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The best place to talk food in Oklahoma. Restaurant reviews. Features. Hilarity ensues. I'm also @elwelleats.

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@Mister_Sommer Cool cool cool, I definitely didn't need to ever sleep again. @Mister_Sommer ::Looks past you:: Landon, sweetie, that doesn't go in your mouth! ::Bolts as soon as you turn to look:: @Mister_Sommer [Backs away slowly with toilet paper stuck to my shoe.] @RDC_212 Truly an inspiration.It is inspiring, in a way, that with so many things dividing us—politics, race, religion, etc.—that people can stil…, sweet mystery of life, at last I've found you (@leafandbeanokc). @405chad I completely agree. Everyone needs to remember this is an ongoing crisis. One court case didn't solve it.… @405chad I agree with you, but I also think we have to follow the laws. Balkman screwed up the math and he's making… @405chad It's a reduction of the $571 million judgement. Not ideal, obviously, but J&J will still pay $400+ million.Peach caipirinha from @bossanovacaipirinhalounge atop @cafedobrazilokc.
Join me in supporting Spencer Hicks via @actblue is good news if you love when good things happen. This is bad news if you were tragically born without a sense…'s what I wrote about @mightycorndog: while back, I reviewed an excellent food truck called @mightycorndog. It remains excellent, but now they're openi… @_ashleysellers Both the Goosebumps movies are pretty good with some fun, mild scares.i have a bit part in this article in which i talk about joyfully throwing potato chips at the tv screen in what was…
Retweeted by I Ate OklahomaWe've got a new sponsor! @embarkokc and I Ate Oklahoma are teaming up for #EMBARKEats—a series of reviews focusing… sponsor! New review! We've teamed with @EMBARKOK for #EMBARKEats—the best restaurants and a better way to get t… your taco dreams are about to come true. The new #PigOutOKC review is here: Señor Barrigón. Thanks again to…
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@mattlowery @emilyrsutton us tomorrow at @ponyboyokc for the Democratic debates. Thanks to @PPGreatPlains for helping host!
Retweeted by I Ate OklahomaThis is just a sampling of the amazing food I've had at Senor Barrigon (SW 59th and May, OKC). You can read all abo…‼️IMPORTANT QUESTION‼️ Where can I find the best #MacnCheese in #OKC? 🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀 I’m working on a special project…
Retweeted by I Ate OklahomaMARK YOUR CALENDARS
Retweeted by I Ate Oklahoma @les_mull Really good turkey gravy.All your taco dreams are about to come true. The new #PigOutOKC review is here: Señor Barrigón. Thanks again to… could so kill a bowl of the posole verde from Señor Barrigón right now. New #PigOutOKC review is up! Brought to y… #PigOutOKC review! Señor Barrigón (basically translates to Mr. Fatso) is my new obsession. Great green posole,… what time does ou play
Bread and water: inhumane conditions Bread and butter: this is heaven @jessicaldark @Rococos @Clamato @FranksRedHot @aDark I need to party with you guys.Mine is: veggie-infused vodka (a la @Rococos) + Zing Zang + @Clamato + Worcester + red pepper flakes +…'re making the perfect Bloody Mary. What's in it?This woman in the shop just ordered a Tai Chi Latte and this is what I served her, but now I’m second guessing and…
Retweeted by I Ate Oklahoma @jakefisher I'm making tacos with leftover rice, beans, and spicy shrimp guiso and they are GLORIOUS. Mexican food breakfast is my Sunday salvation.Come out and try one of OKLAHOMA'S top breakfast spots!! We OPEN at 8am Dont forget to win a meal on us you must…
Retweeted by I Ate OklahomaAnd what a happy ending!
@triniwoodstock Pete's is great. I usually direct people to the one in Krebs, especially if I can get them to bring… of the first meals I remember is one I make myself regularly: a bowl of grits with a fried egg mixed in. It's t… think mind altering chemicals are being sprayed from passenger jets in the sky? Oh ok. Just as a follow up ques…
Retweeted by I Ate Oklahoma @briOKC It is *preeeeeetty* liberal that we keep allowing people to vote. @zachsmithcomedy So good, right?!Don't think I have ever heard Oklahoma legislative leadership described this way.
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Probably going to regret sharing this with y'all because I haven't got my tickets yet, but @VHBeer and… recipe makes me almost as happy as learning that @BeardedSkeptic and @shortandcreepy are gonna jumps the broom… @BeardedSkeptic @Mister_Sommer Lasagna happens when you make a pot of spaghetti bolognese, then realize you were su… @northroadcreate @SpokiesOKC 49, followed by a nap.Who's got two thumbs and just wore himself out riding a @SpokiesOKC? This guy: 👍😴👍🚴Beer me some coffee.Now, more than ever, we need beer. And John Barleycorn's latest review of @BlackMesaBrew's Mountain Boomer Kolsch-S…'s forecast: Looks like there's some Toros in the atmosphere.
guess who befriended a crow? It's me I think. I can't really read their facial expressions.
Retweeted by I Ate OklahomaSPECIAL SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: In honor of #WorldMentalHealthDay, watch #TheGreatDepresh for free through Saturday (…
Retweeted by I Ate OklahomaMe, thinking about stew for lunch: @ShelbyHale Your bio. @thedigsy That one will probably need to be taken area by area. You got a suggestion on where to start?
Me, desperately willing this day to be over. any of my followers want a copy of @SheaSerrano's Movies (And Other Things)? I got a copy last night and laughed…
Retweeted by I Ate OklahomaI am hereby calling for an investigation into @Rococos. It's simply unfair for one restaurant to do so many things… @lnkls1 The hierarchy of condiments on corn dogs: 1. Mustard ... 18. Ketchup That's it.UPDATE: a lot of you are way more onboard with eating birthday cake for breakfast than I thought.Breakfast is crazy. No one is okay with eating birthday cake first thing in the morning, but a donut, a chocolate c… @CandiceJanowiak DARK MODE LIKE THE NIGHT @eggostack Easy! - Red Top Detroit-style pie from @ProvidencePizza - Incredible Mr. Limpet from Pachinko Parlor - C… more I learn about Facebook, the less I want to be on there. I highly recommend following @JuddLegum and subscr… @jeninthe405 Russ looks terrrrrrrible. @jpatrick91 6015 S May AveWell, I just fell in love with a new (to me) taco spot. Senor Barrigon is killing me with this food! This hot dog,…
I'm very good at clever titles, huh? Click the link in my bio for the full story. @david_lam @TheDoorOKC @american_exile That's true, though I try to archive stories about places that close.I am DEEPLY upset that I'm missing this one, but that just means there's an extra seat for you! Reserve a spot at… @TheDoorOKC @american_exile Yeah, man. I'm pretty sure it went up in August. Not trying to be evasive. I legitimate… @TheDoorOKC @american_exile I don't have dates on my articles.Soooo I just discovered the actress (Margery Mason) who says "Aren't you the Prime Minister?" in "Love Actually" is…
Retweeted by I Ate Oklahoma @15Deloreans @american_exile No sir. Yummy Noodles is half of the folks from Tsubaki Szechuan starting their own re… @american_exile Buddy, you should just start tagging me directly. Szechuan Bistro Yummy Noodles Fung's Kitchen Golden Phoenix Chow'sCrowned Deer (Photo: Chaitanya Deshpande
Retweeted by I Ate Oklahoma @brentfuchs Technically no. But it's fish, and to most people, fish is seafood full stop.Yeah, Oklahoma is landlocked, but things have changed for the better in both refrigeration and shipping, which mean… @CastYourCaraway It's the second-to-last lesson they teach in Sigma Six. That's how you know this guy's a pro. @CastYourCaraway It's a very small type of cigar called a "cigarito." Real power move. Makes his hands seem enormous. @CastYourCaraway Disagree @codylusnia That's a hell of a euphemism. @stevelackmeyer You know who says, "FAKE NEWS!"? Someone who has never been a reporter, never interviewed someone w… @stevelackmeyer Saying "fake news" to me might be the best possible way to make sure I never listen to another word you say.Someone was like, "Greg! Where can I eat fish that isn't raw?" and I was all, "Here are some places!" And then I th… @GregH405 Isn't that place gone? I've only ever seen the sign, but no building.
@les_mull Delicious, delicious spite. @amandamull @universityofga Finally, an academic piece on butt chugging! @les_mull You'll have to pry this gavel from my cold, ignorant hands!I went through the Halloween Guide and updated it for 2019. I had to remove several listings, so if there are any n…
Retweeted by I Ate OklahomaMcRib is back! This is your perfect chance to completely ignore that sandwich and go eat some real ribs. Oh, you w… @winerev I think we might have found your forever home, Ian. Please, meet my friend—and maybe you're new dad—Other Greg.We are in a Golden Age of Burgers in OKC and I want to hear from y'all about which one is your favorite. But be war…, beer nerds. You're probably already following @ElkValleyBrew (if not, you should!), but if you missed it, th… @franamooney The fairy granted your wish, Frankie. You're a real boy now.P.S. I may ask some of you to tell me why said burger is your favorite.