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052 Meowth 💯 ʟ 10 ᴄᴘ 214 ♂ 🇺🇸 New Britain, United States Est time to dsp: 11:15 ♡𓃭 @skittyz2 40.267439,-75.133149
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨010 Caterpie 💯 ʟ 8 ᴄᴘ 98 ♂ 🇺🇸 Havre de Grace, United States Est time to dsp: 25:08 ♡𓃭 @skittyz2 39.544513,-76.086281
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨004 Charmander 💯 ʟ 27 ᴄᴘ 756 ♂ 🇺🇸 Conroe, United States Est time to dsp: 21:11 Boosted ♡𓃭 @skittyz2 30.178989,-95.522076
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨✨ Charmander ✨ 💯% boosted CP: 756 Level: 27 🇺🇸 conroe 🇺🇸 30.178989,-95.522076 #hundo #shundo For more 🔥🔥🔥 coords follow @realPoGoHub
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨Shadow Machamp #1⃣! Find yourself a fighting grunt and make sure to TM away that frustration. Not the IVs don't…
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨ @trolli @orionpax5000 Ok 👌🏻 but it’s not like you need 6 of those @TheRealGopack45 @MYSTIC7 @JTGily @REVERSALx7 Congratulations 🎈 but why you tag them ? It’s not like they ever reply 😊Please follow @Skittyz2 for💯IV coords. Thank you🙂
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨2 shiny gible to trade. Might give one away. See how many likes this gets whilst I sleep.
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨ @PokeOOF151 You getting a new profile pic now ? 👌🏻052 Meowth 💯 ʟ 15 ᴄᴘ 320 ♀ 🇺🇸 Sunshine Ranches, United States Est time to dsp: 12:10 Boosted ♡𓃭 @skittyz2 26.006500,-80.345800
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨✨ Magmar ✨ 💯% boosted CP: 1710 Level: 25 🇺🇸 aldine 🇺🇸 30.035145,-95.373958 #hundo #shundo For more 🔥🔥🔥 coords follow @realPoGoHub
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨ @zDooDuo Good for trade @CoordsPokemon
2827 9909 5622Guess I’m gonna do this Timburr raid on 7 accounts. NYC 40.795234,-73.954152 @GueriitoLoko It helped a lot to restart my phone. Thx 😊There’s usually a guy getting a shiny when i post Karps. 35.476117,-97.604934'll give $50 to a random user who retweets this tweet within the next 40 minutes. Must be following @GridGamingIO
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨519 Pidove 💯 ʟ 31 ᴄᴘ 739 ♀ 🇺🇸 Conroe, United States Est time to dsp: 22:47 Boosted ♡𓃭 @skittyz2 30.179051,-95.520600
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨30.148754,-95.481754 💯Meowth alola CP179 LV8 ShinyCheck #PokemonGOCode
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨ @YogyMaravilla Not safe45.616522,-73.604434 💯Meowth alola CP155 LV7 #ShinyCheck
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨ @verhey_daniel It cant be shiny1.334772,103.921242 💯Meowth alola CP203 LV9 #ShinyCheck #PokemonGOCode
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨1.334849,103.921337🚨GIVEAWAY TICKET GOFEST🚨 ⭐️Giveaway Every Week⭐️ ⭐️Ticket GoFest 2020⭐️ ⭐️Winner announced at July 14⭐️ ⭐️Join t…
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨Is it just me or does your Ispoofer app Crash at least once every minute ? 😩???
🎉Giveaway🎉 ✨Bulbasaur✨Charmander✨Squirtle✨with✨Party🎉Hat🎉 ✨Flying🎈Pikachu🎈with🎈Balloons 🎉ALL 4 TO ONE PERSON🎉 Ru…
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨Timburr #ShinyCheck 37.802078,-122.403758,-95.641400 💯Sableye CP927 LV22 ShinyCheck
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨do any one have an extra yamask for trade?
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨ @TrancosoDiogo @jenghom Too bad. It’s about time. @jenghom Grimer Also in the wild ?
@czechpixie @OzRlate1 Just stay in bed and pop an incense @Coreheypostman @wernericeman @IwonaWho @Quent48911092 @BPost111 Good point but you can always be a casual player..443 Gible 💯 ʟ 18 ᴄᴘ 572 ♂ 🇨🇦 Quinte West, Canada Est time to dsp: 28:24 Boosted ♡𓃭 @skittyz2 44.147904,-77.582852
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨ @Jakerstrike777 Overkill058 Growlithe 💯 ʟ 22 ᴄᴘ 781 ♂ 🇺🇸 Oak Cliff Place, United States Est time to dsp: 08:08 Boosted ♡𓃭 @skittyz2 29.871699,-95.639182
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨ @Tyranitar_Rocks Boring without Timburr. Guess I have to raid Klink @Quent48911092 @wernericeman @BPost111 might help you out for a small fee. Just sayingShadow Pokemon vs the regular form. Are they actually worth powering up? This topic is becoming more and more impor…
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨ @trdf53 @FLWvideos Your Special ok 👌🏻Whooot !!! I just opened my main account and found this 🤩 it’s not from trade so someone must have caught it for me…,-118.500127 💯Larvitar CP936 LV33 #ShinyCheck
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨
💖💕ShinyCheck💕💖 35.685388,139.759498 💯Chinchou CP543 LV17
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨Thx @shinypok3hunt3r almost a Shundo 🤩 got my second shiny Pidove but im not ultra friends with My main on any of them. 😩 @shinypok3hunt3r Thanks bud @DOCmewtwo Maybe They was sleeping 😩 @StardustPokmnGO Detection is turned off cuz They dont want to Ban more legit players, but i still dont risk my mai…
@ThruMeSheShines Or open Mystery BoxAnyone who loves hunting shinies in the y’all go 😁!! -45.404689,-72.694535
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨Lickitung 💯 41.863584,-71.049999 for shiny balloon pikachu, this is what I have for trade! Dm me with what you would like! RT’s appreciated!…
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨We are giving away a shiny meltan and a shiny riolu on instagram, check it out @BPost222
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨ @Shivshambo56 I think i know someone who has a spare but event not over yet. Good luck108 Lickitung 💯 ʟ 29 ᴄᴘ 1169 ♀ 🇺🇸 Leisure Village West-Pine Lake Park, United States Est time to dsp: 19:38 Boosted…
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨Do you have 0/0/0 pikaP shiny? Here is chance to catch one 44.718248, -93.178554
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨ @dtdmtdr Like Pier 39 ?29.714586,-95.382300 💯Pidove CP787 max❣️ #Shinycheck #Boosted
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨No Shiny in two days 😩 i dont like pidove anymore.. @shinypok3hunt3r You made a gif of yourself 👌🏻 thats cool 😎39.96824, -75.15942 Pikachu 💯✨👶✨cp13 ultra mega super duper rare #ShinyCheck
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨
@AKJonesyBoi Mine only takes a charger but you can buy different ones that takes batteries aswell. @AKJonesyBoi They really works. @TenshiHime999 It’s not fair. You got a black rubber band 😂Finally got my shaker. Bought from Was very very cheap. If you don’t know what it is.. it h… @ASNProfessional is hands down the best person to talk to about getting androids up and running for pogo on android…
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨ @gamingfamily_YT Can it be shiny ? @PokeGirll7 You promise to spend all the money on poke coins ?i so need a hug today!!!
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨I won’t be around much if at all today...personal issue. I’m humbly asking if you believe in the power of prayer, P…
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨ @Hcouto91 Congratulations 🎈 hunted my second all night but used the wrong account @Coreheypostman The Sky is the Limit !Do you Love what you feel when you know my Love is Real Baby ? @DaTweekaz ❤️ Destroyed my… @Last_Praetorian Yeah but I thought you disurved the extra 20 $ 😇 @Shinytracker Photo on the left is what I'm looking for to complete my collection. The right photo is what I have t…
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨ @Last_Praetorian Thank you for catching them before I buy your account for 200$ 😃
@trdf53 Almost a Shero. Shiny + Zero. Shundo is Shiny + Hundo but I’m sure you know that and just being sarcastic.. @Plexx00 @OzRlate1 Yeah it should be off if you look at previous years @Reclaimer_9 And I don’t think I need another Charged move @Reclaimer_9 I did the same. 98 iv tho. But it was the best I’ve got. @wernericeman Nice 👍🏿 @Navjot37 @ThruMeSheShines Yep 😩 @mowondor @auntchegg Why ? @nyankosensei252 @dhaarvi7 Obviously he is not stupid to copy and paste your coords in the same thread so therefore… @wernericeman Can use works when your Android without a coordlist and as you can see it’s a… @nyankosensei252 @dhaarvi7 Your right. I can go to NYC and search Nearby coords in radius. It’s easy if I want to c… @mustbeKiera That’s great 😀 Instant Karma @Oscvr9_ You can still hatch it from 7km eggs. I believe that’s what you ment to ask 🤣 @ThruMeSheShines I have like 6 shiny Ho-Oh in my account from trades with crap iv. Even a lucky trade only gave me… @dhaarvi7 I’m blocking you now @dhaarvi7 Never post anything from WhatsApp on twitter because it’s mostly from twitter.Cooldown will probably be off during the 2 days of GoFest. Right ? @OzRlate1 @CoordsPokemon @BPost222 Thank you 🙏 😋007 Squirtle 💯 ʟ 21 ᴄᴘ 567 ♂ 🇺🇸 Pinellas Park, United States Est time to dsp: 08:20 ♡𓃭 @skittyz2 27.854657,-82.716884
Retweeted by ✨❄️IceCold❄️✨Noob Question. Does Pidove Nest ? I need like 3 more shiny’s