Bob Inman for Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol (1962), dir. Abe Levitow, UPA
Retweeted by Ian McQueSweet 13 year old Jolene is looking for a quiet retirement home.She is a shy lady who takes time to get to know you…
Retweeted by Ian McQueA joke told around the world. Our reputation in the gutter. How much longer will we let these people vandalise our…
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@FredBlunt These are *brilliant*A couple of shots from New Year's day on the high moorland of Skye, a frozen tundra-like wilderness. #ISLEOFSKYE
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