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Ian Bogost @ibogost Atlanta, GA

Writer, game designer, and sorbetto influencer. Professor @GeorgiaTech, Contributing Editor @TheAtlantic. Also: Persuasive Games, @ObjectsObjects.

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@qheolet Yes! Honey, syrup, wine…all common uses.Done. @odannyboy For the Love of the Churn @odannyboy The company that makes my machine doesn’t have social-media accounts, as far as I can tell.Already in the machine because the grapes were cold in the fridge. Small batch; freezer is full. @giordanobc Inshallah.Deploying my new refractometer. This device measures the sugar content of a solution in degrees Brix. A sorbet shou… you know you can do this? @8bitartwork @dannybirchall The Burgiform Turfgrass CompanionThis was partly inspired by my theory of “ontography” in Alien Phenomenology, and I am so moved by where Øyvind has… “ontography” books are so, so cool. @lauvdahl, where can people get them? @SStossel Whispers: economics’ younger brother is also very annoying.Love this: "The mistake we make is in thinking that play involves a turning away from 'real life.' The solution is…
Retweeted by Ian BogostThe most popular new vehicle sold in the United States—the pickup truck—will finally have an emoji of its own next…
Retweeted by Ian Bogost @annehelen Step by step, oh baby, gonna get to you, WordComputers get hot when they run. They get hot because of the data in them. The data is hot because it is angry.… want my babyshark babyshark babyshark i want my babyshark riiiiiibs
Retweeted by Ian BogostThe Netflix glass-blowing reality show is completely bananas and you should watch it. I think the best part is how… @abovenyquist @alexismadrigal I'm so jealous of this piece.No, but, … that's what I'm afraid of! than anything. you that notion appeals to you then may I recommend these many books @nickmofo and I have been curating for the… brill ⁦@alexismadrigal⁩ piece on the Apollo Guidance Computer says something important so clearly: a computer’…
@odannyboy I’m ready. @martinaustwick No exceptions will be granted. @Andrew_Ervin Yeah. Nope.Comic-book movies are dumb.We’ll come back to the later once it’s had a couple hours in the freezer. Stay tuned. @andymphelps @avantgame Fibrous or pectinous fruits are very naturally creamy. Berries. Pineapple. Coconut cream al… base finally got cold enough to put in the gelatrix. Gonna do a stracciatella for this one so melty time. @Sierra_OffLine I consider a tugboat slightly more alt, even for NYC. @Sierra_OffLine I hope this was for the tugboat. @fromedome They are not bad!The two food groups @fromedome I give away a lot. But on fleek @ShanELevy Yes! I wanted to go into some of this, but it wasn’t the right place to get it all in.Creamsicle is done. next. strained it.)Well, there’s the answer I guess. on whether this becomes orange sorbetto or creamsicle gelato. to climate change, California wildfires are 500% larger now than they were in the early ‘70s, according to a…
Retweeted by Ian BogostDon’t assign these kinds of books for your classes. There are alternatives. @jgpryde You're… right. This is the wrong word. Thanks.Oh Outback. No. @tharkibo @franzanth Sandwiches.Exclusive: Here’s how Instacart keeps its shoppers - ostensibly independent contractors - from saying no to unappea…
Retweeted by Ian BogostI'll be on @NephJC one week from today, biting my nails, as DOCTOR is discussed for their Summer Book Club. Here's…
Retweeted by Ian BogostEverything is fine. wrote about why infrastructure is at greater, and accelerating, risk. If you’ve already forgotten that a big chun… are either inside out pies or people who make shoes. 🤔 @AndrewBeckNYC I thought the gelato was too strong at first but it calms down quickly, and with the cobbler it’s p 👩🏻‍🍳She opted not to use garlic or onion in her gelato.Peach cobbler with homemade honey goat-cheese gelato (I cant take credit for these; my wife made them.)'m so ready for @LangeAlexandra on Hudson Yards and the new Essex Street Market. Give me that urban mall CRITIQUE!
Retweeted by Ian BogostYeah, just wait girl. @bob_stoss Hero @renatesamson This is why I parboil
@mattzollerseitz @npseaver Wikipedia is like sixth grade forever. @npseaver What’s interesting is the contrast. Or Can You Say “No” to Interrogatory Scholarly Titles? @npseaver no, not peaches too?’s the German word for regretting you ran the dishwasher earlier in the day because it turns out you would have… @mkrpata Manhattan blackout is a warning for city dwellers everywhere: Infrastructure is at risk now more than ever,…
Retweeted by Ian Bogost @coldbrain I was being polite.I parboiled these sausages. Or as the British would say, I cooked them. Brexit just Brix. @TaylorLorenz Petweet birdoisieSome personal news @amandamull diary35 years later, I'm still upset about this dumb show based on a greeting card."These animals are all deeply and fatally flawed, but the lumbering, palmate male is obviously the best."You try to build a coalition, but then of course the moose takes up the mantle of "leader." Of course. in today's mail: - USC Trojan magazine - Notice of class-action lawsuit for women’s health services provi… @DairyFonts @TheWallStBull @COOLHAUS Oh I can do this no problem. @zunguzungu Corn Chunks, Gastroraisin, Dr. Rainbow's Very Good Fortune, Brisk Shanghai Morning, etc.One interesting thing about all these places where you can get get glasses prescriptions online because it's cheape… @zunguzungu IHOP Austin, now serving a mini, 8 oz. Terroir IPA with every Breakfast Burrito Bowl. @zunguzungu Your point about Austin is very much correct. Somehow, this city gets a pass that no other would be aff… @zunguzungu Millennials Are Devouring ‘Breakfast Burrito Bowls,’ But They’re Just Cereal @zunguzungu Counterpoint: the breakfast burrito represents a tragic apotheosis of the burrito's promise of convenie… @zunguzungu The mythical lunch/dinner burrito. @mark_riedl The municipalities are struggling even to keep up with the powerful, wealthy tech companies that litera… @mark_riedl Whose permission would they need to do otherwise? This is the default future, and one already in process. @mark_riedl What they're going to do instead is to partner with municipalities, the latter of which are strapped, t… Sisters of Mercy songs sometimes had saxophones. 🧛🏻‍♂️🎷 @mcwm But then you have a smartphone.Are podcasts just 90-minute YouTube videos?Low-poly Instant Pot is hype tho.’s 7:46am and Prime Day is already exhausting.Move Over Therapy Dogs. Hello, Therapy Cows.
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