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Writer and game designer. Professor of media studies, computing, business, architecture @GeorgiaTech. Contributing Writer @TheAtlantic. Editor @ObjectsObjects.

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@dvanduzer The problem is, I’m the grim reaper. @mattlaschneider I think phone calls might be better for academic positions too.Something is deeply wrong here. And it’s not the @thecrimson.
Retweeted by Ian Bogost’s Monster @mattlaschneider Sure, sure. @mattlaschneider I guess what I meant was, no other references? But obviously there will be exceptions to any generalization. @LostCyberSoul This is not the same! @adamkotsko Dude. Everybody knows this. @mattlaschneider Wait why would they have to rely on it? Not to be super grim.Starting to worry that all of these congressional inquiries of Zuck et al are going to take the place of either leg… can’t tell if this is worse or better than everyone ignoring GenX for Boomers and Millennials.What is this Voodoo tho least one of my readers has accused me of being a Greatest Generation octogenarian, so there’s that at least. @DHStom @Fobwashed @triptych It started as "Video Games Are Better Without Gameplay" 😬 @docsquiddy Just the one with my handle. @docsquiddy @nucleardelight I mean, I liked it! I say as much! But! @docsquiddy I am not saying they must be this way. @docsquiddy The funny thing is, I also wrote a book all about the lessons I take from games to make … actual chores…
@DanjoKaz00ie I'm afraid the shitposters aren't that clever, alas. @nucleardelight It's weird! In the book, I abscond with properties of games for the benefit of normal life. I wonde… @DanjoKaz00ie I can see these posts you know.@ScreensaversVR 1.0 launched today!! New VR screensavers are forthcoming by me & other artists, in collab w/…
Retweeted by Ian Bogost’s Monster @nucleardelight I think part of the distinction is that between play and video games. But yeah man, I thought if this too. @nucleardelight It’s weird, yeah! But I wouldn’t call it pessimistic. @ibogost insufficient-content
Retweeted by Ian Bogost’s Monster @jleedev I am offended.Amped for this #GBBO spinoff. @W_Livi_ No the other one.Wait. What if checkers is … good?Perhaps the best definition of a meme is just an image that, against the odds, actually gets seen—before mercifully… @timmaughan @Exhaust_Fumes You mean Steve? Nah.Duran Duran Warrant didn’t see the “s” in “dogs” at first and I had a lot of questions. @camerontw But sirWhat @MatthewGuz I guess gamers are next.Today I learned that my iPhone still autocorrects “gamers” to “Gamers`” @OwlBoy It does! @giordanobc Wait but.This is another example of the phenomenon I discuss in this piece. I spend a ton of attention fiddling with a radio… I got CarPlay, I now often face the previously unheard of experience of my radio failing to load. @giordanobc Right.Oh. @giordanobc Although I’ve been distressed at home much more input and attention idle games have demanded over time. @giordanobc Yeah, I wanted to talk about this but it was a left turn for this particular piece. Same for streaming.For those of you who "enjoyed" my pieces "Video Games Are Better Without Characters" and "Video Games Are Better Wi…
Retweeted by Ian Bogost’s MonsterThis is a difficult truth to swallow, but it's probably important to take the medicine. @isbellHFh These startups are getting really weird.Meritocracy! @tony_the_scribe @TheAtlantic I looooove mechanical work. But maybe not for entertainment? Sorry here's a thing if… @colorfiction Neat! I'll check it out. @tony_the_scribe @TheAtlantic Mechanical work versus affective work. Buffy at least just plays at you. @tony_the_scribe @TheAtlantic Yes! I wrote a book about this! But there's something truly weird about how videogame… @DogDisruption I really liked the goose game. But I liked not playing the goose game more than playing the goose ga… @AdrienneLaF You rogue. @DogDisruption Hahaha. @yayitsrob Oh.A Georgia Tech scene. @FrankElavsky I mean, what if you're not kidding tho?Whether made from guns or geese, games will always be imbricated with work, stuck in a celebration or a burlesque o… @FrankElavsky Whooboy @CharlesFLehman @washingtonpost Jealous. @ja2ke The Bogost stans are probably fewer in number than you think, but yeah. @ja2ke There is a … process we go through with headlines.The goose isn’t wreaking havoc. The goose is running errands. @AnnieLowrey piece on those mortifying $350k-but-barely-getting-by budgets that go viral. I wonder tho: What… @Metatone2 Except lawncare. @iconmaster Difficulty is related but different. Games are unique media in their demand to be operated. @nicholasadeleon @emanuelmaiberg I smell Žižek. @StreetWanderer Not sure where I go from here, yeah.Uncle. @molleindustria There is no ethical honking under capitalism. @molleindustria Ultimately, this is your fault.For those of you who "enjoyed" my pieces "Video Games Are Better Without Characters" and "Video Games Are Better Wi… is from a hotel-stay survey. me, you don't want to miss this one., I'm CEO of a military-robotics contractor wholly owned by a Japanese conglomerate funded by questionable sovere… @amyhoy Kicking myself. @JonahEmery It's just whatever's on my account profile. It was a lot of work to get the letters, so if it's in the… @abbeyej @silby Seriously tho, @cdisalvo and I have talked about this extensively. @silby NO I WANT TO DO THIS MORE THAN ANYTHING BUT I DON'T KNOW HOW TO WRITE ANYMORE. @Brandon_Bird This makes me feel a lot better, actually. @justintstanley Next time I'll answer, "Cow-and-sandwich." @z_rose This is too deep a cut for me.I checked into a hotel recently, and the guy at registration saw my name had "Dr." in front of it on the reservatio… @silby I KNOW OMGGGGGThe Millennium Falcon ride was neat tho! I drove the Millennium Falcon! On one axis anyway!I dunno! Admittedly, I don't like Star Wars as much as many GenXers (I like it fine! Stop blocking me!). But, the w… finally got to visit Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. It was fine?Don't forget, Neumann reportedly cashed out at least $700 million in advance of the (failed) IPO. if the grift is the point?
Sure, seems fine.’ll say. over, Infinity War, I just witnessed a McDonald’s employee deliver an apple pie inside a McRib carton.Did you remember… 1997?
2019 man’s home is his corn is bad.