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Mark J @icebox93 Illinois, USA

When I was 20, I studied semitic languages and went to boucoups of indie rock shows. Now over 50 and pre-Covid still going to shows and into semitic language.

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@WarehamDean @slowagon @williamtylertn In the beforetime I bought from touring artists when on tours. But with tour… @cherryglazerr I hope you’re right! @cherryglazerr I hope this doesn’t mark a turn for your music. :)
@Dennis_Rodkin @robertloerzel Riverside is very pretty. I’ve thought of living there, but I respect that river and try to stay faaaar away. @eridowd @dansinker @robertloerzel I’ve been to AZ several times. Not using the building means online. @mckiesdjlounge @robertloerzel That article headline way overstates the situation. Very wealthy homeowners are at… @robertloerzel NPR shilling for donor Disney, but it’s so cute! @robertloerzel Poltergeist beats reanimator for 1985, much scarier. That’s the only horror movie I saw when in the… @EricAllixRogers @robertloerzel This has mystified me at natural places that are crowded in Chicago and in the subu… @craignewman @MarkJacob16 That’s the thing. There are two non-conflicting rationales why he could’ve retweeted. 1)… @dansinker @robertloerzel And don’t use the building for classes if they don’t want it to happen again. @dansinker @robertloerzel Not sure why there’s any need to decontaminate when the virus dies in 3 days on surfaces.… @EricAllixRogers @robertloerzel That’s quite disappointing. Fight hard for it! The native plants are beautiful and should be saved. @MisterJayEm @robertloerzel Makes sense. I didn’t get it at the time though I was in my 20s probably because blinde… @EricAllixRogers @robertloerzel Shouldn’t this distinguished local pol be named and shamed? @srboisvert @robertloerzel Was in Columbus for the turnover in student apartments and there were many items of furn… @MisterJayEm @robertloerzel How old were you? @MisterJayEm @robertloerzel I remember going to the MSI with my Aunt and my single digit age cousin from Cali in th… @robertloerzel I’ve done that on numerous occasions. Generally you have to get there early for those places. @okaymarnie @CheapoCrappy If you live across the street, you must befriend the Lord so he will invite you into the… @robertloerzel Moved elsewhere in the department, so only a partial “victory”. And unstated in the article, did the… @robertloerzel I think I was at both those shows. I know I was at the fIREHOSE show, watt FTW, his show at Schuba’s… @CHIRPRadio If suburbs count, my mom took me to see Neil Sedaka at the Mill Run Theater May 12, 1975. First show I… @robertloerzel “Makes sense” = the report has the air of truth, not that it was the right thing to do. @robertloerzel The odd thing here is that it’s a career guy who allegedly said this. Makes sense because Bolsonaro… @ryanobles @robertloerzel @JDiamond1 I would think allowing press in, at least Fox an oann would help them. Seems… @paigexfry Who’s “they”? @lisatozzi @robertloerzel Always knew that the Cards were sick. @robertloerzel @98Simply
@ChiPartyAunt George Clinton and parliafunkadelic at Metro, 1989. A religious experience that was. @FacesPics Very tame of you to call it a face and it something else many here see. @robertloerzel @inaturalist Inaturalist does birds? Have you compared it’s results to Merlin? Wondering which sho… @robertloerzel That is an awfully big bird she’s feeding. Do adults feed each other? When the young get that big… @SennettReport @robertloerzel What a touching last thought. I need to hire you to write my last thoughts too. ;) @robertloerzel Oh. I thought the Blues Brothers was a documentary. Are you telling me the message from God scene was fiction? @robertloerzel Did you jump it? Can’t be that dangerous if you time it right. @ginainsrq @vintage_vendor @DearAuntCrabby It’s a hard case because criminal sanctions don’t deter the irrational.… @ginainsrq @vintage_vendor @DearAuntCrabby Years ago, I had to deal with an unmedicated bipolar person for just a w… @Pres_Chicago 1903 Ken Nordine mansion 6106 N Kenmore sold and won’t be demolished @robertloerzel That’s not one of the rare plants and animals the sign promises. I see those all over. @RobertFeder @John_Kass And in the we’ve known this for years department: Conflict sells! @atrupar But the two week promise is over now. Sunday is too late. @robertloerzel I think I know those buildings. Nice. I’m always surprised to find people who lived in that area an… @emmaswiftsings @RobynHitchcock He looks really evil in that pic, like he just finished eating a baby and is unapologetic. @robertloerzel Maybe that name should be appropriated by the Washington “football” team. @vintage_vendor @DearAuntCrabby And the divorce (speculation now) I bet is because she has been exhibiting bipolar… @vintage_vendor @DearAuntCrabby The arrest video at her house was hard to watch, and first thought I had was mental… @robertloerzel Reading this by itself, it’s funny. That he has no plan is expected, that anyone is surprised by it… @robertloerzel And I’ve been in my house 10 years, the longest I’ve lived in one place. Rogers Park 1 yr, Skokie 4… @robertloerzel You lived in unincorporated Maine Twp? Where exactly? I was there for 6 years when a kid. I was dow… @RobynHitchcock He’s quite stupid in some ways and cagey in others. Crazy like a fox. Never made big money as a d… @RobynHitchcock @ScottMcMinus5 Happy birthday scott! Indeed a genius of music. Cheers and many more. @emmaswiftsings @RobynHitchcock Basically this is “being the change you want to see”. @emmaswiftsings @RobynHitchcock I get Spotify with the NYT. I use it for two reasons, 1) the car 2) in the beforeti… had to listen to 30 seconds of the first track to know this is a *must buy* Thanks to @EvenAsWeSpeak for getti… @robertloerzel Duck taking off the cover and hot wiring the jet ski would be a stunning video. @dansinker @robertloerzel Closing post offices is the single most politicizing thing you can do. Bipartisan, every… @backwards_river The color scheme shouts 1970s, 60 years early. @robertloerzel I remember this like it was just the other day. Well, because I learned about it the other day. :) @robertloerzel Saw this tweet after posting my own reply on earlier one, fwiw. @robertloerzel Florida Man in training, to be treated like Florida Man. Let’s just be thankful this was a stupid k… @recordsANDradio @atrupar That is the best example of security theater ever! @renato_mariotti @robertloerzel Kushners Mideast peace plan and testing plan all went poof. He’s as incompetent as his father in law.
@robertloerzel @Radiolab Always a good idea to be skeptical of vitamin issues, but mild D deficiency is everywhere.… @robertloerzel Such a modest moth. “I’m just a boring grey moth” but the bling for mating, no doubt, hidden underneath. @cosmosheldrake This is great news, no one makes music like you and this is well worth waiting for. @robertloerzel The problem with this is that 5 years ago things weren’t so bad. Looking around at things today, th… @MagicRealismBot The whole school was sent to the office? That’s really serious. @robertloerzel Lol. You all tired out from that 1916 heat wave article? @StarTropicss Weird. Worked for me now too. Jangle jangle, did like The Stems, and still do. @nycsouthpaw @robertloerzel Well he now has survived the virus or has he? @StarTropicss Video unavailable already? Sigh @robertloerzel I never cared for his music, but this is terrible news and I wish him the best. @robertloerzel Indeed. And he is so unpopular now with lots of people who would have to support his attempt to dela… @robertloerzel That is a scaaaary alley
@robertloerzel I hope so. @RobynHitchcock Why do you say that at this late/early hour? @robertloerzel No taco truck anywhere on my street. It’s virgin territory. @Do312 @lollapalooza @HERMusicx @asvpxrocky @PaulMcCartney @ToveLo @yungblud @MrChuckD @Kehlani @thecure @JonasBlue @robertloerzel and I was rather surprised at the number of people eating outside in the west loop. Outside, yes, bu… @robertloerzel And I severely doubt the groups of mostly young people, all unmasked, I saw at northerly island two… @robertloerzel Well looking around my neighborhood, and the west loop from an Uber several times times, and the la… @robertloerzel And after reading the article, amazing 1) common victim blaming in 1916 and 1995 2) many records fro… @robertloerzel A very informative article and thread. I didn’t know about the 1916 event, though in 1995 they must… @Pope11375586 @robertloerzel @MikeHamernik That chart is very telling. Chicago was the only locality in the wider… @holdengraber @robertloerzel That quote is utterly wonderful. And what a director he was. @highbrow_nobrow Wait is this 2020 or 1220? @MarkJacob16 @robertloerzel It’s the fact that he has shady Russian financing. So Putin makes him offers he can’t refuse. @robertloerzel @illinoiscourts Certainly we want the courts to maintain at least the image of neutrality on this most important issue.
@robertloerzel Just remember, it’s just the sniffles. But that is very alarming indeed. Odd that this is report is… @highbrow_nobrow He has regret. I believe his story is very sad and he is entitled to forgiveness. The justified gu… @cherryglazerr Why not cover John Cage’s 4:33, but do an extended remix. Maybe 35:59 or 10 hrs repeat like on you tube. @ThePuckHag @tinyghostrcrds And that Dylan gave Baez songs to sing first, or that Dylan never did on his own. @emmaswiftsings @alexdeley Emma does Dylan, just like Joan Baez and Judy Collins did in the 1960s. And all three m… @backwards_river Where is the rest of this as I would like to see it. Is it at UIC library? @backwards_river Com Ed encouraging electric usage. @backwards_river Translation would elevate this one.
@robertloerzel Why did the end of that thread not surprise me even a teeeeeeeny bit. @whet @robertloerzel Here comes the new tone, same as the old tone.