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😊wont cost you nothing to retweet ...fresh from the firm deliveries within Nairobi ..
Retweeted by Arrizabawagga @AlexGoldberg_ With Ziyech and Werner I don’t think we need Havertz as much as we need defendersWhy the hell is Barkley coming on for Loftus Cheek when Jorginho and Willian are having a shit show? #CHENORAre you guys still faulting Lampard for not playing Jorginho often? Coz he is so poor #CHENORPulisic is going to be a beastWe have been poor!! No need playing Jorginho in this team man! He is useless both offensively and defensively, and… @Zuku_WeCare my connection is super slow a/c 879475 @CFCBlues_com Is a Jorginho Kovacic pivot defensive enough ? @AlexGoldberg_ Both are slow and not good defensively..I should get a oneplusThe Chi is elite content @Peter_Jrn 🤣🤣🤣🤣If we can use a few metres of cabro pavement to gauge performance of our institutions, then we must have a very ser…
Retweeted by ArrizabawaggaHealth practitioners have been complaining that the government is not providing PPE's and the government ignored th…
Retweeted by Arrizabawaggahi guys so I opened a phone accessories and repairs shop in buruburu complex, behind coop bank suite no B9.retweet…
Retweeted by ArrizabawaggaClass from Klopp @EricNjiiru Nilisahau maze I was to captain Martial @EricNjiiru Soyuncu smh nyeti..kwa Wa Kenya...🤔🤔
Retweeted by ArrizabawaggaDominic Solanke, former Chelsea youth player scores against Leicester City. Michael Obafemi, former Chelsea youth…
Retweeted by Arrizabawagga
That 3 nil Sheffield loss still haunts me.. I’m unable to even banterWe need to win two games to play in the CL and hope Leicester and United drawWe only need a LB if we get this deal done. We will be getting a wall be happy for other people. Your time will come.
Retweeted by ArrizabawaggaMejja fitting into 3 generations of music and still bringing it😂😂😂😂😂 @korrxs 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Russell Westbrook says he has tested positive for COVID-19.
Retweeted by Arrizabawagga @Khim_mwachssmo The test will be at Leicester...BREAKING: Manchester City will play in the Champions League next season after club’s two-year ban from European football overturned
Retweeted by Arrizabawagga @Khim_mwachssmo Pressure? With the kind of form you are in? No wayI can’t even trust Chelsea to beat Norwich tomorrow with that defense and KeeperNakuanga Plumber. Mnipee kazi😩😩penye nlikua tumechujwa manze
Retweeted by ArrizabawaggaMy cousin,Felix fixes chandeliers and all of your electronic/electrical needs including wiring. 0711 683488 is hi…
Retweeted by ArrizabawaggaThe Daily Nation today has FOUR full pages of auction property. Man people are suffering out there
Retweeted by ArrizabawaggaThis is how a pizza commercial is filmed
Retweeted by Arrizabawagga @N_athan10 Whichever result in thy game will Favour ChelseaLeicester next 3 games finger that rts will be blessed by wealth next weekend
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Joho with some premiumVerstappen should have got that 2ndAlbon and Max will win races this season thoughMercedes are just too good!! Max hanging in there though!! #F1I managed ro reach Mike and calm him down. Am willing to let him have my apartment until he is stable enough to ge…
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Lol y’all been complaining Jorginho is not playing in games when he had one of the worst midfield performances @AlexGoldberg_ Can we talk about how Jorginho literally adds nothing to the game. No attack No defense... very lateral passesI will never forget rival fans calling him washed
told this girl i was 6’3 we linking tomorrow and i am 5’5
Retweeted by Arrizabawagga @javan_reed 🤣🤣 @SharzzySean 😂😂😂😂😂Please I need a camera , please retweet. Anon on your timeline fit help me 😩
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How is that a penalty? 🤷🏽‍♂️✊🏽 heri tusign Boni wa Gor atushikie huwa na pesa gani hii maze...btw he is wearing a Rav 4 on his wrist Sakaja been spittin @Zuku_WeCare no internet in Langata for the last hour 879475 @moses_gowi leaked Pusha verse is HARD!!!!.@NCBABankKenya has acquired a yard for storing cars repossessed from loan defaulters, pointing to a rise in asset…
Retweeted by ArrizabawaggaKai Havertz agents told to Bayer Leverkusen he wants to leave the club if an “important bid” will arrive on next we…
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@kiruti I actually don’t mind apple going back to smaller sized devices the plus and max are too big to even use @alewazza254 But hii washashinda.. Mimi nilikuwa nangoja Atalanta na wameweka mbili @alewazza254 Uliweka over?Ok let’s finally settle this...
Retweeted by Arrizabawagga @EricNjiiru I have 55 points already @alewazza254 Zile zako ziko chiniKDB is the king of cut backsThis guy just never stops. He has something you really can’t teach. He brings an infectious, positive presence. He…
Retweeted by Arrizabawagga @verge Lol looks like the iPhone and Samsung both won’t ship with chargersFoden should have buried thatIt will cost you zero $0 to RETWEET these silk masterpieces and helps my small owned business 🙏🏽
Retweeted by Arrizabawagga @njorogep @jordeeenie Sound really played the hell out of that Foto Moto joint 🔥🔥
Wow this is crazy...
Retweeted by ArrizabawaggaTesla’s Secret Master Plan, by @elonmusk 1. Build a sports car
Retweeted by ArrizabawaggaChelsea almost killed me with pressureCaptain AmericaaaaaaaRetweet for brother Isaac Karanja please.
Retweeted by Arrizabawagga @kaihavertz29 This looks great on you @sarahhanem Americans have hacks for literally every chore 🤣Have friends like Pau🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @alewazza254 🤣🤣🤣 na huezi mshow any juu ako maganji 🤣🤣Wazito is cleaning out 😂 your thing actually Like it else skips The rest of Life is good after Drake’s verse?T.I probably has more hits that fifty though🤣🤣🤣🤣 friend is very sick at Mp shah hospital and in need of blood (O-ve) kindly if you're able to call 0721755934 or DM me 🙏🙏
Retweeted by Arrizabawagga @FrankKhalidUK Too attacking we need Kovacic in that midfield or completely transform mount to a box to box and he… don't know this gentleman.. He truly needs this job.. Your retweet my be his open door. Let us restore humanity.…
Retweeted by ArrizabawaggaWE NEED YOUR HELP. It's such a tough day [and season] to need help but... On Tuesday, the 2nd of June 2020, my br…
Retweeted by Arrizabawagga
Np Wakadinali- Joho🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @alewazza254 😂😂 hii video ulitoa wapi @moses_gowi @NyanjomJack I’ve always felt the penalty is very unfair.. Redbull has a good car this season but Merce…