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listening to breadwinner by kasey musgraves as if i’m not a broke student living off a student loan
@xxoorita @ellexforbes thought of you instantly lol @tomosrlloyd the dude in the replies claiming he got suspended in the 90s for calling his teacher ‘they’ 😭😭😭 clownery
@isolights if they weren’t nearly £5 each i’d indulge in both 🤕pls vote what bubble tea i should get i am so indecisive @emfroggy YES. i havent been in an imessage gc in years holy shit @robinbugs i know it’s probably a meme but it literally filled me with rage too. people apologising just for the sa… bi visibility day to my fellow bisexuals out there!!! love u all @roycilyy oh lord .. moon in a fire sign does NOT sound funmeant ‘to impress one another’ lmao. can u tell i have had two hours of sleepif men dislike their overly emotional girlfriends and love making sexist banter to impress one other so much, maybe… @baiikeyey the emotional connection i feel to this song … i have cried to it MANY timesnightly dilemma between smoking weed or simply going to sleep .. hm
:) excited to watch bake off i can’t even explaingirls be into astrology and addicted to nicotine like sis you’re worried about the wrong cancer
Retweeted by lau 🐰"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall." F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby
Retweeted by lau 🐰just found a £10 off deliveroo code and have ordered myself a £2 burrito. life is good
making a fry up at midnight bc i can’t sleep 🙏 @tiredmadison WOWWW @wholegrainn thankfully was with a friend and i got away from the situation quickly so it’s alright. i feel okay, thank you love xfemboy wario random guy sitting on the street tried to get my attention and since i didn’t respond he grabs my fucking leg…’ve already seen them twice in concert but they’re just so insanely good liveall my friends are going to bring me the horizon tonight n i was too poor to buy a ticket. shaking and crying rn. @emfroggy THAT IS SO DUMB. i know lush give free face masks if you return the pots cause they recycle and reuse the… @emfroggy wait i have questions. is this so the candles can be recycled or are people just exploiting the return policy and being annoying?hot girls have big brains 🙏can’t believe i actually study here are crying tears of joy rn @kenzdie yess!!! that page is telling you if your natal chart has any aspects to the current moon, and the page tha… @emfroggy piss AND shit stains in this mans underwear
@kenzdie the moon is transiting my 12th house (isolation, darkness, subconscious, endings/death) and i’ve been jour… @kenzdie since it’s in pisces everyone is just feeling slightly sensitive and emotional. dreams r crazy and harder… @monkeechi i got my hair cut kinda similarly with lots of layers a while ago and i loved it!! easy to style as well @JennyCacti i got mine done a month ago and i’ve felt so much more confident!! it really just adds somethin, i recommendi just know this man has a dirty unwashed ass too full moon is fuckin with me. being a pisces moon is hard enough alreadyI FINALLY EXPERIENCED THIS BTW pls 😚 @cybernafisa you were in the back of my mind 🙈 i really think an auburn colour would be sexy on me thoughconsidering dying my hair ginger .. Hmmmvery ugly that i actually start my second year classes tomorrow. i’ve enjoyed having no responsibilities for a monthu in her dms, so am i, u got really good taste. u my rival frr
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@uhmrose dude you look so fucking gorgeous i have missed ur pretty face on my timeline @JennyCacti it sucks massively that that’s a consequence of you being honest and open about your experiences 🤦🏼‍♀️… @JennyCacti you are dealing with these fucking assholes in your replies so well. i hope you’re okay and i’m sorry y… test myself but i think it’s the flu uuUUGHHH my poor immune systemi literally can’t tell if i have covid right or freshers flu rnshe is so hot literally what the fuck. forget.
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facts heist season 4 fucking sucks i am disappointed
@gexthekiller literally thank you i’ve seen them way too many times alreadymy outfit today … 10/10
Retweeted by lau 🐰peeing is a trauma response to drinking too much water
Retweeted by lau 🐰JUST GOT MY STUDENT LOAN I COULD CRY TEARS OF JOYI’m in the zoom lecture guessing people’s zodiac signs
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Retweeted by lau 🐰 @VeryLameTweets ‘normal everyday talking’ has me cracking up HAHAHAHAHAH @uhmrose U KNOW IT ‼️ @fragilearies says you!!! thank u my love ❤️ @pa5iphae AHHHHH I LOVE YA <333 @chloe_avatar i’m here for it honestlyis this not just passive aggression lmfao this 🙏 saw a tiktok about how excessive shuffling in childhood is a sign of party rocking and i can’t stop thinking about it
Retweeted by lau 🐰new season of sex education is out this is the best day
Retweeted by lau 🐰 @SN2PPY u are super pretty woah
@klemmydagoombot @SleepyMoan tysm :3 @laurb3n HEHEHEHE LOVE U MY LAUREN<3 @samamilami :’) love u baby girl @SleepyMoan MWAHHH BEAUTIFUL GIRL <33 @SleepyMoan i will kiss u. rn. @cybernafisa SAYS YOU!!! we are both sexy asfthe 13 year old me wouldn’t believe how fucking cool i am today. she would not believe it.
Retweeted by lau 🐰 @uhmrose BIGGEST COMPLIMENT EVER KISS MEhaving a pretty gf ain’t for the weak
Retweeted by lau 🐰 @uhmrose asthmatic hotties unite ❤️🙏 @laurb3n fr. literally what does the sauna addmy outfit today … 10/10 asthmatic ass could never is in scorpio and my pronouns are fuck/me
Retweeted by lau 🐰cum and pre-cum imply the existence of a third, mysterious post-cum
Retweeted by lau 🐰this is the cutest video ever. crying @payytaylor worryingly enough yes 🤢 @tiredmadison ur reply is an automatic signature thank u babeyyyPosting photos of a dead woman you’ve never met to insult her appearance is a hell of way to go through a midlife c…
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new geep just dropped
Retweeted by lau 🐰It's met gala day!
Retweeted by lau 🐰why tf is there a private qrt on thispetition to ban men who look like ugly little garden gnomes from predating on young womenkeemstar is such a slimy creepy man eugh i feel bad for his daughter and any other women who need to interact with him3pm and all i’ve done is lie in bed hungover and sad 🙏 nap time i guess
bisexual anthem @PrivFxck HAHAHAHSHSHHS this is the truest bit of ur whole threadI AM IN LOVE she looks perfect. she makes me wanna cut my hair short too sexy for a bra
Retweeted by lau 🐰they act and talk like a twitter e-couple LMFAOOO. i love seeing hot bisexual women with their weird looking boyfri…