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The best place to talk food in Oklahoma. Restaurant reviews. Features. Hilarity ensues. I'm also @elwelleats.

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The correct number of chicken strips to have for dinner:I have probably not been in the mood for a cheesesteak at least three times in my life. But definitely not more than five.It is not, to the best of my knowledge, National Philly Cheesesteak Day. But I still got one from Hobby's Hoagies.…
@t_blac3 My current go-to takeout spot in Edmond is Wahaha Asian Diner. Slightly farther south on Memorial, I think… @jessicaldark See you in September. @jacobunruh All I ask is that you refer to it as a hamburger with cheese.Today is National Hamburger Day. September 18 is National Cheeseburger Day. I hope that sets your minds at ease.
I never said I was going to stop eating.
Thank you to everyone who supported the site these last few years. This might be the end or it might just be a brea… you to those who have supported I Ate Oklahoma. I cannot tell you how much I've appreciated it. made egg drop soup. It's not as good as takeout, but it was super easy. Just need to figure out how to make it be… @BricktownOKC White Boy Mexican Cantina? Really?
Retweeted by I Ate Oklahoma @brentfuchs Nailed it. This is why you're my impersonal trainer.[at the gym] What are some good exercises I won't do? @awkwordy Looking forward to @CastYourCaraway's tweets about trying on dresses today.
Tuna salad > chicken salad You can @ me, but I'll ignore it because I don't care. @MeganScottOKC @ElCaminoTacos @EdmondRailyard @chefbuffaloOKc I believe that's the one @chefbuffaloOKc made me at t… distanced myself lunch from @ElCaminoTacos today (eating alone at a picnic table in the @EdmondRailyard wa… words have rarely been painted on walls. (@ElCaminoTacos at @EdmondRailyard)
jfyi @beckycarman is the best hands down. she's even better when she can move them.We are looking at reopening the Gusto dining room in June. Safety is our #1 priority. What does dining out comfort…
Retweeted by I Ate Oklahoma @ClarityCoffee Coffee is one of the few reasons being awake is tolerable. But if someone invented a sleep coffee, I… @BurlIvesStan It's concerning how close this is to what I say every morning.Imagine being happy about being awake. Makes no sense.
What's your favorite local bookstore? And do they order the kind of trash books that I enjoy?We'd love if you'd read web editor Greg Elwell's story Char Trek, in which he crossed the state looking for Oklahom…
Retweeted by I Ate OklahomaI like a lot of sauce on my pizza. Most pizza does not have enough sauce for my taste. Thank you for letting me speak my truth.It's Monday, but I hope your week gets better.
My daughter, in the midst of eating breakfast, asks if we can have Chinese food for lunch. Yep. She's mine.
I hope any and everyone who ever met Fred Willard took the chance to tell him how much his humor helped. BRB, rewat… @theMarisaMohi I'm barely on here anymore. @RDC_212 @TheMuleOKC Probably just as a food-knower. Respecting me as a human is more than I can expect. @plenow @TheMuleOKC We got it for takeout and we tried to give each other as much space as possible. Doing our best…
I introduced my coworkers to @themuleokc's beet salad today and I think they finally almost respect me a little. @Grantlandesq It's been a minute. Let me know what you think!
@r_wilson8 Just under the wire. @codylusnia What's not to love about a skin like pressed leather and innards that taste and feel like sour toothpaste mixed with sand? @GregCrawford I'm very sorry, but you must have a bad morning now. @codylusnia They'd have to pay me 4¢ to eat baked lime beans.Only 30 minutes (CST) left today. Please do not read it after 11 a.m. @TraceyZeeck @grlballr @MENTapparel Whaddaya think? @drpants @laceylett Interview in-the-round.I once interviewed Lacey Lett for a podcast. morning to only the people who read this between 5:30 and 11 a.m.
2020 #okc Twitter. Our food pantry traffic is up 40%, and we are out of cardboard boxes. Need a donation hour 5…
Retweeted by I Ate Oklahoma @bigtrucktacos I see you found my old home movies. @bigtrucktacos I could eat, conservatively, 27 of those right now.
I'll tell you right now, I don't think I can pull off the horse reviews. someone who has endured the scourge of Sunny D, I am always on the lookout for the far superior Purple Stuff.Let's just all take a deep breath and remember that it can't be all bad as long as tacos exist.This is real.
Retweeted by I Ate OklahomaBeing awake is turning into a real nightmare.Video instant ramen reviews?
Retweeted by I Ate Oklahoma @OkieSpaceQueen Sounds pricey. How much do non-yard horses run? @OkieSpaceQueen You're the only vote so far, so maybe I'll just buy a horse.Video instant ramen reviews? @justshannonbaby @OkcPiatto You absolutely love to see it! Thanks for sharing.
@TheFoodDood I'm gonna be real honest with you Dave, this seems bad.obviously there are a lot more precautions taken and some restaurants are better equipped for a reservation system,… love @OkcPiatto and I love hearing that they're going reservation-only when they reopen this weekend. The more I… Sushi & Hibachi reopens today for carry-out only. If you're fanatical about the quality of the fish on your… @OKCNightCourt @supercaonguyen If you enjoy package ramen, I've been smitten with Mama-brand lately. Super Cao has a great selection, too.Just a few more days until we put the oven back to good use! We'll be back slinging curbside orders beginning 4 o'c…
Retweeted by I Ate Oklahoma @tabbiburwell You are too good to be gone for long. I'm sorry you're going through this. Better things ahead!If you need a marketing pro who knows her stuff (and probably your stuff better than you know your stuff), you've b… love A1 steak sauce on almost anything other than steak.Don't forget to eat lunch, either. the days pass, I look more and more like a bear who was magically transformed, mid-hibernation, into a middle-ag…'t forget breakfast. @beckycarman @awkwordy When in doubt, remember what Satan taught us: Miracles aren't Cool.
@armyofskeletons @NathanPoppe Are there other movie? (Movii? Movies? How do you pluralize something there's only one of?)Somebody's gonna win a Noble Prize. there any local (Oklahoma) companies who make peanut brittle? (Yes, I'm a very old man and I like my old man candy.)Heading out of Ardmore this morning with a belly full of chicken-fried steak, eggs, biscuits, and pancakes from Bal… @Mister_Sommer You're welcome, mama. @beaujennings You're never gonna make on here with all these reasonable takes, Beauseph. @BeardedSkeptic I believe this is the actual definition of "spoiled for choice." Ted's is fine. It's never *my* fir… to any of you who ever loved a child, regardless of whether that child was grown inside your body. @andyrine @TakeABiteOK @OKCBlackEats Oak and Ore, New State, Goro are all right there. Might not be exactly Mother's Day material, tho.
@armyofskeletons Oh no! You peeped!Mark your calendars - it’s happening! Broadcasting from our Facebook page on May 16. #jointhehurd #heardonhurdonline
Retweeted by I Ate OklahomaAre you from Ardmore? I'm going there today. I would like to eat good food. If you have any recommendations, I woul…
Dunno about you, but I'm finding today very hard to handle. This (free to stream or download) album of nature sound… @kumailn Ghostbusters. Like, the EPA had a legit concern.thought I was all good when my doctor said i was healthy as a horse; turns out he was referring to one specific horse, 'Sick Matthew'
Retweeted by I Ate Oklahoma @JacoboLaSombra Exactly my thoughts. When I ordered online, the dumplings weren't an option, but when I mentioned i… @superbear_76 I'm not about to say a McDonald's burger is superior to @NicsGrill or @newstateburgers or… @waltercrunkokc A lot of people have been doing it right, but I'll give it up all day to @GoroRamen. Consolidated m…, who in their right mind wants to eat *inside* a McDonalds? #drivethru4lifeIt's @zachsmithcomedy's dream job, but like everything else in his life, you can steal it from him:… should be ashamed.
I made an incredibly wise lunch choice at Jerusalem Mediterranean today. @iateoklahoma Oklahoma Cattleman’s Association has a link, Beef Direct, that lists producers. Good resource
Retweeted by I Ate Oklahoma @iateoklahoma We used to have it, it was called The Oklahoma Food Co-op and after 15 years of operation it had to s…
Retweeted by I Ate Oklahoma @iateoklahoma There are many vendors at the OKC @ThePublicMarket that carry local meats. Most of them deliver or ha…
Retweeted by I Ate OklahomaI love lemonade, the beverage and the Beyonce album, almost exactly equally.I posted a review of their great snacks yesterday and now I find out they're doing a Mother's Day sale. Get on it,… @iateoklahoma @HeyArvay @UrbanAgrarian @Kitchen324 Ward’s Family Farm has local chicken available at both…
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