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i have a lot of time for @Terminal11 @FlemishDog @Foone @gravislizard flawless victoryi've been trying to figure out where this break came from..FOREVER @hdt_hugh @aerielist the very same @aerielist same also love @Christine_NDP in my riding
This is two records playing at the same time, FRIENDS, WE NEED YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER! FINISH IT! UPLOAD IT! DANCE!
Retweeted by 0=0nice track from Sinistarr #underdnb @sinistarr_313 @esaruoho @nubient aslong as it's about at weeks worth of them! @SEXTON666 vitamin D from fish oil(or vegan equivalent) ...quitting sugar. @esaruoho also send a bunch to @nubient @esaruoho yes there are a handful of these people but if you need a second pairs of ears for this stuff i'll give it a butchers. @samvoltek haven't bought anything from them for over a year @extinctdaemon people turning a petroleum product into a outrageously overvalued speculative asset in a capitalist economy...shocker!oh man...that's the same day as my set at the Lockheed-Martin Summer Jam. @IssaRae @TheRaedio @ImalilTcup @raisecain @safia______ she's got a label!the taxable income from musicians in the UK is no joke and something to be taken very seriously by the UK governmen…
@meemocomma Fuckin hell! @danji @FinnMcCorry i was here for this. @aerielist personalities and language was a bit more robust. like people are making a thing about fast fashion now… @aerielist i really loved that branding of packaged dissent @guroscanner does this count? @EmptyVessel_NZ pads from @EmptyVessel_NZ on the pad tip and pete parsons compression tip're conducting a survey on the use of music AI tools. If you have a spare ~10mins or so it's here:
Retweeted by 0=0 @Hyroglifics 32 second songs only @Von_Pixel @AcidAunt @aerielist Did you go to the phryl event "originators" at Palais Royale? That was very specialI miss out on so much cool news on Social Media. If only there were some kind of place on the internet ... where in…
Retweeted by 0=0yesterday i was able to EQ something just on headphones and then it translated really well on other systems the nex… @rxdazn @aerielist you should check out Drumcraft when they have them (they recently had one with Coco Bryce last weekend @AcidAunt @aerielist there was a real rift against jungle when it was coming out of the woodwork..specifically beca… @ilanabryne @dannybreaks i only have the Sniper set on tape from that event (which was my fave set of that night...… @ilanabryne @dannybreaks the problem with the us/canada divide is that there was very little cross-pollination over… @ilanabryne i put together the sound system for that event. this set from Chicago is killer… of pete parsons... beautiful new record by him on pre-order now to @aerielist
@EmptyVessel_NZ on that pad tip from Sister Ray in 1993 adjusting for inflation, the average price of a 12" (£3.99) is the equivalent of…
Retweeted by 0=0Internet Archive has been working diligently to preserve old and abandoned PC games, and 2500 new ones have just be…
Retweeted by 0=0#underdnb that military grade pete parsons compression @LeafcutterJohn @Ableton i like the mod matrix with the small knobs for amounts
King's Quest III: To Heir is Human, 1987. Sierra On-Line.
Retweeted by 0=0 @Inpuj @__proem__ @Machine_Drum @ilkae @esaruohobackstock here Merck was an incredible label and doesn't get enough love. @Inpuj @__proem__ @pluginalliance I love some of your plugins and use them everyday. There should never be a button on your plug…
@GBoh83 the flip is one of my fave songs @BigGlitch1 did you ever hear their remix of skinny puppy? blew me a way when it came outThe hardest synth line ever dropped in a pop tune.
Retweeted by 0=0 @Si2BadMice Oaysis - Outcry is totally my #1 @nsbbcom @Ugarles @pattymo i'm so glad someone posted this @fiverdrive @ExitRecordsUK he seriously is slept on..and yes it's criminal you might appre…
@katiehannigan It's impossible to do bothNow taking bookings for my "LIVE A/V SET", where I play the same boring records as before but now also shine a lase…
Retweeted by 0=0 @EmptyVessel_NZ @madronalabs sounds great! always wanted to try kaivo @tom_konxompax met him at a metalheadz . He really is. He also introduced me to dj crystl at which I pushed him (ph…
#underdnb maybe the most slept on song on @ExitRecordsUK @daedmusic @Chris_Randall ^^^ this is your dude @iReyBear 1000% agree @Rob_Rua @hdt_hugh so much amazing music from Ireland.#underdnb that friday feeling @Rob_Rua ya in generally you want the most striking song first in however the presentation of the release is on the… @Rob_Rua Unless the club banger does something daring like omitting the hihats or something @Rob_Rua Typically yes @aerielist See man's plough with a German wip...with a German wip @Rob_Rua Anything that benefits from more treble and transient fidelity should go first on the vinyl @IssaRae @raisecain @StuffedFantod @OriginalYoni @TananariveDue actually i really like the kits drum tone he has going on here without all that studio stuff
would love a simon reynolds essay on big room bombers (warehouse chat on big room dance records that flop on vinyl)
Retweeted by 0=0 @paulSDMCR @BodyInTheThames @UltravoxUK the midrangy aggressive tone in the tune sounds like the arp to me. @paulSDMCR @BodyInTheThames @UltravoxUK Moog was THE studio standard for synth bass...for like ever. I would say ba… @BodyInTheThames @paulSDMCR @UltravoxUK i was going to say the bass player was fond of the minimoog. the other mon… @datassette and Boxcutter collab would be pretty neat....Big Vern - Ruffer than A Lion The Bombsquad - Freebase (D.O.P.E. Remix) Suburbia - '2' The DarkDesire - The Feeling Within Me Subnation - Scottie Flex N Hype - Do Or Die Wriggler Basscombe - Burn By The Fire Vi… if you are into jungle/dnb and you talk to some people from Toronto or you are curious as to why Toronto heads… @BigGlitch1 @dollsxx @kllawthulu this was a huge tune where i come from.. (and probably nowhere else) @BigGlitch1 @dollsxx @unsaturated @eprombeats p.s. i always loved this demonstration of the one mic technique @unsaturated @eprombeats seldom spoken about would be the techniques used to record drum kits in dub reggae. whic… @unsaturated @eprombeats glyn johns is where it's at imo.
If you use Valhalla plugins, and are wondering whether you should upgrade to Catalina yet: don't.
Retweeted by 0=0 @chinchillaah maybe it has something to do with how some of the languages have gendered nouns in them? (gendered nouns do my head in)Look, just because you're named SCSI, that doesn't mean you get to hang out on the drive storage shelves
Retweeted by 0=0-0.6177289945175738 + 0.3981443296907879i at zoom 3.8131289629e+13. jit:20190826170002
Retweeted by 0=0 @KamilinhoPL @ghostly i was going to post thisA sub twet
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@minimumbeige @meaghan_garvey @jacquesgreene there is a bunch of stuff from that scene and that time that was totally overlooked.. @BigGlitch1 krome and time talking about shoom here & Billionaires hoard $32T in offshore banks •Media: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Billionaire Corps use $1.7T tax cut for…
Retweeted by 0=0 @Richie_Sombrero jungle fans touch on this too @DJHYPE_PLAYAZ available for download here I love that they host jungle sets on @sinistarr_313 they really shouldthis is probably one of my fave DJ sets of all time.. like top 5. it's such an emotional presentation of this musi… the fish tank scene of romeo and juliet but this this song it's amazing how much music like this i've listened to'm here for this. phestiv3 @safetydept ya that's brain breaking territory right there
@petedevnull @sullyE64 @Rob_Rua massive omissions there