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icarus on val .6 800 radiant

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last 15 ranked games, 10 wins 5 losses 5 cali games 10 texas games LMFAOOOOO i legit have a 0% wr in califeet pics?Someone who clearly isn’t actually racist nor a horrible person having people trying to end their career due to a m…
Retweeted by xempte @a6calamity that didn’t last long @BorrachinhaMMA @dayyaantheking bros saying he has unspoken rizz 😹😹
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this act is BY FAR the worst act i’ve ever played i think MAYBE 10% of my games have been competitive like i legit… ITS MEEEEEEEEE 🤓 omg
Retweeted by xempteCRAZY DIRTY FIRST PLACE HIGHROLLER TFT LEGEND legend tells me this whole main card is gonna flop so fucking hard
Tokyo servers in a nutshell
Retweeted by xemptepls put me on that fucking listWhen you high af and they start recording
Retweeted by xempte @gothafk yup!! @icarusVALO amen
Retweeted by xempte“if the world hates you, remember that it hated me first” @hitaFPS bro???What type of walmart Conor-Khabib is this 😭😭😭
Retweeted by xempte @icarusVALO LMAOO
Retweeted by xempteI knew it
Retweeted by xemptenothing has targeted me more than this picture of fat spyro with top and bottom text
2022 bro just cut off half his body weight in the last 8 hours and 30 seconds in DC is saying he… technoTechnoblade has passed away after his battle with cancer, his father delivered a final message on his behalf today.…
Retweeted by xemptea whole 10 years fucking later and @cderho still doesn’t understand the difference between impact and necessary kills @neekojulz that’s so fucking based @neekojulz what’s the move? @YNGvictor you got some explaining, me posting it is expected but you LIKING IT @cderho i was doing the most, at all times, with no fail , and the score is evidenceSINCE DAY ONE BITCH, REST IN PIECE MICHAEL, COLE WOULD BE GETTING CARRIED IF HE COULD ONLY GET IMMORTAL
wait idk. cannonier came with the durag this shit might be wrapsonly one i’m unsure about is strickland but i think he takes iti identify with sean stricklandy’all want the goated parlay here you go, pedro munhoz, robbie lawler, sean strickland, volk and izzy, i’m sorry bu… people say they pray with an a but it’s really an e @Ar1FPS IMM TONIGHTcome watch dis goat gameplay live
Retweeted by xempteyou asked me what i was doing this for, you’re my friend, and friends help friends, after all Jesus still helped me in all of my sinsthe goal is to be completely nonchalant
Retweeted by xempteicarus sounds a lot like iscariotlvl 1 crook finds lvl 1 gf cheating on him with lvl 100 rogue then trains all his life to get lvl 100 crook and the…
Retweeted by xempte @YNGvictor you’re all pro what??? PRO WHAT???? KANYEs bars fucking cut off AT THE WORSTTTT TIMEvictors shitposting uh ohwell Jesus doesn’t have the best track record with wanting people to pick up their sword are so fucking doomed.
Retweeted by xemptewhen you’re with me and we’re alone
2022 @unhingedstar fuck it just @ them @unhingedstar can’t rt this either :( @unhingedstar can’t rt :(
@neekojulz cowabunga dude
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2022 gotta keep distance from some of you bitches
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who the FUCK let joe biden on a bicycle GOD FOR TODAY!!ufc scoring is so ass @JinxxxVal down @JinxxxVal alt
@paradoxon217 something’s gotta be wrongnew act same shit it black bars @gothafk wait who did they steal it from?? @gothafk YEAH IDK WHY I DIDNT SEE EITHER OF YOUR GUYS REPLIES ://LOOK AT THESE COMMENTS BTW HOLY SHIT you would think they’re doing it for support but they’re not even getting any… @SelenaBambiii nah i just knew this one was gonna be big enough for a statement, i play this game now though where… @CouRageJD Bro this doesn’t eliminate abortions. It just gives the states the ability to choose. Educate yourself
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2022 diamond smurfing to radiantwent to the archives for some motivation, valorant beta ranked came out may 1, may 2 i was silver, 2 days later i w… xset post their little “statement” yet???i love how in the rose fight joe just starts talking about strikes rose threw in old fights cause literally NOTHING… @starlovesuu LMFAOOO alright @starlovesuu do u have one already?it’s too good i love the bottom left one where 5 seconds in he has the full smile already Tarzaned until he complains about his teammates
Retweeted by xempte @starlovesuu probably yes :)alt placements
i love winning games i full mute the lobbies — most satisfying thing in the world
Retweeted by xempte u know what’s up @disclosetv
Retweeted by xempte I GOT A LEGENDARYCheckmate
Retweeted by xempte @angiet0t after they hit you stop for .85 seconds and strafe whichever way there’s less of his ult if that’s makes senseYOU FOUND ANOTHER ONE BUT I AM THE BETTER ONE
i see no world where my ranked games where all 4 of my teammates are rockinng a .7 kd 10% hs and it’s supposed to b…
this is some shit straight out of a horror book holy fuck @xoyuuk1 whod you just go against cause i think i legit just got him LMFAOhere’s the thing, if you can’t spot the sucker within 30 minutes of sitting down at the table, then you are the sucker @Alacrityy_ made me start stream so radiant push rn!!!
i don’t want to wake up in the morning thinking she’s still here, i lie here not knowing how long i’ve been alone,… rod and your staff, they comfort me
you built me palaces out of paragraphs, you built cathedrals, i’m rereading the letters you wrote me, i’m searching… wish you could know how sorry i am