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The latest The @IanMiddletonX Weekly! Thanks to @JoePajak @cllrbartington @_The_Gardener_ @ianhudspeth Wouldn't have thought bollards would be a parish council thing, but I'…
@_The_Gardener_ @cllrbartington @ianhudspeth Maurice Billington is your local county councillor, you need to get in…
2020 in 1987 when a massive storm was such a rare and newsworthy event? Now we have two similar storms in as ma… people in India need to grow up short documentary video I've made about the plans to build on green belt areas around Yarnton and Begbroke and wh…
And completely unresponsive to customer feedback! @dobbs_steve Wish I had that option @GeorgeMacD So much for the 'free market'!Ben Shapiro DESTROYS climate change with FACTS and LOGIC
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@kaspersky Great AV software TERRIBLE customer loyalty experience! Every year they try to get me to renew at price… teen shot in head by Israeli forces delayed en route to hospital
Awww! This remind me of me every morning our bus driver has anger management issues. @sajidjavid Almost exactly what Esther McVile said. Was this issued as a cut and paste template? @bigdamo So I will those three councillors be standing down next year? @bigdamo On the subject of Labour's supposed policy on city councillors not being double hatters. Councillors Azad…
@MarieAnnUK Hope I die before I get gammon @LukeTugby New? Don't they already sell sausage rolls?Bloody hell! That BBC news interview with Susan Acott over the East Kent Hospital child deaths. She may as well hav… @cllrbartington @experientMI @bigdamo @RosalindRogers Same difference. @cllrbartington @experientMI @bigdamo @RosalindRogers Government should be providing funding for infrastructure lik… @cllrbartington @experientMI @bigdamo @RosalindRogers The only reason the plan may come to OCC is because SODC dare… @cllrbartington @experientMI @bigdamo @RosalindRogers You said it had to be passed in order to get the infrastructu… @cllrbartington @bigdamo @experientMI @RosalindRogers You are probably one of the exceptions to the rule! @cllrbartington @experientMI @bigdamo @RosalindRogers I think I've already explained how it's not. You will have n… @bigdamo @experientMI @cllrbartington @RosalindRogers Hah! Tell me about it! Try being the only Green on a counci… @cllrbartington @experientMI @bigdamo @RosalindRogers You already appear to be pre-judging the issue. You're advoc… @cllrbartington @experientMI @bigdamo @RosalindRogers Bouncing that to the county, who have not had elections for n… @cllrbartington @experientMI @bigdamo @RosalindRogers That's not true. The district council has the job of dealing… for walkers to respect countryside latest The @IanMiddletonX Weekly! Thanks to @mike_seville @ElliotElinor @cathie_wood @cllrbartington @bigdamo @RosalindRogers So OCC are in no better position than SODC and the people who elected the… @cllrbartington @bigdamo @RosalindRogers Which may not have happened anyway if OCC had kept their nerve and told th… @cllrbartington @bigdamo @RosalindRogers So it may as well have just gone back to government and let them carry the… @cllrbartington @bigdamo @RosalindRogers Cue a whole raft for arguments if the county take this on that they can't… @cllrbartington @bigdamo @RosalindRogers If the Sos "thinks" etc etc. There's absolutely no evidence to suggest th… @cllrbartington @bigdamo @RosalindRogers Fair point on the Expressway. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I s… @cllrbartington @bigdamo @RosalindRogers So why were SODC not allowed to do that? The implication is clearly that J… @bigdamo @LibDemsOxon No one knows how the SoS would have reacted had you rejected to the proposal to give OCC the… @bigdamo @LibDemsOxon It was an 'awful position' you could very easily have rejected by using your vote. Just like… @bigdamo @tonybrett @LibDemsOxon @arashfatemian It's not Tosh though is it? They showed they can do that yesterday… @bigdamo @Anna_Dillon @LibDemsOxon So why didn't you support the amendment yesterday that sought to get clarity on… @bigdamo @cllrbartington @RosalindRogers All Jenrick wants is a box-ticking exercise from a council he feels he can… @bigdamo @cllrbartington @RosalindRogers There is no scope to introduce changes, otherwise Jenrick could have left… @bigdamo @cllrbartington @RosalindRogers The county has no mechanism to deal with planning policy, no funding for i… @bigdamo @cllrbartington @RosalindRogers But as I explained in my address, and was explained several times during t… @bigdamo Ok. We can do that. Email or DM me some dates you're free. Probably some time in late March would be be… @neilfawcett @bigdamo Yep, there are advantages, but it would probably be better if different members from various… @bigdamo @neilfawcett So for the smaller parties there may be no choice. But if the city Labour group have taken t… @bigdamo @neilfawcett The main problem for the smaller parties is finding enough people willing and able to cover a… @bigdamo @emilysmithLD It will be a fait accompli. OCC will provide no representation of the people of South Oxford… @bigdamo @emilysmithLD OCC will have no input into this process. There were no caveats laid down. No conditions of… @bigdamo @emilysmithLD I don't agree withe everything in the Green movement either, but on the point we were discus… @bigdamo @emilysmithLD But they are a political party. If you really wanted to avoid politics, why didn't you stand as an independent? @bigdamo @cllrbartington @RosalindRogers It's not about 'politicking', it's about fighting for principles we happen… @bigdamo Why did you stand as a Labour candidate then? I always find it amusing when I'm attacked for 'playing poli… @timbearder She was greatWell said Tim. This is the contempt that many Conservative councillors have for the people they are supposed to be… to see @BernieSanders doing so well in the primaries! If anyone can inject some sanity back into global politics, it's him. @ian_corkin @NorthOxonTories @OxonTories I'm assuming of course you meant "rookie" rather than a comparison to the Corvus frugilegu @ian_corkin @NorthOxonTories @OxonTories You don't regard referring to long term campaigners and now elected counci…
@bigdamo It's infuriating that the city council constantly announce large developments with little or no affordable… @bigdamo But you know that won't happen. The Tories control both the County Council and the government. The result… @bigdamo I don't think double-hatters should be allowed as a general principle. Too many conflicts of interest. That goes for officers too. @LukeTugby @mikejelfs Not in my experience as a former Intu tenant for nearly 10 years. But then all landlords have… @bigdamo After "thinking long and hard" you did exactly what you'd obviously decided to do several days ago, ignori… @ian_corkin @NorthOxonTories @OxonTories Except it was in their gift after the electorate gave them the mandate whi… forgone conclusion from the Tories as usual. Shocking to see @oxfordlabour enabling this Tory power grab though.…, to be fair, I can see how the concept of being honest and responsible to the electorate would be an entir… @ian_corkin criticises Greens and Libdems in South Oxon for making promises to the electorate and then going on… Jenny Hannaby also refers to land that @OxfordCity have refused to build housing on. Instead choosing to prior… speech from @RosalindRogers about the behaviour of @OxfordCity in prioritising economic development over… right too. An outrageous description to apply to local people who have taken the trouble to address the meeti… on earth does Intu go from here? Link Real Estate pulls out of fundraising plans. Share price down 21% today…
Retweeted by Ian MiddletonHis comments were utterly shameful and also unprofessional!
Retweeted by Ian MiddletonNow Cllr Pete Handley asks "what happened to democracy"? Referring to the previous administration at @SouthOxon. Th… @Eddiefreeves at @OxfordshireCC meeting starts his address by referring to this morning's public speakers as "malco… @bigdamo says we need to build houses "near Oxford". How about building them IN Oxford, instead of building yet mor… Neville Harris asks if the chief executive of @Cherwellcouncil and @OxfordshireCC is the joint CEO of a joint… @OxfordshireCC has just voted on an amendment to a motion that isn't actually an amendment, its a series of stateme… @LizBrighouse admits she cries crocodile tears over affordable housing, before going on to cry more crocodile tears… Cllr Azad opines about how people in her ward can't afford their rent. Does she really think they'll be able to… John Sanders now patronising @SouthOxon councillors by explaining to them the meaning of the term HMO. Nice to… houses in Oxfordshire are not affordable. Let's bust this myth.
Retweeted by Ian MiddletonLiz Brighouse for Oxford Labour at the @OxfordshireCC meeting discussing taking over @SouthOxon local plan by refer… this morning outside @OxfordshireCC meeting - anger that allowing the county council to take over…
Retweeted by Ian MiddletonBloody hell!!! Just had to check it wasn't April 1st
So much for the #ConcretingConservatives promises about local representation, democracy and taking back control. T…
Are we really still not beyond the point when a TV celeb announcing they're gay is headline news all day? #philipschofieldMe, in another life! heard Barrie Masters died last year when I was occupied with less rock and roll endeavours as general election… we were talking about Billericay (or I was) I suppose we should have this. One for the retailers out there to s… @RuthiBrandt @purrrmeister @EliseDB @NorthOxonGreens @greenoxford @robinfbennett @katejo99 Another example of focus… someone who was born in Plaistow, I can only apologise for the terrible language in this song. Although I've ne…
A good idea from @OxfordshireCC and something that I keep asking @Cherwellcouncil to do. It's a start, but is quit… sad day for democracy