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Ian Bogost @ibogost Atlanta, GA

Writer and game designer. Professor of media studies, computing, business, architecture @GeorgiaTech. Contributing Writer @TheAtlantic. Editor @ObjectsObjects.

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To be is to act as though you already exist.Just like I already do in front of the television, on the toilet, in the dark chasm of my very own mind Crossing used to dole out tasks and favors from the animals who are your neighbors, but now it does so with… they said it. Now this. would be Wednesday if there were days anymore. @matthewlehew It is ... something. @matthewlehew The chancellor has been steamrolling every president and demanding total fealty, partly by rewarding… @pfreet @AJCGetSchooled @ajc Because it's our local paper and it's the only venue where these kinds of questions can play out in public. @CJFerguson1111 @AJCGetSchooled Yeah. Which is just to say: let us work it out!Then ask this question again of every decision that's taken place at state colleges and universities during the Cor…'re responding to the wrong question, @ajcgetschooled. The right question is: Why would a state university SYSTE… burger restaurant open in Seoul. That slogan at the bottom...
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Sorry I can't join the Zoom call, I have to @silby And as poorly documented as they are powerful. @CharlesFLehman Right. So every time you find something that might do what you want, it actually turns out to be an RPG quest. @thomasfuchs It’s Scottish, not pirate.Imagine Node, but instead of programmers telling you you’re stupid on StackOverflow, it’s economists. That’s R. @cwarzel Twitter is bad, it turns out.Study Abroad from HomeLA is almost unrecognizable! Research from @USCAnnenberg's @CrosstownLA data project reveals how the area is respon…
Retweeted by Ian BogostPeople are noticing how invasive Zoom is. The takeaway isn’t that Zoom is spyware, it’s that spyware tactics are a…
Retweeted by Ian BogostHelp. @MatthewGuz Not only does it make nice graphs, it makes nice graphs that telegraph that you used R Studio. 💅R is a tool that turns idiots into idiots who fancy themselves statisticians (or worse: economists). It's statistics cosplay. @KeefJudge @RoylePin I believe this is called a valve cozy.As if quarantine couldn't get worse, I have now also opened R Studio.Hey book people! The lovely and talented @olgakhazan has a new book out next week. And we’re doing an instagram liv…
Retweeted by Ian Bogost @robinsloan @alexismadrigal is just a comic book now. @WillOremus Go ahead, try to convince me you don’t also need them. @rachaelsullivan How to choose, how to choose.New item: Crunch Thighs
I am tired of looking for iron in vain.😧 anguished + 🤗 hugging =
Retweeted by Ian Bogost'm not sure what the right answer here is, and I doubt there is a right answer for every circumstance, but I'm cer… article is getting a lot of "worst take" responses, but that's not terribly useful, even if it's therapeutic—m… doesn't really map to American politics of the 20th or 21st centuries, let alone globalization. But the Covid-…'m hardly an expert here, but doesn't the Cozy Catastrophe concept actually fantasize the end of the aristocracy i… & Board has been sending me daily emails trying to get me to buy Made in America furniture, and, like, okay I… drove around the block, mostly because the car hadn't run in over two weeks. A few people out, two cars. B… @iamlubos Conservatively, every recipient counts as another email, right?This must be why associate deans are so productive.Because nothing. measures productivity better than "number of emails sent." I have also purchased zoysia-aeration service. @Utbabya Fall.Big news: It’s zoysia aeration day.The only thing I’ve spent money on this month is a $458 bill from a medical specialist (for services back in Februa… please make em-dashes a word boundary omgggg.I am begging you, @googledocs: Give us a view that shows the final edit without markup, as if suggestions had been… @bcrosbie This changes my point not at all. @flantz I'm ready for the Fonts are Dumb, Actually take. @flantz "0 words"New Zoom background.
Retweeted by Ian Bogost @PaulBisceglio Filing soon.Opened Word to get cracking and @neagle Yeah, I wanted to say more but ran out of space. Let's go with "accelerated" rather than "inaugurated." @JudgeandInjury I would never encourage anyone to read anything I write. @neagle The monotony is probably worse. But pretending that the books are literary accomplishments (or that YA fict… @neagle read literally anything else. @mmustapic I would love to read this on Medium or LinkedIn in particular.Before you read my online recipe, first let me explain my folk theory of viral contagion and what it meant to me and my mom.I realize that there are much worse and more important things going on, but why does Animal Crossing wallpaper also remove my windows? @medieninitiativ @matthewlehew @bruceholsinger I’m not even sure we really know which places are riskier. @medieninitiativ @matthewlehew @bruceholsinger Yup. Same. @sivavaid @anjalienjeti @bruceholsinger Oh, I'm sure you can imagine extremely bad ones, which means you can also i… @sivavaid @anjalienjeti @bruceholsinger Sure, but there are better and worse responses to that reality, now. @matthewlehew @bruceholsinger The state revenues are going to get clobbered in the short term, and then it's possib… @anjalienjeti @bruceholsinger The winners, if that's the right word for it, will be the schools/programs that get a… @bruceholsinger @sivavaid And if it works, that hedge will ultimately benefit the already (relatively) wealthy, who… Nope. 2) It's all sandwich. @sivavaid @bruceholsinger The first place to start thinking is what the fall will look like, and how institutions w… what you want about the humanities, but it is a domain that peddles in ideas and abstractions, much more easily… early to know much, but think about what this would do to studio and performing arts programs, many of which ar…
Really long past time we get mucroeconomics. @theomn Just gotta Roll With It.Too bad about the band Oasis.Today’s news piece by ⁦@ibogost⁩ is extra interesting in these WFH times: Every Place Is the Same Now
Retweeted by Ian Bogost @Video_Game_King These are troubled times.RIP Joan. Really sad.… think snot kid from Wind Waker grew up to be Daisy Mae’s dad?’all what happened to Joan? Is she okay?Jfc, wipe your damn nose Daisy Mae. There’s a pandemic on., I guess I know which bird I am. @thomasfuchs I’ll just run out to the—oh wait.WTF. I told my 4yo that I’m not a medical doctor, but doctor of philosophy, he retorted with: “is philosophy an illness?”
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This is my guest bedroom. If ever you are my guest, this is your welcome fate!As foretold in tiki wallpaper: Complete., I guess that settles whether Sauron survived after the One Ring was destroyed. a garbage world we’ve made. prison house of language are some things.